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Poison For Your Soul

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Poison For Your Soul

CATWA HEAD Justin V4.9

NO.MATCH_NO.WHERE. (male) [email protected]

::TI:: Grunge Face [email protected] Dark Style Fair

{Ozma} horns onyx .::Cubic Cherry::.@The Dark Style Fair


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Let Me Look Into Your Soul

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Hair: RunAway @ Hairology Sophie
Head: Genesis Lab Chloe
Skin Applier: Mudskin[email protected]Kustom9  Clem  #1 RARE – S4 For Genesis Heads 2.0
Eyes: Mudskin[email protected]Kustom9  Clem  #15 RARE
Lips: Mudskin[email protected]Kustom9  Clem # 10 Tough Lips Med.
Ears: Mandala Seking Ears Season 5 Unisex
Earrings: LUXE Monocle – Gold
Necklace: Moon Elixir @ The Secret Affair Luna
Top & Glasses: Moon ElixirWhimsical Rekt
Bag: ZenithCollabor88 Leather Fringed Bucket – Brown
Bracelets: Empyrean Forge Ankra – Gold

Pomerian Pal:  MishMish for Luxe Box

Location: Junk

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#419. Every soul will taste death…

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EYESHADOW: NEW!! VileCult – Charlotte @The Dark Style Fair
BODY: Slink Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
HAIR: NEW!! NO!Project Hair COLT @The Dark Style Fair

TATTOO: NEW!! Nana – Kaneki Black Tattoo @The Dark Style Fair
HANDS: NEW!! Nana – Kaneki Black Hands @The Dark Style Fair
MASK: NEW!! Nana – Kaneki Black Mask @The Dark Style Fair
TUTU: NEW!! RudeCats – Nine Tutu 
SHOES: NEW!! AZOURY – Neotropic Ballet Shoes @The Dark Style Fair
LEG BAND: NEW!! :Zombie Suicide : Rose Leg Band @The Dark Style Fair

POSE: NEW!! {NR} disconnected @The Dark Style Fair

GizzA – Halloween Decor 
Table, blood bottle ,blood glasses, skull
[ IBAN ] MESH Candelabra Gothic
Fancy Decor: Crystal Candelstick

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“Loving can mend your soul! “

Previously posted by Sara Baez at Me and Him Fashion .

“Loving can mend your soul! “

:: B O D Y ::

Hair – [e] Lillian – Essentials

:: C L O T H I N G ::

Dress – -AZUL- Calypso/Pearl(MVW2012/Miss Greece)

:: A C C E S S O R I E S ::

Jewelry – [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Tara Diamond

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The mask on my soul

Previously posted by Ande at Lost in my Imagination.

The blood on my hands

Art -the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process.

This morning I decided that I would go out of the box and BE DIFFERENT! We all have our styles with blogging and with blogging in a virtual world, you can get labeled fairly quickly with a certain style or preference.. Everyone wants to stand out everyone wants to be good at what they do and surely with practice and some trail and error you can make it happen.

I have the hardest time getting this out of my head, someone once told me that they wanted to be known for their virtual photography/digital art but they wanted be the NEXT “so and so” You know those people, You know their name.. You know the style of pictures they produce. It is their nitch.. everyone has their own its their comfortable place .. its when they see a picture or have an idea they know the tone they know the angles, they know the colors they want to use.

What you do, is how you perceive things. There is no right or wrong way to make your pictures, and I am here to tell you that if you blog and You get put down for having your pictures to dark or over processed. You can either learn from it  take the criticism and run with it. Not everyone is going to see your vision they wont get what you do and that is ok, You keep doing you and making art.  Within this week sometime I will be featuring different bloggers here showing the different styles of art/photography that people all over the world create using the platform called Second life. If you are interested In allowing me to use your pictures for an up coming blog Send me a message in world or send me a message on facebook.

Now I know that blogging is all about seeing what your showing and I am quite aware that my picture is washed out but I had in mind like those pictures you see now by artist that draw a little sketch and then they use water colors to give the drawing life. That was my inspiration modern water color painting.

My style

Aesthetica– Whispers Crown, Natural ( this little thing spins, so nifty) @ The Dark Style

Aesthetica– Alibi Mask White ( love this mask, it has options to change the colors of the ropes)@ The Dark Style

Nana – Charity Collar White ( seen it and was like OH, MINE!) @ The Dark Style

Kibitz – Gabriella claws


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HunieLee #Soul Of Hope

Previously posted by VampirePam at Blog.

Originally posted on Candela 2nd Life:
“In Second Life we often forget, when we stare at perfect pixels all day, every day, that there are real people behind these avatars. And as real people, sometimes we suffer the real realities of life and its struggles.” Exclusively for The Courage Event – {POSH PIXELS} (from 15th…

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LOTD51 – Do What Makes Your Soul Shine…

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So today when I wasn’t just kicking back, I was of course shopping. Typical… Checked out
a couple of events… looked through items in my closet I haven’t seen a while…
AAAANNNNDDDD Opened up my Luxe Box to see what goodies
were within. I’ll be posting items from the box, which contain 12 items
for 12 amazing designers. There is a sign up period/runs monthly/must renew.
In other words if you ever did a subscribition in RL, similar idea.
Click the Link in Yellow for the Webpage

Current Tune: Lorde | Royals

Mesh Head~  LOGO Infinity Alex Hybrid v3.0.1
Body | Shape~  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara |  ❣My Own❣
Ears~  [MANDALA]  Stretched EARS-OMIMI
Skin~  Go&See  *Jasmine* LOGO
EyeBrows~  chemical princess eyebrows
EyeLiner~  +ENVY+ ~LOGO – Eyeliner Makeup~

Hair~  *Besom~ Dreadheads Sable  *Gothics*   @HairOLogy
Top~  Tee*fy  Verna  Simple Top – Maitreya – LadyBug        Luxe Box May 2016 
Shorts~  Blueberry – Tazz Denim – Black
ArmChain~  Blueberry  #22 – Oakley – Common – Maitreya – Black   (Gacha N Store)
BodyChain~  Blueberry  #17 – Oakley – Common – Maitreya – Black   (Gacha N Store)
Bracelet~  REIGN.- Boho Bracelet (Black) # 16   (Check MarketPlace)
Tattoo~  .:AS:. Oleira Tattoo   @The Secret Affair
Heels~  EMPIRE – Rudbeckia   @Dark Style Fair  (Thx )

Left – StudioTito – Pose-F-M 28 (U) horse
Right – :: Axix :: Forest Deer (Modified)
Sim Location:
by Whole Wheat Landscape & Creations
(A photographer friendly sim, take a moment and explore)

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“My soul needs a vacation”

Previously posted by Sara Baez at Me and Him Fashion .

“My soul needs a vacation”

:: B O D Y ::

Hair – little bones. Tara –

:: C L O T H I N G ::

Dress – !:Lybra:! Lybra Bloggers Antoinette Mesh Body Addicts close 30th May

Sandals – PICHI – Maxine Flower Sandals [offwhite]

:: A C C E S S O R I E S ::

Necklace – Kibitz– The heart necklace

Tiara – Persefona Tango Wreath + AddONs (white) *. ”Cosmopolitan Events“

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Previously posted by at Rok´s & Roll.

Misti-K – Strapless Mini Dress + Pose
::ROC:: – Punk Heels black *Gift
{Indyra} The Passion Necklace 
Beusy: Amore Mesh Hair 
▰▰▰Watch my Flickr Girl▰▰▰
( ^ 3 ^) FLICKR ( ^ 3 ^)

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My soul is alive

Previously posted by Moonsoul Resident at Chic Styler.


The Annex – Jeanne Gacha at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Besom Hair~ India

skin: THE FACE – Riri – Catwa head and Maitreya body -Slink appliers

✈   Egypt

🌙 Moon

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