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Mr. X and warm weather drama – New gifts from Violator

Previously posted @ Perceptions Sita Writer.

I told Mr. X that warm weather makes me sizzle in the summer…and makes me crave drama and neon bright colors like… fuschia..something striking and bold like the new group gift from Violator called PretaPorter Moonlight in Purple.

Moonlight is pure artistry with it’s cascades of exotic flowers carefully crafted and dramatically placed… making me feel like a hothouse of desire in full bloom…Mr. X just can’t get enough of that vibe!

The jewelry, Down Cross in Platinum comes replete with chest, mouth and belly piercings, choker, earrings, feather like eyelashes and even jeweled eye make up.  This is also a group gift and can be worn with many looks.  I love the shapes and textures of all these very unique pieces.

Make sure to check out Soraya’s real life jewelry line at — it features a variety of jewelry for men and women that is expertly crafted and designed.  It is beyond eye-catching… and exactly what you have come to expect from the creativity of Violator.  The new catalogue is out… check it out!

Wearing: Violator Group Gifts
Gown – PretaPorter Moonlight in Purple
Jewelry and eyemake up – Down Cross in Platinum

Skin – October 4 Seasons – Jewell Marigold

Daughter of light- Group Gift by October’s 4Seasons & Violator

Previously posted @ Perceptions Sita Writer.

The weaving maiden was the daughter of the deity of light…she lived on the shore of the Milky Way, a bright river of heaven where she would wander looking for Mr. X.  She was as bright as the sun and wove glorious cloth of gold worn by all the gods and goddesses…

All day she sits at her loom and plied her shuttle, weaving gorgeous garments for the gods.Warp and woof, hour by hour, the golden colored cloth grew in piles at her feet.  As the golden sun sinks into the dark hills… it is time for her to dance in the cool moonlight as she waits for another sunrise… just as I wait for Mr. X to arrive…

Tonight I am feeling exotic in this gorgeous new group gift Skin by October’s 4 Season Skins called Henna Marigold.  The elaborate henna decorations on the back, arms and chest are sensual and alluring like the smoke from the lamp of Aladdin.

The eye make- up and lips are perfect — it is such a generous group gift, I wouldn’t miss this if I were you!  To complement the skin, I could not resist wearing one of my all time favorites from Violator… called Midsummer Dream in Sun…. ah the romance of  this silken flowing dress beguiles.

Skin – October’s 4 Seasons – O4S – Henna Marigold – Group Gift

Violator – A Midsummer Dream – Sun
Hair – Violator – Face of the Enemy
Jewelry – Chatelaine – Haute Jewelry – Black Gothic

Soraya Vaher’ real life fashion business Finerblack has items for both women and men, Finerblack is as exclusive as Violator and hopes to provide you with the same sense of artistic exuberance and uniqueness. Go and have a look for yourself and get your orders in now in case you want a special gift for a special someone this Christmas.

Amaterasu Featuring Romance Couture, Chop Zuey and Violator

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Amaterasu as a show is inspired by the modern, Avant Garde Japanese dance form called Butoh. We wish the show to dance along the edge between beautiful and strange, and to explore that balance.
You see before you a land in a time both ancient and legendary.  The Gods and spirits are all around, some visible, some invisible, and their actions affect all the people and creatures of the Earth.
Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun,  has long been in conflict with her brother, Susanoo, the God of Storms. 

He in a rage has destroyed her rice fields and killed one of her beloved handmaidens, leaving her wild with fury and grief. 

Amaterasu is inconsolable and decides to hide in a cave, plunging the world and its inhabitants into darkness.  The only light left is that of the stars and her brother Tsukoyomi, the God of the Moon.  

The people of the earth wander sad and confused, waiting and hoping for her return…

The Blacks Dress #10 by Romance Couture
Black collection
Will be on sale for 200L the day of the show only at the show location
Mascara Tears by MC Makeup
Black Fair 2013 Gift

Center of Attention Lips in Fire Engine Red by Glamorize

Makeup Set in Robot by Make Up Addiction
Highland Ribbon Necklace in Red by Junbug
Gatcha item at the Gathering Oct 2014

Ultrarare Heels in Black by Estelita
Gatcha item at the Gathering Oct 2014

Pagoda hair in onyx by HOB hair

Enchanted Spiders Jewelry in Black diamond  by Zuri Rayna

VIOLATOR “Moonligth” and POSESION “Rinoa” set

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Dress: VIOLATOR “Moonligth” ; Exclusive for Sugar Skull show SOLO EVANE AGENCY

Pose “Rinoa” set by POSESION  (sponsor in show)

VIOLATOR “Moonligth” and POSESION “Rinoa” set

Previously posted @ Shena Neox.


Dress: VIOLATOR “Moonligth” ; Exclusive for Sugar Skull show SOLO EVANE AGENCY

Pose “Rinoa” set by POSESION  (sponsor in show)

Sugar Skulls Show: Skulls Queen Mix & Match” by VIOLATOR

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Originalmente publicado en Solo Evane Model Agency:

Photo by Nimoe Constantine

Model: Ellendir Khandr

Outfit : Skulls Queen Mix & Match” by VIOLATOR. 

Items matched: Violator-Baroque Doll-Red Black- pants & upper

Violator-The Red-Pelvis Baroque with Violator-The Red-chest and pelvis

ViolatorThe Violent Intent-Black-pants

Make up : Madrid Solo- Halloween Designs- Last Dance 2014

Tattoo: .: TAOX :. Slink Feet TaT /  Rose And Red Butterfly

TaTToo Melodrama leg & arm dark

Ver original