Boudoir D’Eve Léa, Virtual Diva Pose Valentine, Glam Affair Kika

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 » Entre L’ange et la sirène « 


Body : Boudoir D’Eve Léa @Swank

Applier : Glam Affair – Kika Applier ( Catwa ) Jamaica 01  @ The Gacha Garden

& Head Mesh Bento Catya

Pose : Virtual Diva Valentine 5

Hair : DOUX – Tanusha

HeadPiece : LODE Head Accessory – Christmas Cactus

Wings : Astralia – Angelica


LA PERLA – VALENTINE’S / Virtual Diva – Pose Valentine

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« A l’abri du soleil, caressée par le vent,  je regarde le ciel, Mais c’est toi que j’attends »



Hud 12  couleurs

applier for maitreya, Belleza & Omega


Applier : Glam Affair – Minerva Applier ( Catwa ) America @collabor88

& Head Catwa Catya

Pose : Virtual Diva – VALENTINE 7

Hair : TRUTH HAIR – Ari 

Tatouage : White~Widow Snatch

Virtual Diva – Vision / Glam Affair – Thabita

By juwel – Styling d’une accro du shopping. Visit Virtual Diva – Vision / Glam Affair – Thabita for original post.

« La vie, ce n’est pas d’attendre que l’orage passe, c’est d’apprendre à danser sous la pluie « 


Dress : Virtual Diva Vision Couture Dress @Swank

Applier : Glam Affair – Thabita ( LeLutka Applier )

Avec differents makeup ! @K9

Head Mesh Lelutka bento Simone

Hair : Tableau Vivant – Bow updo & hair base @collabor88

Boots :  CandyDoll  Mystie @collabor88

The Virtual Connoisseur

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Its the convenience of conveniences , a corner that is kitty corner, take the right at the light, left at the bridge and down the path to open the gates that is your, midnight snack.

Or daytime snack for that matter. I’ve divvy’d up the guacamole and replenished the relish as we continue with Madpea’s International Food Fair. Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to experience some of the live music, DJ’s and other activities going on at this event, but more so have had a chance to participate by collecting some of the great exclusives available for donation!

Here are more screenshots of today’s scene of the day, interior POVs and the like. I’ve set this place up in world so if you’d like to come have a looksee, ping away! Enjoy your midweek blogscroll and stay tuned for more from the Food Fair!

*NOMAD // Cupcake Vendor | MadPea Intl Food Fair
*NOMAD // Sport Drinks Vendor | MadPea Intl Food Fair
*NOMAD // Milk Vendor | MadPea Intl Food Fair
*NOMAD // Hot Pizza Vendor | MadPea Intl Food Fair
*[high v.] balloons bunch pizza (rez) | MadPea Intl Food Fair
*[high v.] nacho fountain | MadPea Intl Food Fair
*[high v.] chips row | MadPea Intl Food Fair
*MadPea Hot Dog Cart | MadPea Intl Food Fair
*MadPea Mad Meals Beef Empanadas | MadPea Intl Food Fair
*Serenity Style- Pincho de tortilla | MadPea Intl Food Fair

*unKindness uK – Love Blue | Liaison Collaborative
*unKindness uK – Wall Flower Pink | | Liaison Collaborative

*NOMAD // Misfortune Teller RARE
*NOMAD // Granny Simulator
*BUENO-Pack Of Bar Stools – Solids
*BUENO- Taco Cart -Orange
*BUENO -Soft Taco Plate
*BUENO-Chips and Guacamole
*BUENO- Taco Bag Deco
*BUENO-Olde B 100 Deco
*BUENO-Hanging Sombrero
*floorplan. neon III gacha / pizza
*floorplan. neon III gacha / make tacos RARE
*7 – Ice Cream Neon
*7 – Cold Drinks Neon
*Sari-Sari – Cafe Happy – Cafe Table & Stool
*.random.Matter. – SnackAttack! – Candies
*.random.Matter. – SnackAttack! – Pineapple Milk
Apt B // Tiny Flea Market Cactus
7 – The Filmore Factory Clock & Signs
7 – Liquors – Next Left
7 – Ice Machine
Mori. tiles distressed painter
{theosophy} Hottie Tester
Maru Kado {-MK-} My bottle & flower yellow
Build -:HAIKEI: I’m Old Fashioned GACHA / RARE

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Virtual Diva Under

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 » J´écrivais ton nom sur les pierres , Sur les cheveux de lierre, Des ruines abandonnées, Je t’attendais à la rivière, Dans le bleu des fougères , Auprès d´un champs de blé « 


Dress : Virtual Diva Under Exclusive Desing @ Kultivate Spring 2017 Fashion Event

Applier : Glam Affair – Zoella Applier ( Catwa ) America 03 RARE  @K9

Makeup : Glam Affair – Funky Makeups for Catwa Heads  @ Rewind

& Head Catwa Catya bento

Hair : Exile:Loose Ends

Pose : Posesion Hotie6  @ the darkness

The Vision …Mr X – Virtual Diva Couture, Park Place & Circa @ Swank + Emo-tions & Jumo

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit The Vision …Mr X – Virtual Diva Couture, Park Place & Circa @ Swank + Emo-tions & Jumo for original post.

Recently, I bought the cutest house to play in… it has been Years since  I bought a house… I haven’t gotten rid of my old and favorite house (and never will)… it is far too beautiful and well done by my dear friend Satir DeCuir. ( for the curious. For those really curious, feel free to visit my sim to see it and the pool… you won’t be sorry!  My new house is more of a romantic cottage… a wonderful place to spend time sorting inventory and unwinding… and dreaming of Mr. X.  The new house is by Pamela Galli.

I found a black classic leather chaise with ao’s for her, him and couples at Swank by Park Place along with a white pine accent table with country french styled legs.  I placed a SpitzMiller gourd shaped red lamp on it. The lamp casts a soft  “light” –can’t you picture yourself curled up with a good book (yes the paper kind) and almost nodding off for a snooze at dusk?  Park place also offers a selection of low prim plants, matching rugs and a lovely heart wall hanging that is perfect for February. This also comes with a shag diamond black and grey matching area rug.  The table is also available in walnut.

A second set (Kiss Me) to be found @ Swank by [Circa] includes a modernist set of couches shaped like giant lips in red and black that come loaded with ao’s for couples and singles as well as “kissing benches” and a modernist bombay shaped table with an oriental floral arrangement, a book and vase. The set is completed with a series of abstract patterned red and black rugs, a choice of red and black curtains and a trendy wall sculpture… “to the moon and back”… in red and silver that helps to meld all the colors of this set together.

I love the cute goth influenced black velvet dress I found at Swank called Vision by Virtual Diva Couture.  The off the shoulder look and the wide belt at the waistline with it’s distinctive cross makes Vision stylishly dark! The dress is made for mesh bodies.

Vision comes with gorgeous  triangular shaped beaded drop earrings in onyx, pearl and turquoise. I couldn’t resist wearing the new Thunderbird Necklace called Taipa by Emo-tions (there are other pieces that come with it as well).  I love the story of the Thunderbird, a Native American legend that has been recorded for centuries. The name Thunderbird comes from the common belief that the beating of its powerful wings causes thunder and stirs the  wind.

Swank Exclusives

Dress : Vision by Virtual Diva Couture

Set # 1 – Park Place – Black Leather Chaise (6 prims),  Accent Table  (1), Table Lamp red (2 prims), leafy green table plant (1 prim) and Heart Garlande (4 prims), Shag Diamon area rug (1 prim)

Set # 2 [Circa] – Kiss Me Ottoman (2 prims), Kiss Me Sofa (5 Prims), Kiss me side cabinet (7 prims), Free Love Rug (1 prim), to the Moon and Back (4 prims)

Necklace: Emo-tions – Taipa

Hair – Emo-tions – Lynette – Blonde Hud

Lips – Jumo – Bronx

Mr. X and L Amore Snow – Virtual Diva Couture @ Swank & Jumo

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This morning I told Mr. X that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated every day of the year… not just one day. Of course I am a “romantic” — and, what is wrong with that.  I live by the saying in a world full of temporary things… I am a perpetual feeling.  And, I am feeling romantic today and found a gorgeous romantic gown in white (I love white gowns) at this month’s Swank by Virtual Diva Couture called L Amore Snow

L Amore Snow is glorious and is made for classic bodies… it also comes with a maitreya  hud that I used on my mesh body… whatever type of body you have classic or mesh this gown is easy to wear.  I love the romantic rose collar and the floating silk cape with it’s rose border that float in the winter breeze.

L Amore Snow will make you feel like a fairytale princess… the gown itself is lovely in silk with a delicate floral pattern.  It is a big formal gown… Mr. X likes that and so do I… you will float on the dance floor without a doubt

L Amore Snow also comes with a lavish floral headpiece that really crowns this look. I have paired this gown with new hair by Jumo called Lindsay and the new fabulous lipstick by Jumo for catwa and lelutka mesh heads and also for classic avatars called Bronx.  This lipstick is so realistically kissable… trust me on that !


Exclusive Gown from Swank – L Amore Snow by Virtual Diva Couture
Poses – Valentine’s Day Poses – Virtual Diva Couture

Hair – Jumo – Blondes Lindsay
Lips – Jumo – Bronx

LuceMia – Virtual Diva Couture

By LuceMia – VERSUS SL. Visit LuceMia – Virtual Diva Couture for original post.

LuceMia - Virtual Diva Couture

Virtual Diva L’Amore Gown Snow
New at SWANK Event
Virtual Diva Mainstore

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Virtual Diva Couture L’Amore Gown @ Swank

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Virtual Diva Couture takes part in the Swank february round!
Sabrymoon is wearing the fabulous “L’Amore Gown”, an enchanting outfit which includes the dress and all the ornaments to create a fantastic style…. a dream that you have to add in your wardrobe!!!
Gown: Virtual Diva Couture L’Amore Gown Snow (@ Swank)
it includes Roses Chest, Bow Heaven, Ornament, Skirt, Top with Maitreya Applier
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