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Club Vixens Opening Day!

By Morgana Hilra – So Hawt SL. Visit Club Vixens Opening Day! for original post.

Club Vixens

Introducing Club Vixens – Live Music Venue with an upscale adult twist.

Our Grand Opening features the amazing voices of two of SL’s most loved live performers: The soulful Cryptic Harmony, and the sensual Toxic Darkmatter…. followed by the upbeat DJ talents of James Wolfgang:)

Currently featuring the erotic masterpieces of:
Daimaju Clowes
Laura Richards
Rachel Swallows
Spirit Eleonara
Zuby Gloom

Club Vixens has been in the plans for about 3 years and has finally come to life. Run by a former SL singer and her biggest fan, it is made to cater TO the performer, while surrounding the audience in opulence and sensuality.

Not only is there plenty of seating (single AND snuggly couple poses) for those who want to relax but not wander around on their AOs, both beside the stage and in intimate seating arrangements, but there are really good dances in the dance balls and Intan heart. We are also presenting up to 5 Second Life photographers hand-picked for their beautiful work in the erotic artwork genre, and their work is gracing our walls.

I hope you all can make it! The attire is classy casual (basically, dress up a bit, have some fun;) )

The sim is an adult sim, so please find a babysitter for the little avvies;)

Opening LEA24 – Lemonodo Oh – David and Goliath

By – Linden Endowment for the Arts. Visit Opening LEA24 – Lemonodo Oh – David and Goliath for original post.

when: Tuesday, October 12, 10 am  – 12 pm noon slt


The opening will feature the ambient music of DJ Lemonodo Oh who encourages guests to
speculate or act on the theme, but please keep it moderate.

He has shared two significant blog posts about the project, David and Goliath, one about initial photo reconstructions of a found kelp effigy that was recently completed and the other providing a project overview and history.  He has tried to keep words out of the project itself so the viewer can make up his or her own mind about its significance.

#630 The Book of Daniel Fundraising Event (Opening 10th September)…

By – SL Destinations R Us. Visit #630 The Book of Daniel Fundraising Event (Opening 10th September)… for original post.

I admire and acknowledge all the hard work that our designers do to be able to create the stunning articles and designs that us as bloggers advertise for them. One of my designers is that of Zerkalo and I was shocked and alarmed to hear that Daniel Estro, 29 years old, (co-owner of Zerkalo, Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads) has cancer and desperately needs our help.

The fight for his life began when doctors discovered a malignant tumour in his brain, about 7 centimetres in diameter. Daniel underwent life-threatening surgery to remove the tumour. The surgery went well. However, several weeks later what was left of the tumour spread throughout his brain and started affecting his brain function.. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy. He is fighting as hard as he can to survive but as many of you might know, fighting cancer is very expensive.

Our dear Neva Zenga has created this event with an astonishing amount of designers to raise money for Daniel so the medical expenses can be less in burden and expense.

Zerkalo was the only source of income for Daniel and his wife Anais. Anais is unable to work without Daniel because he was the brand’s designer and mesh creator. They are so young and in love. They are two pieces of one whole, they give meaning to each other’s stories, and one cannot exist without the other. Please help us support these wonderful people in every way that we can.

The Book of Daniel opens in approximately ‘8 hours’ on the 10th September.

Destination: – The Book of Daniel – (Coming Soon)

LEA20 — The Surreal Cube — opening Sept 1st at 1pm SLT

By – Linden Endowment for the Arts. Visit LEA20 — The Surreal Cube — opening Sept 1st at 1pm SLT for original post.

Art Blue invites you to his last instalment THE SURREAL CUBE at LEA20.
“This will be my Monument” Art Blue

Grand Opening on September 1st, 1.00 PM SLT
With a short play: CRAVING FOR A MONUMENT
and a performance by Venus Adored: Goodbye Shining Blackstar
Live music will be performed by Ultraviolet Auer

Please arrive a little early to allow time to be seated before it begins at 1.01 pm

An excerpt: How it came …

Mankind loses old knowledge — finally also the knowledge of keeping art alive was lost. A billionaire could no longer see that art works which have been created before the Cleft like the ones by Molly Bloom shall get lost and burned to ashes. He handed Art Blue over a blank cheque to create a space ship so the art might be safe in a different solar system. His name: SR Hadden. The name of the space ship: SURREAL CUBE. A few thousand years later his follower qHadden bought a disc map from an alien dog named FLA. This disc shows coordinates to a planet LEA. Is this the lost link to where the art was once created? qHadden set course …

As the approach of the big cube got noticed by long range sensors on LEA the awakening routine for Prof. Dr. Kawoom (the scientist who once sent signals to planet DRON7 with the names of the last 42 artists on this planet) became active. One of the names he engraved on the disc matched: Gem Preiz. The cube´s outer hull was a Gem Preiz and so the resonance signals of Vulcanicus, once the last place for art, created space, made room for it. But as time is a tricky thing the landing spot got miscalculated. Spot number 20 is too small for surreality — there the instalment comes into scene.

The world is frozen for us in time by the owl, the A.I. who bails Art Blue out if he is in trouble. This gives us time to explore until October 15, 2016.

For the SURREAL CUBE the following artists set their views in place.

Key Contributors:
Gem Preiz, France: the outer cube, the stronghold
Mistero Hifeng, Italy: the landing area around the stronghold.
Molly Bloom, USA: The Molly Bloom Museum
Hyde Hackl, Netherlands: builder of the Molly Bloom Museum and The Egg.
Moewe Winkler, Germany: underwater world, the speaking fish
Juliette Surrealdreaming, USA: curator and stage


LEA12 OPENING A Watercolour Wander By Ceakay Ballyhoo

By – Linden Endowment for the Arts. Visit LEA12 OPENING A Watercolour Wander By Ceakay Ballyhoo for original post.


The idea of walking into a painting has always been a very attracting and intriguing one. Ever since reading Stephen King’s Rose Madder and later watching Robin Williams in What Dreams May Come, the wish to do something with that concept has been on Ceakey Ballyhoo mind.
Ceakay Ballyhoo (CK for short). 
There is a story that developed with these paintings and it is provided in an NC here as well. It is an extensive read. You can also find the story, with pictures, on the web, which will provide easier reading.
There is also a flickr page for the sim:
https:[email protected]/pool/
It is suggested to read the story before or while you are wandering to have the most immersive experience possible.

You are invited to join us at the grand opening of the installation A Watercolour Wander by CK Ballyhoo.
Thursday 18 August, 1 PM SLT
DJ Fiona Hildrum will be providing the amazing music for this Grand Opening !


The 100 Block 2016 – Opening Soon!

By – Gedenspired. Visit The 100 Block 2016 – Opening Soon! for original post.

The 100 Block 2016

Fashion Fair & Photo Contest
April 9 – 30, 2016

Sponsored By: Sponsored By: Razor, Insanya, Lapointe & Bastchild, AlterEgo, Cute Poison, EMPIRE, Reckless, Ayashi, The Forge, SAKIDE, LCKY, Gawk, DeeTalez, Essences, Kenvie & AMERICAN BAZAAR

The 100 Block has been one of Depraved Nations most populated events since 2013 and we’d like to do it again! This is a full sim fashion fair built in a cleaner urban environment that will display a creative fusion between fashion, music and art.

In addition to the Fashion Fair we will host a photo contest that will run simultaneously with the event. The photo contest is a means of inviting the shoppers to be more interactive with the event and gives them the opportunity to display their creativity through photos which in turn will help to promote participating brands.

LEA25 Invictus by Storm Septimus Opening August 13

By – Linden Endowment for the Arts. Visit LEA25 Invictus by Storm Septimus Opening August 13 for original post.

                                                 Opening Saturday 13th of August
Invictus is a full sim installation based on the poem by the same name written by William Ernest Henley in 1875.The installation will open at 2pm SLT with a live classical performance by Samm Qendra at 2.30pm SLT, formal dress please.

New artwork opening December 1st “The Gathering”

Umbrella Girl

The Gathering

 On December 1st I will be opening a new artwork called “The Gathering” on my region Immersiva.

An evening walk
projector room

     The work uses a variety of lighting techniques and material shaders so you will need to follow the directions at the very start.  Essentially, like in most of my recent creations, you will need to put on advanced lighting with shadows with projectors (sun/moon + projectors).    Materials essentially can be seen in the topmost image which is a rainy room.  The “wet” or shiny reflections over the floor and mannequins are created by using layers of textures (diffuse, normals and specular) to create a more textured reactive surface.  Another thing you really should do is accept an invite to allow “Bryn Oh’s experience”.  An experience or experience tools are fairly new for builders and they let you combine a bunch of things that would normally require people to “accept” an interaction to only need to accept at the very beginning.  So for example if you went into a room and I wanted to make your camera move to a painting on a wall, then you would have to accept a dialogue box asking for me to take control of your camera.  You would say ok sure you can take control this time, and then your camera would move to the painting.   Then if you walked down the hall a bit more I might ask to control your camera again.. and again you
would have to accept and so on over and over down the hallway with each painting.  With an experience you essentially give permission at the very start to always accept without needing to be asked repeatedly.  Those dialogue boxes break the immersion in a work so experiences are great for removing those unfortunate barriers to becoming immersed in a virtual narrative or environment.

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LEA2 Cinema City Opening by Ataro Asbrink

:::Cinema City built by Ataro Asbrink is a city dedicated to important aspects of cinema and movie making:::JUNE 4TH OPENING PARTY WITH MUSIC AND PARTICLES:: 1PM SLT TORBEN ASP  2PM ZEN ARADO 3PM FEATURING ULTRAVIOLET ALTER ::: JOINING WITH IS PARTICLE TOM :::

  :::Cinema City built by Ataro Asbrink is a city that includes building movie sets (installations..) for movie making, one or more movie theaters and educational facilities :::

 :::Cinema City is built on two floors. On the ground is a kind of cellar or arsenal for the movie installations. On the first floor is the city. It is modern city, where you can watch all the movies which are created using the movie sets / installations in the ground area. These movies are live movies, because they don’t show any recorded material, what you see is here and now. This is done by using the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) for moving the camera. Just sit on a prim or a chair, push ESC, and you’ll see the movie. You can also wear a HUD for watching. Then you can „jump“ into the movie if you like.
In the middle is a plaza with a light fountain. You can use this plaza for: Watching coded live movies, as well as music performances and other things to come. And there’s a cinema where you can watch machinimas. Next to the cinema is the „Learning Lane“ with some visual tutorials concerning basic skills of movie making, which will be developed and expanded. After watching and learning you can visit a café or a bar.
Contributing artists, who built movie sets are: Giovanna Cerise, Lexi Marshdevil, Moewe Winkler, Noke Yuitza, Particle Tom and Ataro Asbrink.
It’s a work in progress, so there will be more and more live movies until the end of July. “Opening June 4th and runs until July 31st 2016.”
                          ” IT’S ABOUT FILM AND FILMING “

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