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Ebbe talks; there is going to be a monthly Question Time with Lindens (with video)

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More information on Sansar and other things of interest! Keep it coming! Thank you Frau Jo!

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Together well known VR Tv personality Saffia Widdershins and I got to interview Ebbe Altberg, aka Ebbe Linden, CEO of Linden Lab and thus, boss of our virtual world.

After a rocky start (something always goes wrong when audio and video are involved in SL) we got started.

It was interesting to note that Ebbe had returned to using his original avatar and was no longer wearing a mesh body.
Thus allowing his face to actually move as he spoke.
He said that he had only worn the mesh body as part of a presentation but I wish I’d asked a little further, because I can’t help wondering if perhaps he didn’t like the mesh avatar very much, especially the fact that you can’t really open your mouth with those avatars.
A rather bad side to the ‘new’ mesh avatars Linden Lab announced a while ago.

Nothing much new was announced or revealed…

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My first SL video: City Inside Out

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(Ok, not entirely first, I once shot a short video for Warm animations, but that has been ages ago.)

“Walking into any interior reveals only exteriors. The sense of personal space is absent. How is a city experienced when there are no comforts for the soul, no home?”

Secondlife video of an amazing art installation by SL resident Haveit Neox. I like how the music complements the mood of the place. From the album Penumbra, Meridian was composed by an RL friend, please check out his webpage at

I used an xbox controller in SL for the capture, but I still need to practice. I loved working on this!

Video Girl

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Hair Ornament & Chandelier Earring: .Shi – Parampara (@Uber)

Video of the photos of the 2° Challenge of Miss Virtual Spain 2016

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The video of the photos 2 Challenge Miss Virtual Spain 2016


Versus Staff


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Fashion: Menswear Fashion Week 2015 video

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We published the press release with the announcement for Siren‘s Menswear Fashion Week 2015 some time back but now there’s also a short trailer video (created by yours truly).

Fair is fair.. Initial production plans were way bigger then just this short teaser trailer but real-life kicked in and unfortunately I couldn’t deliver in time on the agreed work. Still – the footage that was already shot I put together in this trailer… Siren’s Menswear Fashion Week 2015 I think is one of those events all Second Life males should be looking forward to!

GizzA’s Love is in the Air Video

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Video Dance Fashion Prance

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Video Game Sandwiches

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Ghost Bag:: .{yumyums}. :: Pack’s Trail Bag ( Killer Ghost ) :: * Level Up *
Shoulder Pads:: Zombie Suicide :: Shoulder Armour ( Hudded ) :: * New *
Boots:: Cloud 9 :: Edge Boots ( Black ) :: * F R O S T 2014 *
Bodysuit:: DuckNipple :: Tuurlijk Bodysuit :: * New *
Mink:: LUAS :: Fur Minx Brown :: * 25 L Tuesday *
Necklace:: Eclectica :: Scarab Neckpiece ( Black & Gold ) :: * Genre * 
Rupee Necklace & Ring:: *NeverWish* :: Ruby Necklace/Ring ( Green ) :: * Level Up *
Tassel Bag:: =Zenith= :: Tassel Bag ( Choco ) :: * The Arcade *
¨°o.OSet Me UpO.o°¨
Mario Setup:: Mein :: One Up
Bag Being Eaten by Blue Chompy: Cubic Cherry Kreations :: Classics Bag in Tetris 
Blue Ghostie:  Frogstar  :: Grungy Pixel Ghost (Blue)
 Pink Ghostie 1: Frogstar  :: Shiny & New Pixel Ghost (Pink)
Pink Ghostie 2: Frogstar  :: Grungy Pixel Ghost (Pink)
Orange Ghostie: Frogstar  :: Shiny & New Pixel Ghost (Orange)
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Just Play) RARE
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Extra Life) RARE
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Snowboard 2K)
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Winner’s Circle)
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Racing Game)
Frogstar – Retro Geek Print (Grand Theft Taxi)
¨°o.ODress Me UpO.o°¨
Hair:: (fd) :: Luna Hat
Tail:: .{yumyums}. :: Frisky Succubus Tail ( Zombi ) 
Mouthie:: {Amai} :: Mochi ( Green Tea ) 
Hair:: Exile :: Dancing on My Own 
Pose:: Starry Heaven :: Kia #4

Welcome to the first of many fun filled blog looks featuring Level Up~
It is actually a theme I asked for, and I got enough people to vote for it that here it is!!! Weeeeeeee
Retro Gaming Happiness..

Today Liliz and I actually decided to blog together after a very long time, her blog post will be out tomorrow sometime. Click here to see her blog.

Ru Paul: A Second Life Video

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Before Lady Gaga, there was Ru Paul. Ru Paul is a trendsetter, barrier-breaker, the fearless original “Monster” that started a revolution of sexual expression in another dimension. Tonight a friend and I honor this American and global icon in Second Life:

Thanks to Lumiya for helping put this together!
love always, tekila v.