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Another special tribute post!

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# 400

Yea I know, to some of you, 400 posts is hardly nothing… lol, but in all my time I had a couple breaks and blogging isn’t my life… so for my 400th post I’ve decided to do a special little tribute to my husband, as I tend to do for my hundredth posts.  Here as of recent we have been having a bit of a rough time.  Real life we’ve been going through a lot and it’s just taken a toll on us, emotionally, and even physically.  But even still through everything, I know that this man is my all.  I wouldn’t give up on him for anything, ever.  He isn’t perfect, nor am I, but I love him for life.  When I accepted the ring he put on my finger it wasn’t just for show.  He is perfect, simply amazing and completely everything I’ve ever wanted and will ever need in life.  He drives me crazy, makes me happy, and I wouldn’t have him any other way.  Ok ok, enough sappiness for all that, lol

Tribute City Relayers Weekend Entertainment

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Once again this weekend the Tribute City Relayers come through with plenty of fun – all while working for a cure! Coming up on Saturday night we present a 1950s Sock Hop! There are awesome items for sale to help benefit Relay For Life of Second Life and plenty of great tunes. All proceeds go 100% to Relay For Life of Second Life!

Sock Hop 1950s Style by Tribute City Relayers, Saturday March 28, 2015 for Relay For Life of Second Life

Sock Hop 1950s Style by Tribute City Relayers, Saturday March 28, 2015 for Relay For Life of Second Life

Here’s the SLURL for the party:

The fun starts at 5 PM SLT so join us for a great night!

Then don’t miss Sunday and your chance to enter the fabled world of merfolk as we throw a Mer Party at Muckers Music on Kingdom Island! Come as a mermaid, merman or even in beach wear and join the fun with this fantasy style party in a great environment.

Mer Party @ Muckers Music on Kingdom Island  for Relay For Life of Second Life!

Mer Party @ Muckers Music on Kingdom Island for Relay For Life of Second Life!

The fun here starts at 1 PM SLT and this is the SLURL awaiting your arrival:

Don’t miss out on the best opportunities to support the search for a cure while having fun too!

All proceeds are 100% for Relay For Life of Second Life.

252015 – Tribute to Frida

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Headset@ ^^Swallow^^ Rose Frida(exclusively at FashionArt)
Eye bro@ Tchelo’s Eyebrows Tribute to Frida Kahlo l  (exclusively at FashionArt)
Skin@ [BLUSH] Frida Light Tan  (exclusively at FashionArt)
Necklaces@ (Kunglers Extra) Frida Forever – Mini Collection (exclusively at FashionArt)


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In blog #559 I’ve done a post about Frida Kahlo and today I’m doing another one. This time by designer Dead Dollz. This is something very different then the first look I’ve done so come take a look and see.#562_001

Dear Readers,

Lately I’ve been so busy that I hardly had any time left for blogging, my first passion in Second Life but I found some of my time back and am excited to be back on an (almost) daily bases.

In this blog I’m showing you a new release by Dead Dollz for FashionArt. This interpretation of Frida Kahlo is cute and playfull and because of it’s colors, it will brighten up even the darkest skies around you.

Today I’m also again wearing the newest release by Wow Skins called Ana. She released this at the Designer Circle for a sugary sweet price. Make sure to check this one out because the eye make up is so pretty.


The Look

*Skin: WoW Skins – Ana Bronze
*Lips: Oceane Body Design – Moon Deep Red
Hair: LaViere – Hope
Ear rings: Maxi Gossamer – Late Night Hoops
*Dress: Dead Dollz – Viva la Frida
*Shoes: LaVian&Co – Billini Bow Pumps

Happy Shopping <3

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#559 A tribute to Frida Kahlo part 1

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Frida Kahlo, a lady with very interesting style. Known for her self portraits where she paints herself with all her imperfections. Daring and different. In this blog I’m showing Lyrical Bizarre’s interpretation.#559_003

Dear Readers,

In this blog I’m showing you a Frida Kahlo inspired gown by Lyrical Bizarre and made for a special edition by Inovare Magazine. The magazine will be composed by two parts:
– stylists pictures (models who will make themed outfits themselves)
– designers pictures (showcasing the exclusives items created for this project worn by Inovare’s model team)

This gown is Frida Kahlo to a tee. The patterns on the gown, the flowers in he hair, big ear rings and bright colors. I’ve added a necklace by Paper Couture to make this look complete.


The Look

*Skin: Wow Skins – Olga Bronze
Hair: Catwa – Selma
Necklace: Paper Couture – Garnet Nest
*Gown: Lyrical Bizarre – Hope

Happy Shopping <3

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#542 A tribute

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Dot-Be Fashion has recently released a gown for the Oscar de la Renta Show. In this blog I’m showing you this interesting put together piece.#542_002

Dear Readers,

It’s amazing that sometimes you are blogging fashion and sometimes your blogging a piece of art. In this blog I’m showing you this piece of art called Dizzy by Dot-Be Fashion.

In this blog I’m also showing you a new release by Zuri Jewelry and this is her Valentines Elite set. You can change the metals to gold or silver and the stones come in a variety of different colors. Perfect to make your Valentines statement.


The Look

*Skin: Deesses – Lorelay Ice Frappe
*Hair: enVOGUE – Inna
*Lips: Deesses –  Jouryonce lipstick Berry Blast
*Jewelry: Zuri Jewelry – Valentines Elite Set
*Ring: Zuri Jewelry – Spellbound Double Aussie Elite
*Gown: Dot-Be – Dizzy Oscar de la Renta 1

Happy Shopping <3

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Lavarock Tribute.

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ChopZuey Tradition does the WWW Campaign every year.

Last year the campaign was a tremendous success raising near 600$ and 100% was donated

for the World Wildlife Fund.

This is a nice tradition  that started at ChopZuey and Belle loves the idea of giving back to the animal kingdom (after all, they so kindly and generously allow to share their planet with them).

So, in the spirit of generosity, ChopZuey hold another campaign this year,

starting December 18th until 31st.

Presenting the animal tribute for this campaign:

 100% will be donated.

Pure of Heart Dolphin Set


Your Limo


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VERSUS ha querido dar un homenaje a una gran creadora, Squinternet Larnia, un honor poder participar en el, una página detrás de otra llenas de un gusto exquisito en un intento por estar a la altura de todas sus creaciones para Donna Flora.
Estas presente en nosotros Squin
Dress: Silvana by Donna Flora
Necklace: Amarcord by Donna Flora
Hat: Seduction by Baoba
Bag: Goldfish by Le Primitif
Hair: Dilcina by Lelutka
Skin: Elvi Fairy by Glam Affair
Eyeliner: Couture by Glam Affair

Model, stylist & photographer       Syra Hyun

L’Amour Productions Presents: Oscar de la Renta Tribute Show Featuring Bohemian Couture

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  L’Amour Productions Presents:     
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         TRIBUTE TO AN ICON
  Oscar de la Renta  Tribute Show
   One of the most  sought-after names in haute couture. His flattering and feminine pieces inspired women all around the world, and his attire adorned several presidential first ladies.  Oscar de la Renta died on October 20, 2014.
Please come and join us to pay tribute to this amazing icon of fashion. 
Oscar de la Renta Dress by Bohemian Gypsy Couture
Slink Shoes Included
VIP Mia Full Makup by Carrie’s Lingerie
Past Vip Gift
Betty Jewelry by Chop Zuey
Autumn Couture Hat by NSP
Hunt gift
WIld Flower Bouquet in Rich Autumn by NSP