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The Chamber Of Darkness Offers An Array Of Gothly goodies and more

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The Darkness Chamber fair starts now with a theme The Freak Show.
Event will be from 4 june till 25 June 2016 (Less than 3 days).
About the fair
The word darkness can go in many different ways: Gothic, rock, metal, punk, latex, leather, emo, voodoo, Lolita etc.
This Fairs Theme Is In The Style Of A Freak Show
Ozzy Boot’s HUD
Your Demonic Horse Drawn Carriage Of Nightmares Awaits You
Outfit: Oh My Goth= zie dress dark
Shoes: Awear Ozzy long boots slink high
Mesh Head: LeLutka Mesh Head-ARIA 1.6 Update
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Venus V.3 (Isis & Freya Not Shown)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Poppy V2 Mesh Hair – FLF Exclusive pack
Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea 
Skin: Skin: Jamaica Skin Tone From Glam Affair
Jewelry: EarthStones Book of Shadows Locket – Ladies (GIFT BOX)
Nails: Maiterya system

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LL Offers Lower Tier!

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For years, people have complained about the high cost of land in Second Life.  And it is expensive, at least compared to most other things you can buy in SL.  However, for various economic reasons, it seemed unlikely that LL would ever cut tier fees significantly.

The highest fees are paid by the owners of private estate regions…$ 295 USD per month for a full performance region.  But it used to be less.  Way back in time, estate owners paid the same monthly price as the owners of mainland regions, $ 195 USD per month.  These regions became very valuable when estate land fees went up to the $ 295/mo. level, because the rate was “grandfathered”.

But that only helped the original owner.  If they sold a grandfathered region, the new owner would have to pay the current $ 295/mo. fees.

A few months ago, that changed.  For an additional up-front purchase fee of $ 600, an existing grandfathered region could be sold to a new owner and retain its lower $ 195 per month tier level.  See:

Now, for a limited time, LL is offering to sell NEW private regions at the $ 195 per month tier level.  A similar savings is offered for Homestead regions.  To lock in the lower tier, you must pay an additional $ 600 one time “buy down” fee up front.  This is a GREAT deal for anyone who plans to hold their land for more than 6 months, which is the break-even point.

Only time will tell, but this could help reverse the slow, steady decline in the number of private estate regions on the grid.  I’m cautiously optimistic!

For the official word on this remarkable offer, see:

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BlackRose offers you fabulous casual chic new designs. I show you: “Wrap Dress” and “Halter Open Back Dress”.

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Hi ladies.

Today, I’m going to write about BlackRose. This brand put on sale two beautiful casual chic dress. I love them. Vasso Graves is a fabulous designer beacuse she created excellent garments with High Quality textures and prints. The most important, each design is realistic. When I wear a outfit from BlackRose, my avatar looks as  a Bel-Air woman. 5th March, BlackRose put on sale “Halter Open Back Dress”. OMG!!! Sensuality and sophistication. 100% mesh, five standard sizes and alpha layer fitted version and alpha layer. Also, Maitreya and Slink versions. Amazing!!! Available models at store: Black, blue, floral neon, hawaii B, white, coral, medallion and waves. 
Widelmina Zeminoba wears “Halter Open Back Dress- Hawaii B” by BlackRose. Each model include two dresses. My avatar uses for this outfit: Hair from Vanity Hair- Novak- Light Blondes; Bracelet and ring – Safari by ISON; Fiona Tote Bag-White by Bens Boutique. Widelmina uses Maitreya Body Mesh-Lara and Lelutka Head Mesh Stella. 
Another fabulous new release from BlackRose is “Wrap Dress”. Totally chic ladies!!! Five standard sizes and alpha layer for classic avatars. Also, version fitted mesh and Slink Hourglass and Psyque. This creation is available at INTERNATIONAL EXPO DESIGNERS MARCH 2016. BlackRose is participating with exclusive design. You will find another models of “Wrap Dress”, examples: Ice, Brown, Black, Floral Red, Daisies, Poppy…
Widelmina Zeminoba wears “Wrap Dress”-RED by BlackRose at INTERNATIONAL EXPO DESIGNERS MARCH 2016 . My avatar uses earrigns from MANDALA-Polly Rose and ring from same brand- Motsumame Red/Gold. Hat by LODE-Vivid Black. 
HandBag Printed Black by BlackRose

Go to BlackRose or INTERNATIONAL EXPO DESIGNERS MARCH 2016, you will find amazing and exclusive designs. 

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Press Release: Linden Lab announces that Blocksworld expands to iPhone & offers real money redemptions to creators

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On 3rd March 2016 Linden Lab released a new press release announcing that Blocksworld has expanded to iPhone along with new offers using real money redemptions to creators. For those that use Blocksworld this is very good news because now there is an iPhone version to use. The lab will now be offering redemptions to eligible creators that use Blocksworld.

Apparently Blocksworld players have published more than 2.7 million creations along with more than 700, 000 player created models that are for sale in the marketplace. Soon Blocksworld creations will be available on the web which is worth mentioning.

About Blocksworld

“Blocksworld makes building games as easy as stacking blocks! Create dinosaurs, helicopters, alien spaceships and giant tarantulas. Design tanks made out of cheese and monsters made from trees. Make satellites and semis, cats, robots and robot cats – and then add behaviors and actions to bring your creations to life!”

See the full press release below!


SAN FRANCISCO – March 3, 2016 – Linden Lab®, the creators of Second Life® and Project Sansar, today announced two significant milestones for Blocksworld®, the popular free build-and-play app for iPad: real money redemptions for eligible creators and an iPhone version.

Blocksworld makes it fun and easy for kids and adults to create unique 3D models, playable games, and interactive worlds using virtual blocks and drag-and-drop controls. Players can publish their creations for others around the world to enjoy, and they can sell the models they build in an in-app marketplace for Blocksworld coins. To date, Blocksworld players have published more than 2.7 million creations, and more than 700,000 player-created models are currently for sale in the marketplace.

The Blocksworld coins that creators earn can be used to purchase additional content within the app, including themed building sets and models. Now, eligible Blocksworld creators will also be able to redeem Blocksworld coins for real money.

“We believe people should be able to profit from their virtual creations, and we have a history of successfully enabling this,” said Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Lab. “We’ve allowed redemptions with Second Life for many years, and last year alone, creators redeemed $ 60 million from the virtual economy. Blocksworld players have shown an incredible level of creativity, and we’re pleased to be able to reward that by now offering redemptions to eligible creators.”

Additionally, Blocksworld is now available for iPhone as well as iPad. Players will enjoy the same functionality on either platform, and in the near future, Blocksworld creations will also be playable on the Web. These expansions will make it even easier for players to share their favorite Blocksworld worlds for others to enjoy and will allow creators to reach even larger audiences.

About Linden Lab

Founded in 1999, Linden Lab is best known as the creator of Second Life®, the largest-ever 3D virtual world filled entirely by the creations of its users. In 2013, the company expanded its product portfolio with Blocksworld®, a lighthearted build-and-play system for kids and grownups alike. The company is currently developing a new platform for virtual experiences, code-named Project Sansar™, which will democratize VR as a creative medium.

For more about Linden Lab, its products, and career opportunities please visit


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Dysfunctionality FLF, We Love RP & Group Gift Offers!

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Dysfunctionality Moorside Docks
(Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)
Anke Hatchuk of Dysfunctionality Designs has a number of offerings for you that I’m pretty sure you will be happy about, the Moorside Docks and bridges. This would be a perfect addition for any of you RP sim owners out there. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye for non RP sims just trying to create a beautiful landscape in your home.

Visit Dysfunctionality

[DDD] Moorside Docks (1LI) – set includes 4 pieces ranging from 4.4m to 8m in length with the “downward” ramp up or flat “extension” pieces. 50Ls for FLF @ Mainstore
[DDD] Moorside Bridge – Includes a short and long variants, all have norm/spec maps included. 4 LI / 8 LI respectively. Featured @ We Love Role-Play event until Feb 29th.

[DDD] Moorside Mini Dock Store Group Gift L$ 0 to Join @ Main Store

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*”Christmas Offers” *

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╫              ★☾ °★ ☾
♥    !!!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD !!!!!
╫               ★☾ °★ ☾
Amazing “Christmas Offers” by Resun Fashion from 18 December until January 7th!
You find 40 outfits or fat packs for ladies and 25 men with 50% discount.which  are marked with golden stars! And there’s more!!!
For the duration of the offer joining the group will be free and you will find different gifts under the trees!
Remind also we have very affordable GIFT CARDS for gifts for your friends !!
These are the best wishes for the holidays that Resun and staff could make you !!!!!

╫              ★☾ °★ ☾
♥    !!!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD !!!!!
╫               ★☾ °★ ☾

Oferta increíble de Resun Moda para Navidad a partir de ahora hasta el 7 de enero! Encontramos 40 trajes o fatpack de mujer y 25 de hombres con 50% de descuento. Están marcados con 1 estrella de oro.
Y hay más !!!
Para el período de promoción el grupo será libre y encontrará diferentes regalos debajo de los árboles!!!!
Recordamos también las tarjetas de regalo muy accesibles para los regalos para sus amigos !!
Estos son los mejores deseos para las fiestas que Resun y el personal podría hacer a todos !!!!!

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