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Camp Out with Sway`s

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YES! It`s that time again: The ARCADE GACHA
Sway`s made some adorable Tents and Oil Lamps for this, so i took Advantage of them and camped my heart out in my place.


Sway’s Jar World Decorations

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So I been really into collecting little jars lately.  I have blogged another creator that had a jar recently, but then Sway totally blew me out the water with these. What sets these jars a part from all the jars in SL is that these are not only 100% her own creation, they are animated too! The little miniature pieces move!  I can’t get over how small the pieces are that move, I know I am raving about that.  But I have had the pleasure to see them all!

You can collect them all too! The Fantasy collective has just opened and this is Sway’s addition to what is there.  You can go play and win to your hearts content and whats better is you can share them with your friends.  That something I would love getting if I hadn’t collected them all already ♥

Jars:  Created by Sway Dench     Fantasy Gacha Carnival     Sway’s Main Store
Sway’s [Jar World] Camping
Sway’s [Jar World] Ocean
Sway’s [Jar World] Beach
Sway’s [Jar World] Snowman
Sway’s [Jar World] Sky RARE
Sway’s [Jar World] Desert
Sway’s [Jar World] Moon RARE

Want to know more about Sway’s then you can follow her on:
Flickr: group:
Marketlace: (hit ‘newest first’)


Beachtime with Sway`s

Previously posted @ Shopping Therapy with Shay.

Better late than never, but:
Sway`s is part of the June Arcade Gacha
She totally touches my nautical Heart, to Show off the goodies i chose Sway`s Beach House, is it still available? Check the mainstore.

Sway’s at the Beach – Arcade and News

Previously posted @ Livvys Boudoir.

Do you love beach items?  Summer is getting REALLY close and what I love is that a lot of designers will be putting out lots of great summer items.  SO, with that being said Sway’s is on top of it.  For the Arcade and a bunch of new items for her store, you can get these amazing decorations.

Do you remember the fish that had out a while back?  Well this time its anchors! I love them.  And you get a cute huggy one that you can walk around with.   The bigger one on the ground has poses it in so you sit and look really pretty.  What goes with Anchors?  BOATS … these cute boat seats are perfect for any room of your house, I have these outside by my pool, and they are just awesome.

But the big deal I am sure you all know is Arcade just opened!! SHE HAS HER ITEM THERE! You can get the little accessories I am showing that werent mentioned.  They are at the Arcade and you can win them all! I totally love everything that was in the pack, So many goodies to pack your house with.  Now I can decorate for the summer in the right way ♥

Sway Dench  | Sway’s

Arcade Items:
Sway’s [Nautical] decoration . letter beach RARE
Sway’s [Nautical] decoration . sign sandy feet RARE
Sway’s [Nautical] decoration . photo frame seashell
Sway’s [Nautical] decoration . frames seashell & starfish
Sway’s [Nautical] decoration . candle starfish
Sway’s [Nautical] decoration . candle seashell
Sway’s [Nautical] decoration . sign beach
Sway’s [Nautical] decoration . life belt aboard
Sway’s [Nautical] decoration . life belt beach

NEW Items
Sway’s [Rowboat] Bench . nautical
Sway’s [Rowboat] Bench . natural light
Sway’s [Anchor] floor cushion . red/blue
Sway’s [Anchor] decor cushion . red/blue

Post 581 – Sway’s Garden

Previously posted @ Livvys Boudoir.

On May 1, The Home Show opened.  Sway’s is in this years opening.  What you can find there is her Garden Shed, and the Gardening Table.  These both are original mesh and very cute to have your garden.  The utensils that come with are all 1 land impact each.  And there are different colors to be had.  You can choose if you want to place out the loose, the partial links, or linked items. 

If you happen to like the topiary’s I have out, you can get them at the Sway’s main store.  You can get them with lights, or flowers.  The flowers could click to change to colors,  they are perfect for any look in your garden.  Or you could place them around your house. So many looks can be come from these pretty plants.

Sway’s [Peony] Garden Shed & Gardening Table  |  Sway Dench  |  The Home Show
garden shed with working doors (2 Li)
gardening table(2 Li)

gardening utensils:(1 Li each)
flower box
gloves (green and red)
bags of soil (3 variations)
rubber boots (pink and blue)
empty flowerpots (3 variations)
garden hose
tools: spade, bar spade, hand fork and trowel
flowerpots with soil, plant and seedling
flowerpots with tulips (2 variations, each with 4 color options)
watering can (blue, green and pink)

Sway’s [Greta] potted topiary – Large, Small, Flowers, and Lights

Sway’s in Home Show 2015

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Sway’s [Peony] Garden Shed @ Home Show 2015

Post 574 – Sway’s

Previously posted @ Livvys Boudoir.

Hiii everyone, I have a rather quick post because I got behind today.  Sway’s is part of Fifty Linden Fridays this week and if you are reading this and its before midnight on Friday you can pick this up.  Now, after the sale you can get it in her shop for the normal price, which I will tell you are always amazing deals anyways. 

You get your choice of Topiary pots, the plants come with flowers, or lights.  With or without bows.  They are perfect for your garden and would make the perfect addition.  I know that I have them in my garden right now.  They would look great around the house since they are in pots. 

A little more about the plants :
Potted topiary – tall and small with and without bow
flower: 4 texture options for flowers – white, yellow, pink and blue
light: light on/off by touch
(bows are tintable)

Sway’s [Greta] potted topiary . flower | Sway Dench | (FLF)
Sway’s [Greta] potted topiary . light | Sway Dench | (FLF)

Post 567 – Sway’s [Filis]

Previously posted @ Livvys Boudoir.

Hey everyone! Sway’s is preparing for TLC |The Liaison Collaborative| which will be opening on April 15th.  What we have here is a lovely little spring set.  Tulips, chairs, lanterns, tables, and magazines.  What I love about this is the colorful look of all the items.  The pastels will look great in any room or party venue.  Below are listed the specs of the items, and after the event is over you can buy this set at the main store.  But make sure you get this while you can at the main event!

Chair A
12 single and 7 couple animations
6 texture options

Chair B
12 single and 7 couple animations
6 texture options

(chair A and B have different animations)

paper ball lams
3 trio, 3 single big and 3 single small
in matching colors for the chairs
light on / off by touch

Table & Magazine

in glass vase
yellow, pink, red, purple and  colorful

Sway’s Arcade – Cupacake Bunnies

Previously posted @ Livvys Boudoir.

Hey everyone! After a few tries I did manage to get into the Arcade. I know its still busy and people want in.  This round is awesome for sure.  I have a collection of bunnies for you.  There are 9 to collect, 3 rares, and they are 1Li each.  Whats even better is the big bunny, is 3Li.  You can make them big, you can keep them small.  The bigger they get the more LI but as you can see I made them them all different sizes to show what you can do, the textures stay really nice too!  And they are perfect for the upcoming spring.  Make sure you hit up the arcade before its to late. 

Along with her bunnies are these awesome chalk boards which come with different writings or a blank one.  Each having keys and letter inside the little box holder.  I have chosen three of them to show you.  Just click the board and change your texture.  The drop down menu lets you do so.

▀  Sway’s [Cupcake Bunny] – Arcade Gacha
50 L$ per play | Mesh | Material | modify + transfer | 9 to collect | 3 rares | 1 Li each

▀  Sway’s [Suzie] key holder / note board  (Sway Dench)
     with keys and letter — 6 chalkboard options

Post 527 – Sway’s

Previously posted @ Livvys Boudoir.

Hiii everyone! I got some new things to show you going on in the Home and Garden part of my blog.  Today’s showcase is Sway’s.  There are two awesome sets you could get. 

First off you can get the moon and stars for your loved one with this amazing couch and wall art.  Comes in both black wood and brown.  There are 20 single/friend poses, and 8 couples animations in this!  I need to make a little edit, there is a lamp in the box too! But because I opened mine wrong I didn’t see it in time for the picture.  Sooo you know there is a lamp too!  I love the windlight settings i found that reflect the different lights off things, this was materials it looks like and it shown really nicely like satin pillows I love this look.  *Note all items in the set can be purchased individual if you so chose*

Now these signs on the second picture were part of the Fifty Linden Friday. But if you didn’t grab them then you can still get them today in her store for normal price.  There is a big sign and a little one.  Each sign has three different sayings on it so you get six total boards you can hang in your house, to mix and match and make look amazing for Valentines day.  Which is right around the corner!

Decor:  (Sway Dench
Sway’s [Infinity] Set   UBER
Sway’s [Love] signs