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The Shape of Things To Come

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VM Take me

Those Boring Angels. See, right?

A tiny, liquid gold cloth secured in all the right places with a buckle that is almost reminiscent of a musical note.  The shoulders are covered in feathers. Sexy in extreme, yet  it manages to remain elegant and sophisticated.  This is the gold version of the dress, but it is also available in a full color change HUD version.

Vero Modero – Take Me Dress Gold. LUXE – Bangles. Hair by Lelutka.

VM UpinAir

Exploratory Missions To Earth

When in Rome … Lingerie inspired mini dress with black piping details, a low strapless neckline and garter belts hanging loose. The  feather collar sits shrug like as it hugs and caresses your neck and shoulders. The dress comes with a full color HUD so you can change the color and play with it´s intensity to your heart´s desire.

Vero Modero – UpinAir. Azoury – Shoes. LUXE – Bangles. Hair by Monso.

VM KittyCat III

Aware of the Unaware

Half space suit, half working girl (nooo, not THAT kind! gotcha😝).  This jumpsuit is worn open and comes with a matching bikini triangle top. The back is cut very low exposing a bit of your ¨assets¨.  The legs and sleeves have hardware zipper details making it realistic and fashion at the same time.  It made me feel a bit like a Lost in Space¨ vixen. This also comes with a full color change hud.

Vero Modero – KittyCat Jumpsuit.  Azoury – Shoes. LaGyo – Ring + headband. Hair by Monso.

VM Space Dress I

If Darkness Falls

An ensemble worth the time of a space super heroine. The bikini bottom is secured with a fabric covered buckle.  The futuristic inspired top has several cut outs. Feathered wings adorn the shoulders while the full color HUD allows you to turn the ensemble over by just flicking and changing the color, the hue or both.

Vero Modero – Space Set with Color HUD. Azoury – Shoes.  LUXE – Bangles. LaGyo – Headband. Hair by Monso.

Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep is your Love

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Every time I blog with my male avatar I am asked where I got his shape from, now I have finally decided to release a male shape. My old male shape was custom made for me by a friend and is not available for sale. I have put that shape aside now and have created […]

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New fayceee – RAMONA Shape

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Ramona Shape AD.png

Gawwwgussss face for your mesh bodies.  Youngish, delicate face with a touch of sophistication and a do not mess with me coolness.  Try this shape with the skin of the moment – Caroline Skin by Glam Affair.  I like this face in Pink Fuel and Lara Hurley Skins.  For a quirkier look, try the Skinnery!😀

DEMO to try.

What was I listening to?  Ding ding ….this:

New Sassy Shape @ :.Fudge:.:

By :.:Fudge & JellyBeans:.: – :.: JellyBeans and Fudge*. Visit New Sassy Shape @ :.Fudge:.: for original post.

Sassy Shape AD  (2)

SASSY Shape @ Fudge

When I started playing with this face I wasn’t sure where it was heading!  But I ended up with a confident looking face with slight edges which suits those who have grown up a little and know what they want!

Kinda sassy!😀

Sassy Shape DEMO     To Buy

I like this face and hope you do too.  Looks good with mesh bodies and I have included 5 Standard sizes in the pack so you can take your pick.

I used Katra Skin by Glam Affair – you should find this skin at the Mainstore.  I appreciate that many of the skins Aida releases are one off exclusives….but this shape will also suit other brands too!.  Sassy is Modifiable so you can play around as you wish.


JellyBeans x