You say old school, I say Retro.

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The next round of Level Up is in full swing, and you have until January 5th to grab up the fantastic items from this theme.
Oh, I didn’t mention the theme yet?
That’s right, Retro!
Think of all the old school arcade games you grew up with, or even the original Nintendo and Atari games.
Mario, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Mortal Kombat, the list is endless!

Expect to see clothing, furniture, makeup, nail appliers, skins, poses, the list goes on and on!
Make sure you stop by and snap up these items before it’s too late.

 True gamers never let their games die.

Theme night: Retro

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Ever go to a club, or even a school dance and they had some theme that you needed to dress up to?
It was usually something like “The 80’s” or “Casino Royal” and you had to wear big hair or suits.
Well, here’s that, except in a retro game theme!
Another preview of some fantastic Level Up things in this post, starting with the stylish dress from GATO.

GATO put out the Pads dress for their Level Up item.
It features some retro gamer pads as it’s main print and is available in 3 colors of Blue, Pink, or Yelow.
Each dress includes the Meshy dress in several sizes, and an alpha layer.
Make sure you grab your favorite color up for 100$ L.
Making our way in to the accessories part of our look,  no. 7 provides not only an adorable 8 bit clutch, but an 8 bit bow tie as well.
The 8 bit bow tie is available in 6 fantastic colors, and includes not only the nexck bow tie, but also a hair bow as well in the same style.
The Console color which I am wearing looks awesome for any throw back outfit to the retro games.
While the 8 bit clutch is part of the 8 bit collection gacha with 20 items to collect including 16 commons and 4 rares.
The commons are opened or closed clutches, and the rares are over the head emotes like “Game Over” and “Player 1.”
Each play is 25$ L.
flounce skins always makes gorgeous skins and includes every applier known to the slverse with them, the Princess skin is no exception.
The Princess skin not only comes with 1 skin, no there are 2 tones included in it; Cashmere and Lace.
Includes appliers for lolas, slink, UL, Omega, and more. 
You also get some flawless makeup and blushes for your skins.
All this is yours for 149$ L!
I’m in love with the pink eyeshadow of this skin, it’s gorgeous, just like the skin! 

One of the best things about those themed parties is that there is always a picture area to take your picture and make it look like you are in the place/time of the theme.

Mien provides a killer set of poses and a prop for this theme of Level Up.
Reminds me of a certain plumber who’s always saving a princess from a giant turtle.
The One Up pose prop includes 6 poses inside,6 individual poses wihout the prop, and some fun add-ons for your prop.
Extra blocks, coins, etc are included to make a whole unique build for you princess saving needs.
The whole set can be your for 150$ L.

Level Up ends on January 5th, so make sure you get the items you need, because they could be gone for good!

Get the look – 
Poses: .mien. [ One Up ]
Skin: flounce – Princess – Lace
Hair: [Due] Cicada
Eyes: Pin Me Down – Aeternium 4
*Not Free*
Nail Applier: .Figure. Retro Games Nails set
Facial Piercings: - .HoD. - Sideswept MESH Facial Piercing – Slide
fri. – 
Gamer.Cuff (Player 1)
Gamer.Cuff (Game Over)
Dress: GATO -Pads Dress Blue 
Clutch: no. 7 8 bit Open Envelope Clutch (b)
Bow tie:  no. 7 8 bit bowtie (console)
Heels: {Livalle} Page -Low Platform Pumps- Navy (SLINK)
*Not Free*

Blog post #596 Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes is at Black or White Hunt

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Check this out!

Tog: Ingra Wind Designs: Kim in white

Shoes: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes: Laina

Eyeshadow: Glamorize: Brilliance Eye Makeup in Silver Spring

Eyes: Amacci: Emerald Eyes – 9

Hair: Amacci: Rina in Dark Brown

Outfit: +grasp+: Denim mini dress

Footwear: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes: Shane

Eyes: Amacci: Emerald Eyes – 9

A touch of Retro

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Polkadots are so affectious.

Hair: Clawtooth: Lady Stardust (Silent Movie Star Pack)
skin: Elysium – Shui skin – dolce tone
jewellery: .::DD::. Caroline Jewelry Set pearl
dress: {FS}Sassy Lacy Polkadot Flirt Dress Red
shoes: {FS}Betty High Heels Red, Black and Blue

{FS}Sassy Lacy Polkadot Flirt Dress Black

{FS}Sassy Lacy Polkadot Flirt Dress Blue

{FS}Sassy Lacy Polkadot Flirt Dress Red

{FS}Betty High Heels Red, Black and Blue

Now available at the FOREVER SUMMER Mainstore and Marketplace. Please try the demos.

Retro Diva

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The theme is Opulence over at Uber.  From ISON a classically vintage sweater and skirt with a bit of 2015 flair.   Plain in back, patterned in front, it reminded me of days gone by and so I opted to photographic it in the retro house.

The pattern, amazingly, looks almost exactly the same with materials turned off. I was amazed.  A plus for those of you that don’t turn them on! 

There are eight colors to choose from, many of them neutrals. Out of character, I went for PLUM.

Hair: Valentina by Vanity Hair

Poses by: aDORKable

The Retro Game Adventure 2

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(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: The sender of the email claimed to be a character inside the game he had been seeking. She insisted he rescue her before it was too late. There were only a few copies left of her in the world. A vicious hacker was determined to destroy her!

My friends Kariritaisho and Mystina were so good to say yes when I asked for their help blogging Retro Games. It was tricky to coordinate three people’s schedules, and LevelUp has now ended. Nevertheless, we all wanted to continued on with this idea for the series. Items shown here should be in the mainstores or added soon. Thanks guys! Shown above, Myst is wearing an outfit she put together and posed with the fun Cubic Cherry Chompychain tails. Adorable. The picture is taken at the fun Electrobit City sim. You can reach this level by taking the teleport near the bunnies at the main landing. Just be sure to accept all the experience keys when you land. You only need to accept it once, the sim will remember it after that.

On Her, Myst
Model: Mystina
Tails: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Chompychain tails [mesh](Level Up)(250L)
Hair: Magika [03] Today [mesh](250L)
Head: Utilizator M3 Mesh Anime Head [mesh](500L)
Body: Utilizator Kemono Body [mesh](900L)
Ears: Mandala Female Fantasy Elf [mesh](777L)
Eye Mod: Puppy M3 Reflective Eyes Gray (49L)
Skin Mod: POMF Little Hime (250L)
Outfit: Mikazuki Mika Reach Complete Outfit for Kemono (re-textured) [mesh](899L)
Wings: Second Legends Angel HUD + Wings [mesh](free)
Bow: Primus Petiole Bow [mesh]
Pendant: JasX Unconvincing Armor Outfit Part of BG Feline F [mesh](free)
Pose: Ulrika Zugzwang Superhero Landing

Electrobit City – 8-Bit and Retro Pixel Utopia

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: Of course Dino didn’t believe a word of it. I mean, seriously? A game character is alive and claims a hacker is destroying all copies of the game? It made no sense. But, it was true the game was damn hard to find. Dino didn’t know what to think about this, but since he had nothing better to do for a few hours, he followed her link and logged in as his favorite character, Lina the Guardian of Helios. Who knew what strange things might happen next? Maybe if he was lucky, he would finally get a copy of the game, right?

Kariritaisho is modeling several cute Link-like goodies from BluPrintz, the tunic, boots, and the weapons are part of a gacha. Her hair is Mario Hair by Ayashi. It comes with a Mario hat you wear or hide. The Graham’s Adventure Cap is by Unrepentant and comes in 5 different colors. You mod it and scale it for the best fit. Her bunny sidekick is part of the Electrobit City sim. Just touch a bunny and he will ask if he can attach to you. Say yes, and you have a new pet who will follow you around. Cute.

On Her, Lina Guardian of Helios:
Model: Kariritaisho
Hair: Ayashi Mario Hair [mesh](Level Up)(250L)
Weapons: BluPrintz Sword & Shield RARE, gacha [mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Armor: BluPrintz Hero’s Bracers, gacha [mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Necklace: BluPrintz Hero’s Medallion, gacha [mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Outfit: BluPrintz Hero Tunic [mesh](Level Up)(199L)
Boots: BluPrintz Hero’s Boots [mesh](Level Up)(199L)
Hat: Unrepentant Graham’s Adventuring Cap – Thief [mesh](Level Up)(23L)
Head: Utilizator M3 Mesh Anime Head [mesh](500L)
Body, stockings: Utilizator Avatar 2.0 body, stockings [mesh](400L)
Skin: POMF M3 Head and Avatar 2.0 Innocent Skin V2 (no blush)(150L)
Eyes: POMF M3 Another World Eyes – Blue (100L)
Bunny: Electrobit City (free, sim attachment)
Pose: StunT Sword and Shield – Crouching Ready (100L)

Electrobit City – 8-Bit and Retro Pixel Utopia
Thanks for your help, Kariritaisho and Mystina!

The Retro Game Adventure

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(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The leader singer of a California punk rock band, Dino had a passion for video games. The bright colors and happy 8-bit bleeps made his child’s heart glow. He repaired old arcade machines and game consoles as a side business to supplement his income in-between gigs. But there was one game he longed for that he could never find. Until one day he got a mysterious email.
This gamer room makes me feel stupid happy, like a cozy hideout where your buds come over and you shoot the shit for hours. lol You can get the Retro Game goodies at the new round of Level Up, but you need to be fast, today is the last day. From Level Up: The little green hair elves are wearable pets gacha by swagga. The Tossing Barrels Arcade game by Nomad is a wearable backpack and it is animated! (I scaled it up larger for the picture and hid the backpack straps.) The Pac Man Ghost wall art is by Frogstar, and the black art poster are by Unrependant. The brick cube, coin, and question mark box are by Mien. The Gamer bracelet and ring are a gacha by Nomad. It’s non-rigged so you can adjust it for a good fit. The Headgear is by Swagga and it also editable non-rigged mexh. The glass elements on the eye piece are animated and you can change the color with a hud. Other things I am wearing, the group gift hair from Tableau Vivant. It comes with all color huds and fits for girls and guys. The piercings are by Haus of Darcy and were on sale at the last round of Tengoku-no-rakuen. (Also by Haus of Darcy on sale at Creation.Jp are nipple piercings with several styles of hardwear.) The jean vest by 7 Mad Ravens is on sale right now at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. You can get it in Punk like above, camo, or rebel styles. The Wasted jeans are also by 7 Mad Ravens. The New Rock boots are subscriber gift from Hoorenbeek. You get them you need to join the subscriper group and wait for 15 days. Then come back to get the gifts. Now, perhaps you are noticing how nice the details are on they arms and hands here. You didn’t? Look again. That is a fitted mesh body for men by Kauna. It’s on sale right now at FaMESHed. (In a later post I will tell you all about the new fitted mesh bodies for the guys.) Happy New Year, Game on!

On Him, Dino:
Bracelet: NOMAD Silver Gamer Bracelet // RARE, gacha [mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Ring: NOMAD Silver Gamer Ring .001, gacha [mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Headset: SWaGGa Half-Dead Headgear v3 [mesh](Level Up)(199L)
Piercings: Haus of Darcy .HoD. – TV Piercing 8 – Razor [mesh]
Hair: Tableau Vivant Hatsuhi hair male [mesh](group gift)(free)
Shirt: 7 Mad Ravens DirtyDog-Black [mesh](Cosmopolitan Sales Room)(100L)
Pants: 7 Mad Ravens Wasted-Grey [mesh](175L)
Boots: Hoorenbeek New Rock Boots – Red Demon [mesh](subscribers gift)(free)
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Denim [mesh](150L)
Body, hands: Kauna Tauso – [A1 v1.0] [mesh](FaMESHed)(2999L)
Skin: Kooqla Knight of Rose (990L)
Setting, Game Room 1:
Art: Unrepentant Keep Calm And Omnom RARE [mesh](Level Up)(25L)
Art: Frogstar Shiny & New Pixel Ghost (Blue, Pink, Orange[mesh](Level Up)(150L)
Pet: SWaGGa Follower – Right Leg[mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Pet: SWaGGa Follower – Left Leg[mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Game: NOMAD “Tossing Barrels 3D” Backpack [mesh](Level Up)(250L)
Props: Mien One Up Coin,  Plain Block, Question Block[mesh](Level Up)(150L)
Chair: CheekyPea OmNom Chair [mesh](200L)
Cube 1: [tea.s] Puzzle Cube Chair – Fixed [mesh](250L)
Cube 2: [tea.s] Puzzle Cube Chair – Mixed [mesh](250L)
Table: beach street game controller table[mesh](no longer available)
House: Epia Workshop Attic Skybox [mesh](500L)
Thanks for your help on the set Kariritaisho!

Level up goes retro!

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Hey guys, I hope you had a great new years! I had a lovely time, but now I’m back with awesome things to show you from this round of Level Up!
This round of Level Up! is focused on retro gaming, so get out your old consoles, brush the dust off of your blasters, and head over for some retro fun! I have a couple of products from the event to show you today, but there are so many more things to see, and this is an event you never want to miss. You’ll have to forgive me for this post being a bit brief though, I’m still recovering from new years!
Dress: Katat0nik – Froggie outfit – $ L400 – Event item! – Level Up!

Skin: Flounce – Princess – $ L149 – Cashmere – Event item! – Level Up! (Includes 2 skin tones; cashmere and lace, and appliers for: Ghetto booty, baby bump, omega, slink hands, slink feet, slink physique, and tangos!)
Hair pin: no. 7 – 8-bit heart – Event item! – Level Up!
Necklace: Cae – Gravity – $ L295 – Event item! – Level Up!

Backpack: Cubic cherry kre-ations – *Gatcha item/Common* – Classics bags – $ L50/play – Event item! – Level Up!

Hair: BluePrintz – Leena – Blonde – $ L149 – Event item! – Level Up!
Tunic: BluePrintz – Hero’s tunic – green – $ L199 – Event item! – Level Up!
BracersBluePrintz – *Gatcha item/Common* – Hero’s bracers – $ L50/play – Event item! – Level Up!
Boots: BluePrintz – Hero’s boots – female – $ L199 – Event item! – Level Up!
Sword: BluePrintz – *Gatcha item/RARE!* – Hero’s sword – $ L50/play – Event item! – Level Up!

It’s dangerous to go alone! Here, take this…

Style card:

Hair: Ploom – Betsey – Ploomage/reds 
Shoes: Reign – darling wedges – black
Ears: Mandala – Steking ears – season 5 – currently out 50% off at the men’s department!

Retro Xmas!

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Halluuu fancys,

news from HANAU for Xmas MarketBaboom for WEIB Event and Tameless.
♥♥♥ Take a look and enjoy ♥♥♥


Skin:  [PF]  <Crystal> – Doll V2
Shape: my own ♥
Mouth: [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam
Teeth:  [PXL]  OpenMouth Pro v2.0
Hair: Tameless Hair Gizella – Mega Pack

Dress: HANAU – Christmas Retro Dress Red @Xmas Market 
Shoes: Baboom_SLINKHIGH-XMASred-Heel/rigged @WEIB Event

Collar: HANAU – Christmas Bell Collar Classical Red @Xmas Market