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Nothing personal

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Nothing personal

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Living with…a personal look

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16433873753_6abd9ab790_zSunday musings…

Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

As a survivor and living the past year through numerous doctor’s appointments, chemo sessions, surgery and radiation – I found that part of the process of changes was getting used to finding the beauty within myself, rather than the physical attributes.

Cancer does a number on you. It’s turmoil of physicality and emotional angst can cause a person to question their beauty, their sexuality and overall view on life. As human’s, we take pride in our attributes. We love our hair, our bodies, the stunning smiles. Some of us take it as far as decorating our bodies with tattoos and piercings, emphasising our skin or dying our hair to stand out.

But cancer strips you. It pulls you down and makes everything blank. I knew when I began chemo I would lose my hair. So I prepared. I bought scarves, I cut my hair short so the overall feeling wouldn’t be so harsh. When the first bit of strands started to come out, I was sick to my stomach. Then the hair came out in clumps, Within a week after my second session of chemo, I had lost all the hair on my head (and other places).

I felt like a freak. I was bald, I had scars on my chest from where my port was and I had a tumor sitting in my chest. I was ugly. When they switched my chemo drugs, the ugliness continued. I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes. I lost the hair on my arms, my legs… People say “Oh! It will grow back!” but it was tramuatizing. We are so inclined to make ourselves beautiful that when we are stripped from our assets, we are lost.

I felt utterly lost in my own world.

During one of my chemo sessions, one of the volunteers brought in knitted stocking caps for my head. They were to keep my head warm at night while I slept. She told me that volunteers would make them for the kids at St Judes Children’s Hospital and for the patients at Boston Baskin Cancer Center (mine). She also brought in magazines to look at for wigs. I didn’t want a wig. I felt that if I couldn’t have my own hair, then I would just wear scarves instead. But eventually I broke down and purchased one.

I can honestly say that it made me feel like a different person, but the wig wasn’t for me. I wore it a few times and eventually left it in the box, instead wearing scarves to suit my needs. The one thing though, is that wigs do HELP. They do help make a person feel better about themselves when there is a loss. It was like playing dress up. I could have super long hair or fun funky short hair. (I chose a simple red bob – how boring.) But one thing about wigs – they’re hella expensive. Add that to the ongoing list of medications, appointments and other things one needs to get during treatment, it adds up.

So why am I talking about this now? Hair Fair 2015 begins in a few days. This is the 10th Annual Hair Fair in Second Life in which proceeds from Hair Fair’s vendors and donations will go to Wigs for Kids – a non-profit organization that helps kids with cancer get – wigs!

As I am one to spend most of my lindens on hair in Second Life, I highly encourage you to check out the Fair once it opens and donate. Even if it’s just 100L (or loads more!). Making a child feel beautiful should put any smile on anyone’s face.

For credits and landmarks, see below❤

Living WithBody: -Belleza- Venus V3 – Freya / Tricky Boucher *NEW*
Skin: Glam Affair – Belleza Appliers in American / Aida Ewing
Head: [LeLutka] Mesh Head – Stella / JadenArt
Collar: Cae :: Kept / Caelan Hancroft *ROMP*
Pose: Del May / Del May

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Personal Oasis.

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plb 221.png

HAIR – Bade – Drago

SHIRT – F.A.T @ TMD – Ben Shirt

PANTS – Redgrave @ TMD – Turner Artist

TATTOO – Speakeasy – Sailors Grave

BOAT – RH Designs @ Epiphany – Party Boat Gacha – Boat

HOUSE – Apple Fall  – Rural Farmhouse

BAMBOO – Little Branch @ LTD – GROUP GIFT – Bamboo Cluster

OTHER PLANTS – HPMD – Garden Vines

.                                 Botanical – Purity Lotus &Waterlily Cluster

.                                 Cube Republic – Iris Pseudacorus & Frogbit

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Some Tips On Reducing Personal Lag.

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So loads of people have blogged about reducing your lag @ events  and such but what about when you are visiting a busy sim where it’s not the norm to wear a full body alpha and derender everyone else.
 A Social setting where you want to See and be seen.

Well I came across this problem myself and decided to share what I did to be able to survive.
( Not freeze / crash .)

All of these are based on the Firestorm Viewer as it is my personal favorite.

Let’s cut Lag!

  Quick Prefrences

Start in Quick Preferences @ the bottom right of your tool bar.

 If in a busy sim and just standing around set your DRAW DISTANCE as low as possible.
 32 is decent.

If you are say in a sky box, your computer will try to draw items objects etc outside the box, thus slowing you down.

Next ,make sure PARTICLES are set to 0.

 DO you really want to see floaty blinky attachments on others?
 Each time something moves on your screen. ( Particles constantly move) Your computer needs to re draw them. Causing lag for you..

I would drop this one as low as you can stand. Basically what it does it lose crispness and definition on avatars around you, they pixelate. less for your PC to render this way..

You can turn these off, one or 40 less things for you to see moving around the screen. You need to see who’s around? Hover your mouse over them, easy peasy.

 Drop this to 500.

If your connection can handle 1000 and you set it to 1000 then you won’t have much remaining for sending your movement to server or receiving it from it because it would be using it to download peoples avatars. This will lessen walking lag etc.


To find your preferences do this / Control P. A menu will appear on your screen•


You want to see Advanced settings here so if you do not see it right away, 
check the little box in this tab.

This is a slider bar.Set it to the LOWEST you can stand & the better your lag will be.
Warning though – You  lose image quality the lower you set it.

2 1/2

This is the next tab over in Graphics.


• Un tick ENABLE OPENGL VERTEX BUFFER OBJECTS. ( This may or my not help, Worth a shot)


 If you can not see the advanced menu at the top of your screen do this –
To keep the menu in place click the double lines at the top.

There is an arrow to expand this, Hit the double lines at the top of this new menu to keep it in place while you work.


If you are somewhere and water is around.
( I find this the WORST source of lag for myself)
But if you need to see it, just go back into RENDERING TYPES and tick it back.


Un tick 

Hopefully this helps some.
Unfortunately most of it you will need to do as you log in at home. I just make it part of my Log in routine.

Have any I missed? Please shoot me a comment and I will pop it into the  list, crediting you as my source ♥
Thanks for reading,
Ember Adored.

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