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Pulse Games Presents . . . Don’t Panic

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Free*Style - Don't Panic - 1
Pulse Games is hosting another of it’s famous Halloween “Haunted House” experiences. This year it really is a Haunted House, where as past versions have had very varied themes. All revolve around a story line, a set of tasks you need to preform to progress, and many thrills and chills to make you jump.

A lot more info after this break.

I’d strongly suggest letting region settings take over, so you can experience it the way the creators wanted you to. Also, make sure you turn your sound on, if you don’t normally have it on. There are some puzzles that have a sound element.

So besides a great story and experience, as well as something sort of unique to do in SL this halloween season, you also get an added bonus.

There is a plethora of Sponsor for the event, each offering up items you can collect during your run through of the House. There is well over 100 little rats to find, and lots of the items are either unisex, or specifically made for the guys, so this is friendly for all SLers. There is even items for petites, and I’d think many things could be modded to dragons, furries, trolls or whatever else you may be.

Free*Style - Don't Panic - 2
 Make sure you click this box, it is where you will get your Game Hud, hunt object example, information cards and other relevant things.

The sign beside the box has the list of Sponsors, so if you want to see who you can hope to find goodies from, feel free to take a closer look at the sign.

Free*Style - Don't Panic - 3
When you click the box, you will get this wearable Clipboard, which will deliver you all the items you will need to play the game. The Hud at the upper left is what you will be interacting with thru the game. It stores things you have picked up, like clues on solving puzzles, as well as allows you to hear instructions and storyline from various characters during the game.

Free*Style - Don't Panic - 4
You are now outfitted and ready to start. Head on up the stairs, if you dare.

Start your journey HERE.

Free*Style will be doing full coverage on the Sponsors. Look back in the coming days, to see how you can style your findings, or see what you might have missed on your first run through.

I’ll be linking the posts back to this one, as they get published.

Sponsor Posts

Dragon Magic Wares
Dark Passions
The Stringer Mausoleum
Fierce Designs
Pin Me Down

Free*Style - Don't Panic - 5
The above made me laugh, cute little kitty, hanging with all the Ebil stick signs.

Free*Style - Don't Panic - 6
My favorite room in the whole game.

Don’t Panic at Pulse

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Weekend fun includes a romp over at Pulse where “Don’t Panic” has been going on for awhile. If you have played the previous Halloween games, you know the drill  — well sort of.

This version is a bit more high tech with voiceovers “from the van” along the way. There are also hints that appear in the chat bar and even a HELP button (so far not used) on your PKE meter.

The rules are pretty simple really. Mesh viewer (well duh!), low or no scripts (check), no huds or facelights (check). Sounds up, music down or off (the parcel stream is just a radio station and not part of the event — unless someone is really, REALLY crafty LOL).

I am tastefully attired in old non-scripted garb. No mesh hands or feet. Minimal outfit (I dressed down) by Paradisis ; hair by Discord Design — which happily worked perfectly with the headset (part of the game).

Read all about the event here.

Keep your eyes open for rats along the way. They hold prizes from several merchants!

Now the game is much maze and definitely non-sequential; both of my adventure game downfalls. So I am not sure if I will finish. But so far I have two three parts of eight things I need. Then of course it is likely that there is more after that. The blog says two hours — well yep maybe if you know where you are going LOL, but I expect to be there much longer. Actually I am just leaving myself there on logout — at least for awhile.


Well I somehow managed to finish without cheating. In fact several folks followed behind me to get places. However —- I also apparently missed a section or two of the story. I only found 4 of the eight items needed. Used logic to do a puzzle that I had three of four parts to (bad idea). I may or may not return. I actually did quite well and never did use that help button  — whatever it may do.

The really good new for me is that I got this cute little fellow as a prize.

He may look familiar to you as his brothers and sisters were over at Fright Fest. I wanted one SO BAD. And now I have one. He is tiny as kitties will be and a little primmy as he is animated —  but hey, SO CUTE!  Now there are lots of other great prizes  — many which I apparently missed as they have numbers. I didn’t pay attention to where any were except this guy. So for you cat lovers, my hint is “wine bottles”.  

Poses by: LAP (nla)

Pulse Games – Don’t Panic!

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I knew I shouldn’t have touched the Ouija board…

Hey guys! Yesterday I went to Pulse Games’ DON’T PANIC!, which is their 8th Annual Halloween Survival Horror Game. I don’t know why, but this year I am really into looking for Halloween activities to do.

I looked at LTD’s Top picks for Halloween and visited NIGHTMARE AT THE PARK. It was cool – not as interactive as Havenhallow, though.  But back to DON’T PANIC!. The game runs from October 17th to November 17th, 2014.

Taken from the main website:

The Carver Home has hosted a series of deaths and disappearances going back to it’s groundbreaking and neighbors swear the home gets larger even as it molders in ruin. Murders and suicides and rumors have decorated the grand home’s history and now that it has been abandoned, YOU and your team of Paranormal Investigators have come to unveil it’s secrets. Once inside, whatever you do…DON’T PANIC!

I always like it when there is a walk-through on how to win games, especially video games. Even if I know how it will end, I want to experience it for myself. That goes for movies and books too. Unfortunately, most people do not feel the same way as I do, and apparently it ruins the whole experience if someone blurts the ending. So what I will do is just show you a few photos that I took while in the house, and then show you a couple of links that I used to help me along the way (none of them are what I would consider to be spoilers, but they do show you images from inside. The video gives you an idea on what you are supposed to do).

panic_001Where everyone first starts off – look for the rats to get prizes

panic_002Is that a ghost?

panic_004Look for clues everywhere, including that red circle

panic_005Ghosts dancing in what looks like an old ballroom

I think the trickiest part is finding out the keypad combination for part 1 (that’s what I call it anyway – you will see why when you go). I had to make my HUD bigger in order to see how to input the numbers. One of my favorite parts is the room with the piano – I had figured out how to play the piano, then realized that they told you how to look for the correct keys (buy hey, those piano lessons came in handy! ^^ ).

Sammie1154 gives a nice visual rundown of how the game looks like as you progress. Also, if you want to see what part one looks like, check out Sir John’s youtube series on it. There are three parts (so far!).

What was I wearing, you ask? Well, since I didn’t know what to expect, I had to leave my heels home :(

Styling Credits

Headset: part of the game package
Skin: -Glam Affair Kallisto – Jamaica 04 G
Hair: +Spellbound+ Warrior // Brunettes
Jacket: R.icielli MEGAN Mesh Hoodie Jacket
Sweater: ghee Fog Ribbed Knit Turtleneck
Leggings: ghee Fog Ribbed Knit Leggings


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