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// Meva , Mudskin at the Chapter Four & On9 Pose //

Previously posted by ManisLane at [Our Everyday].

I am no princess to nobody, I build my own kingdom and I decide who I allow to be my king … life is too short for regret or even […]

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// Meva , Mudskin at the Chapter Four & On9 Pose //

Previously posted by ManisLane at [Our Everyday].

I am no princess to nobody, I build my own kingdom and I decide who I allow to be my king … life is too short for regret or even […]

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.aisha. ~ totally top shelf ~ fair play ~ pose lover

Previously posted by at ♥ Jill Eternal Fashion Hunt ♥.

Hair: Zalea Fiona (Reopening gift)
Headpiece: ~Tantalum~ Flidas @ Totally Top Shelf
Top: .AiShA. Tangle Top-White @ The Fantasy Collective
Tattoo: ..::Nanika::.. Adah-Black @ Fair Play
Pose: DARE Runway @ Pose Lover

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Bird of Prey – Pose & Picture Processing Studies with DARE Poses

Previously posted by Wicca Merlin at Wicca Merlin.

Pose Studies Dare 5

..::DARE::.. – Face Hands – “Collar” (#81)

I more and more find my own fun, in playing and fooling around with poses, experimenting with angles and learn new picture processing techniques…

Pose Studies Dare 8

..::DARE::.. – Editorial pose 63 – “You Can’t See Me” (#63)

When I started blogging, I always saw the need toa full body shot, a head shot and maybe even some close-ups of certain accessories. Nothing wrong with that, but the longer I was blogging, the more it was kinda boring to do always the same kind of pictures for each post.

What is a very common way of blog pictures – and yes I tried that as well *grins* – is to have one big picture and then include little close up circles or squares for more details. Nothing wrong with that either, but over the time I more and more had the desire of making more artistic looking pictures, which still showcase the designers work properly.

Pose Studies Dare 2

..::DARE::.. – Face Hands – “Imma Burrito” (#82)

If you have a full body shot, often enough the shoes, the jewelry or even nails often enough are too tiny to really showcase them as the full avatar gets kinda tiny when you try to have all of your body on your picture. Mostly I had the feeling then, that I had more ambience and background on my pictures, than the actual items I wanted to showcase. I thought by myself, what would be wrong to have real closeups as a full picture… sometimes maybe my head or face was missing but is that so important, if I want to showcase an item that my face is on the picture as well? Yes and no… certainly you want to show that the pictures are of yourself and brand yourself for marketing purposes, but sometimes you can even show your face in one closeup and have other pictures with certain parts of your body or furniture. I realized, that if I do that, I need to find interesting angles for the pictures, as if I just crop them they can look boring very easy.

Pose Studies Dare 11

..::DARE::.. – Editorial pose 46 – “I Work Out” (#46)

I already talked about how you can twist and turn poses to weird angles and in the end they turn out as amazing crops or closeups. Some pose stores help with that kind of pictures and ideas, as they make unusual, editorial poses, which sometimes look weird if you see them as a whole or just from the wrong angle. Exactly those poses can be the most interesting if you go for crops, closeups or even interesting angles.

During the last Ferosh Fashion Weekend, I discovered a pose store, which I basically know for a long time but kinda lost out of the view over the time – to be honest I do not really know why…

Chance Greatrex, owner and creator of DARE poses, has a very special vision for his poses. They are really out of the box and different to so many I found on the grid. Just the fact that all his poses have each a unique and story telling name, shows that there is way more behind his poses than just an animation 😉

Pose Studies Dare 1

..::DARE::.. – Editorial pose 62 – “The Struggle Is Real” (#62)

Lately I got s pose set called “Face Hands”, which probably was made with the intention to feature a hand/face combination for example for makeup and nails, rings or hand jewelry. They re perfect for closeups and different angles and while snapping I even had a hard time to sort out the ones I love the most, since I cannot overload a post with over 20 pictures*snickers*

 Since I wanted to do a pose study, I decided to go for something simple but still with ym personal twist for the outfit. I realized, that La Petite Morte has a sale going on where Voshie gives her skins away for 100 lindens! As I still do experiment with my new Catwa head and do not have much skins for it yet, I TPed over to the La Petite Morte and took a look. I was very surprised as I just expected older skins to be on sale, when I realized there are as well newer ones with appliers for several mesh heads and bodies!

Pose Studies Dare 3

..::DARE::.. – Face Hands – “Bedtime” (#78)

I have to admit, I have a weakness for fantasy skins even if I am not able to use them too often, but for pictures they always add something special to the whole look. When I was looking around – after I found the TP to the sales room… typical me… – I immediately fell in love with the “Belle” skin in diamond. It comes with a Catwa applier and when I tried the demo, it looked so stunning that I could not resist to get me one 😉

The face has a wonderful ornament around the eyes and the lips are one of the most stunning lips I ever saw on the Catwa head. With the light purple/grey touch and a shimmering finish, the skin screamed for something mystical or fantasy looking.

Pose Studies Dare 13

..::DARE::.. – Editorial pose 46 – “I Work Out” (#46)

To not disturb the view on the body too much I went with the “Siren Set No. 1” by Pixicat. The tight fit on the Slink Physique and the minimal covering of the body was just perfect for a poses and skin showcase. The cool “Bird of Prey” head-piece, we made a little while ago for a themed event, and it just went perfectly with the rest of the look, even if it is a pity that it covers the amazing eye makeup of the skin… that requires another post with this incredible, amazing skin soon I guess :p

Pose Studies Dare 9

..::DARE::.. – Editorial pose 55 – “Now You See Me” (#55)

The cool finger rings I found at the last round of On9 made by [Since 1975] and I am pretty sure they will be at their main store now.

For the hair I wanted something pulled back, what did not interfere with the head-piece too much and so my choice fell on a ponytail from [taketomi].

Pose Studies Dare 4

..::DARE::.. – Face Hands – “Damn Hot Coffee” (#80)

What as well took me a lot of time lately was polishing my picture procession. I played less with windlights and tried more to work with a graphic program to post process my pictures by painting and drawing certain things like shadows and lights and as well I tired to find new techniques to create certain effects. Fog was something I really wanted to learn for a long time, something that looks realistic and not just painted on and edgy looking. As well, how I can create shadows without using the SL shadows, or my shaky hands to draw fuzzy lines 😉 YouTube has a lot of offers for learning new things and from time to time it is really exciting to test something new, like green screen against white screen shots and the possibilities you have with those kind of photography.

So for this post I mixed clean pose studies with interesting angles and new techniques of picture processing and even if it took me a while it was a very intensive learning time, which I really enjoyed :)

Pose Studies Dare 14

..::DARE::.. – Runway pose 18 – “Edgy Leaned Feet Apart” (#18)


Outfit: Pixicat – “Siren Set No. 1” (Gacha Item at their main store)

Headpiece: Wicca’s Wardrobe – “Bird of Prey Mask”

Hair: [taketomi] – “MamiPlared_Bento”

Nails Rings: [Since 1975] – “FangRings”

Shoes: :)(: (Pixelfashion) – “Slavia Shoes” (for Slink high feet)

Skin: La Petite Morte – “Bella”

Body: Slink – “Physique”

Head: Catwa – “Jessica”

Poses: ..::DARE::..

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

Pose Studies Dare 12a

..::DARE::.. – Editorial pose 49 – “Floppy Wings” (#49)

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elikatira ~ chop zuey ~ slx ~ :una: ~ glamistry ~ pose lover

Previously posted by at ♥ Jill Eternal Fashion Hunt ♥.

Hair: [e] Quinn
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Clouds of Athena- Spring Edition @ Swank Event (April 5)
Outfit: SLX Missery New!!!
Bag: :Una: Kitty Purse Beige @ Shiny Shabby
Kitty: ALTAIR Kitty Companion (Som gift)
Heels: GLAMISTRY Magnolia New!!!
Pose: Timeless Janna @ Pose Lover

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Pose it

Previously posted by Keely Mistwood at She’s got the look!.

I am having fun with the new mesh head from Catwa: Sarah. And guess what?! She is in store now! She is much more affordable than the other heads. You can purchase the basic head for 900L already. If you want animations and such you can purchase them per add-on. See the list below. Happy shopping!❤CATWA HEADS CHARTPose it 2Credits:

Skin: [theSkinnery] Grace (Catwa Applier) – honey.

Head: CATWA  HEAD Sarah V4.8

Hair: little bones. Tara.

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

Tattoo: *Queen oF Ink – Two-sided Tattoo @ Designer Circle.

Top: Addams // Emma LongSleeves w/Laces.

Shorts: Addams // Paloma Short w/Laces.

Shoes: [BREATHE]-Add it Up- For Mix.

Pose + prop: {.:exposeur:.} Simple Shadow Box (Textured).



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LW Poses @ Pose Lovers event

Previously posted by Damatjo Magic at All beautiful things of SL by Dama.

A lovely new prop/pose from LW Poses, you can find at the Pose Lovers event. It’s called “Happiness is like a butterfly” and comes with the flowerfield en butterflies.


Prop/pose: Happiness is like a butterfly – LW Poses @ Pose Lovers


Blog1569LWHappinessislike abutterfly

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Previously posted by saraheli at Sarah’s fashion adventures.

1Check this out!

Outfit with footwear: COUNTRY COUTURE CLOTHING CO Western Wear: Ladies (this item is at THE BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S HUNT 2, which runs from Thursday, April 7th to Saturday, April 30th, 2016. Please also check this website link for more information about this product:

Eyelashes:  :: DUTCH TOUCH ::

Footwear: Sheba: Wendy heels

Eyeshadow: *Shack*: smoke

Stage: PixelArt Pose Props: All Worlds (this item is at THE BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S HUNT 2, which runs from Thursday, April 7th to Saturday, April 30th, 2016. Please also check this website link for more information about this product:


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Joplino Pose Vibe Dance

Previously posted by enelyaswansong at The Muse of Fashion.


Outfit – PPD – Just What You Like Pink
Shoes – MODA – Elana Chained Heels

Pose – Joplino – Vibe Dance for Poser Lover Event

Hair, Skin and Makeup:
Hair – Exile – Wink
Skin – Hush – Shannon Makeup4 – Vanilla, Hush – Brow #9, Glam Affair – Katya Suggest Eyebrowns 01 and PixyStix – Dimples Tattoo
Eyelashes – Oceane – No Limit Sandalash Lashes
Lips – Izzie’s – Glossy Lip Highlights 3D, Glamorize – Vixen Lips – Red – Star, [Ava] Pixel Perfect Teeth – Veneers 1.0

Everyday Body Credits:
Ears – RE Lux Krista Ears + Cuff
Eyes – .tsg. – Luminate (green) and VerseEye – Natura – Series 001 – Green (mesh)
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands – Elengant 1
Nails – GD – Chic Macabre (Claw Ed.) for Slink Elegant 1 Hands
Feet – Slink AvEnhanced Feet – High and Nail Applier Ez’s Sourthern Sweetheart
Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Shape – My Own Creation with Broken Ankle Fix – Ankle Lock
Ears – RE – Krista Ears
Tattoos – White Widow – Afterearth and Bound by Ink – Sugary Skill & Roses Foot Tattoo
Jewelry – EF – Taos Ring, FineSmith Jewelry – Nueva Ring, Chop Zuey, Kharma Earth Slv Womens Ring and double diamond ring (gift given to me)

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Previously posted by Chance G. at ..::DARE::...

POse loverFloorwork

..:DARE::.. has joined an event!


Only there can you get this duo of laying and crawling poses and my other sets.

Buying the FLOOR WORK set also gives you a discount on the next set I release in my main store!

It’s a win win!


At the event you also can find a lot of couple poses and prop poses! Great  poses for all!

Go go go!




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