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POST# 826 GEN-Neutral Event New Release Hair From { Speakeasy } ~ Slink Hand UpDate V2.2 ~ New Release Skin & Shape From -Labyrinth- ~ New Release Mesh OutFit From ~ RSC~

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Poses By Vestige – Celebrity Ghost 1

L Hand By Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2  – Relaxed ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~ 
dont for get to get your Hands & Feet  Redelivery at Terminal for the UpDate

R Hand By Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hands MALE V2.2 – Cigarette ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~ 
dont for get to get your Hands & Feet  Redelivery at Terminal for the UpDate

Skin By -Labyrinth- – Guy Skin (Medium) – Goat ~*New Release*~

Shape By -Labyrinth- – Guy Shape ~*New Release*~

Beard By -NIVARO- – Beards – gruff_heavy_black

Tattoo By { Speakeasy } – Davin Hairbase Black ] Find it at GEN-Neutral Event~*New Release*~

OutFit By RSC~ –  LOOSING MY RELIGION MENS OUTFIT ~*New Release*~ ~*Mesh*~ 

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SL Events Update!

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[PXL] Shara PA Available at Wayward Carnival Event
(Above PXL Shara Carnival PA Makeup 03 LEB C2)

I believe you already met Shara by PXL Creations. She is now available at Pale and Natural tones. What I like about this skin is the sweet innocent look especially with the freckles added on her. You can buy this skin at the Wayward Carnival event which has began on July 15th and will end on the 30th.

Photo Taken at the Wayward Carnival Event
 (Please click my photos for a larger view and feel free to add me on Flickr)
Before I move on to my style credits, here is an update list of events in SL for this month of July. I hope you will find time to visit these events as there are lots of exclusive and new items that I am pretty sure you wouldn’t want to miss. 😀
1. Wayward Carnival Event – July 15th until July 30. Teleport HERE.
2. Mesh Avenue Event – July 10th until July 30. Teleport HERE.
3. Origami Event – July 5th until August 25. Teleport HERE.
4. Hair Fair 2015 – July 11th until July 26. Teleport HERE.
** Please remember that every hair you purchase at the Hair Fair Event, a percentage goes to  help the “Wigs for Kids” foundation. Of course there are also Kiosks at the event location if you want to donate directly for a cause.

What I’m Wearing:
* Skin: [PXL] Shara Carnival PA Makeup 03 LEB C2 | New @ Wayward Carnival
(Purchase include Freckles and Lip gloss in Tattoo Layer)
* Eye Lashes: [PXL] Violet Eyelashers
* Mesh Hands and Feet: Slink
Eyes: IKON Odyssey Eyes – Clarity (M) | Group Gift L$ 0 to Join
Hair: Exile: Jill | Free Gift @ Hair Fair 2015
Sun Glasses: .LeLutka. Glare Sunglasses-Solid | Free Gift @ Hair Fair 2015
Bag: [sYs] CABA bag (fitted mesh wider bridle) | Free Gift @ Hair Fair 2015
T-Shirt: ::Chika:Labo:: Nice Tee Nigirippe Pink Camo | Free LB Here
* Skirt: Legal Insanity – Amya brown Jeans Skirt | New at Mesh Avenue Event
Ice Drink: *::.who what.::* -shaved ice ‘Strawberry’ | Hunt Gift @ Origami Event
Sandals: Maitreya Gold * Chocolate * Antheia Sandal Slink-Flat
Poses Used: DESIRE Model Poses Free HERE

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Fabulously Free in SL Inworld Group Guideline Update

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To join our Fabulously Free in Second Life inworld group, please log in to your viewer and copy and paste the following text into local chat for a prompt to join :  secondlife:///app/group/020fa7af-444d-f54f-01e2-557ec06315fd/about

inworldgroup button

To obtain chat rights within the group you will need to request via inworld notecard to Prudence Rexroth.

Guidelines for FabFree Group Chat: (updated 11/01/15)

FabFree Inworld Group Manager Contact: Prudence Rexroth
FabFree Organizer Contact: Love Trill

The Fabulously Free in SL inworld group has become quite a warm and helpful, freebie loving community over the years.  FabFree chat permissions are granted only after agreement upon the following guidelines.  Failure to comply with the group rules may result in your immediate removal by our team of moderators.


1. Group Chat IS allowed.  Please be considerate and respectful to the other members.  DO NOT gossip!  Discriminatory discussions involving racial, sexual, religious, political, vulgar, and argumentative views are disallowed.  Take any arguments to private IM.  The group is not meant for debates or belittling of others.  Basically if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

2. Information of Lucky Chairs, Midnight Manias, and Riot Vends (etc) can be mentioned in group chat once per day, per person,  however letter/number calling (eg. Letter DSI BIWY) is considered spamming and is not allowed in Fabfree chat.

3.  Designers, staff and event organizers are not permitted to promote their ventures in group chat.

4. Most designers do not want hunt locations revealed.  We ask group members to respect the designers’ wishes regarding hunts.  Find friends to help with hunts and take the tips to private IMs.

5. Do NOT complain about a gift, period!  If any member complains in group chat about the “quality” or “quantity” of a item, it will result in immediate removal from the group.

6. Do NOT post any external links into group chat, whether they be other websites or marketplace links.  With the uprising of false and harmful links being posted into group chat, it is simply unsafe to click on them.  Suggesting to another member that they do a search on marketplace to assist them in finding something is ok, however please do not post the actual link.  Posting inworld slurls is ok.

7. Do NOT distribute items!   Distributing items you did not personally make could contribute to content theft and you could find yourself with a DMCA charge.  Please, do not support content theft!  *The DMCA can give you more information with regard to passing copies of items without permission to do so:

**  Sometimes group discussions become overwhelming.  The small bottom x should close the group chat until you relog. Alternatively, most newer viewers give you the option of not receiving group notices and/or group chat through the viewer’s preferences.

**  If a group member is abusing chat privileges, contact one of the Fabfree moderators.  It is up to the moderator as to how the situation will be handled.  Moderators have the option to disallow chat for an individual or the entire group.


To see examples of what is and what is not allowed, view the following link –>  FabFree Guidelines.

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Cap : -David Heather-Astone Cap/Moss GACHA
Glasses : [Z O O M] Atlas Sunglass
Hair : MOON // Hair // She Waits
Tank: [R3] – Stacey Tank [V2]
Tattoo : .Identity. Body Shop – Oh Sailor
Pants : [Cynful] Promise Skinny Jeans – Light Denim
Shoes : !(HR 3.0)! Women WorkBoot Stacks(Orange) -Tan

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Just a little update!

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Hey guys!
Sorry you haven’t heard much from me. I feel as though everyone who actually skims across my blog deserves an explanation as to why I haven’t been posting.
A few months ago, I discovered some really odd spots on my face, that looked a lot like Actinic Kerotosis, which is a “pre-cancer”. One of the spots I have had on my face for years, while some newer ones were starting to pop up seemingly overnight.
I’m not sure if any of my readers have had “Cancer scares”, but I can assure you it’s almost impossible to get anything done when you’re basically debilitated by the fear of having cancer. Coupled with the fact that I’m super pale, and almost never wear sunscreen on my face, unless I’m going to the beach or outdoor pool (Which is a very very bad thing!), I could barely get through my weddings, which is a top priority when it comes to my SL to-do-list.
Fortunately I was able to see a dermatologist, who assured me that it’s either rosacea or just sun damage and isn’t anything to be afraid of. So, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I feel as though I can get back to life again.
SO, expect some posts from me soon. I’m working on a pretty extensive Wowmeh mesh body review, (Which I am loving by the way)
Thank you for putting up with me!
<3 Jasey

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Lelutka Mesh Head Update

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PicMonkey Collage

Hi there! I just wanted to do a brief post about the Lelutka head update. The updates are now in store, you just find the redelivery terminal and resend the head to yourself. If your head was a gift though as a few of mine were – they are not there for redelievery, I’m not sure how you get those.

The updates are nice, but I still feel that the range of expressions do not compare to say the LOGO head, which has three different huds for expressions. In the new updates for Lelutka there are three different eye positions, one of which is new. There are four different positions now for eyebrows. There are also seven different mouth positions, five of which are new. It is nicely set out in the new hud though, you can pick individually what you like.

I’m wearing the Stella head with Lara Hurley appliers. I’m wearing lip appliers from Deetalez. New hair from Lelutka in Echo. A new shirt from Blueberry called Ashley at the Mesh Addicts body fair. All of my jewelry is from Yummy.

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Photo Challenge Update

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FabFree Photo Challenge is back!


Oh my stars, y’all are awesome! I am loving the entries for the Halloween Photo Challenge! I am just overwhelmed with the creative and imaginative Pics we have coming in from you guys.

I have one thing that’s worrying me though… I have a bunch of photos in the queue at the Photo Challenge Flickr page that are Halloween themed but have no tag or title reading “FabFree Photo Challenge”.  I’d love to get these in the Challenge as well. So if you sent in a photo and don’t see it in the Flickr album, double check that you have tagged it AND included “FabFree Photo Challenge” in the title. Don’t miss out on your prize!

Remember, if you have a cool outfit or accessory or really anything for Second Life that is FREE or under 75L you can always submit it to the FabFree Flickr Page.


Here’s how it works:
1. Create a photo inworld based on the theme that is posted here at FabFree.
2. Upload your photo to the FabFree Photo Challenge Flickr Pool by the challenge end date
3. Be sure to rename and tag your picture with “FabFree Photo Challenge”
4. Leave a comment on the challenge post with a link to your flickr photo (and blog post if you wish).
5. On November 1st, the winners will be chosen and will be featured on the blog as “The FabFree Photo Challenge Champions”.

1. Your photo must contain at least one absolutely free item. Please put the free item’s name and Designer’s or Shop’s name in the comments section of your photo. Like this -> “Free thingy” by A Talented Second Life Creator or A Cool Second Life Store.
2. Please keep your photos family friendly (eg. no naughty bits displayed, no graphic violence, nothing you wouldn’t see in a PG rated movie).
3. You may enter as many times as you like.
4. Most of all – have fun, and don’t be afraid to enter. Everyone from any photography level is welcome to participate.

Good Luck!

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