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Toxxic 6YR RezzDay Party

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Its about that time of year again peoples, August 1st is Toxxic´s 6 year rezz day in SecondLife.

This is an annual event, we hold for our ToxxicDesignStudios VIP members, it is also a Customer Appreciation Party!
Its a day filled with fun, dancing, FREE gifts, store credit giveaways, LIVE music & special pricing storewide!
BUTTTT, if you do not hold the tag above your head, you will not get on the sim, so NOW is the time to start securing your place in this VIP Group today,
currently the VIP Group is FREE, but it will not be for long! For the duration of the active event, group membership will be 1,500L to join, so we advise you to
push that freebie, gacha lovin, event squeezin, spam posting group up out of your list & come where the kewl kids hang!
Live Music in the evening hours [times tba] by DJ Turbiine & Toxxic Rhiannyr !

Doors open to VIP Access at 12 pm [noon] slt – til we drop from drunkness.

We hope to see you in the house!

25% off from 12pm – 12am • Saturday, August 1, 2015
 Grab your TAXI HERE

Party Outfit Opportunity

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Well who could really look at that face and think she was missing anything but an opportunity?

An opportunity to grab this aaahhmazing outfit from NYU at the Wayward Carnival Event, which closes in just a few hours. I know, baaad Bumble, it’s really irresponsible of me to even showcase this at such a last minute, but in this rare case, its one of those outfits you’d like to have for those last minute summer looks.

And in any case, Nyunyu is usually good about placing her event items back in the mainstore, so when it does show up there I’ll be sure to update this post.

Until then, here’s a free taxi in world to the event, there’s ample time left to demo this outfit, and should you have any questions, comments or advice for a very unprofessional late posting, I welcome you to the comment box below. (be gentle!)

Hold the tissues please and pass the cookies -.-

*NYU Party Jumpsuit | WayWard Carnival Event Ends @ NoonSLT Toooday (July 30th)
*Pose|Prop: Sari-Sari Rainy Day | Kustom9
Hair: Exile’ Walking on Sunshine (Past Hair Fair)
Head: Genesis Lab’ Julia (sad) gacha | Kustom9
*Eyes: Ikon Charm Eyes Quicksilver
Ears: RealEvil ReVoX E2 Mesh Ears
Body: Maitreya Lara

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I always like to think I’m having a dinner party, and I’m the host, and the audience are my guests.

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Table and Cushions Chez Moi Luau Dinner 
Table on Side  8f8 – Green Grocers – Table
On Side Table 
 8f8– Green Grocers – Orange Juice
Zerkalo Boho-colored kitchen – Breadboard
Sari-Sari – Bohemian Summer – Bread and Cheese
  8f8 – Green Grocers – Cherry Jam
 8f8– Green Grocers – Watermelon Tasting Set
 8f8 – Green Grocers – Lemon Crate
Bottles on Wall Kunst Wall Bottle & Daises @ ShinyShabby 
Daybed Zerkalo Yet another Daybed
End Table Cheeky Pea East End Table @ Uber
Record Player Cheeky Pea East Side Record Player @ Uber
Wine Bottle Candles Kunst  Wall bottle candle holder @ ShinyShabby 
Picture Serenity Style– Wooden Tic-Toc Wall Art @ Fantasy Collective
Plant The Little Branch Shiny Shabby Gift Banana Plant
Cheeky Pea Beach Camp Lodge @ Wayward Carnival

A swelligant, elegant party

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A swelligant, elegant party (1)
Pose: Lookbook ten, oh honey, teach them the abc’s of justice – Flowey [Using Tillie’s posestand]

Hair: Charlotte – enVOGUE [Visit them at hair fair: 11 July – 26 July]Skin: Ellie – Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Hands: Casual, elegant – Slink

Jacket: Watson – Emery
Pants: Harlow’s cuffed jeans – Mon tissu
Feet: High – Slink
Shoes: Opal.heels –

A swelligant, elegant party (2)
Pose: The big black sky, the broken glass, then i drift away – Flowey [Using Tillie’s posestand]

Hair: Evelin – enVOGUE [Visit them at hair fair: 11 July – 26 July]Skin: Grazia – Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Hands; Casual, elegant – Slink

Top and skirt: Vanishing clouds – Teefy
Feet: Mid – Slink
Shoes: Gold goddess – Pure poison

A swelligant, elegant party (3)
Pose: Things we can’t untie, this heart of mine, walkin’ four – Flowey [Using Tillie’s posestand]

Hair: Cynthia – enVOGUE [Visit them at hair fair: 11 July – 26 July]Skin: Sylvia – Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Hands: Casual, elegant – Slink

Necklace: Alma – Donna flora
Bracelet: Princess – Donna flora
Dress: Sofia – Emery
Feet: Flat – Slink
Shoes: Sienna – Teefy

Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

Two is company, four is a party, three is a crowd. One is a wanderer.

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Two is company, four is a party, three is a crowd. One is a wanderer. ― James Thurber

Two is company, four is a party, three is a crowd. One is a wanderer. 
                                                                       ― James Thurber
Shoes: N-core “DONNA” Glass Edition available for Limited time . Special offer Pack which include 8 colors for 395L$
Hair: ::Exile::Siren’s Call Naturals @ Hair Fair 2015
Skirt :DRIFT Loulou Skirt [MESH] Vibrant Set
Top : DRIFT Loulou Top [MESH] Cotton Shine Set
Location: L2 Studio

Life is One Big Costume Party, or it Should Be.

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I still think life would be much simpler if people wore costumes.  We don’t always have time, or the inclination, as to inquire of people how their day is going and thus tailor our interaction so as to keep everyone alive.
If those women intending to play the role of the evil stepmother queen/witch etc were to dress the part, it would save so much heartache.  I would know to step away from the mirror the moment they enter the women’s washroom .. . using the hand sanitizer in my purse as opposed to sticking around to wash my hands. And, I would say something like, “have you done something new with your hair?  You look so much younger today … really nice!!”  That way the likelihood of getting stabbed or spit on are minimized.
Especially when neither blood or spittle go with your current costume.  And I don’t have any that do.

I think that is why kids like costumes so much.  Everyone knows exactly what role they are to play, if any, in that kids world for the day.   You can even pick your battles.  Who knows, you might escape their growing up with your sanity intact.  I should point out that I am not a doctor, and I am not promising anything, but it is always nice to dream.
Spiderman is more likely to be open to being told to eat his vegetables, super heroes need their strength, than he is ever going to be about you telling him to get down from side of the radio tower he has decided to climb.  The teenager dressed like a princess may respond kindly when you fetch things for her, bowing as you hand them off, instead of taking your head off, sans the sword,  when you ask her to wash out her cereal bowl before she leaves for school.  Some things you just do not even attempt when a costume is screaming, “stop, drop and roll,” or “assume the fetal position.”
Just one little word of advice, just because your husband has on work overalls … never ever assume that means he will be playing the role of Joe Handyman today and he might actually get around to fixing the downstairs toilet so that his mother does not get to wander through your bedroom on her way to use the only working bathroom in the house which happens to be your ensuite.   Men will just pick up whatever happens to be handy while they sit on the bed and consider getting up.  If they were drunk enough the night before, it might even be the princess costume you wanted to wear today.
botm 2
In that case, as always, you are best not to fight for it back.  Ugly princesses are stronger than they look.  Just put on the martyr outfit with the velcro for the back of your hand that goes with the rest of it on the band around your forehead.  Attach hand and begin moaning.  Go show your mother in law … she will be in your bedroom rummaging through your things.
SKIN:  LoveMe Skins – Brenda Group Gift
HAIR:  Amacci Hair Attachment ~ Elle
EYES:  Egozy..Eyes Intense Dark Brown
LASHES:  ATIA’s Diamond Wings Lashes
GOWN:  :: PM :: Drew Gown – Group Members Gift
JEWELLERY:  [LIZ] Silhouette jewelry  necklace
POSES:  AgaPee

Party at the beach

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Hair: [taketomi]_Mio_LightBlondes HUD New! Kustom9
 Mesh Head: Lelutka – Mesh Head – Stella Lelutka
 Head Appliers: *YS&YS* – Samantha Lelutka Appliers For New! @Shiny Shabby
Dress: {ViSion} – S&F- Dress Zaarra W/Lace Green/Beige For New!  The Lexi ProyectJuly 26th
Shoes: [BREATHE] – Clarity Heels – Baby Blue New! @The Kawaii Project

Gotta Get Ready For The Party!

Gotta Get Ready For The Party

Shape: Mine!

Body: Maitreya – Lara 

Skin: [SHOCK] – Nancy Skin tysm ♥

Hair + Outfit: Pink Hustla – Room Wear @ Oh My Gacha tysm ♥

Lashes: Lolita – Angel Lashes @ Oh My Gacha tysm ♥

Eyes: EGOZY – Turquoise Illuminate Eye Collection tysm ♥

Septum: PUNCH – Antarus Clip On Septum @ Oh My Gacha tysm ♥

Lipstick: Tabou Irresistible – Mat Lips Mauve @ AnyBody tysm ♥

Necklace: Le Morte – Salem Cat And Moon @ Oh My Gacha tysm ♥

Icecream: [n.i] – Octocream Party Sherbert Rare @ Oh My Gacha tysm ♥

Hand: SLink – Elegant

Feet: SLink – High Feet

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Pool Party

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Before I ran off to mine mini daddy’s graduation today, I was playing in da yard. I haff dis new little pool and it soooo cute. I can sit in it wherever I want! Course I couldn’t play by mahself, so I had mine ducky ana mine rainbow bear wif me. He ana I haff lotsa fun togeffer xD


Skin: {LPP} – Koko *Peach*
Body: **Cute Bytes** – Toddleedoo – Baby Girl
Head: **Cute Bytes** – Baby Mesh Head – KiKiKi

Eyes: [Buzz] Lillian Eyes – Poison
Hair: D!va Hair – Manon
Outfit: [Little Deer] – Pastel Dots Swimsuit Gray (@ Sidewalk Gacha*NEW*
Pool: [TTT] – Cool Pool Kid (Pink) (@ Hello Beautiful*NEW*
Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> Big Hug Bear Magic (@ The Arcade*NEW*

Party at AlterEgo!

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I love her skins, I think she’s probably my favorite designer these days when it comes to her style! Toxxic Rhonnyr’s 6 year rezz day is happening and it’s happening BIG! You will need to join the store vip group to enter the sim, and you better do it way before this event, otherwise you’ll be looking at a whopping L$ 1,500 cover charge! Let’s blow up that party and rock it out!
This is a event that will be held at alterego mainstore.
FREE gifts, store credit, new releases, live music, 25% off ++
Full details found here: