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Effective Use of Props in Blog Photos

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Because where would we be without the animators, the script makers, the snapographers and the adorable animal placers?

Let’s be real,  most if not all of the images we snap in world, are staged. To varying degrees, and for different purposes, but if you own/operate a Second Life Blog that features products and/or content, staging a scene comes with the territory.

Over the course of time, I’ve tried to incorporate different aspects of virtual ‘life’ living, as best as I could through 2D images.  There are only so many cats, dogs, birds and plants you can find on marketplace, stores and shopping events, and going through Flickr on any given day could yield you the same puppy over and over again.

I am so guilty of that! And so,  here’s a quick list I found on the internet that is informative, simple to understand and relevant. Let me know what you think!

  • Make a ‘Mess’ : piles of organized clutter never hurt ‘nobody. Keyword here is organized.
  • Prop Yourself: ever feel like your picture needed to ‘breathe’? You could literally be that ‘breath of fresh air’ O.O
  • Go with what you’ve got: if this were a RL blog, I suppose it would mean using items I already have around the toilet rolls. Hmm, Etsy much?
  • Anchor the Focal Item: adds structure and contrast to the photo. I may need to follow this one closer-er as I tend to fill my scenes with several focal items
  • Cut it Out: cropping can either make or break a photo, so I try to practice tried and true techniques. I’m so boring like that.
  • Fill the Edges: this will always be based on your preference but an image that is filled to the brim has a better uh, eyeball, uhm flow. (For me anyway).

Really quick, really easy and not even dirty. The list I mean. If you have something similar feel free to share, for I know without a doubt, we are just wired to be the sharing type. It’s Halloween after all eh?

Candy…let’s share candy. And credits.


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