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*Petit Chat* at Black Tie Event with “Vision Gown” (Opening 1st February).

Previously posted at Virtual Fashion by Widelmina Zeminoba.

Hi girls!!

Black Tie Event is tomorrow. *Petit Chat* will participated with a beautiful gown. This garment was created for the SCALA GRADUATION. 2nd Anniverssary- January 2016. I show you “Vision Gown”. 100% mesh, five standard sizes and alpha layer. Includes: Gloves (five sizes and Slink fitted) and a wonderful surreal Headpice. Price: 430 L. 
Widelmina Zeminoba wears “Vision Gown” by *Petit Chat*. She complements her style with Patricia Hair by enVOGUE (Diversity Pack-Dark Brown). Earrings from Lazuri- Celeste Heirloom Special Edition.
Go to Black Tie Event and buy “Vision Gown” by *Petit Chat*

Important: You can use “Vision Gown” with Maitreya Body Mesh. Widelmina use it. 

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OCTOBERVILLE 2015 : Opening Oct. 1st at 2 PM SLT on LEA 9

Previously posted at Linden Endowment for the Arts.

Location:  LEA9
In 2005, when Second Life was still quite young, a couple of friends began learning the ropes within the game. The first object thrown out on the ground was a small tree with rustling orange and yellow leaves. Soon, after learning how to copy objects, their small piece of land was completely covered in trees and a forest was born. A campfire was built in a grove of trees and with this fire a spark was ignited. A creative spark that grew into a roaring flame with a great number of friends gathered around it, sharing experiences and stories and meeting for the first time or returning year after year.
Octoberville ran in Second Life from 2005 to 2011 as a game within a game. The folks at Pixeltrix wanted to bring something new to SL, an atmosphere, an experience that would be shared and loved by others. Then we decided to make it even more fun and help people to explore what we had built by hiding clues and items to find like in an Easter egg hunt. Our undying love for the beauty and wonder of Autumn fueled our creativity. There is something undeniably magical about the fall, especially in the country. Designed around the sweet memories of growing up in a tiny town in Kentucky, Octoberville drew it’s inspiration from the people, places and pumpkin patches of Henry County. We never dreamed it would grow to such popularity over those seven years. Still to this day, in 2015, we receive letters, emails and messages remembering and honoring our beloved creation.
Our fans have kept Octoberville alive and showed us their love through their many pictures and videos posted online. We honestly cherish every single one of them because it is a piece of our history and brings back fond memories. Google or search FLICKR for Octoberville to see over 1200 pictures for yourself and take a trip down memory lane or see it for the first time.
We happily return this year, thanks to the Linden Endowment for the Arts and our fans. The doors will open at 2 PM SLT on the LEA 9 sim. The creepy, dark corners of an odd house that seemed never ending at times, dancing the night away at the always wacky and weird, Crowbar, riding the train through the deep, colorful forest at night, hanging out at the general store to meet new friends over a cup of hot apple cider, running through the cornfields and screaming as a ghost popped out from inside the old barn, finding all the clues and solving the mystery of the devilish Dr. Dalton. Halloween adventure awaits at Octoberville 2015!
Octoberville website:                          http:/
Octoberville on YouTube:                   http:/
Octoberville on Google                       http:/
Octoberville on LinkedIn                    http:/
Octoberville on Facebook                   http:/
Octoberville on Flickr               
Octoberville on Twitter             !/octoberville

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One Billion Rising in Second Life in association with 2 Lei in Second Life presents Safe Night Phase 2 – opening today on LEA1!

Previously posted at Linden Endowment for the Arts.

Forest Haven – the lower level of Safe Night on LEA1

One Billion Rising in Second Life in association with 2 Lei in Second Life presents Safe Night, with Phase 2, the Art Park, opening today at 1.30pm SLT on LEA1

This event is part of 2Lei’s installations for the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The event centres around the theme of “Safe Night”. The OBR team want to encourage visitors to reflect on the issue of what a safe night is – and how many women are denied it, whether it is the schoolgirls in Nigeria who were taken by Boko Haram, the Indian women forced out into fields at night and abused, women attacked – as they walk home alone, or women in their own home, not knowing whether the person they share it with will attack them tonight.

It’s Closer than you think by Krystali Rabeni

To do this, OBR have created a two stage event on LEA1 which will be open until the end of December.

Forest Haven for One Billion Rising in Second Life

Level 1 – the Forest Haven is already open: special transport link at
Forest Haven is a tranquil spot to explore, relax, enjoy, and think: a beautiful and peaceful forest, curated by Aisling Sinclair. There are paths leading to beautiful natural features, and also places to pause and reflect on the theme of our planned event – the need for women to have freedom from fear of gendered violence, to be able to have a Safe Night.

Like its name, Forest Haven is meant to be a safe space, free from aggression. We ask that you keep that in mind during your visit.

Forest Haven

 On November 24th, we open the second level – the Art Park: special transport link at

This will feature a series of powerful and thought-provoking installations by Krystali Rabeni, Johannes1977 and Taralyn Gravois on the theme of Safe Night.

The installations are:
Daze of Innocence by Taralyn Gravois
If These Walls Could Talk by Johannes1977
It’s Closer than you think by Krystali Rabeni (shown in our featured image)
The Safe Haven by Taralyn Gravois
If The Beaten Woman Rises by Krystali Rabeni
Silent Reflections by Krystali Rabeni

If These Walls Could Talk by Johannes1977

There are events for the Art Park planned to take place on Saturday 28th November. Watch this space for more details.

The installations and the forest are a project of One Billion Rising in Second Life in association with 2Lei in Second Life – groups that work to eliminate violence against women. You can find more information about One Billion Rising and 2Lei here:

One Billion Rising in SL:
Inworld Headquarters –
Website –

2Lei in Second Life:
Website –

Thanks for visiting – have a peaceful stay!

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New artwork opening December 1st “The Gathering”

Previously posted at Bryn Oh.

Umbrella Girl

The Gathering

 On December 1st I will be opening a new artwork called “The Gathering” on my region Immersiva.

An evening walk
projector room

     The work uses a variety of lighting techniques and material shaders so you will need to follow the directions at the very start.  Essentially, like in most of my recent creations, you will need to put on advanced lighting with shadows with projectors (sun/moon + projectors).    Materials essentially can be seen in the topmost image which is a rainy room.  The “wet” or shiny reflections over the floor and mannequins are created by using layers of textures (diffuse, normals and specular) to create a more textured reactive surface.  Another thing you really should do is accept an invite to allow “Bryn Oh’s experience”.  An experience or experience tools are fairly new for builders and they let you combine a bunch of things that would normally require people to “accept” an interaction to only need to accept at the very beginning.  So for example if you went into a room and I wanted to make your camera move to a painting on a wall, then you would have to accept a dialogue box asking for me to take control of your camera.  You would say ok sure you can take control this time, and then your camera would move to the painting.   Then if you walked down the hall a bit more I might ask to control your camera again.. and again you
would have to accept and so on over and over down the hallway with each painting.  With an experience you essentially give permission at the very start to always accept without needing to be asked repeatedly.  Those dialogue boxes break the immersion in a work so experiences are great for removing those unfortunate barriers to becoming immersed in a virtual narrative or environment.

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I’m Opening Doors Again!

Previously posted at FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL.


Hey Fabulouses! I hope you have been doing your advent runs because I am finding some really fantastic gifts in them! Today I am wearing The Masami  Dress (day 4) and Cardigan (day 5) from the advent calendar at Purplemoon Creations.  You’ll need to join the group which is 50L to join, but there will be 24 gifts in all, one released every day!  You can even go back and pick up the days you  missed.

ps.  Here is the link to The FabFree 2015 Advent Listing!


Love is wearing…

Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Lelutka Karin
Head Applier – Lara Hurley Alena
Eyes – IKON Charm Eyes Coffee

Hair – Truth Hair Neema
Dress – Purplemoon Creations Masami Dress (advent – day 4 / join group / 50L to join)
Cardigan – Purplemoon Creations Masami Cardigan (advent – day 5 / join group / 50L to join)
Pose by Le Poppycock
Sim – Frisland


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EVENT: My Attic (Opening SOON)

Previously posted at Royal – Home.

The event called My Attic will open his doors this weekend with a new theme and amazing designers.

Event Theme: It’s My Party
Landmark: My Attic
Owner of Event: Sasy Scarborough
Date Start/End: 21th November until 30th November

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Windlight Magazine Gallery Opening

Previously posted at 4m my Eyes.

Grand Opening of Windlight Magazine’s Art Gallery & August Windlight Artist Fellows Exhibition
DATE: August 1, 2015

Windlight Magazine, Second Life’s newest magazine about the arts, will open it’s brand new Windlight Art Gallery with a group exhibition on August 1, 2015. The opening reception will be on August 8, 2015 at 1pm slt and feature live performer Anek Fuchs. A closing reception will be held on August 23, 2015 at 3pm slt and will also feature live performer Anek Fuchs.
The exhibition will feature August 2015 Windlight Art Gallery Fellows Artemis Greece Resident, Richie Narstrom, Seb Arkright, Bones Delicioso, Ozymandi Resident, Ilrya Chardin, Sandi Benelli, Myra Wildmist, SereneDean Resident, Roffellos Resident, Bluesrocker Resident, ChrysteRox Resident, and Wicca Merlin. Many of the works are original pieces by each artist in a variety of scenery and art mediums.
About the Windlight Artist Fellowship Program:
The Artist Fellowship program will provide free gallery space to both new and established artists for a period of 30 days. This program is open to both new and established artists in Second Life. The goal of the program is to provide promotional and artistic resources to artists in Second Life.
About Windlight Magazine:
Windlight Magazine is a publication about the art and photography world of Second Life. The goal of Windlight Magazine is to support artists, photographers, galleries, and related events. John nee Johannes1977 Resident is the Owner, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of Windlight Magazine and Gallery. The magazine is published on a monthly basis.
For More Information:

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• The Black Dot Project Grand OPENING •

Previously posted at • We Talk Fashion • .

                            The Black Dot Project monthly event

                        open it`s gates today at 12am SLT.
 There are many exclusive items from well known
 designers over the grid waiting for you.

                   See you there !

– Official website : The Black Dot Project event –

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Announcing the Opening of Begendings

Previously posted at Prim Dolls.

I’ve just opened a store selling edited versions of my photography.


For the low, low price of 150$ L you can have a 0.5 Land Impact image (link two together and it’s still 1 LI!) of original art! They’re wrapped canvases with a signature on the side and have subtle shadow and light detailing to make them seem more realistic. So far they’re a mix of square, 3×4, 4×3, and 5×3 pictures so there’s something for every space, and I made them copy/mod so you can resize to your taste.

I did a mix of figure and landscape pictures, and there are a lot of different colors and moods represented! I’m starting with my old favorites, but if there’s a picture of mine you’d particularly like, let me know and I’ll move it toward the front of the list.

Pick up one today to enliven your SLhome!


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Sneak Preview Of ROWNE! Store Grand Opening Today!

Previously posted at DEMENTED DIVA.

OMG! I am so excited and soooo late with this post! I don’t know if you have heard, but there is an AMAZING new store and brand that is opening today, called ROWNE!

Who is ROWNE? Rowne is co-owned by the seriously talented team of Justice Topaz and Fashionboi Landar with Couleur Latoe joining as part of the design team! I have always been a HUGE fan of House of Fox, so I was ecstatic to hear about this incredible new venture and even more excited to be one of their bloggers.
*side note*I usually like to take more time with my pics and posts, but since I was running behind and the grand opening of this store is today, I decided to just post what I had finished. So, please stay tuned for more looks….

What can you expect from ROWNE?

ROWNE is “featuring essential items that are timeless; meant to be updated with seasonal pieces so you can continue to wear them throughout the year”. I had a difficult time choosing items for this post, since they were all so beautiful. The clothing is made-up of soft and luxurious textures (knits, cottons and leathers) in classic colors that can be easily mixed and matched with anything in your wardrobe. After a couple hours of fussing with all the lovely separates, I finally decided on this yummy Athe Sweater paired with these gorgeous Steffen Shorts. The feel is truly timeless, classic and modern. The mesh is rendered to perfection and it is obvious that much time, thought and effort has been put into each and every item.
 I also added their Valor 2-Tone Clutch to the mix and it matched perfectly! There is so much more to see, so please stay tuned. Even better, you can see for yourself today!

When and Where? ROWNE is opening today, June 28th at 12 pm SLT! 
So make sure come and check-out all of the brilliant new designs. Demo them too! Here is your LM:
Please make sure that you also check out ROWNE’s website, which has an AMAZING video featuring their new collection, or all news and updates! Here is the link:

Besides, the initial capsule collection of MUST HAVE separates, shoes and clutches, the ROWNE team will be releasing hair and other to die for essentials too! I can not wait!

-Style Info-
Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Mahogany (XS) by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur/touch me by Thora Charron
Hair: :Exile::West Coast (HUD) Light Blondes 1 by Kavar Cleanslate (avail @ Summerfest 2014)
Skin: [PXL] MIA Jazz NAT ~ Makeup 03 BEB by Hart Larsson (avail @ Rhapsody Opening Today)
Necklace: LaGyo_Avernal necklace Gold by Gyorgyna Larnia (NEW)
Sweater: Rowne.Athe Sweater – Ivory by Fashionboi Landar (NEW)
Shorts: Rowne.Steffen Shorts – White by Fashionboi Landar (NEW)
Hand L: Slink (av) Elegant1 by Siddean Munro
Hand R: Slink (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
Hand Appliers: [PXL] Skin Tone appliers for Slink hands (NAT) by Hart Larsson
Bangle: LaGyo_Maya bangle L gold by Gyorgyna Larnia
Clutch: Rowne.Valor 2-Tone Clutch – Nude/Shell R Hand by Fashionboi Landar (NEW)
Pose:  {Imeka~} by NatiWilliams
Location: Baja Norte

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