Social Vintage meets Truth!

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…and with a touch of Hucci for the shoes.

Today I got two things to blog, two fatpacks: a cute denim jumpsuit from Social Vintage and two new hairdos from Truth. Yes I’m one of their new bloggers YAY!

Both are adorable and incredibly cute. The jumpsuit is called Daisy; it’s very sexy with the back all open with criss-cross straps, and the front being just a small piece to pass yourself off as decent when you’re going out shopping, with a little pocket to keep your phone in. It comes in a huge variety of colors. I love jumpsuits, it’s a great casual addition to my wardrobe :)
I’m wearing the Small but as usual it comes in the standard 5 sizes.






Elyse is a pretty braid (and you know how I love braids!) on one side of the front, accessorized with a headband which you can remove if you don’t like it. It comes in 3 varieties, the standard, the Jugs 1 and 2 (if you’re a bit more endowed on the front than me) and also with a non rigged version which is handy if you can’t quite fit it right. I used it in the above pictures too.

Elyse – Gingers

Elyse – Light Blondes

As usual all his mesh hairs are available in a plethora of colors; I’m posting the color chart below. You can then use the HUD to change the tones of the color you bought and also for the accessories when available.

Betsy is a cute curly hair with rollers in it. It also comes in a rigged and unrigged version.
It seems great for hanging around the house getting ready, or even just to keep it on when relatives show up, just to prove the point – they’ve decided you’re such a slob and a slag anyway.

Outdoor pictures are from Baja Norte – Salt Water sim.
Indoor is my home :)

Hope you liked them! xoxo ♥

Truth presents April and Fleur! Just in time for Spring!

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Truth Hawks must be feeling the presence of spring.

He has come up with two adorably cute little hairdos, both with the option of having hair clips in them, called April and Fleur.

I chose this time to show you close-ups and not have any distracting elements in the shots.

Fleur has a little flower clip in it which of course can be removed, as it’s an attachment, and also recolored from the HUD which you use to tint your hair.

The flower which gives it its name is a surefire way to think of Spring and I wore it with nice pastels for the colors of the season :)

My second style, April, I choose to show in a fun colorful way devoted to Fantasy Fair.
It is a cute hairdo with a braid over the top and it comes with an optional clip of a swallow. Which is a symbol of spring – provided you see more than one! At least according to the Italian saying.

Of course all the regular colors are there too!

Now get out there and buy them! My friend already showed up at my place wearing April just as I was taking my pictures!!

♥ Lau

Truth presents Thelma

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It seems in the world, there are people who love bows and people who hate them.

No in betweens.

At least this is what we were discussing, my friends Bety and Memory and I, yesterday while shoe shopping.

Well I happen to love bows.

So this is one of the newest releases from Truth. It’s called Thelma and I think it’s terribly cute!
As usual, it comes in 3 versions, for the more rack-endowed girls, and it comes rigged or unrigged.
You can also wear it without the headband if you’re one of those bow-haters :P

Hope you like it!


All new Truth hair!

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Hi girls!
I took a break from my complicated schedule RL and SL to show you some of Truth Hawks’ new hairdos.

There are a lot of cute things this month so for all you girlie girls out there like me, time to run and get your hair done!

There’s something for every day of the week. Truth has released several new hairdos and one of them is at this month’s Arcade, and it comes with all kinds of cute Kawaii accessories to add to it or just plain too. And if you don’t get the right one, it’s a gacha right? Try again!

The first is a long hair style called Jenna.

As usual now all his hair comes in various colors via a hud; also, there are variations for the long hair depending on how much of a rack you have, And several of his styles have add-ons like buns and accessories which you can wear or not. Like for example Birdie:

Aren’t I just so CUUUUTE? You can remove the buns and the sticks and keep the long hair style.

Lastly comes the special edition for this month’s Arcade. It’s just too unbearably cute and I think my friends will make gagging noises at me like they usually do :P
But it can be worn simple or with all the funny accessories: dolls, teddy bears, and other stuff as you see here. It’s called Sakura:

  • As usual my skin is from Izzie’s. I got a bit of a tan finally!
  • My top is from Social Vintage
  • The poses, whatever you can see of them, are from Ma Vie
  • Location, ditto, is Portnawak.
  • Lighting in the Sakura shots is LumiPro.