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LOTD77 – She’s A Ride Or Die, With Pretty Eyes…

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Hey hey everyone… I have another post lined up after this one.
Unfortunately this week I’ll be having surgery so I will
try my best to at least get the other post up Saturday…
Thanks you again for all the support and See You Soon!!!!!!!

Current Tune: Kiiara | Gold

Mesh Head~  LOGO Infinity Alex Hybrid v3.0.1
HairBase~  Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase – set 10 for OMEGA
Ears~  [MANDALA]  Steking EARS 
Body | Shape~  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara |  ❣My Own❣
Skin~  Go&See  *Jasmine* LOGO
Eyes~  Go&See * Lily * Mesh Eyes -GACHA- #11  @anyBODY
EyeBrows~  chemical princess eyebrows
EyeLiner~  +ENVY+ ~LOGO – Eyeliner Makeup~
Hands~  Slink AvEnhance Hands/Feet Female Multipack
Nail Polish~  DP – Koffin Nails – FatPack – On Wednesdays  @Buy Now
Hair~  Lamb. Crave You – Black Pack
Ring~  Swallow Trust No Ring
Necklace~  LUXE. Nev Necklace Rosegold  @Pulse Fund-raiser Event
Tattoo~  .DirtyStories. Mandala Full Body Tattoo  @anyBODY
Jacket~  Azuchi+Vinyl Stevie Leather Jacket BLK
TankTop~  Ricielli – Lily Minitop / Black  @Shiny Shabby Event
Shorts~  *Just BECAUSE* Penny Shorts – Blue  @faMESHed
Boots~  EMPIRE – Echium  @The Chapter Four   (Thx 
Note: The EMPIRE  item above INCLUDES the Nerine Chain from the previous post, for the duration of the event.

7 – Missing Payphone  @The Crossroads Events
7 – Payphone Sign  @The Crossroads Events
7 – Liquors – Next Left  @The Crossroads Events
[sau] NEMESIS [SLAYER][1.92]
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA I <3 London

Top Pose:
…::: [ SDP ] Pose Motorcycle Female

Bottom Poses:
Del May – How about it? fem (variant #3)
ILLMATIC Super Kyoot – 03 (Closed)

Pretty Much Like Albino Garden Gnomes.

By – Blissimo. Visit Pretty Much Like Albino Garden Gnomes. for original post.

Some women worry that they might not look as good as everyone else. 
They spend hours buying the right dress and primping and preening before the mirror. They have been waxed and shellacked, kneaded and sculpted, cut and dried, fluffed and puffed, lipsticked and powdered ….
Really when you think about it … how you look is really about the paint job. We women are like those tacky lawn gnomes all white and plain – handed out to be painted in senior ceramics 101.  We are undecorated Christmas trees, we are cakes without frosting . . .  until our Avon order comes in.  Then we can be anyone … especially if we have You Tube and we watch some prepubescent boy show us how to do it.  Today I am a Meerkat.   (It is all in the strokes you use on the eyebrows and then contour the nose).

Women get all painted and then we ask the guy who is in jeans and a t-shirt, who we have to cattle prod to get to do the lawn, who thinks as long as a Christmas tree has shiny stuff thrown at it and 5000+ Christmas lights, it is awesome.  He is the guy who thinks beans and franks WITH beer is a gourmet meal.  We want HIS opinion on how we look.  And worse, we let his opinion upset us.  If he says we look awful we hate him and if he says we look good we say he is just telling us that because he loves us.  He hate him … and then we cry. 
And then we go and change everything.  We strip back down to Garden Gnome Albinodom and begin again. 
I have given up all of that now.  I just close my eyes, walk into my closet and get dressed. I figure I have a one in three chance of looking great. And if not, I will either embarrass the heck out of the kids OR maybe someone might share the loose change from their pocket. 
As you get older people don’t judge you quite as harshly and when you are old and look like a poorly painted Garden Gnome they feel sorry for you and they move you to the front of the buffet lines!!  You know, “Oh look!  There is an old lady.  AND, she looks strange.  Is that a dress or did she forget her clothes?  We should help her.  I know, let’s take her to the front of the buffet line.  She looks like she could use a bun.”
It’s a win win win situation and I save on tons of stress.  I also always get to the crab legs first.  I take them all.  Not that I am going to eat them all, I just like people to stand there and watch me with their mouth open.  They might try and wrestle a skinny Asian lady for the legs but not an older lady who looks like a Garden Gnome.  They just look at me and mutter under their breath.
I learn new swear words and it makes me feel powerful.  I hold crab legs in both hands, a couple in my mouth, a few between my knees . . . and I smile.
I don’t even look at an Avon catalogue anymore.  I am embracing my Garden Gnome-ness.
SKIN:  New Faces – Brittany  [Summer]
HAIR:  ! Sugarsmack !  : Rian
EYES:  Aphotic Gloom Aquilius Ajardo Green
MAKE-UP:  ME Audrey Lips with Teeth
DRESS:  B E N D E R  I Carny Dress Flower Power orange
BRACELET:  Loordes of London-The Serville War-#11
NECKLACE:  FP You’re a Star Necklace Gold/Pink
GLASSES:  AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_Nerd Glasse
STOCKINGS:  GATO– Most Basic Stockings Rare
BAG:  AsHmOoT_Acc Coll_Fringed Bag
BOOTS:  [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots – Burgundy
Poses:  PoseSion

OTB Featuring CoSMtZ and Pretty Gang

By enelyaswansong – The Muse of Fashion. Visit OTB Featuring CoSMtZ and Pretty Gang for original post.


PicMonkey Collage12

Outfit – OTB – CoXMtZ – BiPolar Lipstick with Encased Gem Earrings and Pandora Style Bracelet
Shoes – Pretty Gang – Tippin Heels

Pose – in studio

Hair, Skin and Makeup:
Hair – Damselfly – Unity (SL13 Bday Gift)
Skin – Hush – Shannon Makeup4 – Vanilla, Hush – Brow #9, Glam Affair – Katya Suggest Eyebrowns 01 and PixyStix – Dimples Tattoo
Eyelashes – Oceane – No Limit Sandalash Lashes
Lips – Izzie’s – Glossy Lip Highlights 3D, Glamorize – Vixen Lips – Red – Star, [Ava] Pixel Perfect Teeth – Veneers 1.0

Everyday Body Credits:
Ears – AITUI – Human Ears
Eyes – .tsg. – Luminate (green) and VerseEye – Natura – Series 001 – Green (mesh)
Hands – Slink Mesh Hands – Elengant 1
Nails – GD – Chic Macabre (Claw Ed.) for Slink Elegant 1 Hands
Feet – Slink AvEnhanced Feet – High and Nail Applier Ez’s Sourthern Sweetheart
Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Shape – My Own Creation with Broken Ankle Fix – Ankle Lock
Tattoos – IAF – Single Henna Thigh, Nanika – Samaira Chest Tattoo and Bound by Ink – Sugary Skill & Roses Foot Tattoo
Jewelry – EF – Taos Ring, FineSmith Jewelry – Nueva Ring, Chop Zuey, Kharma Earth Slv Womens Ring and double diamond ring (gift given to me)

The Return of Pretty Pretty

By – Bishie Style SL. Visit The Return of Pretty Pretty for original post.

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: Rock Star Pretty Pretty had always been eccentric. He said he was an alien. He said his father was an angel. He even claimed his mother was The Great Tyrant. When his private jet crashed, all bodies onboard were found except his. So when Pretty Pretty reemerged from the shadows five years later with a smirk that reports of his death were premature, his fans accepted it without question. He wasted no time reforming his band Ophiuchus, and working on a new album with the tentative tile, “Shithole.” Just like old times, he shocked music journalists when announced he would be recording the new album in a public restroom because, “the acoustics were killer.” So what if someone flushed, or there was some other rude noises, he figured it would just give the album street cred. The fans and media were hyped. But no one stopped to question his miraculous return. No one wondered what deep, dark secret Pretty Pretty could possibly be hiding.

This was a fun, wacky idea combining elements from several events. From ROMP is something I have waited for so long…. latex bodysuit for men! The Aaron shirt from Salt and Pepper comes in 8 colors, or the fatpack with a hud to change the textures of latex and the zipper. It comes in Fitmesh and Slink. There is also matching latex pants you can buy.  From Death Row at ROMP is the new Gloryhole deluxe bathroom. Once you pose on it, the doors will open. It comes in PG and Adult poses. I love the Pink Panther one with pink fuzzy door and toilet.  The dance pole from Tarnished is also on sale at ROMP. Its mod so I tinted it pink.   From Epicene is the “Best Song Ever” amp, guitar, and music sheet pose pack by Wet Cat. It comes in unisex or couple versions. Touch the amp and the speaker will start to pound. Touch the guitar and could change it’s color. The poses will also attach a headphone to you.   From Reign are these badass Sucidie Heels that come in two parts for the thigh and foot so can wear them both or just one. They come it fits for Freya, Slink hourglass and physique, Maitreya, and Venus. But none for the guys, right? Well, I couldn’t resist doing some creative Frankenstiening with my avatar so I could pull off these boots using the female Physique for the lower body and latex Aaron Shirt Slink for the upper body. Worked perfectly!  From Kustom 9 is great new Mon hairstyle from Tableau Vivant. Its a beach themed hair that works great on men and women. For the picture above I used the pink to deep pink fade from the funky color pack.  The rock band’s mascot is the snake. Providing the scales and bad attitude are the Elements Snakes type 2 and 4 by Swagga. These are actually rigged wearable pets that will move with you.  The Skybox by Stone Misery is a Homestuff hunt prize, and its an exclusive too! Nice.

On him, Pretty Pretty:

Shirt: Salt & Pepper Aaron Shirt – slink [mesh](ROMP)(239L)
Boots: Reign Sucidie Heels, Physique Classics [mesh](N21)(500L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Mon hair – Funky colors [mesh](Kustom9)(249L)
Snake: SWaGGa Elemental Snake Type 4 v2 [mesh](200L)
Ring: Mandala LUSTFUL-Jewelry-set male [mesh](437L)
Guitar bag: C L A Vv. Guitar Case Steam gacha [mesh](70L)
Belt: Death Row male bulletbelt – mono [mesh] (120L)
Sunglasses: Rozoregalia Aquila Sunglasses No.7 – Red(400L)
Bodysuit Applier: [email protected] Needful Latex Suit All Colors, Slink Omega (255L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors nightfall – night mood [mesh] (100L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin – bald -Tone 01 (Boystown) (990L)
Hands, Body Applier: Tableau Vivant Slink Physique Mort Vivant (400L)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Male [mesh](450L)
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) – High [mesh](675L)
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.9[mesh](1,250L)
Bracelet: C L A Vv. Metallic Snake Ring Type A [mesh](no longer available)
Guitar: NS Like a Star [mesh](100L)(no longer available)

Pose: Diesel Works Gabriel 8 (90L)

Dance Pole: Tarnished Industrial Dance Pole – Solo – Gunmetal, 4li [mesh](ROMP)
Bathroom: Death Row The Glory hole deluxe/pinkpanther, 8li [mesh](ROMP)(pg 599L, adult 899L)
Amp, guitar, music: WetCat “Best Song Ever” UNISEX Prop, 7li [mesh](Epicene)(239L)
Amp, guitar, music: WetCat “Best Song Ever” COUPLE Ver. Prop, 7li [mesh](Epicene)(229L)
Snake: SWaGGa Elemental Snake Type 2 [mesh](200L)
Skybox: Stone Misery .:S.M:. Skybox – Cellar (Homestuff Hunt #32 exclusive)(free)

Pretty Little Country Girl….And Her Beloved Arabian Stallion.

By – You’d Better Work Bitch!. Visit Pretty Little Country Girl….And Her Beloved Arabian Stallion. for original post.

                    The Jacket In The Photo Above Is Featured At Swank, The
                                      Necklace and Earring Set is at Chapert 9

The Above Hud belongs to the adorable outfit that I am wearing in both photos, it is the necklace and earrings HUD that gives you the ability to mix and match gems with your outfits to suit total perfection in your styling no matter where you are going, just know that you can and will always look your very best!

The Hud below this photo shoes you the color combinations that you have at your beckon call when you want a sexy fringe jacket to go with your outfits, you can even turn the fringe off and on as needed to better suit your attire.

Please be advised that there are components in this styling that are no longer available for purchase in Secondlife. The designers either featured them in an event that was exclusive or the designer retired and retired their wares.

The complete look below:
Outfit: PM  Cassidy Jacket -all colors- for Swank & D-Style – Maia Slim Jeans  Black Worn
Mesh Body: -Belleza- Venus V.3
Shoes: Milady’s -The chosen- Ladies Biker Boots Black
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ CowGirl HairStyle -Summer Blondies-
Skin: [orage] Megan skin – tea tone (No longer available)
Eyes: pc eyes – classic gen4 – m/r – calm sea
Nails: Belleza System in Red
Jewelry: PM  Avery Jewlry Set -all- Chapter 9 Event
Prop: Lonestar – ARABIAN STALLION – Shetan – Rideable (No longer Available)

{ I’ll get you my pretty! } Enchantment is OPEN!

By Trinetty Skytower – Skytower Studios. Visit { I’ll get you my pretty! } Enchantment is OPEN! for original post.

…and your little dog too!


Hi munchkins! We’re not in Kansas anymore!  It’s that magical month when Enchantment sweeps us all into a twister of shopping goodness..  That’s right, come stroll down the yellow brick road and find your favorite “Wizard of Oz” themed fashion, decor, beauty products and poses!


 Enchantment will only continue thru August 31st, so hurry over before you wake up and miss this dream!


Mesh Head – Trinity – LAQ

Mesh Body – Hourglass – Slink

Skin/Applier – Eirtae – Elphaba – Lumae **NEW** @Enchantment

Hair – Scarlett – Tableau Vivant

Eyes – Dor (olive) – ARISE **NEW** @Enchantment

Outfit – Square Neck Dress & choker (black) – COCO **NEW** @Enchantment

Necklace – OGP Evanora Necklace – Whymsical Marketplace **NEW** @Enchantment

Other – The Wicked Witch Hat – Noble Creations **NEW** @Enchantment

Shoes – Witch Boots (green/black) – Wicca’s Wardrobe **NEW** @Enchantment

Wicked Witch Hand FX – Cole’s Corner **NEW** @Enchantment


Build – Tower of the King Skybox – Trompe Loeil

Mountains – Lofoten Winter – Fanatik

Iron Garden Table Yellow Brick Road – [bauwerk] 22769 **NEW** @Enchantment

Wicked Hourglass – ::Static:: **NEW** @Enchantment

Flying Monkeys – SwaGGa **NEW** @Enchantment

Carved Wooden Throne – [DDD] Dysfunctional Designs

Fortune Teller’s Crystal Ball – TORO

Librarium Gacha: Chest RARE, Cauldrons, Rug (green), Bookstack, Candelabra – random.Matter

Pose #1 – Flamelia – L.Pearl Poses & Photography

Pose #2 – The Witch #1 – [Black Tulip] **NEW** @Enchantment

Pretty As A Picture

By anabellemarquis – Bellessima. Visit Pretty As A Picture for original post.


Hair: Doe @ Gacha Garden Mango
Head: Catwa @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair Destiny V 4.9
Skin Applier: DeeTalez @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair Paula – Nordic
Eyes: AlterEgo @ Manga Fair Manga Eyes
Nose Stud: Amala The Heart
Collar: Violent Seduction @ Chapter Four Aureus – Pink
Dress: Vinyl @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair Melanie Belted
Knee Injury: Enfer Sombre @ Chapter Four Fleur Du Mal  A4
Socks: Atomic Slouchy Knee Socks – Blush
Boots: Bueno @ The Mens Dept Seattle – Blue Floral
Bag: Le Coq D’or @ Crossroads Backpack w/ Roses – Holography *RARE

Location: Elysium City of Templemore

Just Can’t Get Enough…Featuring Designer Circle with MESANGE, Pretty Things, *LX* Essentials, Santino, Indigo and Swank with October’s4Seasons, Glitch, Semi-Precious, TM Creation Store, Wood Works

By – JewelsOfSL. Visit Just Can’t Get Enough…Featuring Designer Circle with MESANGE, Pretty Things, *LX* Essentials, Santino, Indigo and Swank with October’s4Seasons, Glitch, Semi-Precious, TM Creation Store, Wood Works for original post.

I took a vacation with my kids earlier this summer.
I am DYIN to go again, wanna blow this popsicle stand…
I need to travel and more than that, I need to see the
So, having a hard time concentrating on work, SL or anything else.
I can’t get enough of traveling and I got the bug bad. 

Dune hair by Truth

Bellflower Crown in red by *LODE* at The Chapter Four

Guiselle skin in blossom blond by October’s4Seasons at Swank

Lemanja eyes 14 by MESANGE at Designer Circle

Foam Tattoo for Maitreya body (avaliable in Belleza, Slink as well) by Glitch at Swank

Dakota jewelry by Semi-Precious at Swank

Candice top by Pretty Things at Designer Circle

Summer Capris in Wine by *LX* Essentials at Designer Circle

Wristed Open High Heels for slink high feet by Santino at Designer Circle

Diosa poses by Indigo at Designer Circle

Spring Mix (flowers), Tropical flowers, Beachwood pathway, by TM Creation Store at Swank

BBQ grill and table by Wood Works at Swank

Can’t Get Enough

Pretty in Pastels

By ohmystarspaisley – Paisley Mizin. Visit Pretty in Pastels for original post.

bubble 1

bubble 2

Styling Credits:
Mesh Head: Catwa Aisha
Skin Applier: Glam Affair Catwa Appliers Gabriela Artic 2
Eyes: Song Lyn Sunrise Eye
Necklaces: Donna Flora Anne Necklace
Horns: May’s Soul Beast Horns ~ White
Dress: Bubble Heartsy Dress (includes hud, here)
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body ~ Lara
Hair: Wasabi Pills Fiona Mesh Hair

Glam Affair:
Donna Flora:
May’s Soul:
Wasabi Pills:

Posted by Paisley Mizin (check out my store DooDads & my sister’s store Sparkle Bunny)