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Sway’s Arya Bedroom Set

By – Livvys Boudoir. Visit Sway’s Arya Bedroom Set for original post.

Hi everyone! I am excited to do a Home and Garden like post for you.  Sway’s has placed out for the Lost and Found & Uber an amazing bedroom set.  To get the whole collection you will need to visit both places.  Lost and Found is opened right now until the first … and Uber opens on the 25th. 

Lost & Found (July 22nd – August 1st)

[Arya] Pineapple Lamp
4 color options: natural, yellow, red and green
light on / off by touch
high and low LoD version included

[Arya] Stool / end table
with 12 single animations
white wood and colors with wicker top (red, yellow and green)

Uber (July 25nd – August 22nd)

[Arya] Bed
Adult and PG version available
Metal frame bad with 12 Friends / Single animations for up to 2 avatars
10 Couple animations – Adult version + 10 Adult animations
3 texture options for pillows and blankets
frame in 3 metal finishes

[Arya] Honeycomb shelf
with and without back wall, empty and with decoration
decoration: Book, Plant and Pineapple
including white wood and scripted color version in red, yellow, green and mix.