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Some photos scream black and white

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The Look
Hair enVOGUE Naarnisse
Headpiece Izzie’s Pearl Crown with fishnet White
Earrings Izzie’s Pearl Earrings White
Dress Wimey  Chloe Dress @ One Word

Favourite photos from the Second Life Inworld Meetup at Basilique

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Many thanks for including my pics from the meetup!

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The Second Life Inworld Meetup at Basilique turned out to be the mother of all events. We had a massive turn out that exceeded my expectations – 104 people at peak. Inara Pey did a lovely job of creatively reporting the happenings, and Huckleberry Hax shared a wonderfully introspective perspective on the day’s events. I don’t have much to add to their words, so I’d like to use this post to share my favourite photographs of the event, and perhaps a few suggestions for the future at the end of this post.

Xiola Linden kicked things off by saying: “This is a meet up folks – we’re just here to hang out and take pics – so I hope you have your snappers ready to take lots of pics and share them to flickr!”

Given the crowds, I can imagine it might have been a bit tough for people to even…

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Video of the photos of the 2° Challenge of Miss Virtual Spain 2016

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The video of the photos 2 Challenge Miss Virtual Spain 2016


Versus Staff

More Photos!

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Hi all! I wanted to share the final batch of ads from Silly Seven vendors.  To see the other items please click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Lots of things!  If I am dumb and  missed something I promise to update this. 😛  Hope you enjoy the event.  Take THIS SLURL to check it out.

Another Dose Of Photos!

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  Here is a second part of me showing you photos of items available at Silly Seven.  There will be another post too!!  Check out the first post with lots of pictures HERE.  Have fun!

Check out Silly Seven HERE!

Bloggers Challenge – Your SLife in Photos

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I did this pic 3 years ago where I collaged one photo from each year I had been in SL.  I was lucky enough to have photos that reached back that far.  Earlier today a friend on plurk shared a noob photo of himself and I dug through my archived pictures to find my ‘Life and Laughs of Arora’ collage I had made to share with him.  That was when I realised yet another three years had passed.  So I did a quick update on it.

Aroras Life Updated

Can you span your SLife in photos?  Do you have any that reach as far back as your first days as a noob?  I would love to see some collages of others lives showing just how much they are changed over the years.  Share your SLife with me.

Sugar Skulls Show by Solo Evane Video & Photos

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Video of Sugar Skulls Show by Solo Evane

A big thank you to our Designers: Solidea Folies, Ad Creations, Whimsical Imaginarium, Violator and Desir Fashion

Thank you also to our great Sponsors: LPD, Madrid Solo, Nailed it, Posesion , Taox , Versus

And here the link to watch the photos of this beautiful show

Ty to all models, to Agy, to Florentine, to KarenMichelle, to Anna, to Shena , to all the audience

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