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Tribute to Sweden

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What a finale! It was my honor and privilege to represent my MVW 2015 country SWEDEN today as I hosted the MVW finale. The ladies were challenged to style a fashion forward design that shows the future of fashion for their country instead of wearing a formal gown in the final walk. So, I went and did some research and found an ensemble from Stockholm Fashion Week 2016 that spoke to me. I decided to create a similar look to the one I found here in SL using the colors of the flag of Sweden. I’m really happy with the look and the fact that it fit the Winter Wonderland theme of the MVW 2016 finale. So here is my look – Styling card/notes below. Thank you to the MVW Organization for allowing me to be a part of the competition this year hosting several of your challenges – I had a blast doing it!

Styling Notes:

Jacket, Skirt & Fur | Diram – Nelly Jacket and Skirt in Blue
Boots | Candydoll – Arabella boots banana
Hair | enVOGUE – Corina in light blondes
Nails | ZOZ – GL Summer 2015 HUD for Slink Nails
Lipstick | MUA – Nature lipstick in Sea
Eyeshadow | Madrid Solo – Beguiled Eyeshadow in Blue/Yellow
Earrings | Finesmith – Gyroid Bead Earring (no longer available)
Hand Jewelry |″ target=”_blank”> Formanails – Ringles ring and hand bangle for Slink Elegant1 Hands
Pose | PosESioN

Here is a link to my original inspiration photo from the Stockholm Fashion Week 2016

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Bidding farewell with a Tribute to Nitro Fireguard

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Photography Credits: Facebook Profile Picture
Nitro Fireguard’ still lives and will always live in our hearts. His work is a proof of his passion, which will be viewed by many in years to come. 

Just wrapping up my day, with the view of status posted by friends and colleagues, I read ToySoldier Thorstatus. It read, 
This morning I woke up to learn from a FB posting by Joanna Balogh that the SL Art community lost an incredible Artist yesterday – Nitro Fireguard.
SecondLife is so rich with amazing visual fine-art Artists of so many mediums, genre, styles, and expressions and I am always happy to be a part of this community. There are several Artists whos works I admire.
But within this huge SL art community there are only a small number of Artists that work in 3D Mesh Sculptured art medium which I am so interested in and love so much to create with. Of this small group are but a RARE FEW Artists who’s work has risen to the top and are known as giants / leaders.
Nitro is one of those in my mind. Sadly I did not know the man as much as I have always admired the Artist with deepest respect. In my personal list of Artists I look up to in SL’s Art community for their creative artistic talent and inspirational works… Nitro is in that small exclusive list.
A truly sad day in the SL Art community. Your creativity will be missed. Thank you for what you brought to this community. My heart and thoughts go out to you Dido Petra Haas and all those closest to him.

Followed by many friends, family, fans and supporters sending heart warming messages, images of Nitro Fireguard. People who came to know about the loss of one of the artist in art community, visited the Nitroglobus Gallery. Others came by as well to pay a tribute and remember him by his work.

Dido Petra Haas, his partner, co-owner and curator at the Nitroglobus Gallery posted,
 “Saturday, 7 November at 2.10 pm Paris time my beloved Partner Nitro Fireguard passed away.
Although I knew this was inevitable, it still was a shock. After all nobody wants to loose a loved one.
The only redeeming thought is Nitro doesn’t have to suffer these horrible pains anymore. You will always be in my heart.
I thank you for a wonderful 4 years together in Second Life, in which we had so much fun and joy working together in building Nitroglobus gallery, and more.
gros bisous mon cheri and rest in peace


A close friend of their’s who had known the artist for some time, Yoon (Nooqi), shares her feelings and more about Fireguard as she writes in her blog,

  He was a silent man, not a talker, but warm and thoughtful. A deep mind with many hidden corners to me. Sincere and modest, just wanting to express himself in his works and promote arts in his gallery.”

As I said, Fireguard will live as long as we remember him. The impressions of this work are not only embed in our memories but also all over the web. My deepest condolences to those who were dear to him. Dear reader, if you would like to have a glimpse of his art work:
Please visit his gallery: Nitroglobus Gallery Landmark
Flickr: Dido Haas
Ending this tribute with a short video, called “Hidden Faces” by Mistero Hifeng (photography) and Nitro Fireguard (3D Mesh Sculptures). 

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Another special tribute post!

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# 400

Yea I know, to some of you, 400 posts is hardly nothing… lol, but in all my time I had a couple breaks and blogging isn’t my life… so for my 400th post I’ve decided to do a special little tribute to my husband, as I tend to do for my hundredth posts.  Here as of recent we have been having a bit of a rough time.  Real life we’ve been going through a lot and it’s just taken a toll on us, emotionally, and even physically.  But even still through everything, I know that this man is my all.  I wouldn’t give up on him for anything, ever.  He isn’t perfect, nor am I, but I love him for life.  When I accepted the ring he put on my finger it wasn’t just for show.  He is perfect, simply amazing and completely everything I’ve ever wanted and will ever need in life.  He drives me crazy, makes me happy, and I wouldn’t have him any other way.  Ok ok, enough sappiness for all that, lol

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