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I like big books…Featuring Heth Haute Couture and Designer Circle with Wow Skins, Vinc, Baubles! by Phe, London People and Tiffany Designs

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The Man Who Does Not Read Has No Advantage 
Over the Man Who Cannot Read
 Mark Twain
What are you waiting for? Get over to the library!
Patrizia skin by Wow Skins
Designer Circle
Georgina outfit by Vinc.
Designer Circle
CheckeredTriangle jewelry by Baubles! by Phe
Designer Circle
Spectacles from the Stella outfit by London People
Designer Circle
Kaily Slink Shoes for High feet by TIFFANY DESIGNS
Designer Circle
Til Death Makup by Glamorize

Constance Brooch by Heth Haute Couture
July 2015 group gift
Heth Haute Couture

Benita hair by Truth

I Like Big Books

♥ How can you be surrounded by people who love you.. Yet you feel like the loneliest person in the world? ♥

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How can you be surrounded by people who love you.. Yet you feel like the loneliest person in the world?

*YS&YS* – Melian – By Monicuzza Babenco *NEW@TFC*
MarketplaceInworld The Fantasy Collective

Body Parts
Hands – Slink – Elegant
Feet – Slink – Flat
Body – Slink – Physique
– By Siddean Munro

Lelutka – Karin – By Jadenart
Marketplace Inworld

Catwa – Leah – Dark Tones – By Catwa Clip *NEW*

Mon Cheri – Festival Bikini – Pink – Freya Olivieri *NEW*

[White~Widow] – Desperado – By Julie Hastings *NEW*
Marketplace Inworld


Walden Campfire Set
Stump with pillow
Log with Pillow
Coffee Pot – Yellow
Stick with sausage (Decoration)
Stick with marshmallow (Decoration)
– By Sway Dench *NEW@UBER*

Beach Hut With Dock
Wooden Sign – Gone Swimming
Wooden Sign – Gone To The Beach
Snapshot Surfboard
Weathered Wooden Bench
Rug pack 2:1
Rug pack 1:2
Rug pack 2:3
– By Snowy Melody *NEW@Summer Fest 2015*
MarketplaceInworld Summer Fest

Beach Basics Gacha
Beach Hat – White
Towel 1
Towel 3
Case Pink
Bag Pink
Bag Purple
Floater Chocolate
Floater Strawberry
– By Ainaraluas *NEW@Shiny Shabby*
Marketplace InworldShiny Shabby

[We’re Closed]
Pole with life bouy
Boulders 2 – Light
– By Wendy Xeno & Mandingo Quan

Studio Skye
Wild Grass Type 3 & 5 – Dry
– By Alex Bader

Home.. ♥

# Mili # 1656 – Games People Play

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# Mili # 1656 - Games People Play
  • Tattoo{ Speakeasy } Dark Sea Tattoo {by Jᴀᴍᴇs Eᴅᴡᴀʀᴅ Dʀᴀɢᴏᴠᴀʀ (jamesedwardq)} MENS ONLY MONTHLY *tyvm*
  • Collar: POMPOSITY – Chain Link Collar {by Bugsy Hansome} *tyvm*
  • Nail polishHello Dave – Summer Reflections Stiletto {by Maia Gasparini}
  • HairTRUTH HAIR Lyric –  browns {by Truth Hawks} NEW
  • Wedges: Hilly Haalan – [hh] Nikki Wedges HUD Driven {by Hilly Haalan} NEW *tyvm*
  • DressLuxury [LX] Strings Dress Mauve {by 清見Ⱪιуσмι Łεε ѴαƖιɗυѕ™ (luciousmami.emerald)} PHAT FASHION FAIR *tyvm*
  • Skin/AppliersA.K BS Brianna Skin – Cocoa – {by Aysha Katrinna Goulart (gothigirlvamp)} @ UNTIL 300 FAIR *tyvm* (coming soon on June 30th)
  • Pose{NANTRA} Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy {by Nancoix Urquan@ THE GENRE *tyvm*

People make promises all the time

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People make promises all the time

Because black is for mysterious people…

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I am supposed to be doing a #SubscriberSaturday post today but this week’s been hectic so I wasn’t able to prepare for it. I’ll make it up next Saturday! *pinky swear* Sorry my lovelies! <3 STYLING CREDITS: HAIR | Taketomi – Cynthia DRESS | United Colors – Fringe Bandage Dress @ Kustom9 COAT | Diram […]

The hardest part of breaking is when you see yourself in someone’s eyes as if you never broke at all; the realization that people see the person you’ll never be again.

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The hardest part of breaking is not the moment you watch yourself falling in slow motion for the hundredth time. The hardest part of breaking is when you see yourself in someone’s eyes as if you never broke at all; the realization that people see the person you’ll never be again.

Miamai_XGen Makeup_Basic Lashes B Black – No Hair
:::Sn@tch Mesh Natalia Cocktail Dress (Blue-Med)::: NEW!!
N-core MANICURE-Mesh Nails
Belleza– Amelia Med Makeup 9
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – White M

Flight Attendant Rap featuring Designer Circle with London People

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It is summer, and along with summer comes my longing 
for travel. 
Since I won’t be doing any jet setting this year, 
I can always do a little flight attending in the bedroom.
woot woot
Yea I said it…get your funk on and dress up for your man. 
There is nothing more fun then a romp with a new and exciting look.
Cabin Crew Outfit by London People
Includes Dress, scarf, hat, boots and necklace
Designer Circle
Elvhenan 10 Eyeshadow by La Boheme
Red Glossy Lips by Mon Cheri
Black Fair 2013 Gift
Rajana hair by Moon Hair at Uber

Naomi Earrings in silver by Krystal
Advent calendar Gift 2013

Nico Travel watch by LNS
Opening gift

Flight Attendant Rap

The less people you chill with, the less problems you deal with

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The less people you chill with, the less problems you deal with


{ Speakeasy } Kellz hair Umber @Boys of Summer  (13th June ) *New*

Clef de Peau Lucas Face @TMD (5th June) *New*

Clef de Peau HairBase TMP Appliers @TMD (5th June) *New*

Clef de Peau Beard 3 @TMD (5th June) *New*

{ Speakeasy } Dotwork Sleeves @MENstuff  *New*

[BLK2.0] BlkWatch *Gacha*_RARE @The Showroom Event (5th June) *New*

[BUC] “Loral” Bay Board Shorts @TMD (5th June) *New*


Scene details..

TONY Structure — The Industrial Backdrop

[ zerkalo ] Skyfall – His Bed @TMD (5th June) *New*

[ zerkalo ] Skyfall – His Chair @TMD (5th June) *New*

.:revival:. trolley @TMD (5th June) *New*

.:revival:. pipe light @TMD (5th June) *New*


How NOT to Make Friends and Influence People in Second Life

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Recently, I had reason to head to a Sandbox on an alt of mine, the lovely medieval Nineveh (named for the ancient city, of course, though I’m a few millennia off in how I dress her). Usually I don’t interact much with the fellow people – walk in, unpack boxes, walk out. This time I was lingering a bit longer, mostly because I was distracted and depressed, when a few things happened to distract me. Warnings for language below the cut, and a rather rude conversation as well. 

Image Description: Pale skinned woman in an ankle length dress. She has black hair with red tips tucked under a black hat.

[9 Day Noob]: I want to fuck someone im horny!!!!

When people draw attention to themselves, I tend to look. Six day old female avatar walking around literally bumping into people over and over again on a no-push sim. Even then, I was set to ignore her until she began to walk into me.

Nineveh Ashland: Dude, show some restraint.

[9 Day Noob]: stfu up asshole im new bitch

Nineveh Ashland: Yeah, I can tell. Usually I like helping new people, but not ones incapable of being polite.

[9 Day Noob]: well bitch you can stfu up bitch i dont need ypur fucking sympathy ugly rat ass gothic white bitch

I am definitely a Gothic kind of girl on Nineveh! Gothic Lolita Aristocrat, to be specific.

Nineveh Ashland laughs.
Nineveh Ashland: Pathetic.

taylor7213: Bitch your fucking mom is i swear whites are so dumb

She might be a person of color, but I’ve honestly found there seem to be a lot of white people who get off on “roleplaying” people of color using the worst stereotypes. All things being equal, I’m completely willing to assume this is another case of that.

Image Description: Close up of the face of a pale skinned woman with pink lips. She has black hair with red tips and the edges of a hat veil showing from the top of the picture.

Nineveh Ashland laughs again.

[9 Day Noob]: oh so thats all u can do right, laugh?

Nineveh Ashland: When confronted by nonsense, laughter is the only response.

[9 Day Noob]: Bitch your fucking race is NONSENSE…your absent-minded race! Fuck The White People

[Inadvertant Intruder]: whoops sorry!

[9 Day Noob]: STFU !!!

Nineveh Ashland: Is all that you have insults? I ask honestly – it seems like all you do is walk into people and curse. It seems like such a waste of your time.

[9 Day Noob]: Bitch YOU are a waste of fucking time every time you say something I keep remembering to take the trash out DuMb-AsS white bitch

Nineveh Ashland: Ah, so that is all you have. Shame.

[9 Day Noob]: Maybe you need the Lord because he put some shame in your heart

New Description: Torso shot of a pale women in a square-cut bodice looking to the left, with her face in profile.

I had already decided that was going to be the end of my engagement – it wasn’t even interesting insults – and so I simply didn’t respond. After a couple of minutes, she walked away and then flew into another sim high in the air. I kept sorting my inventory and trying on outfits – I wanted to leave Nineveh looking nice. 

About ten minutes later, I received the following in IM.

[9 Day Noob]: fuck u suck this pussy

This is one of those interactions where I’m always left sort of baffled afterwards.  I honestly can’t figure out what is fun about what she was doing – and given she headed away from everyone shortly after our final interactions, and felt moved to IM me to continue the insults, I can only presume there is something powerful driving her to want to connect but only in the most crude and inelegant manner. The immediate jump from my helping her to “pity” is telling – I don’t help people out of pity, but rather as a way of paying forward the help I’ve gotten in the past, and to hopefully make more friends.   

Reflecting back, though, my mood definitely played more into our interaction than I’d like. She was clearly spoiling for a fight, but I didn’t need to play into that. Something to think about for the next, inevitable time this happens in some context or another.

Image Description: Woman wearing a black dress with gold symbols on it wearing a black hat with a veil. She is standing to the left in front of a view of a lake flanked by mountains.

( More pictures here. )


Skin: Cupcake, Charm – Snow
Hair: Analog Dog, Mash
Hat: Frozen Night, Widow Hat
Eyes: Forest Feast, Fantasy Rabbit Eyes
Jewelry: EarthStones, Bullseye Set
Outfit: The White Armory, 17,000 Commemorative Gown
Shoes: Rui, Gothic & Lolita Mary Jane Shoes

Pose: !bang

Location: Soilel’s Garden
Light Settings: Sim Default
Water Settings: Sim Default

Photographed by Deoridhe Quandry
Post processing: Cropping

**The criticism of the negative people**

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We know many people throughout our lives. Many have not been pleasant, but rather than criticize, we have to do is try to help them. Don’t know, we do not know your heart…perhaps one kind word make a change in their lives.
How many times you’ve encountered people really negative? That kind of person that everything looks bad, that everything wrongly interpreted and will stop at nothing to try to correct your errors (errors that only that person perceives, because in your inside you feel like you’re doing the right things)…
Yes, there are those people who are living in a deep pit of stubbornness and by more than try to make them see that they are in error, don’t see that. They are like tiny spines that you have there glued to the soles of the feet and that you prevent walk strong and secure, because the constant criticism is very destructive and you get to affect your emotions and your self-esteem…
So what can be done to these people? How do I make them understand that they are negative and his condition makes them see things this way?
To begin, we need seek psychological help, support them so that they learn to see their errors, you can learn to be different, that they realize that damage to third parties with their attitudes. Change is not easy, but we need try again. It is sad to see a person act in this way, because you are finally losing their friends, because nobody likes to be judged in a negative way…
For that reason, it is opportune time to help them, to channel your life differently, in a positive way. 
If you are in contact with people who are only able to see the negative things, help them to change   
You who are strong, self-reliant and you own safety, you can help these people. You are able to see all the things in a positive way, because love and with this love all around you… to which drops and supports the needy… that God will thank you with a thousand blessings to your life!

Ian Catronis 

Necklace: ::GB:: Maria Necklace male @ Shiny Shabby!