Shadow of you

By Heidi Volare – the fashionable heart – confessions of a second life shopaholic. Visit Shadow of you for original post.

Style Details:
Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Bun pigtails add-on – Blonds – New at Kustom9
Hair Base: Tableau Vivant Hair Base for Lelutka Simone – New at Kustom9
Dress: [sYs] AKIMAS dress (Maitreya) – black New for Tres Chic
Necklace: ERSCH – Remedy Necklace (Silver) black gem New for Tres Chic
Bracelets: *AvaWay* ZOI_Bracelet New for Tres Chic
Shoes: fame femme: Terra transparent heels – Black New for Tres Chic
Skin Applier: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* LeLutka Heads “Face Dominique” Mixedtype – New
Mesh Head: 
.LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.6 Bento
Photo Location: Beck

ROQUAI’s Shadow Puppet Friends@ MAIN STORE / [Gild] Loop Tank_gray [email protected]

By – blue…. Visit ROQUAI’s Shadow Puppet Friends@ MAIN STORE / [Gild] Loop Tank_gray [email protected] for original post.

Shadow Puppet Friends

SIGNATURE [Gild] Loop Tank_gray strok@CCB

.Shi x Messiah Gift : NeckWarmer / Unisex . Him
.Shi x Messiah Gift : TankBag . Him

[BURLEY] – Matt (Unrigged;MultiStyler)

ROQUAI’s  Shadow Puppet Friends@ MAIN STORE

ROQUAI’s ShadowPuppet Wolf w. Light
a full bento active release (hands/wings/tail

Shadow symphony

By Exis – EXISTENCE. Visit Shadow symphony for original post.

Lately, I’m feeling that all I’m talking about in my blog posts is how miserable and tired I am from work and how I can never take a break. Well, it is true but there’s no reason to share my misery every day with you. Thinking of my blog as my journal too, I often miss the point and talk about what bothers or affects me every day, even though some people might not be interested in reading about that at all. There are bigger issues to deal with in the world, than a spoiled unhappy little princess, hehe…


Every time I’m down or feeling blue, I get on my iPad and watch bloopers on YouTube. I have probably watched bloopers from the Friends series about 100 times. Always makes me laugh and distracts me. Blogging also distracts me. I focus on taking the picture(s) and can’t think of anything else. It’s fair to assume that there is a therapeutic side of it.


 So next time you’re in-world and feeling bored,  play with poses, clothes, mix and match, try on windlights and shadows (which usually takes me forever) and then take a bunch of pictures, only to end up not knowing which ones you like the best. It’s what I always do. Even if you don’t want to spend any money, you can always try on demos!


This post features new releases from Lybra and Nanika from Sanarae, plus new ItGirls applier for Lelutka Simone bento head and N-core shoes from Uber. Check the credits before for more details.

That’s all for now peeps. Have a good day/night and be kind to one another.

HEAD/SHAPE: .LeLutka. – Simone 2.2

SKIN: ItGirls – Ava @Uber (NEW!)

HAIR/HAIRBASE: Tableau Vivant – Wrap up

BOLERO: *COCO* – Long Sleeve Bolero

ROMPER: LYBRA – Asia @SaNaRae (NEW!)

TATTOO: .::Nanika::. Maria @SaNaRae (NEW!)

SHOES: N-core – NORA @Uber (NEW!)

POSE: Bauhaus Movement (I don’t remember which one, I’m sorry)

The Shadow That Never Leaves

By Anne Daumig – The Wanton Wardrobe. Visit The Shadow That Never Leaves for original post.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha     SWEATER:  GizzA – Vixie Sweater [Lemon] Maitreya Lara SKIRT:  GizzA – Vixie Skater Skirt [Lemon] Maitreya Lara SCARF:  GizzA – Vixie Knitted Scarf – Maitreya Lara LEGGINGS:  Ghee … More The Shadow That Never Leaves

Mr. X and Janine * New* Sascha’s Designs and *NEW Jumo Hair and Eye shadow & Possession Poses @ Swank

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and Janine * New* Sascha’s Designs and *NEW Jumo Hair and Eye shadow & Possession Poses @ Swank for original post.

The theater lights dim slowly as Mr. X and I walk down the center aisle, slowly, hand in hand — looking for the perfect seat.  Heads turn when I walk thru the doors — and it is no surprise I am wearing the new  release by Sascha’s Designs called Janine.  This is dress #3 I love the rich vibrant colors of this hud. Janine  comes in three versions – Dress #1, #2 #3. Each one has a  color changing hud of five colors. The poses are an exclusive @ Swank by  PosEsion called Cooper.

Jaine is a glittery affair with a soft sheen and an alluring texture made of soft polyester crepe.  The pattern actually reminds me of a batik with a modern twist. It has a carefully constructed V neckline with sleek silhouette.  It is made for mesh bodies and comes in 5 sizes and an alpha layer. It is also easy to wear with  Slink, Maitreya (worn)  and Belleza mesh bodies – just adjust an alpha layer here and there like I did.  Check out dress #2… Love It! Although all the hud options are great, I love the combo of this green and turquoise.

Whispers erupt, like a wave across the silence. Almost loud.  This theatre is considered to be acoustically one of the five best in the world.  I hear the comments… stunning, elegant… where did she get it… look at the slight sheen…. and the wave of her hair and the way Mr. X looks at her with pride…. as she takes his arm….. Wearing Dress #1.

I have paired this with the new hair release by Jumo called Lindsay and the new eye make -up  called Power. It works with letuka and catwa mesh heads – regular mesh heads using a omega system for the brand (worn) and it also works with  benito heads.


Dress – Sascha’s Designs Janine – Dress #1,2,3

Hair – Jumo -Lindsay – blonde with roots

Eyeshadow – Jumo – Power

Eyes – Jumo – Pink Topaz

Poses – PosEsion – Cooper @ Swank

Living In Your Shadow

By Anne Daumig – The Wanton Wardrobe. Visit Living In Your Shadow for original post.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. Abraham Lincoln     OUTFIT: .::Dead Dollz::.. Supreme Gown – Black @ ROMP (Jan 15 – Jan 29) JEWELRY: Rowne.Leighton – Bindi Jewel NIPPLE COVER: Pure Poison – Nimeria Nipple Cover … More Living In Your Shadow

Shadow of the Reaper, 3

By – Bishie Style SL. Visit Shadow of the Reaper, 3 for original post.

(click to enlarge)

STORYLINE: Dr Oliver Conray shuffled into the dreary bedroom provided by his Grim taskmaster. In disgust, he tossed his scythe against the bed and sunk onto its faded surface. Dust wafted up and danced in pale light before his strange blacked-out eyes. Standing in the light by the window was the ghostly form of a refined lady. Her delicate voice broke the tense silence, “What happened my love?” He sighed. He didn’t want waste a single precious moment he had with his beloved over unpleasant matters. After all, he had paid a horrendous price for the privilege. But still, his heart ached for the life he left behind. “I killed my last living friend today.”

For you goth boys, I have some fun things to share. First, I experimented with mixed mesh bodies once more. The upper body is wearing Gabriel Body Belt shirt for TMP male, and the lower is actually Maitreya. Why? For the simple reason that I was able to rock this badass outfit by Moon Elixir thanks to this trick. Its on sale at the Fantasy Gacha. Paired with the shirt, it worked really well. My only complaint (besides heavy avatar render weight) is the foot size. Sadly the foot can not be scaled up.  The wonderful black oil tears are from this year’s Halloween offering by Tableau Vivant. Its one of the Mort Vivant faces for new skin Marcus. To go with the oily tears, I used the Cubic Cherry Loss eye and tears and tinted it black.  For the hands, is the Cursed Hand applier by Lovely Dissarray. In the background is the fun Hunter Scythe by Swagga. Oh and, one more thing… Did I also mention the *must have* bed for any self-respecting vampire in Secondlife? The Death Row Vampire Gothic Bed set. Worth every single L.

On Him, Reaper Oliver Conray:
Head applier: Tableau Vivant Marcus, TMP applier (400L)
Nail, Hand tattoo: Lovely Disarray Cursed Hands Slink Applier (300L)
Shirt: Gabriel GB::Body belt shirt (TMP) White [mesh](280L)
Hat: Yasum Steam Hat*Male*Rare* Dust, gacha [mesh](50L)
Corset: Moon Elixir Potions Master 1 Corset RARE, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha Carnival)(75L)
Garter: Moon Elixir Potions Master 2 Garter RARE, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha Carnival)(75L)
Garter: Moon Elixir Potions Master 3 Bag RARE, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha Carnival)(75L)
Shorts: Moon Elixir Potions Master 19 Onyx Shorts, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha Carnival)(75L)
Boots: Moon Elixir Potions Master 24 Onyx Boots, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Gacha Carnival)(75L)
Tears, Eyes: Cubic Cherry {Loss} eyes, tears – ink [mesh]
Lip: Clemmm Tired Glitter Lips Black, TMP (173L)
Ears: Mandala STEKING_EARS_Season5 [mesh](50% off sale)(357L)
Glove: Contraption The Saboteur’s Claw [mesh]
Hand applier: Tableau Vivant Mort Vivant applier, Slink (400L)
Hand: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Male [mesh](450L)
Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) – Anime (Deluxe) [mesh](5000L)
Body: TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body [mesh](5000L)
Leg applier: Glam Affair Maitreya Mesh body – Polar Tone Appliers (349L)
Legs: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [mesh](2750L)
Pose: Del May DM – Bedsit male (50L)

Bed, chair, lantern: Death Row gothic vampire bed set [mesh](pg 1200L, adult1850L)
Weapon: Swagga Hunter Scythe with inlay [mesh]
Skybox: HAIKEI dusky white skybox [mesh](499L)

Light Reflects from your Shadow.

By vianw – PixeL My Avi. Visit Light Reflects from your Shadow. for original post.


Light reflects from your shadow

Mesh Head: Catwa -Annie-

Head Applier: Essences -Tony- #10 Gacha @shiny shabby

Body: Maitreya -Lara-

Dress: Jeune by Rowne.Alexandra Ruffle Dress (not for mesh bodies but east to fit it😉 )

Hair: #Foxy – Candy Clouds Hair (Natural Ombres) @tannenbaum

Choker: #Foxy – Celestial Choker (Gold & Silver)


You were the shadow to my light

By – Melodies Of SL. Visit You were the shadow to my light for original post.

Dear SL…

Ever so slowly catching up but its the getting there that counts right?
In any case its that time of year where dressing up in cozy clothes and snuggle in with your faveorite things.
Mine include a over sized sweater, Hot chocolate and a good book!

Blog look #297

Skin: Pumec
Hair: *Besom – Bae – (Gacha)

Eyes: Atelier Pepe – Eyes – Dark Blue – (Gacha) – @TGG
Mesh Head: CATWA – HEAD
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ – Pyramid Ear 


Sweater: Day Dreamer – Word Cloud Sweater – (Gacha) – @TGG
Leggings: Day Dreamer  – Lazy Day Pants Applier – (Black) – (Gacha) – @TGG

Nose Ring: .ARISE. – Nose Ring – Gold
Nose Stud: Amala – The Lover Nose Stud
Bracelet: Day Dreamer – Diamond Heart Bracelet (Gold) – (Gacha) – @TGG

Pose: Glamrus . – Ria – 08
Pet: (fd) – Cat – 11 Sitting – (Gacha)
Plants: *YS&YS* – Iron&Wood – 16 – Cute Plant – (Gacha) – @TGG
Hot Chocolate: -tres blah- – Cozy Winter – Cozy Cocoa – (Gacha)
Box Of Books: 22769 – [bauwerk] Cardboard Box with Books – (Gacha) – @TGG
Pile Of Books: 22769 – [bauwerk] Pile of Books – (Gacha) – @TGG
Bowl/Books: DRD – 14 – LN Bedside decor (books and vases)
Bowl Of Wool/Vases/Table: DRD – Timberland Table – @Shiny Shabby
Bed: DRD – Timberland Bed – PG – @Shiny Shabby
Lights: [ keke ] – shimmer string
Bookcase: DRD – 17 – LN bookshelf – (Gacha)
Build: Scarlet Creative – Mockingbird Nook 2

There is something magical about this time of the year, I really wish i lived somewhere where it snowed for a little.
But thats the beauty of Secondlife, although we have summer in xmas but I can still have my white xmas!
The grid has started to come out with some cute cozy clothes and i found some at The Gacha Garden.
The set by Day Dreamer is just so nice. I love the textureing on them and it was perfect for the look i was going for.
I also got some new eyes at the event too, Atelier Pepe produced the prettiest light eye set. While i mostly always go back to my brown eyes, These have had me in the blue eye phase for days now.
I also blogged the 22769 and YS&YS decore items, Each so goregously done.

I made an appointment with the Besom hair store today and got some cute new wig style for the cozy day in. I love the overall shape of this hair and I love this tone with my skin. There are so many options for textures and it is very unique to this brand.

With all that said I am so tired and i am going to really go snuggle up in real life with my outlander book. <3 

Music of the moment: I just really like this song.
Faded – Alan Walker
Until Next Time 
XxX Shiny Bubble XxX