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System Shock 3 in Development After 15+ Year Delay & 3 “Spiritual Successors”, Warren Spector Confirms

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System Shock 3 is now in development, led by two leads of the first, original 1994 classic — Paul Neurath, who led the studio that created it, Looking Glass, and veteran game designer Warren Spector, who was its producer. (Neurath’s…

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High Rez Snobbery 923 : Shock Therapy

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“A woman’s apathy is far more devastating than her wrath.” ― Gasmaskman

Skin : Meghindo’s “{Meghindo’s} ~ Leona ~ Skin ~ Released ~”

Eyes : The Skinnery “[theSkinnery] Flirtacious eye collection”

Hair : Emotions “.:EMO-tions.. *TARI* -FATPACK” Available at Hairology *NEW*

Earrings & Necklace : **RE** LUX Innamorata Set” *NEW*

Shirt : Addams “Addams // Meryl Top // FATPACK” *NEW*

Jacket : Addams “Addams // Letter Old Jacket // FATPACK” Available at Uber *NEW*

Jeans : Addams “Addams // Real Worn Out Jeans // FATPACK” Available at Uber *NEW*

Shoes : ChicChica “:::ChicChica::: Kika” Available at On9 *NEW*

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anaphylactic shock

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!gO! Fay dress 
Beusy: “Forgive” Hair Fitted Mesh @ Hairology – bottom pieces modified in PS
*LODE* Head Accessory – Phebe [white] RARE @ The chapter 4  modified
pose : *La Jolie Rose * Hands  poses 
Apple Fall Bees Fatpack set
{anc} suger rose field [old] 1Li
links soon!

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I’m going to shock you (paid for and Freebie).

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The shock isn’t the “nip slip” it’s the fact that I’m not wearing either a Mina hair or a PumeC skin LOL.  Honestly I spend so much time in SL trying things on and that includes many paid for and free hairs and skins from other shops but it is now rare for me to buy and wear anything other than a PumeC skin and a Mina hair and even rarer for the hair to be a paid for one so when I get tempted by a hair/skin there is a real good reason.

So when I was at the Hairology hair event to check out the Mina stall and as I said in my last post the new hair there is now one of my new favs but the other 2 are ones I cannot live without and since I now have all 3 of them I wandered around and yes there are some really good hairs here but I wasn’t tempted until I got to the No Smoke stall.


No Smoke is a pretty new shop in SL, or at least it is to me and once I’ve put some clothes back on to go LM grab I will be seeing what else is there, finger crossed for a freebie cos I am one mean shopper.


Although it’s all mesh you do get a flexi part for the ends of the hair so when you walk there is some movement and tbh I don’t really think it adds much to the overall look.  An excellent hair and each braid can be clearly made out.  200Lds for each colour pack and I got the brown pack and I think there was probably the 5 different shades.

I’m only mentioning the skin because I just wanted to prove that I do wear skin, hair etc from other shops and Lara Hurley is a shop that I’ve managed to pick some gorgeous free GG’s up from in the past and that inc this skin.  I don’t know if it is still there as a Free GG but I’ll pop the LM in at the end and you can go over.  This is such a gorgeous skin but because it was a Free GG one it didn’t come with any appliers but I loved it so much I popped back and splashed out on the Applier fat pack which I can’t remember how much but it wasn’t overpriced and it means I could wear this skin and all me bits! LOL.  When I LM grab I’m hoping that there is a new GG out but even if this one is still out there for you to grab I would recommend it.

UPDATE Woo Hoo this skin, Ale,  and others are still set out as Group Gifts, free to join and I’ve got them ALL from previous visits so sadly not a new December one unless I’ve missed it but these are gorgeous skins.  It’s not often I now show you a Freebie that doesn’t come with Appliers and this skin doesn’t but for just 200Lds  you can buy the full Applier packs so in my case I’ve got the SLink Appliers and in that you get a simple hud which will colour match any SLink mesh bit you’re wearing.  Of course there is other Applier packs for all of the other big Mesh body bits on the market.  Add to this that you also get the whole colour pack for all of the Lara skins so 1 pack is all you ever have to buy to match any of the skins from here.  BUT of course all Mesh body bits come with their own skin matching huds and they’re easy to use but Appliers have made us/me lazy.

No [email protected]

No Smoke Mainshop

Lara Hurley

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