“Victoria” Mesh Sweater Dress by Aggressione

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…and it goes without saying that if there were a prize for most adorable, I would win hands down :-)

So just as I was thinking that it was time to root around in my inventory for a sweater dress, what should I find when I log in yesterday? Corina Carlberg’s new release! When I saw the detailed knit texture, the sleeveless cut, the cowl neck, I was like, “This is PERFECT!” Add in the leg warmers and heels, the bangles, and you’ve got a complete outfit.  Too cute, too! In the middle of shooting for this post, I got invited to go hang out at a friend’s garden. She commented how well she liked the outfit. When I told her the price (L$ 119 for an individual color pack, L$ 799 for all 12 colors), she said it’s a gift!

The dress is available in both warm autumn colors and rich bright colors, a dozen colors all together. Coloring options are available through a HUD. The dress is mesh; there is no demo, but the sizes run typical.

Also, while you’re at the store, have fun with the mini-hunt. There are six tiny orange pumpkins scattered about, so you can outfit yourself for Halloween. (I found all the pumpkins, but I’m not telling where the are ;-) )

Peace out

Sweater Weather – A review of Pink Fuel’s Doll V2 for The Mesh Project

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This skin you guys…It has given me life!
A couple of days ago, Pink Fuel released a revamped version of the Doll skin, which I believe was released for the Love Donna Flora event a while back, anyways, a few months ago Mochi teased us on Plurk with a quick snap of the revamped version, and it had me drooling. I’ve been hooked on PF since Harley was released, and for good reason. When I saw that she was released a face for the Mesh Project head, I died. 
Yes, yes, the Mesh Project. My annoying love/hate obession. Anyways, I had to get the face, because Pink Fuel…For the Mesh Project. Enough said.
On to the good stuff! The face itself is gooorgeous, but in true Pink Fuel style, there are makeup options, and not just makeup options, but tons of eyebrow options too!
(From left to right: Base (Blonde), Black/Brown, Bright Blonde, Ginger, Light Brown)
Oh no no, that’s not all!
(Left to Right: Top: Pink, Purple, Blue. Bottom: Carrot, Red, Green)
Of course, there’s Eyeshadows
(Left to Right: Top: Base, Pink, Purple. Middle: Blue, Green, Sepia. Bottom: Light Smoke, Dark Smoke, White.)
Aaaand, lippie options.
(Left to Right: Top: Base, Clear Gloss, Neutral. Bottom: Pink, Red, Orange)
Oh, and because Mochi loves us, she included a crap ton of appliers with the skin. Here are the appliers included:
I’m not even kidding. This beautiful skin comes with appliers for Slink (Physique, hands, and feet), The Mesh Project, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam, Wowmeh, Kitties Lair/Lena Mesh Body, AMD Baby Bump, Lolas, and Phat/Cute Azz. 
Oh, and the fun doesn’t stop there. Seriously, I’m not even joking, there’s more.
(Top to bottom: Regular- Normal, Small, & Cleavage, Athletic- Normal, Small & Cleavage, Ripped- Normal, Small & Cleavage, Curvy- Normal, Small & Cleavage)
Along with appliers for all of these mesh goodies, everything comes in system layers, so you don’t have to be 100% mesh like myself
As of right now, this skin is only available in the Crystal tone, but I don’t doubt that other tones will be released
So, if you’re interested in the new Doll skin, it’s available at Pink Fuel for only L$ 1,500 – For everything -
<3 Jasey
Skin & Appliers: Doll v2 – Crystal: Pink Fuel
Head: The Mesh Project Beta Mesh Head – Classic: The Shops
Hair: Again – Essentials (No Longer Available): Elikatira
Rochelle – Naturals: Lelutka
Shimmer – 02: Magika
Body, Hands & Feet: The Mesh Project Beta Basic Body: The Shops
Top: Turtle Neck Basic Sweater – Creme: Tee*fy
Panties: Bikini Underloons TMP Appliers: Epoque
Choker: Floral Choker – True: The Sugar Garden
Poses: Marukin (No inworld store at the moment)
P.S. I’m wearing a Turtle Neck and a Choker in these photos because I’m a brat who uses Advanced lighting for EVERY picture, and The Mesh Project heads don’t play nicely with that setting. There’s a very visible line along the neck, and it’s very unsightly. Gotta love SL bugs >.<