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Travel the World at Oval Theater…

Previously posted by Starr at Follow Myself & Dena .

Oh my another fantastic, awesome performance from the Cast and Crew at Oval Theater…do they ever fail in my eyes NO Never!!!  I always get thrilled as Dena and I put on our formal gowns to attend one of the best theater performances in SL ~ so on with the review…


Dena and I at Entrance to Oval 

Their ever present greeter giving a very nice welcome and to enjoy the show, which both of us knew that would be a given…love standing on the red carpet having our pics taken by their local photographer….


World Tapestry of Dance 

Those words “A Tour you never forget” rings so true after looking back at the images and still hearing and see the music and choreography ~ my images will not do it justice but you will get an idea and a tease that might just urge you to attend a performance…


Our “Fake Pilot ~ Othan

Am chuckling as I write those words as he did say he was our fake pilot who would be taking on this world tour ~ the scenery behind him was sent for the first number “One Night In Bangkok”, which I was so mesmerized by it that is why you see no images and I while I feel bad there won’t be an apology because it was THAT good and got the entire audience enthralled ~ what a way to start a performance and yes it was amazing, fantastic and you could just tell from the energy throbbing throughout it was going to be a hell of a good show…the chess pieces start moving and up from the board comes Steve Ruhig all dressed in white singing his heart out as the rest of the cast members show up wearing green…WOW is all the words or rather adjectives because again I was just captivated by watching the dances and listening to the music…


Next Stop ~ Hawaii

Such a quick turn around with sets that you know it takes practice and perfection to ensure the cast is in the right place, music comes on and dances are synced…Bravo!!


The Flamenco

What a dramatic dance and they didn’t let the audience down ~ Red and Beeze just looked like pure professionals out there entrancing us to watch till the curtain closed…taking a deep breath to catch myself and to ask someone new just what they thought about the show so far ~ and I got Kai Salter to give me his comments ” Kai Slater (runawaystreetrat):
Well, it’s my first show in SL, and I’m blown away! The choreography is sensational, as well as the sets! So you will come back again I asked ?  Kai Slater (runawaystreetrat): The costumes are quite impressive as well. Oh yes! I plan to come to every one that I can.” 

From there we were treated to a Cuban dance with the cast members jumping off the stage to dance in the aisles and give us a up close look at those delicious costumes they were wearing ~ by now everyone was dancing in the seats tapping their toes and we were still not done ~ Music took a slower turn showing off Kyle with a nice dance solo with “Take me to the Church”…love the lyrics, the dance and the tune ~ nicely done…


Lady Marmalade 

Off to Paris and watching them dance & sing “Lady Marmalade” a great collaboration with several well known singers such as Christine Aguilera, Pink, Lil  Kim & Mya ~ dancers were hot and the dancing even hotter they got the crowd again tapping their toes …It was off to the South to listen to some “Boot Scootin Boogie” where we saw Othan showing off his umm new hairdo seems a little birdy told me his hairdress was really the gardener and well my camera kind of stalled then so that I will apologize for no pics on that number *giggling*


Time of our Life 

OMG this was such a delight my two absolutely favorite MEN in SL ~ the still newlyweds *Kyle and Beez *to me doing this duet and recreating the famous final number in “Dirty Dancing”  This I just watch a couple more times and they even did the lift which hey *standing applause” for that…Great great job you two!

Up next was another stunning display of artistry from the set, the music and the costumes with me leaning forward and listening to ever bit of “Swan Lake” so shrugging just have to come see it as no pics to share on this fabulous number…The Hungarian Dancers got huge applause from all of us ~ and you just could hear those tambourines ~ really a delightful number..On to hearing the sounds of Bruno Mars gets 4 stars from me ~ most of us well at least Dena and myself were dancing in our seats just enjoying watching…Oh Red delighted me and everyone with her dance of “Yearning” the seven veils that just wrapped her up really moved well along with that music provided a great atmosphere but I did hear some tittering about diamonds, almonds and ummm belly jewels but well am not sure and think I will just skip those details *giggling* see what you hear by sitting up close LOL  ~



Loved loved how this number opened up ~ burning hot you could just feel the fire behind them scorching….the entrance, the costumes just amazed me ~ poor Chris‘s hand got a little grey from all that heat and I hope he gets them taken care of *wink*



What a rousing finale that everyone stood and applauded for minutes giving each cast member their due ~ this was one of the best performances yet ~ and not to say the others weren’t but from everyone around me yelling BRAVO BRAVO you could tell the cast and crew so deserved it as this was such a stunning performance…..WOW 5 stars goes to each one of you ~ you knocked me back in my seat with pure joy and amazement ~ and my readers and followers if you NEVER ever attend a theater performance please make this one that you go to and I do not think you will be disappointed ~ Your limo awaits but…the next performance for this show is Saturday at 1pm SLT ~ they need a well deserved break so they can amaze you and entertain you ~ Please go and watch…I think you will become a fan of SL Theater I know they have me hooked…till next time hugzz from Dena & Myself

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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Previously posted by Morgana Hilra at So Hawt SL.

We travel not to escape life

I had to dress for my evening exploring!

Oh Look a FLOWER

I vlogged the devil out of this one.. that’s for sure!
Two days planning it out.. so, I do hope that you will have a look at the video!

And as promised in the video!

Here are a couple pictures I took at,

Only time will tell

and, my favorite!

I'm Not Sugar

Thanks for checking out my blog!

~ Jared Shelter aka Morgana Hilra


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Body | [SIGNATURE] | Gianni – Mesh Body | Raph Dirval

Hair | *Drot*  | Ash-Browns | doctor.ah | Whimsical | May 2016

Eyes – L’Etre | Mesh Eyes [#42] | Dam1710

Ears | MANDALA | STEKING_EARS_Season 5 | kikunosuke Eel


Top |.::Gabriel:: |Shirt & Tie / White* | Takuya Jinn | Gacha | Whimsical | May | 2016 | I knew it was from a current gacha! See, I searched for it, so I could tell you where to find it!

Pants/Boots | .::GABRIEL:: | Biker Jean & boots / Black |  Takuya Jinn | gacha – now available inside the main store, however, it is not with the other gachas, follow the beacon, that should be there when you land. did my best for you all..


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Poses | PURPLE POSES | PATRICK | Audrey Guter | Men Only Monthly | May | 2016

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How Far Do You Travel in Second Life?

Previously posted by at webspelunker – My Travels Across Second Life.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.
Lao Tzu
          During recent travels in Real Life (RL), I began thinking once again about travel in Second Life (SL).   What follows are some random thoughts about travel inworld.        
          This particular trip was a long drive for a short vacation with Significant Other.  (Significant Other went willingly across state lines with me.  So any wise guys out there who

are thinking of calling the FBI can forget about it!)

          Along drive like this brings out all the vicissitudes of RL travel.
          There’s the preparation and packing, the actual driving, traffic, the tiring nature of the drive, the expense, getting lost (another story for another time), and the elapsed time.  
          Once at the destination, there’s the arrival, settling in, running around, and then getting ready to do it all in reverse again.  Oh, and did I mention the poor WiFi reception while there?  (Just in case any of you missed me while I was away!) 
          Inworld, we teleport wherever we want to go or we fly.  (Does anyone really walk for any considerable distance in SL?)  There’re no airports and TSA!  (A necessary evil but boy they sure take the fun out of flying!) The biggest advantage is that we can do all this from the comfort of our RL homes!  (Significant Other nods approvingly.) 
          Now, don’t get me wrong!
          I’m not suggesting that we all crawl inside our RL homes and never come out again! 
          RL travel can be fun and rewarding!  (Think of all those frequent flyer miles that we

accumulate but never can use.) But, we can’t always do it.  For personal reasons, I’ve had to cut back on my RL dramatically over the years.  (Significant Other is still nodding approvingly.)

          But, SL has a lot to offer in terms of travel destinations including foreign languages.  (I’ve met more than a few people who have learned another language inworld.  Sadly, not too many of these are my fellow countrymen!)  After over five years of blogging about SL, I’ve seen more than my fair share of places inworld?
          What about you?  
          I have a few questions for my readers (Hopefully, more than the three who put my blog over one million hits recently.):  
          How far do you travel in SL?
          How frequently do you travel to new places in SL?
          Why do you travel to new places in SL?
          Please add your comments to this story on my blog!  My other readers and I would

love to hear your replies!  

          Thanks in advance!  
As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives!  
          My Twitter handle is @webspelunker.  Please feel free to follow me and I’d be happy to follow you.
I can be found on Google+ as webspelunker Ghostraven.
My flickr Photostream is located here.
On Skype I’m webspelunker Ghostraven.

          Open roads and kind fires!  

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#396. I would travel only be horse, if i had the choice..

Previously posted by at Aeternus Blog SL.

HAIR: .Entwined. Alison 
TUNIC: NEW!! *QweenB* Iris FM – White RARE @FantasyGacha Carnival
NEW!! *QweenB* Iris Pauldron L+R – RARE @FantasyGacha Carnival
NECKLACE: NEW!! Anachron – Rune Necklace Brisingamen – Gold RARE @FantasyGacha Carnival
BOOTS: NEW!! phedora. Sarah Boots @FantasyGacha Carnival

POSE: NEW!! {NR} Display @FantasyGacha Carnival


NEW!! ~*Souzou Eien*~  Arabian Dreams Gacha @FantasyGacha Carnival
Table small
Table medium
Table large

[DDD] Essential Rug
TA Noor Hookah
{what next} Antique Heart Tree
TA Noor Tea Set
Amala – Black Holdable Lantern

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Travel Broadens the Mind.

Previously posted by at Blissimo.

I used to drive the little lawn mowing tractor around the farm and pretend I was in Paris, riding a scooter through the busy streets.
I would shout out “bonne journée” to the cows as I drove by and they would moo at me all judgemental like.  I could tell they were mocking me and saying, “THAT’s not a scooter and YOU are no fashion model.”  I would shout back, “jambes hamburger!” (hamburger legs!)

No-one cared back then that kids got bullied by cows.

I was pretty sure I was going to Paris as soon as I collected enough bottles from the ditches along the highway …. or got enough gopher tails . . . or sold my brother to the circus. 
I was so naive.
Looking back, I blame the cows.  All that methane, made me hallucinate.
But then Bliss came along and she can’t smell so methane schwethan, we are having a ball living in our little world of illusion here.  I like to drive by cows now and flash some of my fashion photography at them and yell out, “bite me.”

I do that because not only am I a beautiful fashion model now … I am really mature.  That’s what travel can do for you.  Pass the international flavoured tea please.
SKIN:  ::Modish:: Mia Skins
EYES:   Egozy.Eyes Illuminate Turquoize
HAIR:  “”D!va“” Hair “Amanda”
EARRINGS:  LUXE. Tassel Earrings Gold
NECKLACE:  EF:  Benedictine Riata
BRACELETS:  InDyra Earrings and Bangles STACKS
SKIRT:  _CandyDoll_Luna Skirt Aztec IV
TOP:  (fd) Rose Top – White Magic
PURSE:  SHEY Bodrum Handbag
SHOES:  [The Forge] Fluer Heels.

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“We travel to search and come back home to find ourself there.”

Previously posted by Maya George at Clothes and Accessories – StyleQu0tient.

“We travel to search and come back home to find ourself there.”

On Maya:
ItGirls – FIORE Skin Applier – Carla Tan
.: fiore :. Mesh Head – Angelic
MINA Hair – [email protected]FaMESHed May 2016
Blueberry – Jocelyn
Blueberry – Tazz Shorts
Essenz – Gambia [email protected]FaMESHed May 2016

On Semaaj:
Truth Hair – Bexley
.: fiore :.  Mesh Head – Angeled & Aylah Mesh Head Applier Skin
Blueberry – Jocelyn
Blueberry – Tazz Shorts

Di’Cor Cuddle Boat [email protected]FaMESHed May 2016
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Victorian Garden [email protected]FaMESHed May 2016
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Victorian Garden [email protected]FaMESHed May 2016
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stone Garden [email protected]FaMESHed May 2016
Little Branch Mystic Birch Tree [email protected]FaMESHed May 2016

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“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don´t be sorry.”

Previously posted by Roy Mildor at ROY MILDOR.

croped text.png

**RE**:  Savage Necklace @ MOM

//Ascend//: Brad Wrap Pants @ MOM


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Serenity Style- Kira Travel Closet

Previously posted at KiraBlog SL.

Serenity Style
 Kira Travel Closet 
Exclusive for 
Open now !!

Tysm my Sis ♥

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Travel to OZ and celebrate Oz in Second Life

Previously posted at Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World.

OZ Night Club, floating in the sky over Calas Galadhon park,  is one of the most popular romantic music venues in SL. Music in the high art deco-styled night club is from the late 20s, 30s, early 40s with more recent jazz, pop and occasional country to round things off nicely. Now into is fourth year, OZ has […]

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Have Truck Will Travel

Previously posted at Its Only Fashion.

The Stepside truck at the Arcade this round is big enough to hold all of my luggage which is perfect. I can head out in complete comfort, plus it’s rugged enough for the wild terrain of even say, mainland!

I am going to bring along my new little bulldog. Isn’t she adorable? She’s also from THE ARCADE this round from Birdie. She’s got an option for roses or no – but honestly I can’t imagine her without the roses! What madness!!

It’s a weekend adventure that awaits!

gidge is wearing:
Ring:(Yummy) True Fate Ring – Gold – Opal
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Hollywood Eyes [Mesh] – Nettle
Body: -Belleza- Isis
Dog:Birdy. Lil Bull BB – Spiked Flowers – Grey THE ARCADE
Hair: Exile::Blink THE ARCADE
Dress: Fission: Jane dress-Cyan (fitmesh)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Oksana Heels :: Noir (copy) THE ARCADE
Truck: Consignment – Stepside pickup – The Arcade
Luggage: BOOM – The Arcade

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