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rock with U

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Dear reader. 

For long time i didn’t use in post  “andika poses”‘s pose. i have wanted to use it. 
Then this time i think this pose would be nice match. 
This post title “rock with U” is the name of the pose by andika poses group gift.
and the cloth would be good with this pose that Me Sew Sexy “Mila Drape Back Dress” for Cosmopolitan Event. 
I love blue color but the other color is more cute than i thought 😀 
and “+M’s Avon” is ready 1L$ gift for you “+M’s Avon+gold Cupid earrings” 
Don’t miss cute gold cupid <3  

available 6 color. 

Cosmopolitan Event Slurl
AVON WATER FLEA MARKET—-Valentine and White Event

Dress  : *MSS* Mila Drape Back Dress Pink  @ Cosmopolitan Event
pose : [andika info GG*rock with U*] all the stuff
earrings : +M’s Avon+gold Cupid earrings
Hair : .ploom. Splitend – Browns / short hair : Jonah-Hair Natural brown

whole body & head : The mesh project

Hope your lovely weekend and Happy shopping!
thanks for reading!!

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Let me rock your world

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Let me rock your world

Hello shiny happy people!
I hope that you have all had a great week, and with the weekend on top of us, I am sure you will likely have a great weekend!
I think I have fixed the issue with the sizing of my videos when posting them to my blog.. my intention was to have them in a “smaller viewer”, with the option of course to watch on youtube, making the video much more larger..
however, something with the coding on wordpress makes the measurements much larger than what I posted and.. well, you know the rest.
Hopefully this will fix it all.


…or maybe not. I am not sure why this keeps happening. Some how, the viewer keeps getting bigger.. I mean, really.. it can’t be THAT excited.

Morgana Hilra’s photostream

Morgana’s Youtube Channel

All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Descriptions are always as follows

Item/URL | Product Name | Designer Name | Event | Month

I do my best to always credit everything in my photos.

No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

Have a great day, and happy shopping!!

Styling on Morgie!


Shape | So Hawt SL – Shapes |  Work in Progress | Morgana Hilra | New Release

Hair | Tableau Vivant | Tormentia | M4ri1yn Magic | We Love Roleplay | Feb 2016

Eyes | IKON | Ardent Eyes – Black | Ikon Innovia

Skin | Essences | Isidora01 *pale02* | inka.mexicola | The Gacha Garden | FEb 2016

Ears | MANDALA | STEKING_EARS_Season 5 | kikunosuke Eel


Top | :: D-Style | Kianna Fringe Cardigan with Top .HUD :: | christel.morane

Skirt | :: D-Style | Balloon Skirt w.HUD :: | christel.morane

Shoes | fri. | Macey.Platforms – 24.7 Pack | Darling Monday | MIX | Feb 2016


Hairclip | :Zombie .Suicide:  | Zombie Hair Clip | isis.zamin  | Jack or Jill Hunt | Feb 1 – 29th, 2016


Prop | *Coming Soon* | The BluesMan | guilhermedandretti  | Jack or Jill Hunt | Feb 1 – 29th, 2016

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I love a rock n’ roll, and vintage look.

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I love a rock n' roll, and vintage look.


*Dura-B&G*64M HAIR


[ kunst ] – Prometheus watch @~uber~*NEW*

[ kunst ]- Cigarette

MINIMAL – Tria Ring @Monsieur Chic *New*

[ kunst ] Allegiant ring

Speakeasy Bek Tattoo @The Mens Departament @TMD (feb. 5th) *NEW*

 ExcellencE  Pants_Vera @Men Only Monthly *NEW*

 ExcellencE  Bots_Vera @Men Only Monthly *NEW*

Scene details..

[sau]Dhalif Guitar @TMD (feb. 5th) *NEW*

Apple Fall Country Hall @Shiny Shabby *New*

[ kunst ]- Wrenches @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Vise RARE @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Pegboard RARE @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Screwdrivers (flathead) @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Screwdrivers (phillips) @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Pincers @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Coiled wire @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Screwdriver (flathead) @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Screwdriver (phillips) @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Mechanic’s cloth @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

[ kunst ] – Tools, nuts & bolts @Shiny Shabby *NEW*

Apple Fall Country Hall @Shiny Shabby *New*

 [ kunst ] – Welder bench RARE

[ kunst ] – Vintage table clock

 [ kunst ] – Nuts jar

 [ kunst ] – Bolts jar

[ kunst ] – Vintage oiler

 [ kunst ] – Industrial bench lamp

 [ kunst ] – Mallet

 [ kunst ] – Bolts & nuts

[ kunst ] – Fasteners list

[ kunst ] Cigar ashtray #2

[ kunst ] Cigar box – open

[ kunst ] – Vintage turntable RARE

[ kunst ] – Vintage audio rack RARE

[ kunst ] – Vintage speaker (b)

[ kunst ] – Vintage speaker (a)

[ kunst ] – Vintage tuner

[ kunst ] – Vintage tape deck

[ kunst ] – Vintage amplifier

[ kunst ] – Vinyl records pile

[ kunst ] – Vintage People album

[ kunst ] – Audio tapes

[ kunst ] – Vodka bottle #1 (dusty)

[ kunst ] – Bourbon bottle #4

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Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N Roll

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Hey all, I am doing another blog with these amazing mesh nails! 
I'm rocking "Dream With Me" Flared mesh nails for Belleza mesh hands.
These are by 

Click Here To Read More @ »

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*Rock Out*

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*Subbie is Wearing*

*Hair-Exile-Looking back*

*Guitar-NS-Like A star*NEW*


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Blueberry – Arla – Leather Bustier
StormCrown – Pump with stratss & gems *Black
DDCreations – Zulema Pants
MONS – Choker *Black *Gift
MONS – (piercing-cheek) 
*Part of the Advent Calendary Gifts
MG – Eyelashes – Party 
*Gift dont know if still available
booN – HYA209 hair *Black
Glam Affair – Luna Skin – Artic 06 @Uber
UtopiaH– Metallic Eyeliner #3 *Old Gift
Glam Affair – Leah Lipstick 22 *Black
{ Speakeasy } Reverie Tattoo 
Poses – Vestige
▰▰▰Watch my Flickr Girl▰▰▰
( ^ 3 ^) FLICKR ( ^ 3 ^)

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#Yania rock..

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Hoy os traigo 2 outfits de la firma ND que me han encantado.. me parecen tan sexys y elegantes.. y además incluyen los zapatos.. las texturas son muy cuidadas.. y con muchisima calidad..
Además puedes usarlo en cualquier ocasión en tu sl.. ^^

***Outfit: ND*Yania Hard Rock ChiC*
***Skin head appliers: DS’ELLES–  Applier Catwa head mesh- CARRIE-JAVA
***Body mesh appliers: DS’ELLES– HUD Maitreya

***Outfit: ND*Amaia Lilac*
***Skin head appliers: DS’ELLES–  Applier Catwa head mesh- CARRIE-JAVA
***Body mesh appliers: DS’ELLES– HUD Maitreya

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Castles in Second Life VIII – Casterly Rock

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Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what’s on the other side? 

Tyrion Lannister, A Game of Thrones


          Once again, in my wanderings across the Grid in Second Life (SL), I’ve come across another castle which I’ll include in my series about the castles of SL. 

          This particular castle is located in Casterly Rock which is a role playing sim inworld based on A Game of Thrones.  I blogged about the Casterly Rock community in an earlier


          My reasons for selecting this structure were several.  The castle is an impressive build which dominates the local landscape and is faithful to the castle described by Georeg R. R. Martin in his books.  It is well furnished and is integral to the role play of the community.  Overall, from my perspective, an ideal candidate for a story!  (Significant Other thinks I’m just biased because it reminds me of Dungeons & Dragons.)

          In the universe of A Game of Thrones, belongs to House Lannister.  The largest and most well defended of all castles in the land.  Purportedly, it has never been conquered. 

          Within the roleplay of Casterly Rock in SL, the castle still belongs to House Lannister but is set in a period about three hundred years before that of the books.  The castle is an important part of court life inworld.

          I first learned of the castle during my visit to prepare for my first story.  It was hard to miss.  The castle is imposing in size and one can’t escape its presence as one wanders around the sim. 

          The castle sits high on a promontory overlooking the Sunset Sea.  Gray walled with red tiles rooves on its keeps and turrets.  It is big.  Its perch is a rock jutting out of the sea and is connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway.  Once across the causeway, one is faced with a steep climb to a drawbridge crossing a deep chasm. 

          On the other side of the draw bridge is a heavy wooden door studded with nails.  Entering the castle through this doorway, one passes through a series of rooms before

entering the Queen’s throne room.  The center piece of which is the throne which has a smaller seat alongside for the Queen’s daughter.  Here the Queen holds court weekly.  Coats of arms of noble families adorn the walls. 

          Crossing the throne room, one enters another room which contains the main spiral staircase leading to the upper and lower levels.  Climbing the stairs to the second floor, one’s attention is taken by the magnificent sea views from a balcony.  Located on this floor are a royal bedroom and a library.  The library contains a secret but more on this later! 

          Continuing to ascend the stairs from the second floor, one arrives on the roof where there are two small turrets each containing a bedroom.  One is afforded excellent views of

the kingdom in all directions here.

          Returning back down the stairs, one ultimately descends to the castle’s bottom level which is a large open room.  Heavy columns support the ceiling.  This room is used for social functions.  Unlike many other castles where one finds the dungeon here.  Apparently, the Lannisters see no need for one.  (Significant Other worries about my continued interest in dungeons.) 

          Now, the library’s secret!  By touching the mantelpiece over the fireplace, a hidden door is revealed.  Entering through this doorway, one is transported deep below the castle to a goldmine where the wealth of the kingdom originates.  A locked vault contains the refined gold ore.  Every good castle has to have at least one secret! 

          The overall quality of the Casterly Rock castle is very good.  Attention has been paid to its details such as windows, doorways, columns and textures to cover surfaces.  The lower levels of the castle have stone floors while the uppers ones are made of large wooden timbers.  A small detail over looked in many castles.  The layout of the castle is rational and

is not a maze.  Rooms contain furnishings and the walls are not unadorned.  There is a lived in and well cared for look about the place.  The castle is key to the role playing of the community and does not sit empty and unused like a mausoleum in a cemetery.  Working within the limitations of prims and RL dollars to pay for space, the builder has skillfully and cleverly recreated the atmosphere and look of the original. 

          I strongly recommend to either fans of A Game of Thrones or those who enjoy castles visiting this castle.  They won’t regret their decision! (Please wear appropriate dress and remember that residents are engaged in role play.)

          Casterly Rock is always looking for enthusiastic fans of A Game of Thrones to join to keep expanding their community so I recommend checking them out!  (I did after my first story, joined, and became the royal scribe!) 

          Casterly Rock and its castle can be found here. 

          Additional pictures from my visit can be seen on this flickr page.   

          I’d like to thank Her Grace Morgane Lannister for stepping away from Her royal duties and giving me a tour of the castle after I showed up on her doorstep unannounced one afternoon!    

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

My Twitter handle is @webspelunker.  Please feel free to follow me and I’d be happy to follow you.

I can be found on Google+ as webspelunker Ghostraven.

My flickr Photostream is located here.

On Skype I’m webspelunker Ghostraven.

          Open roads and kind fires!          


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Glam Rock!

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Glam Rock!

Lavarock, VG Shoes, Black Dot

 Outlaw Jacket by Lavarock

Kansas boots by VG Shoes for The Black Dot
Lavarock Store
Lavarock Marketplace
Lavarock Facebook

The Black Dot Project Landmark
VG Shoes Store
VG Shoes Marketplace
VG Shoes Facebook
Roman and Marissa FB Page
I Love My Style Group
I Love My Style Twitter
Models: Roman and Marissa
Photographer: Roman

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Going for a Punk Rock Look!

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Punk Rock
(Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)

Today I felt a little rebellious so I put together what feels like a punk rock outfit. I’m sporting a nice black leather jacket with top by Beautiful Dirty Rich. The pants I’m wearing are by R3volt and they come with a stylish studded belt. Together they have a HUD which allows you to change their colors so they will always match your best look.

Punk Rock
(Please click my photo for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)

I also love the light smokey eye shadow I’m wearing by Veechi Cosmetics. It compliments the outfit’s look very well. They are now available at the Showroom event from January 13th and will run for 2 weeks.

What I’m Wearing:
Top: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Absence Of Fear Jacket by Cameron Vasiliov
* Pants: R3volt – [R3] – Trinity Jeans w/ Belt [V3] by R3volt
Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops by Coke Dreadlow
Cosmetics & Accessories:
* Eyeshadow: Veechi – Light Smokey Eyeshadow [black] by Aiubrey Snoodle @ Showroom from Jan 13th~27th
* Nails: Veechi – Glossy & Matte Nails Blackout [slink] by Aiubrey Snoodle
Tattoo: Suicide Gurls – Maokai Tattoo – SLINK  APP by Beb418
* Piercings: – .HoD. – Bitten v1 – Silver Lining- Female by Aydan Darcy
* Choker: …:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Cross Choker by Cameron Vasiliov
On Body:
* Skin: [PXL] Violet PA PaleLips DeepEyes C2 by Hart Larsson
(Includes mesh lashes, beauty marks moles & Sweetlips Applier)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Armor (M) by Ikon Innovia
Mesh Ears: [MANDALA] Plug(Hole_size_3/L) Stretched ears-Omimi by Kikunosuke Eel
* Mesh Hair: Slink Nicolette Hair Dark Gold Blonde by Siddean Munro
* Mesh Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body V2.9 by Siddean Munro
* Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Elegant1 by Siddean Munro
Mesh Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.4  by Siddean Munro
* Poses Used: Glitterati by Katey Coppola @ the Marketplace

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