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Surviving The Outbreak

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When the outbreak comes, will you be able to survive?

The Arcade Gacha Event is set to opens its doors again on Sunday March 1st. Like always when it comes around, the event never seems to disappoint. For this upcoming round of The Arcade Gacha Event, Remarkable Oblivion as created a set just for you to survive the outbreak. The Remarkable Oblivion Last Stand Post Apocalyptic definitely is a must have gacha collection for everyone. Make sure you play this machine come March 1st so you can survive the outbreak.

Speaking of outbreak, there is a new Role Playing sim out on the grid. It is called Outbreak. I have been seeing others post pictures of this sim for a little while now. I thought it would be a great spot to check out and do a picture at for the Remarkable Oblivion Last Stand Post Apocalyptic gacha set. Even if you are not into role playing you should definitely head over there and check the sim out for yourself. To find out more information about Outbreak please head over to there website : Outbreak

( The Following Remarkable Oblivion Items will be available March 1st @ The Arcade Gacha Event)

The Look:

Hair: Monso My Hair Matthew / Morphine Janick @ The Mens Dept ( Feb Round)
Gas Mask: Remarkable Oblivion Last Stand Gas Mask ( Try Me) / Axisisthorn
Shoulder Armor: Remarkable Oblivion Last Stand Armor / Axisisthorn RARE
Pauldrons: The Forge Pauldron (Steel) / Deecan Arida ( Previous Gacha Item)
Leather Jacket: Grasp Leather Biker Jacket ( Black) / Asalt Eames
Gloves; Ispachi Upheaval Gloves ( Relaxed) / Diarmuid Miklos ( Previous Gacha Item)
Backpack: Ispachi Upheaval Backpack / Diarmuid Miklos ( Previous Gacha Item)
Belt: The Forge Reload Ammo Belt ( Black) / Deecan Arida  @ The Mens Dept ( Feb Round)
Pants: Dozze Radical Pants ( Black) / Zevock Trenkins
Boots: Remarkable Oblivion Last Stand Boots ( Mod0) / Axisisthorn RARE

Poses Used:

Picture #1: Dyer Maker Boy Poses ( Pose 11)  / Webmistrex Xue

Picture #2: Evenflow Boy Pose ( #81) /  Fanny Willis

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