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My Own Little Tera Bunny In SL..

Previously posted at M3sh3d Up Styles.

Hey Girlys New Blog Featureing New Stuff From HolliPocket
And Olive Hair 
Happy Shopping <3 Vixen
On Me
Hair- .Olive. the Paloma Hair – Crazy Glitter [Wear] Geeks N Nerds 
Top- *HolliPocket* What Does The…Bright FullPocket-@ FREAK SHOW GACHA TY<3 
Panties- ::wanderLUST:: Tugged panties Noir Mesh Underwear
Socks- *HolliPocket* Bone Meh Daddeh-FullPocket-@ Pastel Goth TY<3 
Glasses- .tsg. Mirai Glasses *FATPACK* <3 
Gloves- *HolliPocket* Pent Meh Tops & Gloves-FullPocket @ Pastel Goth TY<3 

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