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     I found this place over a year ago, but never made it there. Outbreak is a post -apocalyptic, survival themed role playing community. Simply put an sl role playing game base on the The Walking Dead. To play you first have to register a character. Upon starting you get a hud and you scavenge for supplies and weapons, while also interacting with other people and zombies and wild life. 
     While walking around I message would pop up saying something was approaching…what do you want to do…attack or run. There was also one for a deer. Asking if i want to kill it or let it be. I think its work checking out.

LM: Outbreak



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~Skin~ = Tableau Vivant \ Sebastian
~Eyes~ = :Conviction: Eaden Eyes [White]
~Body~ = #TheMeshProject – Deluxe Body
~Ears~ = [MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season 3
~Hair~ = *Drot* -Elliot ~NEW~ @MenOnlyDistrict


~Jacket~ = ::GB::Hoodie Sweat jacket  ~NEW~ @ULTRA
~Pants~ = <kalback> Original Jeans_Dirty ~NEW~


~Eye Patch~ = Le Morte – Outbreak ~NEW~