Look #67 Sascha’s Design – Viper Gown

Beautiful readers!!!

Good morning girls. Today, I show you a new gown from Sascha’s Design: *Viper* This is a 50% mesh garment, mermaid skirt, three options: Sweeper Flexi Skirt; Swishy Skirt and Low Flexi Skirt. Five sizes, includes; gloves and mesh bolero. Sascha’s Design has created a great gown for sophisticated women, *Viper* is making with high quality textures and colors.

Look #57 Sascha’s Designs – Arabian Nights with Ayesha Gown

Monday Blogger!

Hello ladies, I have a great news. Sascha’s Designs sent me  new release so gorgeous. This is a gown inspirates in Arabian Nights.  Sascha’s Designs-Ayesha is a beautiful dress, champagne, pearl and gold predominate. This is a partial mesh design, includes: Mesh Skirt, five standard size; mermaid flexi skirt; Sleek Flexi Skirt, Sleek Flexi Skirt, long sleeves, shoulder deco and Huge Bum Train. Sascha’s Designs-Ayesha is 10% mesh. **Ayesha** is a elegant garment. You will look fancy and glamorous.

Go to  Sascha’s Designs, now.

Look #62 Sascha’s Design – 5th Avenue


Today, I woke up with the left foot in rl. There is not water in my town, five days with the problems. Municipal authorities do not work, do not solve public problems. They are species of social parasites, which feed on taxes if each citizen contributes. I must buy 1100 liters of water each three days…I’m sad for everything that happens in my community and my country.
Sorry, I need to exhibit my problem because I’m tired of Mexican politicians and ineffective institutions…….Sorry, my ladies.
…..Well, Second Life is a great space for many people as me, because We can and forget problems of reality. For this reason, I’m so happy inworld and I love my job as blogger, model and manager. In this sense, It’s an honor for me to post to my sponsors and I’m happy when you read each one of them. My blog is my baby because before I became model I was blogger. At the beginning, few people believed me because nobody knew me and my pictures were not very good. But, I’m here, I’m not the great photographer but I try to do my best everyday. 
NEW RELEASE FROM Sascha’s Design: *5th Avenue*
….Ok.. My first post of this week is about the new release from Sascha’s Design: *5th Avenue* Beautiful dress inspirate in the glamour of 1960. This is a mesh garment, includes vintage glases, gloves, jacket (optional) and Long flexi Scarf. I love this design because my avatar look so fancy and elegant. *5th Avenue* remember me to Jackie O.
You will choose the favorite color and If you buy all, you will be able to make some combinations. Go to Sascha’s Design an buy *5th Avenue*.