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[Sélène Créations] – Sonia Red/Red dots

Sélène Créations

*Taken at The Village & BarDeco 



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Who The Hell was Sonia Rykiel

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Ghee Chiffon Rose.jpg

I´m kind of excited because the astronomical Fall will begin on September 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere and the day before Spring will begin in the South.  The reason I´m so excited is because during my last four years in Second Life I have never witnessed such a profusion of creativity from designers than during this past season.

Naturally of course, the expectation thrills me. Will this proliferation and rampant  creation continue during this season? I hope it does.

Gizza Andrea Vested III.png

Perhaps it´s a reaction to the uncertainty we all feel regarding Sansar or perhaps it´s just natural. Either way I´m enjoying it thoroughly!

In any case I can hardly keep up with all this newness but will do my best to keep up as best I can!

Gizza Dorothy .pngIn other news, the transition of our beloved Sonia Rykiel has not gone unnoticed. I still remember when in NYC I got my first sweater mini inspired by her.  It looked like a longer version of the French Sailor Pull.  I loved it.

Today, I´m lucky enough to own four of her pieces. As noted by my cousin MdL who is also in the business, ¨ they are now to be considered official vintage¨. It saddened me.

I meant to post a proper ode to her but I would fall short. I leave you with this song about her by Malcolm McLaren and a little video about who she was.

Her genius, style and freedom will forever define a moment, a place, a time for the emancipation of women. To me as a very aware child, it was as if she had liberated the female soul. I hope we never lose that which she helped us achieve. Never lose ground!

Malcolm McLaren – Who the Hell is Sonia Rykiel

A True Pioneer of Fashion – Sonia Rykiel

Style Info

Pic 1

Beautifully romantic strapless feminine gown. The upper part is cut empire like with oversized rose bud details.  These are echoed on the print of the diaphanous ample lower part.

Ghee – Chiffon Rose in Ivory. Chop Zuey – Jewelry. Hair by Lamb.

Pic 2

Certainly a ¨Girls in Black¨ensemble. A three piece suit with low slung trouser and a tight vest. Complete with shirt and tie and a color HUD to change the color combo.

Gizza Andrea Vested Suit.  B&W – Sunglasses. Hair by Truth. LaGyo – Ring. Hucci – Sling Backs.

Pic 3

Beautiful Scottish inspired gown that is full of elegance and style.

Gizza – Dorothy Wizard of Oz. Hair by Truth. Mandala – Rings



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