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details // on bodyskin: vco – ponyhair: truth hair roux newlips:…

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details // on body
skin: vco – ponyhair: truth hair roux new
lips: vco ~ pony’s mesh lip
eyes: {s0ng} :: ange~ dark brown eyes new @kustom9
body: maitreya mesh body
eyelashes: sweet thing. false lashes – romantic

lingerie: violent seduction – aphrodite lara (pink) new @kustom9
shoes: violent seduction – sakura heels (pink) new @kawaii project
headdress: +half-deer+ spring eternal – spring queen headdress rare
choker: altair* cherry blossom choker .pink. new @kawaii project
collar: -nomi-miss sakura necklace w-pink new @kawaii project
bow: astralia – sheol muse bow new @river hunt

cupcakes: !six o’clock! rosed cupcakes – rare
deer: +half-deer+ porcelain deer figurine (stand) – pink ombre
garland: +half-deer+ coming up roses – garland a (baby pink)
books: {anc} garden. pinkbook 4li
poofs:(fd) poofs 8 new @the arcade
arbor: {what next} spring garden arbor new @the arcade
rabbit: fawny – mr. oliver – rabbit 8 new @kustom9
bag: astralia – fashion lover handbag new @chapter four

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TRUTH HAIR May @ Enchantment

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Body & Hair

Hair – TRUTH HAIR May @ Enchantment NEW
Head – CATWA HEAD Cindy
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Clothes & Accessories

Top – Blueberry – Luxe Box – Leign Bustiers NEW
Collar – Cute Poison – Adored Collar @ TDSF3 NEW

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Designer Showcase, SWANK, Truth GACHA, 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ The Garage Fair 2016, Dark Passions Koffin Nails @ Thrift Shop and Freebie!

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This is going to be a good week for me this week.  I have a short work week, I am out of the office this Friday.  I have some stuff I have to take care of, but I’m still not going to Work! WooHoo!

I swear there was a time when I was trying hard to figure out a way to make a total living in SL.  For those that can and do, kudos to you!  Wish I could!  I am actually lucky enough to make enough to at least cover my tier fee.  I also get to Blog, which I love!  Talking about Blogging, here’s Today’s Post!

We’ve got more previews from Designer Showcase, and SWANK!  A new GACHA from Truth.  7 Deadly s{K}ins at The Garage Fair 2016, please note The Garage Fair is ending this weekend, Sunday to be exact.  There’s a peak of Dark Passions Koffin Nails Exclusive for the New Thrift Shop Round, and I threw in a cute little Freebie from The Chapter Four’s Anniversary Round.  There are a few Events having Anniversary Rounds with Gifts for everyone, FaMESHed and We❤ Role Play are also celebrating special milestones.

The super Designers I chose to feature besides 7 Deadly s{k}ins, Truth and Dark Passions are Legendaire, JUMO, Dulce Secrets, Moondance Jewels, Mignon, PoSEsioN, LA BoS and [CIRCA].  It’s a nice Post Fans, I like the way it came out, so Enjoy!

Lilliana is wearing very lovely colorful Dress by Legendaire.  The Valentina Dress is an Exclusive found at the Designer Showcase.  Lilliana is wearing the Maitreya Fit Version, there are other Mesh Body Fits, I really like those options when they are included! I have one other item you can find discounted at Designer Showcase.  Lilliana’s Eyes are Dulce Secrets Nueva Mesh Eyes.  Lilliana is wearing the Vibrant Brown Eye Color.  There are a few more colors sold separately.

I’m started talking about my items in Event order, so might as well continue that format.  Lilli has a lot of Exclusives from SWANK Today.  Take a Seat this will take a a little moment.  First SWANK Exclusive is Lilli’s Heels, they are JUMO’s Indiana Sandals Denim.  The Heels are for the SLink High Feet, again there are other colors besides the Demin Lilli is wearing, but they are each sold separately.  Lilli’s beautiful Jewelry is a Set by Moondance Jewels.  The Anai Set Includes a Bindi, Necklace, 3 Sets of Earrings, 2 Bracelets and 2 Rings, plus a HUD with 10 Metals, 10 Pearls and 10 Stone Colors.  Moondance Jewels Anai Set is set as a full set or you can purchase pieces separately.

Here is another instance where I decided to use two Pose Designers.  First few Poses are from PosESioN’s Bulloch Set. There are a total of 10 Static Poses in PosESioN’s Bullock and is discounted for SWANK this Month! The second Poses Set is LA BoS’s Wild Poses, are another 10 Pose Set and available at SWANK as well! You will notice that I don’t have a Photo Shoot Site Today.  Why?  because Lilli is posing her lovely self in front of some awesome new Cafe Sets by [CIRCA].  These sets are so nice!  The  Cafe Volo Sets include Flower Vase / Shaker Table Decor, The Tables and Stools.  These Sets come in different Wood Colors.  Lilli is showing the Dark Cocoa & Cherry Wood, Ash & Red, and Teal & Teak, Sets.  The Tables have 15 M&F Animations and stools have 16 M&F Animations M& F, some of the Animations rez Props.

There is lots of different Artwork that goes along nicely with the Cafe Volo Sets by [CIRCA] too.  You’ll see a Classic Neon Bar Sign Classic and Coffee Sign.  There are various Cocktail Chalk Art, below you’ll see the  Premium Coffee, Hot Coffee Cup, Captain & Coke, Blushing Bride and Passion Fruit Mojito ones. The Chalk Art has a touch option to change the frames colors, 7 different Textures!  Something I should have mention about SWANK in my first post for this Round is that SWANK is at a new location.  There are more Designers, furniture items are out on display.  Super Cool, you need to check out the new SWANK!

My last four items are one-offs.  Each is from a different Event or Store.  Top to bottom, begining with the Hair.  Lil’s Hair is Truth’s Kora.  Kora was originally exclusive for The last Arcade round.  Kora can now be found at Truth’s Main Store.  You still have to win Kora via a GACHA at only $ 50 Lindens a Try.  After I started taking Lil’s Photos Today, I couldn’t help but notice how pretty the Skin is!  I am really loving 7 Deadly s{K}ins Fien! That’s Lil’s Skin Today.  Fien is an Exclusive from The Garage Fair 2016.  Lil is wearing the System Skin Box, which includes 20 System Skins with and without Cleavage in 5 Skin Tones, plus you get SLink Hand / Feet, Tango and Phatazz Appliers, all of this is Exclusive for The Garage Fair 2016.  7 Deadly s{K}ins Fien also comes in a Mesh Box which includes 5 Omega Face Appliers, plus your SLink Hand / Feet, Tango and Phatazz Appliers.

Ms. C’s Nail Polish is one of the special colors from Dark Passions Koffin Nails Random Chaos Pastels!  The Random Chaos Pastels are Dark Passions Exclusive from The Thrift Shops May Round.  Last item of the Day is my Freebie!  You can get the super cute Bunny Gem Ring by Mignon for absolutely 0 Dollars!  All you have to do is visit The Chapter Four, find Mignon’s little Gift Box and buy it!  That’s all for Today all!  Hope you find something worth spending your hard earned Lindens on!  Till the next time, Peace!:)

May 9th Blog Photo Post #2_cropped

DRESS:  Legendaire Valentina Dress, Maitreya Fit,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

HEELS:  JUMO Indiana Sandals Denim Version,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High v2.3

POSE:  PosESioN Bulloch Set, Pose #2,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)


[CIRCA] Cafe Volo Sets Flowe Vase / Shakers, Table and Stool Sets in
Dark Cocoa & Cherry Wood, Ash & Red, and Teal & Teak, the
Tables have 15 Animations and stools have 16 Animations M& F, some with Props,

Neon Signs Bar Sign Classic and Coffee Sign,

Cocktail Chalk Art Premium Coffee, Hot Coffee Cup,
Captain & Coke, Blushing Bride and Passion Fruit Mojito,

All Exclusives for SWANK (NEW)
(Each Piece of Art is sold Separately, and has a
Touch Changer with 7 Frame Colors to Choose)

May 9th Blog Photo Post #5_cropped

POSE:  PosESioN Bulloch Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

May 9th Blog Photo Post #6_cropped

POSE:  PosESioN Bulloch Set, Pose #6,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

May 9th Blog Photo Post #7_cropped

POSE:  PosESioN Bulloch Set, Pose #7,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

May 9th Blog Photo Post #10_cropped

POSE:  PosESioN Bulloch Set, Pose #10,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

May 9th Blog Photo Post #7hs_cropped

HAIR:  Truth Kora Black & Whites HUD, GACHA Prize (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Fien System Skin Box,
Taupe Skin Tone V1 w.Cleavage worn,
Includes SLink Hand / Feet, Tango and Phatazz Appliers,
Exclusive for The Garage Fair 2016 (NEW)

ADDITIONAL APPLIERS:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Maitreya
Skin Applier in Taupe Skin Tone (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Yasmine Shape (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara v3.5 (NEW)

EYES:  Dulce Secrets Nueva Vibrant Brown Mesh Eyes,
Exclusive from Designer Showcase (NEW)

EYELASHES:   *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha
Lashes w.HUD Pack 1 (NEW)

May 9th Blog Photo Post headshot_cropped
(Recap:  Hair Truth Kora @ Main Store GACHA,
Skin 7 Deadly s{K}ins Fien @ The Garage Fair 2016,
Eyes Dulce Secrets Nueva @ Designer Showcase,
Jewelry Set Moondance Jewels Anai @ SWANK,
Ring Mignon Bunny Gem Ring @ The Chapter Four,
Nail Polish Dark Passions Koffin Nails
Random Chaos Pastels  @ Thrift Shop)

JEWELRY SET:  Moondance Jewels Anai Set w. HUD,
Includes, Bindi, Necklace, 3 Sets of Earrings, 2 Bracelets and 2 Rings,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

RING:  Mignon Bunny Gem Ring w.HUD,
Exclusive VIP Group Gift The Chapter Four Anniversary (FREE JOIN)

WEDDING RING:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passions Koffin Nails Random Chaos Pastels Maitreya HUD,
Exclusive for Thrift Shop May 2016 (NEW)

HANDS:  Maitreya Mesh Body Hands v3.5 (NEW)

POSE:  LA BoS Wild Poses Set, Pose #7,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

May 9th Blog Photo Post #10hs_cropped

POSE:  LA BoS Wild Poses Set, Pose #10,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)


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The Naked Truth

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Naked in Silence 1

Truth is naked,
Strangely charming.

Truth is naked,
Strangely compelling.

Truth is naked,
And absolutely wonderful.

Naked in Silence
Pose – SE~ In Naked Silence
New Release instore at Something Erotic

SE~ Something Erotic Logo

Tattoo – .::Nanika::. Keya Black tatoo
Available at Tres Chic

Hair – *booN Lab.020 hair black
Also at Tres Chic

Septum – [Z O O M] Greco Septum
Again from Tres Chic

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The Hunt Is Coming! – Stuff from Yummy, Truth, Salt and Pepper and more! :D

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Hey peeps,

I know, I am slow. I KNOW. Please don’t be mad at me, I haven’t forgotten about you guys. My RL just keeps me busier than I’d like at the moment and not necessarily with awesome things, but oh well. Vacations soon and I’ll be skiing, looking forward to that!:)

This round of WE❤ RP started with a total bang, the feedback and both regular items and gifts/hunt cheapies were received very, very well. The designers have outdone themselves for this round! So lets take a peek:

What’s my avi wearing right now?Blog504 copy

The belt!

I was so excited when Yummy joined our event because Polyester Partridge’s stuff is so, so awesome! I was really curious what she’d make for us since usually she is to be found in the more mainstreamy events. So when I saw the first WIPs I already was happy, and when the final result was on my avi, I cheered because this belt is AMAZING. It comes in four different colours and two texture versions (smooth leather and distressed leather) each and both are very pretty. The details on this belt are totally amazing. I love the little key and the piece of jewelry hanging from it and I am happy that is finally a decently sized pouch with a pretty clasp! So many belts have pouches which seem too tiny to be useful at all. To me, this looks like a belt that could actually be worn!😀 The only small downside is that I foudn this belt hard to size right to fit it over clothing, but once done, I was very happy. What’s best though is the fact that this belt costs only 190L/colour and that it comes with a matching piece of shoulder armor (same colours/textures/price) and a matching necklace for 150L! Super awesome set and totally a must have for me. Get it NOW at WE❤ RP!!

Hair: Truth, Solace, light blondes (Truth Hawks, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Skin: Deetalez, Elf, cold/nordic (Steffi Villota)
Freckles: Glam Affair, Leah Freckles, A (Aida Ewing)
Ears: The Skinnery, Elongated Puki Ears (Umazuma Metaluna)
Eyes: Buzzeri, Serenity Eyes, poison (Eleri Catlyn)
Anger Wrinkles: Izzie’s, Hangover Face Tattoo,  Anger Wrinkles (Izzie Button)
Body: Salt & Pepper, Arwen Body, grey (xxSaltandpepperxx Resident, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Bodice: Gizza, Gypsy Outfit (Giz Seorn)
Bra: Pure Poison, Lia Outfit, brown (Shaleene Kenin)
Sleeves: Aisling, Valentine Outfit (Druunah Esharham)
Pants: FDD, Trissa Pants, olive/common (Seller Xenno, Gacha!!)
Boots: Gauze, The Page Boots, noble boots (Yukio Ida, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Gloves: Krova, Witcherfinder Gloves, brown (Arken Soothsayer, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Cloak: PFC, The General (Pucca Firecaster, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Neckcorset: Soedara, Here comes wicked, earth (Marbella Pronovost)
Shoulder: Yummy,  Leather Shoulder Brace, brown (Polyester Partridge, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Belt:  Yummy, Leather Utility Belt, brown (Polyester Partridge, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Headpiece: Eudora 3D, Eos Headpiece (Eudora3D Resident, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Necklace: Empyrean Forge, Archimedes Astrolab Necklace (Empyrean Forge Resident, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Sword: TheForge/Lab737, Seiryu Sword (Wiredexperiment Resident/Deccan Arida, @ WE❤ RP!!)
Wolf: Alchemy, Fenris The Great Wolf, red (Nina Helix)
Pose: Del May (customized)

Location: WE❤ RP; Riverhunt

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‘Chestnut Hair’ ft Rowena’s Designs, Truth, Glam Affair, Catwa, Pomposity

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The Truth About EVANI!

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Snapshot_006Hi there Fabulouses!  A little birdy sent me an IM to let me know that EVANI has three new lucky boards with multiple prizes inside them and a midnight mania board too.  You’ll need to join their inworld group which will set you back 100L, but after you join you’ll gain access to both the lucky boards and the midnight mania offering.

Today I am wearing two of the group lucky board prizes that I was able to snag this week.  The first item is the Violet Eva Shirt and the second is the Nasty Jeans in Navy.  As you can see, these items are fantastic staples, that will have a place in any woman’s SL closet.

My hair today is Kora by Truth and is one of the three hairstyles you can play for at The Epiphany Event for 50L a try.  This is a gacha machine, and you’ll have to count on some luck lol… but as you can see from the vendor ad below – you really can’t go wrong!


Love is wearing…

Mesh Body – Maitreya Lara
Mesh Head – Catwa Jessica
Head Applier – Lara Hurley Christy
Eyes – IKON Triumph Eyes Loam

Hair – TRUTH Kora (50L per play @ The Epiphany)
Shirt – EVANI Eva Shirt Violet (group lucky board prize / 100L to join)
Jeans – EVANI Nasty Jeans Navy (group lucky board prize / 100L to join)
Pose – Glam R Us Sit 01 (50L / marketplace)
Sim – Frisland


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You can’t change the truth but a truth can change you !!

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You can't change the truth but a truth can change you !!

Action Inkubator Hair Jack
.Shi : My Refuge [Him] @ Kustom9
::GB::Cross Long Tank / Black c RARE @ Epiphany
::GB::Biker Jean & boots / Black c @ Epiphany

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Body & Hair

Hair – TRUTH HAIR Kera @ Epiphany NEW
Hair – TRUTH HAIR Kora @ Epiphany NEW
Hair – TRUTH HAIR Kyra @ Epiphany NEW
Head – CATWA HEAD Gwen
Hairbase – Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase for CATWA
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

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“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

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RM Cool.png

RM ~ Art Of Poses ~  : unisex pose  “Cool”

**RE** :  Brutal Set @ the Bodyfy Event, starting 8th April

AITUI  :   Ranger Bag



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