Second Life Photos: What I Like #10

By Cajsa Lilliehook – Its Only Fashion. Visit Second Life Photos: What I Like #10 for original post.

Out on the edge .. ♪ ♫

Out on the Edge by Isabella.N.

I like Out on the Edge by Isabella.N. even though it gives me an uncomfortable reminder of when I fell off a cliff overlooking the Missouri River. Lucky for me, the face was perpendicular so I bounced a few times on the way down, slowing the momentum. Bad memories aside, this photo evokes other emotions as well, the exhilaration of challenging yourself, of being ahead and apart from the madding crowd, of being out on the edge. It is also a beautiful example of the Golden Ratio at work.

I'm sorry

I’m Sorry by Marion Beresford

I like I’m Sorry by Marion Beresford. I like the bright light and the subsequent contrast between the brightness of the right that blows out the background and the shadow on the right that her hair fades into. However what I like most of all is the emotions projected by her eyes, the tilt of her head, the furrowed brows. I like this avatar’s face.

Turn Up the Volume by Cypriss Hill

Turn Up the Volume by Cypriss Hill

I like Turn Up the Volume by Cypriss Hill. First, I love the bold, saturated colors, the bright yellows, the vibrant cyans, bold red, and gorgeous purples. I like that it is framed on the diagonal, making it more interesting and because the lines go from upwards from left to right, projecting an optimistic, happy feeling. It is also, as you can see, a great example of the Golden Ration as well as being rich in the geometry our pattern-seeking eyes look for.

Always look on the bike side of life

Always Look on the Bike Side of Life by Alex Monty SL

I like Always Look on the Bike Side of Life by Alex Monty SL. I love the angle, shooting at the level of the wheels so they almost make a tunnel, creating a leading line that draws you into the picture. I like that most of the picture is desaturated, its color coming from the bikes in flashes of bright colors.

The Lighter Side of Life

The Lighter Side of Life by Samanda Eddingham Jewell.

I like The Lighter Side of Life by Samanda Eddingham Jewell. I love this picture for the sheer whimsy of it all, the way the subject and her dog conform to each other’s lines, the angle of her leg framing the dog. It’s simply a lot of fun.

Nimoe *Abandoned*

Nimoe Abandoned by Nimoe Constatine

I like Nimoe Abandoned by Nimoe Constatine. I like the color story, the creams, reds and blacks. I like how she completely fills the frame and even goes beyond it, part of her hair and her shoe outside the frame. It does not matter, our minds will draw that in. I like how she rests on piles of rope, adding another plane to the picture. I like the lighting, how some details are in high relief in the light and others lost in the shadows. It’s a striking picture that beautifully highlights the very original and compelling shoes.

The Last Forever 5

The Last Forever by Blip Mumfuzz.

I like The Last Forever by Blip Mumfuzz. Doesn’t this feel like it was shot just down the street from the diner in Nighthawks? It has the same rich colors, the bright lights and heavy shadows that do not hide the details, only place them in shadow. I like that instead of showing the building on the left completely, just the top of it shows. This is one of those photos that the longer you look at it, the more you see.

" I wish that you could see Fragments of you and me Cut and pasted from dreaming unfurled I swear I'm still your girl "

“I wish that you could see Fragments of you and me Cut and pasted from dreaming unfurled I swear I’m still your girl” by Paradox Ivory.

I like “I wish that you could see Fragments of you and me Cut and pasted from dreaming unfurled I swear I’m still your girl” by Paradox Ivory. I love how the chairs to the left and right are used to frame the picture, creating a frame within a frame. I am showing you the center lines of the picture so you can see that despite initial impressions, it is not exactly centered which gives its the picture more tension. Other elements that keep it from being to symmetrical are the shadows and even her pose that puts on shoulder higher than the other. The bright sand meets the sea at exactly a third of the way up, so the Rule of Thirds is called into play as well as the Rule of Odd Numbers, with the three chairs, even if two of them are clipped.

Expressive (raw)

Expressive by Iskle.

I like Expressive by Iskle. I like that this is shot or cropped on an angle. That the diagonal line of the chairs go from top to bottom, the sinister diagonal, is a perfect choice with her slightly disgusted expression. But all is not lost, look at all the upward trending diagonals as well, there the welting going upwards and the subject angles that way too. Really, though, I just like the bold simplicity of this photo that creates tension, with nothing more than angles.

Oh Let's Go Fly A Kite !

Oh, Let’s Go Fly a Kite! by Beuanna Resident.

I like Oh, Let’s Go Fly a Kite! by Beuanna Resident which employs the Diagonal Method of cropping her image–a way of cropping that is usually subconscious, but also is very much about story-telling which is what this picture is doing. It tells you what is important to the photographer and in this case, it’s the subject and the kite. It is all about revealing the narrative.

Letting go. There's nothing more endless than a dream, but its end.

Letting go. There’s nothing more endless than a dream, but its end by Sunset Theas.

I like Letting go. There’s nothing more endless than a dream, but its end by Sunset Theas. I like how his hand is so dramatically foregrounded while his body is almost a landscape in the background, like the Sleeping Giant outside Helena. By making it duotone, we are not distracted by color, but it’s not black and white, that blueness makes us think of feeling blue, of sorrow, grief, despair. I am glad it is ambiguous, is he dreaming, and the end will be waking up? I hope so. I hope it is not a more final end.


Lucky by Grazia Horwitz.

I like Lucky by Grazia Horwitz. Wow! Doesnt’ the cherry end of the cigarette look all 1292°F that it is? It seems alive and glowing. For me, this is all about the bright heat of the cherry and the desaturated and shadowed face. I like that this is not really a black and white picture. It’s first impression is deceiving. We can see the reds in the fire and on her lips (which are horizontally following the rule of thirds).

why should I trust again!

Why Should I Trust Again by Miles Cantelou.

I like Why Should I Trust Again by Miles Cantelou. This is almost a deconstructed picture, cropped so we don’t see much at all, the details erased by bright light. A texture layer was overlaid, making it feel more like a quick sketch, an impression. It has so much energy though, there’s a sense of movement in her positioning and an interplay between the two people in the frame that suggests a story.

[stop letting it bother you, just let it go … ♪♫]

Stop Letting It Bother You, Just Let It Go by Charlie Namiboo.

I like Stop Letting It Bother You, Just Let It Go by Charlie Namiboo. So much smoking this week. This is beautifully composed. There’s so much subtlety, too. For example, the edge of the shadow on her leg is exactly placed by the rule of thirds while the overall composition examplifies the Golden Ratio. More importantly, the pose, the darkness, the thoughtful details like the several cigarette butts showing the passage of time, all create a mood of silent solitude, of contemplation, of waiting for….what, we cannot know.


Together 008 by Stefania Colmar

I like Together 008 by Stefania Colmar. OK, so I am just so very fond of this. It’s whimsical and fun and that’s what matters. You might expect them to be playing chess or something, though we can’t see it, but there is some reason they are staring at that table so intently. But it’s all beside the point with the fun, childlike illustration.

Gotta Catch 'em All

Gotta Catch ’em All by Marianne McCann.

I like Gotta Catch ’em All by Marianne McCann. Marianne McCann is one of the folks who always tells a story in her pictures, usually a fun story.  I love that she invests her photos with emotion and always has her avatar in motion, expressive and alive.

Se7en +450

Se7en +450 by Fine Frankel.

I like Se7en +450 by Fine Frankel. Sometimes I just love photos because they are imaginative wild and crazy. Fine Frankel is taking clock faces quite literally and I love it.

Ten of my favourite SL photos (by other people) of 2016

By Caitlin Tobias – Cait’s World. Visit Ten of my favourite SL photos (by other people) of 2016 for original post.

To my surprise and delight, one of my photos is in Huckleberry Hax’ list of his 10 favourites! I am particularly happy he has chosen one of my real, raw and not processed snapshots – a photo of the guests waiting for the bride and groom to arrive, the wedding of Delinda and Skip Staheli this summer. I actually had to download it from my own Flickr as it was a direct upload via the LL Viewer, so I didn’t even had it on my hard-disk to make it a banner image for this blog-post!

While I do not like to make lists – and am even hesitant to look at other peoples lists – I am of course honoured and feel proud. From what I get from Huck’s article, he exactly knows what lists can do, hence his extensive disclaimer. I understand that all too well.

Anyway, enjoy his favourite Second Life Photos by others, and if you do not follow them already on Flickr, you may want to do that from now on!

What the Huck?

Following on from my post on Tuesday, where I shamelessly self-promoted my ten most favourited own pictures at Flickr this year, I thought I’d look today at some of my favourite pictures of the year by other photographers.

Disclaimer: I lay no claim to this being any sort of definitive list whatsoever. It is simply ten of my personal favourite SL images. Yes, it is undoubtedly influenced by me being friends with some of the photographers. Yes, there are probably amazing photos out there by other photographers not included on this list (most likely because I haven’t encountered them, but also because I only have ten spots). Please don’t get offended if one of your photos or one of your friend’s or friends’ photos isn’t or aren’t included here – but by all means feel free to link to any of these works in the comments section below (I…

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Second Life: Finding Photos – How To

By Nalates Urriah – Nalates’ Things & Stuff. Visit Second Life: Finding Photos – How To for original post.

Writing a blog I think I need… want… interesting images. When I first started (2009 blogging), and talked to some of the better known bloggers for advice, Hamlet for one – so you can blame him to some little extent for me, they advised that each article have an image or two. So, I’ve done … Continue reading

‘My building in others’ photos – by Huckleberry Hax

By Caitlin Tobias – Cait’s World. Visit ‘My building in others’ photos – by Huckleberry Hax for original post.

What a lovely surprise, Huckleberry Hax used some of my photo’s in his blogpost about his ‘Nancy Redgrave Building‘ ! A true 70’s office, wonderful for photoshoots or just sitting and contemplating the good old times!

What the Huck?


A while back I posted about my new, 23 prim, six floor building that I’d put on sale on the Marketplace.  I wasn’t really expecting it to sell – especially seeing as how it isn’t mesh – but then again it was a labour of love for me and I did price it at only $ L49. So it turns out I have sold a few copies.


I was especially delighted to see recently these wonderful photos above and below of my build from Amona Savira on Flickr. Amona has captured the ‘open spaceness’ of my building in these images much better than any attempt of my own. It was a real treat to come across them.


I’ve placed a customised version of the building over my own land as the newest version of my ‘Nancy Redgrave Building‘.  I haven’t blogged properly about this yet because the interior…

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Lab seeks Halloween photos for Second Life campaign

By Inara Pey – Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World. Visit Lab seeks Halloween photos for Second Life campaign for original post.

Second Life Community Manager Xiola Linden has blogged about an opportunity for residents to have their photographs featured in an upcoming Halloween e-mail and selected banner campaign. In the post, Xiola notes: Share your pic on our Official Flickr Page with the tag “SLHalloween2016” so that we can see all of your amazing work. You […]

MISS SL ♛ 2016 Photos Part I: Challenges

By Ivyana – Step It 2 Style. Visit MISS SL ♛ 2016 Photos Part I: Challenges for original post.

Make sure you visualize what you really want, not what someone else wants for you.

-Jerry Gillies

After nearly two weeks of stress and other craziness, I can share a few thoughts on my  experience during the challenges for Miss SL. Going into Miss SL this year was a moment of personal growth. I learned to trust in myself and quiet my negative self talk. Each challenge gave me an opportunity to reveal parts of my imagination that I had been afraid to show prior. Before the grand finale, the candidates endured five challenges plus a press presentation. I will share my stylings with my readers. The style cards will be not be included due to the length of this post. Photography was done by Nathalia Topaz and is used on my blog with her permission. Thanks Nathalia!

First Challenge: Ethnic Chic


Second Challenge: Her Majesty the Queen


Third Challenge: The Definition of Class Coco Chanel


Fourth Challenge: Animal Couture


Fifth Challenge: L`Enfant Terrible


Press Presentation: Paper My Portrait









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