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The center of the women’s skin, Where is the product? Thank you

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Pink fuel, crystall vamp :)

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POST# 819 the Arcade Gacha New Release Mesh .College Pool Party.Items From (epia) ~ New Release Tattoo From **UrbanStreet** ~ CREATORS COLLECTION BOX New Release mesh Cropped pants From ::LikeA:: ~ New Release Skin from Tableau Vivant ~ New Release JACKET From VG MENS ~

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(epia) – ‘College Pool Party’ (all at the Arcade Gacha)

(1) – Used Sofa RARE

(2) – Party Garage RARE

(3) – Outdoor Pool RARE

(4) – Shot Glass Roulette

(5) – Ping Pong Table

(6) – Party Sign

(7) – Megaphone

(8) – Jello Shots Plate

(9) – Fancy Drink Cup

(10) – College Adventures Book

(11) – Beer Keg

(12) – BBQ Grill

Skin By Tableau Vivant  – \ Kat Skin – Tone 07 ~*New Release*~  

Tattoo By **UrbanStreet** – Heart Hide Tattoo ~*New Release*~  

L Hand By Slink – Male Hands (AvEnhance)   – Gesture   ~*Mesh*~

R Hand By Slink – Male Hands (AvEnhance)   – Splayed   ~*Mesh*~

JACKET By VG MENS – JACKET 01 WASHED BLUE ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~

Pants By ::LikeA:: – W-BLUE Cropped pants with rib ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~
 Try the DEMO                                                           [ Find it at CREATORS COLLECTION BOX ]at this event you well find KARATE WEAR (MALE) 40%off  you can see the post i did for this item here >:D<

Shoes By FLite. -Hawk Mids Fatpack – RARE ~*Mesh*~

Look-#291 Birdy-Zenith-Essenz-Glam Affair Skin: Glam…

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Look-#291 Birdy-Zenith-Essenz-Glam Affair

Skin: Glam Affair-Katra Ballerina (Uber) Lipstick: Buzzeri-Cara Lip in Dark Plum Hair: Mina-Becca (

Van Luck – Penelope Skin

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A beautiful skin for only 10L on marketplace : :VL:  Penelope skin – Van Luck Marketplace

New Skin, New Me!

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Laqroki has just released a new skin called Gun Essential. She’s so lovely. So much character in this pretty face. The skin pack comes with a shape, eye makeup, hair bases, prim eyes, and a tattoo cleavage. I think this new skin really suits my new dress from NYU which I picked up yesterday for Fifty Linden Friday. You will also find a moving gift over at NYU so stop by and check that out. The rest of my details are below.

skin – LAQ, Gun Essential, tone 1.5 (SLink appliers sold separately)
dress – NYU, LongLine Tee, OrangeRoad, FLF special
shoes – L. Warwick (now Livalle), Miranda, High Platform Wedge, Coppertop
hair – Analog Dog, pause, milk chocolate
eyes: Poetic Colors, makeup (eyes): MOCK, earrings: Maxi Gossamer, pose: Le Poppycock, backdrop: Katink

The Artful Mr. X – Modern Couture @ The Instruments & New Skin October 4 Seasons

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Mr. X told me that I glided through a sea of bourgeois pageantry as if from the worship of Greek figures such as Venus and Aphrodite in the exclusive new dress found at the Instruments by Modern Couture called the Artsy Fall Dress and in my new Latte skin by October 4 Seasons.

There is a wild and untamed element to this dress with it’s  asymmetrical hemline and bold pattern that reminds me of a party (ok a nice word!!)  that is fun and spontaneous…think Bacchus!

The Arsty Dress comes in three shades — I loved the teal blues because it reminds me of the tropics and the clear turquoise and azure waters found there… and of course, it reminds me of the eyes of my beloved Mr. X — yes, they are the most gorgeous shades of blue just like this dress.

As for the skin, this is the new one by October 4 Seasons called Alisha in Latte — it is the perfect Autumn Shade that goes perfectly with the shades offered by Modern Couture at the Instruments.  Alisha comes in SIX make-ups plus a natural make up as well as loaded with all appliers and several below the belt tattoos that are sure to heat things up this autumn… but,  I never kiss and tell !

The asymmetric dress is here to stay this season and this one is really a total wrap over statement…. sassy and slinky at the same time.  I plan to wear this to a party with attitude — and in this, I have plenty of it!

Exclusive at The Instruments – Through  September 6th 

The Instruments  Exclusive – Gown – Modern Couture  – Artsy Dress in Fall and Jade (it also comes in Purple)

Skin – October 4 Seasons – *NEW* – Alisha – Latte
Lashes – October 4 Seasons – Undanted Mesh

Sparkie Harland – Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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Hair – Vanity Hair – Italian Job Must Haves

POST# 815 Genre- The Age of the Dragon New Release’s Drago Skin – Shape – Tail – Horns From Sinful Needs ~ Release’ Mesh Champion From Pucca Firecaster’s Creations

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OutFit By PFC~ 0- bracer’s – Champion’s – Leg Bandage -belt – [ part of the Champion ]                                                                                                                                        ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~

OutFit By PFC~ – belt – Boots [ Part of the Son of Odin ]  ~*Mesh*~

Beard By DECO – Bandit Beard (coal)   ~*Mesh*~

Hair By *SongF* – Blaze male black   ~*Mesh*~

Tail By Sinful Needs ~ Mesh Tail, Drago [ Find it at Genre- The Age of the Dragon ]                                                                                                                                 ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~

Horns By Sinful Needs – Mesh Basilisk Horns, Drago [ Find it at Genre- The Age of the Dragon ]                                                                                                                                                          ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~

Skin By Sinful Needs – Basilisk – Bahamut – F1 [ Find it at Genre- The Age of the Dragon ]                                                                                                                                             ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~     

Shape By Sinful Needs – Shape – Basilisk (M – 6’6″) [ Find it at Genre- The Age of the Dragon ]                                                                                                                                                       ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~

A Skin of another Colour

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It’s been a very busy week, work wise, but I finally got everything done. My weekly posts here on Free*Style have suffered for it, but I should be back to my regular schedule next week. That being said, I have all sorts of new to share with you.
This is a blabby post, so I will put a break here for all the feeds. Read on if you are interested in all the great offers and freebies. 


Fantasy Gacha Carnival opened with another round on the 12th, this one not being themed. Designers just had to stick to the general theme of Fantasy, so everyone went all over the place directionally. I had a blast touring the event.
The Thrift Shop is hosting it’s tenth rendition of the event, with multitudes of designers offering new and old items at a discount. You can find gachas here as well. Chop Shop has a new series of Eye released here, called Ripple, which are offered in Dark and Light variations.
On9 opened on the 9th, with another group of designers offering new items, with one colouration at a discount. Something you might not know is that no.7 often participates in this event, and since they don’t have a mainstore, their event items are always considered Limited Edition. My lips are their offering this round, in the discounted pack, and come with tattoo layers as well as TMP and LeLutka appliers included.
If you couldn’t tell the theme of this post, it is me getting out, and spending all my lindens, haha. That is what happens when I get cooped up designing for a week.

PixyStix just set out all of their Hera Skinline that have makeups out for L$ 100 each. They are on sale for 2 weeks, but some of that time has already passed. I got the info on the 9th, so I think it is safe to say you only have another wee or so to come on down. 
The Nude versions of Hera are not included in the sale, but they will continue to be sold after the sale of the others, so if you do end up liking the skin, you will be able to pick up other tones still.
If you want to try Hera out, join the PixyStix group, there are a few version for free, as group gifts, as well as a plethora of other gifts.
PixyStix supports many appliers. It is actually rather insane the amount of appliers they offer for their skinlines. So if you have all of the mesh bits and bobs out there, this is the store for you.
Another little bit of news is that PixyStix is semi rebranding. The new name will be just Stix, and going forward, they are going to be doing some different things with their store. All Event items, not official Stores Releases, will only be sold for 2 weeks in the mainstore, once events are over. This is going to make their Event items a bit like Limited Editions, thus making them a more special and worth while to get.


Main Pics

Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Twisted Siren in Unicorn – Not Free
Skin – PixyStix – Hera Skin in Drow Tone/Unseelie Makeup – L$ 100 on Sale
Eyes – Chop Shop – Light Ripple Eyes in Red – *NEW* Discounted Item @ The Thrift Shop
Lashes – La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes – N/A
Makeup(Lips) – no.7 – Flirt Lipstick in Teal Balm – *NEW* Discounted Item @ On9
Hands – Slink – Casual Pose – Not Free
Nail Appliers – La Boheme – Industrial Steel Nails – L$ 10 Monthly Deal
Tattoo – Identity Body Shop – Real Promise Tattoo in Fresh Ink – Common Gacha Item @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress – Sweet Lies – Athena Dress 6 – Common Gacha Item @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Face Chains – Tabou Irresistible – Double Chain Monkey Face in Black – Rare Gacha Item @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Necklace – Plastik – Rvah Pendant Rare – Rare Gacha Item @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Ring – Chop Zuey – Black Storm Ring – Free

Pose Prop can be found at this awesome free Photo Studio. Please be considerate of the sim’s rating, don’t do nude shoots.

Skin Pics

Hair – The Stringer Mausoleum – Together Apart in Night – Not Free
Hairbase – Adoness – Shaved Swirls in Black – L$ 50 @ Mainstore
Skins – PixyStix – Hera Skinline in various Tones/Makeups – L$ 100 on Sale @ Mainstore
Eyes – Clemmm – Various Eyes all currently in the Mainstore – Not Free
Lashes – La Sylphide – Natural Prim Lashes – N/A
Swimsuit – Devae – Ringkini in Obsidian – *NEW* @ Mainstore 

Poses can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$ 50.

Our pockets are all stuffed so full with secrets of who we really are or who we want to be, it’s no surprise that we can’t find comfort in our own skin.

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Miamai_XGen Makeup_Basic Lashes B Black – No Hair
Belleza– Isis
:::Sn@tch Mab Mules: (For Slink High Feet)::
:::Sn@tch Mesh Moa Maxi Dress (Cheetah-Large):::
Belleza– Amelia Med Makeup 6
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – White M

Quote by Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Bargains @ EVA Round 10 thru Aug 16 and Mr. X New Skin and L.A. BOS

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Eden of Virtual Arts (EVA)  – Mr. X and I liked the sound of that… and the bargains to be found there are a bonus!  Here everything is exclusive and on wicked sale, under 150L and most way under that from fabulous designers. Check out this new dress by  AsHmOoT  called SS Coll FLora … it has a rich paisley texture with an off the shoulder low cut frilly lace top that is…as Mr. X says, “oh so sweet”. I have paired this with earrings and cuff bracelets and Shoes from Jumo Isola Bella Orange.

Another find by femme couture is a sexy pencil skirt called Halston in creme with an abstract print in grey and black.  The Halston skirt comes with a crop top in a black matt texture that has an interesting angular neckline that gives a couture look indeed at the right price. I have paired this outfit with shoes by ghee called fringe heels in coal. 

And, for the naughty girl in all of us (I know it lurks in all of us….. right?), there is always the sexy new outfit by CNZ called Mimi.  This is a steal!  It comes with two wire bracelets, fishnet stockings and sexy booties.  It also has bows in all the right places… so it is sugar and spice…. and everything well latex! This comes loaded with all appliers.

As for the skin, I am wearing the new skin called Alisha by October 4 Season Skins. It is available exclusively at MOR (Make over Room).  I added the newly released Leopard nails by October 4 Seasons that are perfectly detailed and glitter with MEOW! 

EVA Exclusives –through Aug. 16
AsHmOoT –  SS Coll FLora
Femme Couture – Halston Skirt and Crop Top
CNZ – Mimi 
EVA evet LM

Shoes and Earrings with AsHmOoT – Jumo – Isola Bella

Shoes with Femme Couture – ghee – Fring Heels Coal

Skin- *New* October 4 Seasons  — Alisha – Exclusive at MOR

Nails  *New* October 4 Seasons – Leopard

Poses – L.A. BoS – Peaches

Sparkie Harland – Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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