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‘Far Too Long’ ft Mina, Lure, Evani, Catwa, Ikon, CoCo, [email protected], Chillie, Le Poppycock

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Lure had this gorgeous skin at the recent Skin Fair I think and I missed it, but ‘Victoria’ is in the store now – I had a Lure skin previously which I used on my TMP head – but this one has so many more appliers – Catwa, Slink, TMP, Genesis and Omega heads as well as the bodies. I used the ‘Sarah’ head here from Catwa, it looks perfect too – I love the lips, which is always the first thing I look at when trying a skin. Eyes are Ikon Promise in Coffee.

I was lucky enough to get the Mina ‘Mary’ all special rare pack at my first attempt at the gacha @ The Seasons Story today which was amazing given my usual luck, I could usually have paid for the shop before I get the colour I want!

Pics here were taken at Kilu, Majorca sim, really great place to take photos! Poses in the first two pics are from Le Poppycock and the one below was in the chair.

Jeans are also @ The Seasons Story, by Evani. I thought they were a little on the expensive side, but then the quality is fantastic, they do fit perfectly on the Maitreya body and the bum looks very sexy so I couldn’t resist. The applier bustier top is ‘Sally’ from [email protected] and the fringe vest is from CoCo Designs. The Chillie ‘Austin’ Boots I’ve had for a while, got them on marketplace HERE.

Very sad news about Prince this week. I was going to add the video for another song, then I saw this and it’s awesome, so take a look! Thanks for checking my blog and come back soon xx

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Your [email protected] Prom Sale

Previously posted by colleen Criss at Colleens SLife In Pixels.

Prom is right around the corner and to celebrate at [email protected] EVERYTHING is 50% to 75% OFF! You will even find some extra big discounts MIXED IN! So get over here and take advantage of these prices! ***All Mesh Dresses, Tops and Bottoms FATPACKS are $ 135 L or Less ***All Old Style Vendors (sold by […]

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Get yer [email protected] on, NOW!

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I have been in the [email protected] group for so many years I can’t even guess how much it cost to join but whatever it was over the years it’s not only paid it back in FULL but much more in fun.

[email protected] is the ONLY shop that I know that has successful riots, as soon as the group call goes out people come running to make the prices drop on the riot boards.  Even if people don’t want to buy the item themselves there seems to be such a camaraderie between fellow [email protected] that makes us all drop everything and TPing.  Add to that is regular GG’s out plus excellent Lucky Boards which because so many people use the Lounge area of [email protected] just as a chill out place the boards change so regularly you can quickly win yourself plenty of clothes ADD to that there is always a really excellent “Fish for this” outfit, which is particularly cute at the moment, and although you do have to have a Seven Seas Rod to fish for it you don’t even have to bait it to win ADD to that the fish for it outfit is non copy but trans and there is a massive trade for unwanted items so people regularly shout out in the group for an item of clothing they maybe missing.  Don’t worry though as although this is a friendly and helpful group it’s very non spammy as well.

So all in all a great group at any price but for the next 3 days, or maybe 2, it’s FREE to join so get [email protected] NOW.

[email protected]

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It’s my rezday, and I’m treating myself to some [email protected]!

Previously posted at The Skyclad Fashionista.

So, one of my favourite days of the year has finally come… it’s my REZDAY! Today marks the day 6 years ago when Skyler Glasswing came into being. I am filling this day with fun and friends, and treating myself to anything I want! Lucky for me that today is also Wednesday, which means brand new stuff at [email protected] to treat myself to!

but first…..
I mentioned to my partner how excited I was that Pink Fuel updated their Doll V2 skins to include logo/omega/belleza appliers, and mentioned that I planned to get it for myself for my rezday… and he went out of his way and bought it for me! He’s wonderful :3

It's my rezday, and I'm treating myself to some Sn@tch!_001
The Pink Fuel Doll V2 skin that I received is the “Crystal tone” version (not the vamp version) comes with so many options it would probably take me the rest of the day to list them including; body appliers, head appliers, makeup, and a feet/shoe pack from just designs (not shown)

It's my rezday, and I'm treating myself to some Sn@tch!_002
Next, [email protected] seemed to just KNOW that it was my rezday, and put out 3 of my favourite products (that I somehow didn’t own already) on the RIOT VENDORS! I managed to snag three new gorgeous items for about $ L150!

Style Card:
Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll V2 – Crystal
Hair: Doe – Cricket – Neons/fatpack! Thanks, Helyanwe!
Head: Logo – Alex infinity – Omega version
Body: Maitreya – Lara mesh body
Eyes: S0ng – Vale eyes – Grey {RARE}
Ears: Mandala – Steking ears
Shoes/socks – Reign – Marlena plats – Fatpack

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[email protected] a dance with you

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Save this dance for me, Something new-props n poses

Something New- props n poses has a wonderful special that will get you up and dancing! With four sweet couple dance poses available at a super price, you can buy a single pose for 75L or buy the pack of 4 for the price of 3.  Here Helly supports me in the dance called ‘Save This Dance for Me’, see the texture below for the image of the four poses that make up the pack.

SN~ Dance Pack

My clothing is from [email protected] which I picked up at a bargain price during their recent sale. With omega appliers as well as system layer options [email protected] clothing gives you a huge range of clothing (sold in packs of colors usually) at really reasonable prices. Hit up the subscriber or join the group to be kept up to date and ready to [email protected] those bargains .

Body: CATWA HEAD Jessica V4.5
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.1
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.3
Skin: Racha Milk Catwa applier, .::WoW Skins::.
Hair: My Own-Browns, Vanity Hair
Eyes: Triumph Eyes -hazel, IKON
Clothing: Lisey Polka dot suit ( all colors) , [email protected]
Shoes: Becky T-Strap Heels Black (SLINK), Nardcotix ( @ Lost & Found event)
Pose: Save this dance for me, Something New -props n poses


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[email protected] Lovers Sale!

Previously posted at So Hawt SL.


[email protected] Lovers Sale!
January 20 – January 24, 2016

Entire mainstore is discounted 50% – 75% off, excluding new releases or gift cards.

Teleport to Snatch

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[email protected] up some holiday goodies!

Previously posted at The Skyclad Fashionista.

Hey all!
[email protected]‘s owner Ivey is always so fantastically generous, and she’s gone above and beyond again this holiday season and put out 6 gifts under the giant tree in her store! These were supposed to be opened one by one until Christmas day, but I haven’t been around due to holidays, so I went and grabbed ALL of them today!

3 pairs of PJ pants under the tree!

2 cocktail dresses, and PJ pants under the tree!

2 studded sweaters, 2 sexy dresses, and PJ pants under the tree!

3 skater skirts, 2 studded sweaters, 2 sexy dresses, and PJ pants under the tree!

A cuddly winter jacket, 3 skater skirts, 2 studded sweaters, 2 sexy dresses, and PJ pants under the tree!

A surprise under the tree!!!
Hey, I can’t reveal all of the gifts, can I?
Take my advice though, you definitely want the wonderful gifts in this package!

And speaking of wonderful gifts, Lumae has the perfect skin to pair with all of your holiday essentials. This particular skin is FREE in 4 different skin tones (2, 4, 6, and 8). 2 of these are group gifts for the Lumae group, and the other 2 are gifts for the SL free & offers group. This gift is particularly special (to me) because it is her first skin to include appliers for…. TheMeshProject body!! These are just a sneak peek of what’s to come, and they are not actually out in store yet. If you have a body from TheMeshProject, then you won’t want to miss this gift!

Style Card:

Skin: Lumae – Alaska – Cream – Mulled wine
Hair: Ploom – Cora – Ploomage/Reds pack
Eyes: Song – Chibi eyes
Lashes: Mon Cheri – Falsies
Mouth: Loud mouth – Alli
Body/Hands/Feet: TheMeshProject – Female deluxe body
Heels: TheMeshProject – Freebie pumps – black
Shirt: R.icielli – Ginevra sweater – black – $ L10/hunt prize!
Pants: R.icielli – Ginevra pants – Black – $ L10/hunt prize!
Jeans: R.icielli – Anna mesh jeans #03 – $ L10/hunt prize!
Lingerie: HoneyBee – Mistletoe lingerie – $ L0/FREE/Group gift – free to join!
Slippers: Mango Cheeks –  Teddy slippers – brown bear

Poses: Ploom – Sin, pin-up, and bones

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Post #556 – Misfit Attitude of [email protected]

Previously posted at OUTCAST INK.

*This dress also comes in other “attitudes/colors”. They are,
~Blah, Coffee, Danger, Flawless, Hype, La Vie, Limited, Sweet,
Trust, Vampire, & Yes Plz. With each gacha play, you’ll get one
of these phrases. The OMGacha Event opens today, Jan. 10th.*
*These stockings come in classic layer &
an Omega Applier HUD.*
*These boots come with a customization HUD.*

RealEvil Industries – Ice Queen Rings (SLink Casual Hands)
*Ice Queen comes with its own customization HUD. In the HUD, you’ll get
10 metal, 10 gems, & 10 diamond colors. The Season Story begins on
Jan. 10th. You can pick up your Ice Queen Rings during this event.*
RealEvil Industries – Dark Queen Septum Ring – P5 (Snake/Mesh)
*The P5 Septum Ring comes with a metal color changing HUD.*
RealEvil Industries– Lux Face Piercings – Female
*Wearing mouth piercing C & nose.*
RealEvil Industries – Raven Collar – Lock (Mesh)
*RLV compatible. Comes with customization HUD.*

WoW Skins – Megan Catwa Applier HUD – Bronze Skintone 
*With this look, I used the applier, but changed my lipstick
color from the Catwa HUD.* The Mesh Body Addicts
event begins today, Jan. 10th.*
WoW Skins – Maitreya Skin Applier HUD
WoW Skins – SLink Hands Skin Applier HUD
Truth Hair – Harley – Variety Colors (Mesh)
*Comes with color changing HUD.*

Insufferable Dastard – Holiday Group Gift Eyes – Green
*Comes with classic layer & mesh eyes.*

Mandala – Stretched Ears – Omimi – Ear Size 5 (Unisex/Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*
Mandala – Sagarmatha Necklace – Silver – Female
*Can be resized by clicking on necklace.*

Catwa – Jessica Mesh Head – V4.5 (Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD’s.*

Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body – V3.4 (Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD.*

SLink – Casual Hands – V2.3 (Mesh)
*Comes with customization HUD.*

Purple Poses – Piper Pose Pack – Pose #8

Signature Poses – Those Nails Pose Pack – Pose #1

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Post #554/A [email protected] Kind of Feeling

Previously posted at OUTCAST INK.

*Fern, if you can’t tell, is a tie dyed dress. Comes in 8
colors & 5 mesh sizes. The sizes are generous. You
might have to try on a demo first.*
[email protected] – Sheerer Stockings (Dark Colors)NEW [email protected]~N~GRAB
*This weeks special, for only $ 50L’s, is these nylon stockings.
They come in classic layers & Omega Applier HUD.*
[email protected] – Cateye Sparkle Shadows – Black – LAST WEEKS [email protected]~N~GRAB
*These eye-shadows comes in 19 different colors. Even just
a plain eyeliner. They come as a tattoo layer.*
*A tattoo layer gloss lipstick. They
come in 21 colors.*
*This choker also comes in rose
gold & gold.*

RealEvil Industries – Good Kitty Collar (Mesh) @ THE ROMP EVENT
*The Good Kitty Collar will be available beginning January
8th when ROMP opens. This collar is color changeable via
a HUD. With the HUD you have 6 leathers, 6 metals & 6
gems to change up the collar to your liking.*
RealEvil Industries – Kitty Ears (Mesh) @ THE ROMP EVENT
*The Kitty Ears will be available beginning January 8th.
These ears are color changeable via a HUD. The HUD
includes, 8 band & 8 gem colors to customize your ears.*

Glamistry – Anthurium Heels (Mesh)
*Comes with a customization HUD.*

Truth Hair & Apparel – Focus – Light Blondes (Mesh)
*Comes with color changing HUD.*

WoW Skins – Ayah – Bronze Skintone – Natural
*Used this skin as a base for my look.*
WoW Skins – Omega Skintone Applier – Bronze

Insufferable Dastard – Angel Eyes – Gray – NEW RELEASE
*Comes in classic layer & Mesh eyes.*

Mandala – Stretched Ears – Omimi (Mesh/Unisex)
*Comes with customization HUD.*

Belleza – Venus Mesh Body Package – Isis Mesh Body
*Comes with customization HUD.*

Purple Poses – Petra Pose Pack – Pose #3

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SL Free*Stylist – Today’s Featured Store: [email protected]

Previously posted at Free*Style.

Featured Store: [email protected]

I remembering first hearing about [email protected], due to Free*Style. I think I might have even saved my very first [email protected] outfit on my main avatar, haha.
It has been an awesome journey, watching the store grow, and the style not conform over the years. It has stayed fairly set on it’s path, which means it is one of those reliable labels, it easily becomes a staple. It is one of the handful of stores I actually visit each week. There are always friendly people in the store, and always some sort of something happening when you visit.


Shape – External Appearance Shapes – Yaris Shape – L$ 10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Hair – No Match – No Trust in Coal 1 – *NEW* @ Hairology (Opens Jan. 10th)
Skin – Sacrelicious – Quirky Brows – L$ 10 SL Marketplace Promo
Eyes – BSN – Deep Eyes in Bright Blue – L$ 1 SL Marketplace Promo
Lashes – Lumae – Normal Eyelashes – Group Gift (Free to Join)
Dress – [email protected] – Limelight Mini Dress in Red – Limited Time Holiday Gift (under the Big Tree)
Earrings – Plastik – Arambe Earrings w/Colourchange Hud – *NEW* @ Mainstore

Pose can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$ 50.
Some of the weekly happenings at [email protected] are:
Left – [email protected] Weekly Deal – Current Deal is L$ 50
Middle – Riot Vendors – Normally 3 items(currently 6 due to the holidays) – You need to grab a group of people, stand near the boards, and the pricing will drastically drop, going from full priced down to 45/50/55 Lindens, depending on the board.
Right  – Fish for This – Normally changed Bi-weekly, you must have a 7Seas Fishing Rod to participate, does not require Bait. The Ladies are always around trading, so if you are missing something, speak up!
Left – Lucky Boards – Just wait for your letter to pop up, and then click the board. These are changed out a few times a year, not as often as the fishing outfits, but often enough. I want to say every 3 months or so. It’s enough time to collect them all, just from your weekly visits.
Top Right – Front Desk Gifts, there is always a little something here, and it is always random. I have enjoyed many of these packages over the years, cause they often have something fun to play with.
Bottom Right – VIP Gifts, The group is normally a paid one, but it does get opened up a few time a year. Join the subscriber to find out when that happens. You can always find the current VIP gift in the VIP Lounge, near the Riots and Lucky Boards.
[email protected] is also in many events through the year, and often offers a little grab bag at them. They also have a few big sales every year as well, with the whole store going down in price. Again, it is worth it to hit the subscriber, so you can keep up to date.
For those who are really curious, I looked up the very first post that officially had [email protected] coverage on the site. It was by the Free*Style creator, Creamy Cooljoke. Enjoy the retro Flashback . . . HERE. Man, I miss Creamy, and blog comments, haha.

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