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All these places had their moments

By – Secret Body. Visit All these places had their moments for original post.

Hair – Truth Cinnamon
Mesh Head – Lelutka Leda
Skin Applier – Glam Affair
Shirt  –  N-Uno – Darina Denim @ The Chapter Four
Shorts  – N-Uno – Darina Leather  @ The Chapter Four


ARIA  -Nicola Vignette SET@ Tannenbaum
{what next} 10 Christmassy Gift Boxes – Decor SET @ Tannenbaum

*Tentacio* Forest Spirits – Fawn
*Tentacio* Forest Spirits – Rabbit
#5 MC.Holidays / Nisse Hans / Brown @ The Arcade Gacha Events
#8 MC.Holidays / Nisse Greta / Brown @ The Arcade Gacha Events
#15 MC.Holidays / Deer Figurine / Bronze @ The Arcade Gacha Events
ARIA  – Sunday Morning Sette – RARE @ The Arcade Gacha Events
ARIA  – Sunday Morning Tiny Cactus Pair @ The Arcade Gacha Events
ARIA  – Sunday Morning Vases Group (I edited parts) @ The Arcade Gacha Events

1. AF English Folly RARE
{anc} glass ornament
.06 [ kunst ] – Vintage trunk / dark – gold
{anc}  ephemera.clear
ARIA – Story Candle Stick (Tall/Gold)
.06[ kunst ] — Vintage trunk / dark – gold
Apple Fall Period Fireplace 2
dust bunny . mini christmas tree

Secret Body Blog

Liv Haalan ♥

We’re strangers in different places

By – Melodies Of SL. Visit We’re strangers in different places for original post.

Dear SL…

I am so sorry guys, As much as i would love to ramble on it would make less sense than usual. I am very tired and trying my best to get this blog done before i hit my bed.
Short and Sweet is just my style and pretty much sums up this blog post.

Blog look #296

Skin: Pumec
Hair: little bones – Elle – @Uber

Eyes: [Buzz] – Glacier Eyes – Pitch – (Gacha) – (Past event item)
Mesh Head: CATWA – HEAD
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ – Pyramid Ear 


Underwear: Milk Tea – Lottie – White Floral – RARE 1 – (Gacha) – @TGG

Nose Ring: .ARISE. – Nose Ring – Gold
Nose Stud: Amala – The Lover Nose Stud
Necklace: [atooly] – gretchen adore necklaces – sweetheart. – (Gacha) – @TGG
Mask: *AvaWay* – Carnival Mask – #12_CAT RARE – (Gacha) – @TGG
Stockings: [ abrasive ] – Kitten Knit Legwarmers – (Gacha) – @TGG

Pose: Glamrus . – Mau – 02 – @Kawaii Project
Pets: +Half-Deer+ – Secret Garden Bunny – Latte
Roses: [ keke ] – wild roses
Lemonade Stand: -tres blah- Soiree – Lemonade – RARE – (Gacha) – (Past Arcade Event Item)
Hanging Pom Poms: -tres blah- – Soiree – Pom Poms – (Gacha) – (Past Arcade Event Item)
Table: -tres blah- – Soiree – Soiree Table – (Gacha) – (Past Arcade Event Item)
Chairs: tarte. – garden dining chair – (ivory) – (Gacha) – (Past Arcade Event Item)
Teacup: AF – Teacup Rose – (Gacha)
Rose Vase: erratic – aea – 07 – english roses – (Gacha)
Donuts: -tres blah- – Soiree – Donuts – (Gacha) – (Past Arcade Event Item)
Balloons: -tres blah- – Soiree – Pastel Balloons – (Gacha) – (Past Arcade Event Item)
-tres blah- – Soiree – Heart Balloon – (Gacha) – (Past Arcade Event Item)
Curtian Backdrop: -tres blah- – Soiree – Curtain Backdrop – (Gacha) – (Past Arcade Event Item)
Rose Backdrop: anc – “secret garden” ROSE – {poet/bouquet}
Grass: +Half-Deer+ – Grass Rug – Light Green – Rectangle

Cuteness over load and its all because of the event known as The Gacha Garden, I started off not really knowing where to start with this blog. So many great items and so little time to blog it all. Thats when it struck me and the inspiration just flowed.
I started with the ever so cute, sexy underwear from Milk Tea. Although these are just appliers for the mesh body they are so adorable and would be great for layering under clothes as well.
I added in the leg warmers, As the seed of inspiration from Abrasive….I love these. It comes with a hud that allowed some custom choices.
Atooly made the cutest little heart necklace, it is simple and works to add just that little bit of sweetness to any look.
Last but not least from the many items at this event, is the Avaway’s Mask, I love this so much! It is so beautiful. It also comes with a hud and even a simple headband. You really need to see this in world to realise just how striking it is.
For more information please check out the Gacha Garden website HERE for more information.

I did also want to mention this hair by little bones found at the (for now current) round of Uber, It is one my go to hairs and i think it will remain that way for a long time to come. As we all know i am a sucker for the long flowing hairs and the added bonus of the animated styel change hud is just amazing.

Now its time for all you lovelies to come join me in my very under dressed tea party.

Music of the moment: A beautiful sad song…
Love’s To Blame – Joel & Jake
Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX

Lately i visited some great winter places and i couldn’t help…

By – SL FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY. Visit Lately i visited some great winter places and i couldn’t help… for original post.

Lately i visited some great winter places and i couldn’t help not to show it.

location: Igloo Village

I wear new baggy pants by ArisAris. Sizes for Belleza, Slink and standard. I chose one of six textures available in a hud.

Don’t forget to visit famous Winter Holiday Village to ski,skate and shopping. 

Kirsten’s Picture Places: Time Portal

By – Kirstentacular. Visit Kirsten’s Picture Places: Time Portal for original post.

     I found a cute sim today, Time Portal. It has two portals open currently: 50-60’s (shown above) and 20-40’s. They also show a bunch of other portals that are “Coming Soon.” You can also teleport “off sim” to other exciting places like 1784 Italy and the Roman Empire. I am excited to see what other places in time this sim builds for us. Check it out and take some pretty pictures!
        Second Life- a game where you can do and be just about anything you can imagine, including travel in time!
        Visit Time Portal in Second Life and see all of Kirsten’s Picture Places for more great photogenic spots. 
Love, Kirsten Corleone

Love does not know places …

By – Ɣour Ƨtɣlє Ɯaɲtєd. Visit Love does not know places … for original post.

Hair: little bones. Elle (Lelutka) @ Uber october 2016 
Head : CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.9 @ Catwa Clip
Eye : CATWA UN-RIGGED EYE @ Catwa Clip
Skin: GLAM AFFAIR Milu Catwa Applier- Rare @ The Gacha Garden November 2016
Skirt : (ViSion} -S&F *Shade Skirt [Maitreya Lara] @ (ViSion} Mainstore
Top : (ViSion} -S&F *Shade Top [Maitreya Lara] @ (ViSion} Mainstore
Tattoo: White Widow – Loving Coming soon @ We ♥ Roleplay November 2016
Pose: BellePose – I want a soldier 2 @ The Expose Event

Fun Halloween Things To Do and Picture Places 2016

By – Kirstentacular. Visit Fun Halloween Things To Do and Picture Places 2016 for original post.

        If you are not running around SL partaking in all the amazing Halloween themed places, then you are truly missing out! Halloween inside Second Life is the best! I love all the spooky places, fun things to do, and Halloween themed events. I have made my list of the top 8 fun things to do and places to go this year. I hope you find some fun in my list!

#1) The Nightmare Event 2016: The Nightmare walk through is back for another year. This is always one of my favorite things to do for Halloween in SL. Can you find your way through the Nightmare experience and find all 25 teeth?

2) Pumpkin Patch by Interior Design and Artistry: After you pick out your pumpkin, there are several areas for interactive fun including a petting zoo, Apple Orchard, and a Wine Sampling Station. One of the coolest things is that visitors are allowed to rez items for photography pose purposes so you could visit and take group or family pictures at the Pumpkin Patch. 

3) Haunted Halloween Tour: Ride a coffin through a spooktacular ride. Two can ride together on this ride so you can grab onto each other for dear life. For the best experience you want to use region windlight defaults, have your sound ON, and turn on advanced Lighting.

4) Live Trick or Treat Event: Free Bird is hosting a grid wide live trick or treat event. You can visit vairious decorated homes Saturday October 29 9-11 SL or Sunday October 30 11 AM-1PM. 

5) Halloween Haunted Sim by Nance Clowes: This sim features several major Halloween-themed builds on one sim. Attractions include rides, an 8 story ghost asylum, GCS zombie combat city and lots more!

6) Polaris Playground Haunted House: This is an old school SL haunted house, but it made it on my list because if you find your way to the top of the haunted house you can hop on a bat and ride around the spooky sim looking at everything from above. This is an ADULT sim.

7) The Cornfield: You land and get a basket on your back, a damage meter HUD, and a plank of wood for your protection. You are going to need it because there are all kinds of spooks in the cornfield. If you are a traditional gamer, this might be really up your alley. You can click on the arrow on your HUD to get a notecard that tells you all about the game and how to play. Can you get through the cornfield and collect a full basket of corn before the griefers get you?

8) Dark Sewers:  You can fight zombies and all kinds of creatures in the sewers. Pick up a free HUD and weapons and venture into the sewers to fight all kinds of spooky haunts. Dare you venture down to the dark underground old sewers,inside this dark & damp place are creatures of your worst nightmares!

Spooky Picture Places Perfect for Halloween:
Woodbury Falls
Ironwood Hills

Kirsten’s 2015 Halloween List
Kirsten’s 2014 Halloween List
Kirsten’s 2013 Halloween List

Earrings: *Just Because* Pumpkin Earrings (2)- N21 FREE Gift 
Outfit: *Just Because* Willow Jumpsuit/ Teleport/ Marketplace
Head: CATWA Destiny
Hair: Doe: Punkin – Pumpkins RARE @ Kawaii Project
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Necklace: Noodles – Batty Necklace
Shoes: {Livalle} Rhiannon -Platform Heels- Black Jack
Pose: {NanTra} Trick or Treat Pumpkin Candy Bucket 6
Skin: Pink Fuel <Peach> – Dia De Los Muertos V2

Love, Kirsten Corleone

Here’s Part Three of my “Places I Love”…

By cassierosemiddles – The Magical life of Cassie Middles. Visit Here’s Part Three of my “Places I Love”… for original post.

Here’s Part Three of my “Places I Love” series. This sim I’ve been lurking at ever since an admin from the SL Blogger Support Group sent it out. It’s a fall based sim with beautiful scenery, furniture, animals, and an overall relaxing feel. They have an area for dancing, relaxing, chatting, and people are welcome there to take photos. It’s become one of my newest favorite haunts, and a place I genuinely enjoy taking photos at. I hope you enjoy it there, as much as I have.

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Got something you want me to review? Send me a message with requests, or if you’re a store wanting something showcased, send me a message inworld to CassandraMiddles Resident. I normally review monthly events, FLF, Luxebox, and occasionally do full hauls of stores I really love. i also started reviewing sims and doing a few machinimas. If you ever have any suggestions as well, let me know! I also post almost daily on my flickr and tumblr, when not doing vlogs, and would love to see your stuff as well!
  -CassandraMiddles Resident

           Taken at It All Starts With A Smile

maitreya lara mesh body
ikon charm green eyes
essences sash peche skin
truth hair xia NEW @ MAINSTORE
Veechi kabuki liner white
Veechi autumn glitter radiant nails on slink elegant hands

KITJA Tessa Top Black@ UBER
VALE KOER High Cardinals Maitreya
Half Deer Le PC Say Cheese Lovely Shot Camera Black
EMPIRE Jean Shorts and Straps @ The Season Story
AviCandy Licorice Stripes Thigh Highs

plethora bubblegum

This is my second video for ‘places i love,’…

By cassierosemiddles – The Magical life of Cassie Middles. Visit This is my second video for ‘places i love,’… for original post.

This is my second video for ‘places i love,’ featuring a sim I’m often at to take photos, Hide & Seek. The owners are wonderful and the landscaping is always amazing to look at. There’s a few spots that are sectioned off for privacy, but most is welcome to the general public for a limited time, and also has a ton of couples spots, ideal for a nice beach or forest date.

Flickr Group

My Feeds:

Got something you want me to review? Send me a message with requests, or if you’re a store wanting something showcased, send me a message inworld to CassandraMiddles Resident. I normally review monthly events, FLF, Luxebox, and occasionally do full hauls of stores I really love. I also post almost daily on my flickr and tumblr, when not doing vlogs, and would love to see your stuff as well!
-CassandraMiddles Resident

                                   Taken at : Hide & Seek  
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Essences Sash Peche Skin
Ikon Charm Green Eyes
Axix Creepy Teeth Vamp Normal
L’etre Angel Eye Lashes
Veechi Winged Liner
Elua Abigail Dark Brown Hair

Blueberry October Group Gift [free]
Blueberry Tali Fall Pants New in mainstore
REIGN Monetti heels New in mainstore
Zoom Dion Glasses

Places for a Good Book

By – Rudh’s Random Ramblings. Visit Places for a Good Book for original post.

Today is cold and windy in Holland, with smatterings of rain showers… Some people might not be too happy with that but I am euphoric… I LOVE AUTUMN and it’s feeling like it’s finally arrived! Lots of cool weather to follow I hope, lots of wrapping up warm and hiding from the cold, and all the good stuff that Autumn – or Fall for the Americans out there – brings. 
One of my favourite things to do in the Autumn – and in the Winter too – is curl up with a good book… I love to read all different kinds of things though I admit that romance and fantasy top my reading list, and I love nothing better than a cosy place to curl up and read… 
Have some pretty pictures to share today, I’ve been trying to take shots of furniture and décor as the focus – I have a LOT of respect for the people that take pictures like this all the time – I’m so not good at it LOL… 
My first attempt at Décor photography is a place that would be amazing to read fantasy stories… 

A gorgeous Autumn forest location, where books and candles bring the fairytales to life… 
Created using SAYO “Pages of Flight” Throne, and some very pretty candles from Second Spaces, this place is the perfect place to read fairy tales – maybe something like the abandoned Toiz “Autumn Fairy Story Book”. 
My second picture is a man’s work place… Maybe it’s a good place while he’s working quietly to read some steamy romance? 

Created using items from nefarious.invention‘s current Arcade Gacha collection, which by the way closes on September 30th – I love the snuggly feel to this room. It’s somewhere that my Dad or Grandad may have worked when I was little, with a beaten old leather chair in the corner. I can almost feel that the air smells of wood, gasoline or even on the odd occasion whisky… 
Seeing these cosy places makes me want to curl up with a book, so for today I am going to disappear, I just want to know, where would you like to curl up and read? 

What’s in the picture;
Picture 1:
Chair: SAYO – Pages of Flight Throne
Candles: Second Spaces – Forest Lights (Available until October 6th at Collabor88)
Book: Toiz – Autumn Fairy Story Book
Doll: DRD – Andolys Pinochio (No Longer Available!)
Picture 2:
Workbench & Tool Box: DRD – Steele City Gacha Items
Fan: hive – Country Drum Fan in Onyx
Side Table: DRD – Mystery Mansion Gacha Item in Sidetable Lightbrown
Whisky: 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow Gacha Item in Whisky Set
Other Decor: nefarious.inventions – Days Gone Gacha Items (Available until September 30th at The Arcade)

Places and Things

By – SLaddicted. Visit Places and Things for original post.

(AMD) Rayna Romper *Cream, Blue & Pink* {Thank You}
MINA – Helen – Grey
LIVIA::Natural Flirt Lipstick [FATPACK]
< nova > Monica Eyeshadow – OMEGA APPLIER
PUNCH / Diamond Nose Studd
**RE** LUX Ti Amo x2 Necklace RLV v3.0
!IT! – Simplicity Set
:[P]:- The Worshyp Ring Sets
LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar – Omega
Slink Physique Hourglass Body, Hands Casual & Feet Deluxe
(AMD) @ MBA Taxi