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*PC* Linen pants

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Petit Chat-Moumou’s Square-

*PC* Linen pants – atractivos e informales pantalones realizados con texturas de calidad en tres diferentes tonalidades


@880@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring Model – Mastersen- *Petit Chat* Linen Pants @SOLARIS -Sneak Peek- August

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Mastersen is wearing:
*Petit Chat* Linen pants Ecru @SOLARIS -Sneak Peek- August
*Petit Chat* Linen pants Brown @SOLARIS -Sneak Peek- August
*Petit Chat* Linen pants Teal @SOLARIS -Sneak Peek- August
::BRAVURA:: Bali Bracelet for Men G & S
::BRAVURA:: Bali Hat – Brown Bag
::BRAVURA:: Bali Nose Piercings 4 Colours
UNISEX[MANDALA]LEGENDARY_Necklace_set_All colors
AITUI – (Gen 2) Stretched Ears   [Human, 1 in] Skin:

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The pants post

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So many events, so little time.

Well usually I have loads of time but lately I find myself logging into Second Life and wandering off on one RL task or another. Good thing The friends on my list know I am not ignoring them or I would never be able to log in to a happy SL.

Anyhoo, that boring stuff aside. I have a lot of event items here. all utterly adorable!

From lazy Sundays to productive Mondays

The skin and hair started off the look then adding the GRID FAMOUS YOGA PANTS.  I have been looking for the perfect top to wear with this and I think I found it in this one.  (Just a little fyi though. The top only comes in standard mesh sizing for now but in future the brand will be branching out to cover mesh bodies.) Even with the Standard Sizing I was able to wear this top problem free over my Lara body ♥

If I just lay here.

So here I have covered these events. All worth a look or three !

  1.  VINTAGE & COOL FAIR | August 21- September 4 |
  2. Shiny Shabby | August 20 – September 15 |
  3. The Fantasy Collective | August 22 – September 15 |
  4. Collabor88 | August 8 – maybe September 6? |




  • Hair – :::Phoenix::: Fiona Hair|By Lilly Herberg | VINTAGE & COOL FAIR |

  • Hair Base – enVOGUE HairBase – Dark Brown 3|By Casandra Rain |

  • Eyes – AVELINE Eyes – Doll-L – Hazel – Iris| By Giggle Solo|FREE ON MARKETPLACE|

  • Lashes – Izzie’s – Mesh Alpha Lashes |By Izzie Button |

  • Skin /Shape – Enfant –Yomi#2_E1_W2 | SHINY SHABBY |

  • Mesh Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 | By Onyx LeShelle |

  • Tattoo – {L o v e f o x } Anarchy Tattoo; Pastel |By Kathrine Hoxley| THE FANTASY COLLECTIVE |

  • Top – even.flow – Knotted Top |By Yingythingy| VINTAGE & COOL FAIR|

  • Pants – Blueberry – Yoga Pants – Maitreya | By Blueberryxx |

  • Collar – Sweet Thing. Sweet White Kitten Collar|By AyaShula| GACHA |

  • Necklace – Eternity Mother&Son necklace |Nymphai |100% of proceeds to aid in funeral expenses for the son of Roxi Firanelli|

  • Rings – ieQED right MAITREYA By  SigiFaust|  COLLABOR88 |

  • Lighting – LumiPro HUD V3.41 |By Stefan Buscaylet |

  • Chair/w pose – Soy. Dreamy Hanging Chair |By Soyoy | COLLABOR88 |

  • Poses – HelaMiyo :: Poses :: 50’s | By Miyoko Magic | VINTAGE & COOL FAIR


POST# 814 The Thrift Shop New Release Tattoo & Mesh Pants From **UrbanStreet** ~ The Thrift Shop New Release Mesh Mask From Nana ~ The Thrift Shop New Release Poses From Vestige

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Poses By Vestige – Red Carpet M 2 [ Find it at The Thrift Shop ] ~*New Release*~  

Mesh Body By #TheMeshProject – (BETA) Deluxe Body(m) ~*Mesh*~

Skin By -Labyrinth- – Silver Skin [Med] – Clean

Mask By Nana – Wiz Bandana Mask [ Find it at The Thrift Shop ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~

Tattoo By **UrbanStreet** – Love Die Tattoo [ Find it at The Thrift Shop ~*New Release*~  

Hair By *SongF* – Blaze male brown ~*Mesh*~

Tank By DUFAUX – TMP loose tank no1 – cotton black ~*Mesh*~

Pants By **UrbanStreet** – Baggy Pant Curse(Ray) [ Find it at The Thrift Shop ]comes in 8  Different  Style’s . Try The DEMO                       ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~

Shoes By FLite. – -Gianni  Hightops . Black ~*Mesh*~

Hot Pants Are A Gateway Drug for All Things Sin.

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I think hot pants were the final straw that broke my grandparents back in the seventies.  We were pretty much heading toward complete nudity – we had burned our bras, people were going commando, we did not want to wash or comb our hair, our skirts kept getting shorter and shorter and the bathing suits were pretty much three threads on a string.  You could put a hat on and white gloves for church, but let’s face it, we were all lost causes of the hippie culture.
And please note – despite some similarities between our dress and the patterns and styles used by the Hutterites ….we were trying for Hippie.  Don’t be trashing farm folk.
I tried to dress fashionably but it is hard to carry off hot pants, which almost always included tall high heeled boots, around the barn yard.  
I remember the “talk” my grandmother decided to have with me.

First she actually spoke to me.  That was always a big give away that she wanted to “talk.”  Secondly, the maid was hovering in the background with lots of cleaning supplies, waiting, ever ready . . . 
Grandma told me that they used to do fan dances … and the idea was that the woman was naked but the fans covered her and she would just move them and show small “suggestions” of her body.  I have to admit I was really confused.  First of all the idea that my grandmother knew anything about fan dancers was kind of disturbing and second of all I had no idea what bits of the human body were referred to as “suggestions.”   She said that she found that much more exciting because it left things to people’s imaginations which was much more interesting than blatant nudity.  It took some of the pleasure out of “things.”
Yes my grandmother was having a talk with me about strippers, and she was using them as an example she was hoping I would emulate.  
I am hoping to graduate therapy next week for the damage that talk caused.  No-one needs to know what their grandmother finds exciting, or that she worries about pleasuring anything.    Luckily I was versant enough in grandmaese to know she wanted me to cover up more.  She wanted me to believe it was more sexy to cover up than to just stand their blatantly naked.
I looked at her plaid apron over her dark floral dress, her pantyhose wrinkled at her ankles and was so grateful to have her as a role model for my blossoming womanhood.  She may have been the first Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, role model for the pre-teen wanna be sex queen.  As I said … therapy … may graduate next week …
I learned the lesson.
I bought really big fans. 
Want to see my “suggestions?”
SKIN:  [theSkinnery] Eniko 3
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Intense Collection
LASHES:  ~Hush~ Lashes – Doll
MAKE-UP:  EYESHADOW:  [:ME:] Audrey EyeShadow P2 (Dark 2)
                     LIPSTICK and TEETH: [PF] Elly – Glam Lipstick/Teeth – (Coral Splash
SHOES:  [whatever] Gallium – Brown
JEWELLERY:  Zibska[Group Gift] Lydie
POSES:  Ma Vie

Fancy Pants.

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OH Lord I’ve burned my hand but fortunately the pain killers have started to kick in and I am finally able to show you this.

As much as I love to show off the Freebies sometimes you have to spend a few Lindens and to make me spend my Lindens it must be something really worth it and that’s my exact thought when I tried on this “Fancy Pants” outfit from Entice.


How gorgeous is this whole look.  Comes as a one piece but the addition of a Hud which allows you 3 texture options for the jacket, shirt and shorts means you can chop and change.


Going to confuse you now.  You will find this discounted item under the 55Lds Thursday sign, turn to your right and go in that way, but in fact it cost me 100Lds however the full priced options are 300Lds so this is a definite bargain.  There was another discounted pack which had more glittery/disco textures which sounds awful but I loved that one as much as this and it was a struggle which to get. The demos for all of the colour packs are there and you do have to pay a Linden for it but it gets paid right back to you.

Special mention to the hair and skin because in my previous post I only mentioned them in passing.  The hair is one I’ve previously blogged but it’s now available at the latest round of Kustom9 but in the whole colour colour palette range inc Ombres.  While you’re waiting for that event to calm down then this skin is one of the old Lara Hurley Group Gifts which I mentioned and this one does come with the Appliers.  Again I adored the New Free to Join GG’s skin and if you do have a few Lindens then 150 to buy the Applier Pack is not unreasonable at all.

OOKKAAYY pain killers have definitely kicked in so I think I’m having an attack of the munchies!


Lara Hurley


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@808@ The Surreal Lyfe featuring – SIRA – [Mesh Body] Wild Kiss T-Shirt & @SIRA – [Mesh Body] Jinx Pants @ THICK Event Room

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Cherish is wearing:
SIRA – [Mesh Body] Wild Kiss T-Shirt – Red @ THICK Event Room
SIRA – [Mesh Body] Jinx Pants – Red @ THICK Event Room

SIRA – [Mesh Body] Wild Kiss T-Shirt – Blue @ THICK Event Room
SIRA – [Mesh Body] Jinx Pants – Blue @ THICK Event Room

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ENTICE Rattle & Hum Applier Top and Pants



HEAD-::LV:. Angie Default

OUTFIT- ENTICE Rattle & Hum Applier Top and Pants
    – will be walking the Red tone from the Jeweltones pack
    – 4 packs will be on sale
        – Black and White
        – Jeweltones
        – Pin
        – Gold
Entice is in a Fashion show with LaVian and Sage!
Time: Aug 8 @ 1pm

ENTICE Lambada Top, Pants & Heels



HEAD-::LV:. Angie Default

OUTFIT- ENTICE Lambada Top, Pants & Heels
    – will be walking the yellow tone from the Yellow pack
    – 2 packs will be on sale as well as the heels packs
        – Blue
        – Yellow (Red for Heels)

Entice is in a Fashion show with LaVian and Sage!
Time: Aug 8 @ 1pm

ENTICE-Fancy Pants Shorts Suit w/ Shirt



HEAD-::LV:. Angie Default

SHOES-DN Mesh: Bitterbal Heels (Slink) new release!!

OUTFIT– ENTICE-Fancy Pants Shorts Suit w/ Shirt
    – will be walking the Red Tone from the fashion pack
    – 2 packs will be available
        – fashion
        – gold
Entice is in a Fashion show with LaVian and Sage!
Time: Aug 8 @ 1pm