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Blithe Photography Contest Winners

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I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response to the Blithe Photography Contest that took place. Every single entry was beautiful, unique, and captured the true spirit of the region. I spent a long time this morning sifting through all the entries trying to decide on the winners, and quite frankly in my book you are all winners. That being said, I promised a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize, so I must choose! Thank you so much to all of you who took the time and effort to enter the contest. Thank you for all of the love and support you have shown Blithe. Your artistic interpretations surpassed my expectations entirely.

Also, before mentioning our winners, I must send a shout out and a thank you to Ms. Sanura Snowpaw. Sanura was kind enough to contact me and offer additional gift cards for her store Somnia as an extra prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and also 8 honorable mention gift cards. It was such a kind gesture, that did not go unnoticed, and I’m certain the prize winners will love the extra surprise!

1st Place: Gorba McMahon: I am simply in awe of this image. The attention to detail is remarkable, and the way Mr. McMahon captured the spirit of Blithe in a single image is astounding. One of my favorite parts about this image is the tiny little waving avatar in the middle portion of the photo. (check out the full size version on flickr to see the little details) You can see him waving from afar as he travels across Blithe, discovering everything it has to offer. Mr. McMahon also linked to this awesome youtube link to correspond with the image which really helped to breathe even more life into the image.


Second Place: Ayla Barzane: During the contest I would continually check the group to see which new images were popping up for the contest. When Ms. Barzane submitted her image and I saw it for the first time, I literally gasped out loud in complete awe and amazement. The color tones she chose to use in the image show a different side to a region that I’ve always envisioned as neutral and monotone. She brought a side of Blithe to life that I didn’t really realize existed, and has inspired me to add a little color to the sim in the future. Everything about this image is beautiful. Doesn’t it make you want to curl up on the beach with a good book, or someone you love?


Third Place: Skip Staheli: I love this little detailed close up from Mr. Staheli. I love the story it tells, and the effort he put into creating a scene at Blithe. A few sea gulls, scavenging for lunch. The color palette he chose was perfect for this beach setting, and in my mind I can hear the seagulls singing, and the waves crashing against the shore as I soak in every part of this image.



As I said, I had a really hard time deciding on the winners for this contest. As I was sifting through all my choices, there were so many other images that stood out.  There are a few names and links of images I would like to make “honorable mentions” from the contest, that while they may not have received one of the top three prizes, their images still captured my heart. I chose 8 honorable mentions to feature since Sanura sent me 8 additional gift cards. I honestly could have thrown 20 honorable mentions together with how many great contest entries there were! These 8 were exceptional in there own special way! These are in alphabetical order:

Honorable Mentions:

Bijou Lee: Image – This one captivated me from the start. I love the kitty playing next to her and the lighting/shadow work.

GrizzyGrut: Image – What a clever perspective. I love the thought that went into this.

Felicity Blumenthal: Image 1 & Image 2  – I have to share both of Felicity’s because I simply couldn’t choose. Both are perfect.

JenniferKatie: Image – I love that she appears to be waiting for someone to arrive at the tavern. The anticipation was captured perfectly.

May Sims: Image – Such a sweet capture. I love seeing couples make use of the sim.

Perrain Berenohn: Image – Major points for point of view & perspective. Great peek through the curtains.

Samuel Moorsider: Image – There’s so much spirit in this image. I think it captures the soul of Blithe.

Terry Fotherington: Image – Rich color palette. Beautiful capture.


Thank you again so much to each of you for your participation in the contest. I will be contacting the contest winners with their prize money, additional Somnia gift cards. I will also be passing a little token gift card from Somnia to the honorable mentions.


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#189 The Arcade Photography Contest (Submission3) Hello…

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#189 The Arcade Photography Contest (Submission3)

Hello Everyone!!

So this will be my last submissin for The Arcade Photo Contest this round! I am so pleased with the photos I have submitted. With so many trail and errors, every hour and minute put into making sure that each post told you a story was so worth it. I really hope I succeed in that for you guys and I hope you guys love them as much as I loved doing them ^_^. 

Thank You SOOO MUCH for all of your support!!

– Love Goldie <3

Taxi to .. The Arcade Gacha Events (closing soon!!)

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Headphones: Shi. – Headphones V.2 (gold RARE) @ The Arcade

Lingerie: pixicat – Temptation (dark RARE in pink) @ The Arcade

In Scenery:

Peacock, Flower Branches, and Parasols: anc. –  Hatsuyume set @ The Arcade 

Rose: erratic – Long Stemmed Rose @ The Arcade

Tower: Poetica Homes – Willow Tower

Clouds: Half Deer – Simple Clouds set

Postcards: Fancy Decor –  house of postcards @ The Arcade

Balloon Ladder: anc. – cirque de reverie (nuit balloon ladder)

#186 The Arcade Photography Contest (Submission 2)

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#186 The Arcade Photography Contest (Submission 2)

Nature & Photography

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Here I am in the middle of nature, waiting for a moment that wants to be portrayed. looking for tranquility, peace and happiness. I can hear the scream of my soul asking for inner peace that only can be given by nature and photography.

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* Gunner Non-Rigged Mesh Light Reds

Glasses: * S O R G O – GHOST Shades / BLACK

N e w Shirt: Lumiere Apparel – CollaredShirt/White @ Fameshed

Owl: Wynxworks Flying Pet Owl – Red (Eastern Screech Owl)

Camera: **Stash** Digital SLR Camera [ for Blogger and Photographer ]

N e w Leggings: Lumiere Apparel – Leggings/Black @ Fameshed

Carolina Kayor

Arcade Photography Contest

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So I decided to enter the Arcade Photo Contest for the first time.  And this will be my last blog as I will be packing the computer up this week for the big move 😀 Such Excitement!

The Arcade Photography Contest - Arora Zanzibar

The above picture is the photo I will be entering into the competition but I wanted to grab a close up because I just loved the look I put together so much.

Arcade Close Up

Skin: [Pink Fuel] – Sora <Alabaster> – Special Edition
Hair: Exile – Twist and Shout (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Eyes: [Buzzeri] – Aura Eyes – Sapphire
Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara
Collar: redMint – AD(o.02) – Posture Collar (mesh) *New Release*
Pendant: redMint – Pendant (o.05) // Add-on of AD-PC (mesh) *New Release*
Ring: ^^Swallow^^ – BirdCage Ring BLACK (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Corset: -Pixicat- – Temptation.Corset – Dark RARE (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Pose: -Lalochezia- – Blank Space 3m

Dragon: +Half-Deer+ – Solstice Dragon – Cumulonimbus (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Peacock: {anc} – Hatsuyume / White Peacock WEAR (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Basket: dust bunny – Getaway Basket (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Parasol: .The Sugar Garden. – Ruffle Parasol (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Sun Cover: Pixel Mode – Victorias Hideaway – Sun Cover (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Wreath: [ keke ] – Butterfly Wreath (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Chandelier: NOMAD – Amore Chandelier (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Flower Pot: dust bunny – Hanging Flower Pot (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Dragonfly: Pixel Mode – Victorias Hideaway – Dragonfly (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Potted Plant: Zaara – Goa Party – Cannabis plant (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Water Pump: Pixel Mode – Victorias Hideaway – Water Pump DIY Garden (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Kiwi Bird: Schadenfreude – Dotted Kiwi (mesh) *The Arcade, June 2015*
Trees: DECO – Ancient Oak

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#185 The Arcade Photography Contest (Submission)..Hi my…

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#185 The Arcade Photography Contest (Submission)..

Hi my babies!!!

So I have finally decided to stop letting my nerves get in the way of participating in The Arcade Gacha Event’s photo contest. I am so excited and I am working really hard for all my supporters. I hope you enjoy seeing my submissions throughout this round of The Arcade. 

Love Goldie <3

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Train Wagon: SORGO – Compartment Wagon RARE @ The Arcade New!

Tea Items: erratic – English Tea Gacha

Picture Frame, Room Keys, Papers&Files, Newspaper: SORGO – OCDS Gacha Set @ The Arcade New!

Jewelry box, and Hats: David Heather – Vintage Style Gacha @ The Arcade New!

Nail Polishes, & Perfume: tres blah – Jolie Gacha Set @ The Arcade New!

Of Blogging and Photography

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If any of you are still here reading my blog, you probably noticed that I haven’t blogged as much lately.

I haven’t been in the mood. And blogging for me isn’t about slapping a photo on a page and putting down credits.

For me it’s about telling a story. My favorite posts are the ones in which my photos are tied into a story, an atmosphere, an expression of my mood, with an outfit, a location, and many other ingredients.

So today I’m going to tell you a different story.

I got my first camera for my birthday, as a little girl.

I’m not really sure which birthday that was, but way pre-teen. I loved my little camera and ran around taking pictures of everything I found. Of course they were all really horrible pics, but I was happy!

I got a new one not too long after that. It was cool ‘cos I could fit it in my purse and it had a zoom in it so i could do close up piccies! And I had more flashes for it than my cubes that came with the first one.

I guess life went on, adolescence came, and I didn’t use my camera so much anymore. I didn’t take pics of my besties or stuff like that; we all had other things on our mind at the time. But I still liked to take my camera with me and do pics of places I visited and landscapes.

After I graduated high school I went on this “family trip” and took my camera pic with me. I met some cool people; one was a French girl called Aline whose pic I took and still have somewhere, she was so fun! But summer ended and it was time to go to college.

Well, college was college – for me, the first two years was mostly parties, studying was unknown, it was about emotions,

When I got to college I was made to take an aptitude test for what could be a good job for me. The results astounded me bcause it said
1. Computer programmer
2. Photographer

Well, at that point I had never even seen a computer yet (it turned out to be my occupation for many years and still going strong); photography… well I had played but from that to a job??

That’s when I got my first “real” camera for my 18th birthday. My uncle apparently thought my interest in photography was enough to get a reflex and try my hand at it. Regardless of everything else that happened ith him, I have to be thankful for that.

Yea, looks ugly, right? But I loved it. I learned about how to use aperture, shutter speeed, and to do other things like that. I took tons of pictures in those two years, and I have something like 12 albums full of them at home. It was mostly about “landscapes” (underground stairwells from odd angles, etc) and still life – in fact, I liked to create “mini sets” to take pictures of – a bowl of M&Ms with my teddy bear, one of my bras hanging on a pair of cowboy boots, and other weird things like that.

Then real life kicked in. I moved to USA and went to university. By then I had kind of figured out – if my childhood hadn’t been a hint – that life is a bitch and then you die. 

I bought a new camera at uni, 

and played and did lots of things but none of it was worth mentioning, sadly. The most “work” I did with pictures in the first year was reading TONS of photography magazines, and other magazines too. Any photo I found which I liked got cut out and pasted on my bedroom wall. I had two walls of my room full of pics, and dreamed of things like advertising photography.

At one point I figured I could improve my photography by improving my equipment. Everyone knows that’s illusion but anyway I upgraded my Minolta to the pro version, not so plasticky, solid and “professional”. – even tho the 7000 actually came with more things which were optional in my new one.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much photo work in regardless of the new camera.

After finally making it through Uni and returning home, I tried to pick up photography again, but I just wasn’t inspired. First, I got a job, and I had my mind on that, and then other hobbies got in the way, and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to take pics anymore. But I kept my camera, which rapidly was getting old. The only time it got used is when I went somewhere with my friend on a trip, and she hated all the pics I took of her. But that’s life. In the end, she ended up using the camera more than me and she still has it, although she claims it’s broken and can’t be saved anymore.

The only thing which involved me in photography, or in at least some form of art of composition,  sets etc., was Second Life, and modeling. I learned about Photoshop; I learned about posing; about what works in SL and what doesn’t. I am in no way a good SL photographer. But what counts is I had fun. But…. somehow it’s not as exciting anymore. Read on and you’ll know why.

Then… I moved to here. I had a better salary and decided it was about time I look into photography again, not to mention figure out what this whole “digital” thing is all about. So I looked around but ended up shopping with my heart too.., and I got a Nikon.

I took it out for a spin; it was a holiday, May 1, and I went to shoot flowers and closeups to see what I could do with it.

After my Second Life experiences, I decided I wanted to know more about photography in the beauty and fashion world. I had never done portraits, and I knew that every time I tried, it had resulted pretty much in disaster.

But my friends know that I hate giving up. And now I am trying to specialize in beauty and fashion photography. 

My last shoot was last night. If you want to know more, you’ll have to ask me!

Green Screen Photography Tutorial by Astralia

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**This tutorial is made of 3 parts**

Links to the previous tutorials:

[Shadow under the chin] , [How to shoot a good snapshot] and [Removing Green Bg]

Hello guys! the link to the new help page will be released soon! :)

♥ ♥


On Astralia:

E-Clipse Joy Shirt Black
E-Clipse Karina Pant Red
Elysium – Irina fashion hat – red  [The Dressing Room Fusion]
Baiastice_Rhino AnkleBoots-Black
[LWL] La vie en Rose Glasses (Black)
[monso] My Warmer Muffler – Black
Maxi Gossamer – RING – Roho – Small

Mr. X and Valery Lady – New Release by Resun and THE POD – new photography studio

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Here is a winter coat that understands.  Resun’s new winter fur coat called Valery Lady  is sophisticated and sexy, a trademark of this SL designer.

A luxurious fur collar that reminds me of cold winter days wandering hand in hand with Mr. X along the banks of the Neva River in St. Petersburg.

Fur lined cuffs frame black leather gloved hands and a wide belt at the waist gives you an hourglass look, Mr. X likes that…and Resun is a master at making a winter coat look sexy.

A cute pair of ankle boots also comes with this outfit completing the winter look perfectly.

I shot this blog with the brand new NINE prim photo studio by Image Photography.  It does it all and comes loaded with options including 101 textures and 70 prims, plus you can add your own full perm textures and animations. The Pod also comes with lights in varying degrees of intensity and a handy hud with full controls.

The studio has 4 handy drives, one has rgb colors in 4 basic color backgrounds perfect for simple photo shoots.  The other drives store textures.  This studio handles several avatars (you can move each one to create the perfect shot) and has options for steam, rain and snow plus facial expressions and eye movement.

This studio at 9 prims is unbelieveable and makes SL photography a pleasure.  It is easy to use and offers tons of options.  Creators, Sparkie Hallard and Grandma Bates have outdone themselves on the Pod.  Get it!


New – Resun – Valery Lady

Skin – New – Jewell – October 4Seasons

New – Photo Studio – Image Photography

The Nutcracker ~ An Arcade Photography Contest Entry

"Before long, it was time for all the guests to leave. Marie reluctantly said good night to her nephew and went to bed but she couldn't sleep. She kept thinking about her Nutcracker doll. She slipped out of bed and tiptoed downstairs where the Nutcracker was still resting on his little bed. She cradled the Nutcracker in her arms and fell asleep on the sofa in the parlor. 

Suddenly, Drosselmeier appeared out of the darkness. He gently took the Nutcracker from Marie and fixed it. Just as he was placing it back in her arms, she started to wake up. The lights on the tree began to flicker and Drosselmeier appeared on top of the grandfather clock, flapping his arms like a giant owl…"
Special thanks to my wifey, Zie, for sharing this light filter with me.
To see my credits, keep reading!

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