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Fashion: Menswear Fashion Week 2015 video

Previously posted @ VIE Men’s Second Lifestyle.

We published the press release with the announcement for Siren‘s Menswear Fashion Week 2015 some time back but now there’s also a short trailer video (created by yours truly).

Fair is fair.. Initial production plans were way bigger then just this short teaser trailer but real-life kicked in and unfortunately I couldn’t deliver in time on the agreed work. Still – the footage that was already shot I put together in this trailer… Siren’s Menswear Fashion Week 2015 I think is one of those events all Second Life males should be looking forward to!

Video Game Sandwiches

Previously posted @ Shoptart Insanity.

Ghost Bag:: .{yumyums}. :: Pack’s Trail Bag ( Killer Ghost ) :: * Level Up *
Shoulder Pads:: Zombie Suicide :: Shoulder Armour ( Hudded ) :: * New *
Boots:: Cloud 9 :: Edge Boots ( Black ) :: * F R O S T 2014 *
Bodysuit:: DuckNipple :: Tuurlijk Bodysuit :: * New *
Mink:: LUAS :: Fur Minx Brown :: * 25 L Tuesday *
Necklace:: Eclectica :: Scarab Neckpiece ( Black & Gold ) :: * Genre * 
Rupee Necklace & Ring:: *NeverWish* :: Ruby Necklace/Ring ( Green ) :: * Level Up *
Tassel Bag:: =Zenith= :: Tassel Bag ( Choco ) :: * The Arcade *
¨°o.OSet Me UpO.o°¨
Mario Setup:: Mein :: One Up
Bag Being Eaten by Blue Chompy: Cubic Cherry Kreations :: Classics Bag in Tetris 
Blue Ghostie:  Frogstar  :: Grungy Pixel Ghost (Blue)
 Pink Ghostie 1: Frogstar  :: Shiny & New Pixel Ghost (Pink)
Pink Ghostie 2: Frogstar  :: Grungy Pixel Ghost (Pink)
Orange Ghostie: Frogstar  :: Shiny & New Pixel Ghost (Orange)
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Just Play) RARE
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Extra Life) RARE
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Snowboard 2K)
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Winner’s Circle)
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Racing Game)
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Grand Theft Taxi)
¨°o.ODress Me UpO.o°¨
Hair:: (fd) :: Luna Hat
Tail:: .{yumyums}. :: Frisky Succubus Tail ( Zombi ) 
Mouthie:: {Amai} :: Mochi ( Green Tea ) 
Hair:: Exile :: Dancing on My Own 
Pose:: Starry Heaven :: Kia #4

Welcome to the first of many fun filled blog looks featuring Level Up~
It is actually a theme I asked for, and I got enough people to vote for it that here it is!!! Weeeeeeee
Retro Gaming Happiness..

Today Liliz and I actually decided to blog together after a very long time, her blog post will be out tomorrow sometime. Click here to see her blog.

Ru Paul: A Second Life Video

Previously posted @ Tekila Unplugged.

Before Lady Gaga, there was Ru Paul. Ru Paul is a trendsetter, barrier-breaker, the fearless original “Monster” that started a revolution of sexual expression in another dimension. Tonight a friend and I honor this American and global icon in Second Life:

Thanks to Lumiya for helping put this together!
love always, tekila v. 

Sugar Skulls Show by Solo Evane Video & Photos

Previously posted @ VERSUS Magazine.

Originalmente publicado en Solo Evane Model Agency:

Video of Sugar Skulls Show by Solo Evane

A big thank you to our Designers: Solidea Folies, Ad Creations, Whimsical Imaginarium, Violator and Desir Fashion

Thank you also to our great Sponsors: LPD, Madrid Solo, Nailed it, Posesion , Taox , Versus

And here the link to watch the photos of this beautiful show

Ty to all models, to Agy, to Florentine, to KarenMichelle, to Anna, to Shena , to all the audience

Ver original

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