Reflecting on the Miss Virtual World journey

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Coat: Nya’s Shop – FurJacket in white from The Instruments
Bodysuit: Ghee – Blue Ombre Frost Catsuit from the Frozen Fair (You need to see this in person – it sparkles!)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Snowdrift from Collabor88
Necklace: ZOZ – Unwrap Me Holiday Necklace for the Peace on Earth Hunt
Head piece: LODE – Valle II from The Instruments
Pose: Posesion from the Curtain set for The Instruments

Please read more if you are curious about my post-Miss Virtual World finale reflections.

It’s been a couple of days since the finals of Miss Virtual World. I’ve had a little time to rest and took a day off, even though I had initially meant to blog yesterday. There was some health stuff I had to do which came up unexpectedly. Overall, it was good to have that day off because it helped me gain perspective. Congratulations to Eles for winning Miss Virtual World and to Issy for placing top 5. Many congrats also to Silly & Sakura for placing top 11. They are some of my faves and I’m so grateful to call them friends. I am elated for them and excited to see what happens. Best wishes to the lovely Eles for this coming year.

Mixed with the happiness is certainly some sadness that I did not make it to Top 11 and a sense of becoming invisible again, which can be disheartening after all that hard work. I missed out on yearly family traditions and spending quality time with my husband, parents and friends in order to do MVW. Every participant gave up so much for an amazing opportunity to grow. Apparently I had my heart set on top 11 more than I realized in those moments. That takes nothing away from how well the other ladies did. Such beautiful ladies on the inside and out. But I want to make the point that it’s OK for the rest of us to feel some sadness. These are real emotions and we can’t lie to ourselves that everything is 100% fine. Some people need to process emotions out loud, whether in writing, spoken, or both. For some of us, keeping emotions inside will hurt us in the long run. Any previous or current competitors who didn’t make top 11 or 12 and say they weren’t disappointed in their standing are not telling the truth. This is a natural thing for anyone to feel and it does not detract from the accomplishments of others. These are our emotions and they only affect us. In some ways I felt I let myself down. That feeling has faded. It actually hit me rather delayed. I didn’t feel it until the laptop lid closed and the weight settled on my chest. After taking the 48 hour breather to focus on my health, I can look at everything from the outside and I feel much better. Experiences are always surreal when they end.

For myself, I am now left to wonder what the future holds in the modeling and fashion world of SL. Every participating Miss from years previous, not just the overall winner, has gone on to do great things. They certainly inspire us all. The pageant was a huge confidence booster for me. I love modeling and I love Romania, plain and simple. The back story is that for many years I wanted to be a real life model. At 15 years old I was 5’9″ and 125lbs. So imagine a tall thin gangly girl, but with a frame well suited to modeling clothes. Trust me, I was realistic and knew I was never going to be the next Coco Rocha. But I was really interested in working regionally, doing shows and being in catalogs. Coming from a small town, I could not figure out how to get started. I did a show and then I did an online modeling competition. My dreams hit a road block that I couldn’t break through. So I went off to college and now I have an amazing career. Every day I help people to realize their full potential as a human beings and member of society. That’s nothing to sniff at. But the dream that I am no longer qualified for remained elusive. And then I found Second Life. Just like real life, it took many years for me to figure out how to become a model. For whatever reason, my life journeys have a tendency to take a long time. After all that, I can now call myself a model. The dream I held for 12 years has been fulfilled in my late 20s.

If you read all the way to this point, I want to thank you very much. Also special thanks to the entire staff of Miss Virtual World including Diamond, Fal, Kimmera and Reign. And another major thank you to all my friends.

Miss Virtual World….Disney Meets Lady Gaga

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“Disney meets Gaga”
The Scene:  Disney is worried, their business seems to be dropping off, they need YOUR help! They need you to design a new look for one of their Iconic Disney Characters!   They want Fresh! They want New! They want Funky! They want GAGA!
The news travels fast and furiously through the Kingdom….the winds of change are coming! Maleficent pushes herself through the crowd that has gathered at the castle steps, she will be made over first, she will see to that!

 Although she is soft spoken, proper and elegant, underneath she is simply a monster who enjoys being evil. But it was him, who ate her heart first, so it is only fitting that now it will be her who consumes him. Gaga eat your heart out!!

Designers Include:

Hot Tamale Tights in Pink by The Mesh Project

PartyGirl Eyeshadow in Green and Purple by CottonCANDYmonsteR

Confetti Lipcolor by Hush

Chaka Gown by !:Lybra:!

Twist nails in Chiyogami Pink by Candy Nails

Corne Horns from the Nicky attire by DIRAM

Spiky Fur by Gizza

Eccentric Beauty Gown by Jazzy’s

Arachne Headdress by Pure Poison

Spike Pink Belt by CandyDoll


Miss Virtual World National Costume Competition

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Miss Virtual World National Costume Competition
Long ago a woman appeared wearing white buffalo skin, carrying a pipe and explained that the symbolization; the wood to that of the trees and earth, the red bowl to the flesh and blood of mankind and the smoke was the breath of their prayers to Tanka, or God. The buffalo had four energies–the black, white, yellow, and red–but held a deeper message: There is only one race, the human race, and we must join together in peace.

In tribal custom, white feathers symbolize purity and healing. The Eagle is sacred and means deep respect. With those attributes I chose to depict the woman, in buffalo skins, performing a medicine dance to heal the earth and its people.

A special thanks to Zzoie Zee and Trouble Memphis Dethly from Zanzie!
Designers Include:

Beaded Top in Brown by Zanze

Harvest Moon Fur Skirt by May’s Soul

Lines and Dots by Lovely Disarray

The Officer War Face Paint by Bad Unicorn

Bang! Bang! Hair by *Milk*

Wings and Feathers by DeviousMinds

Heavens Gate Headpiece from EMO-tions

Yakushi white necklace by MANDALA

Atiriya Stone jewelry by Zaara

Bald Eagle by Manticore

Authentic Dance

Miss Virtual World 3rd Photo Challenge…You and Your Charity

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Third photo challenge was to make a poster mock poster as if we had won Miss Virtual World
for an event with our favorite charity.

I chose Autism, something close to my heart.

Designers Include:

Tux top from the Keysha Attire by DIRAM
Kiss Kiss Lips in Purple by Enchanted Ink
Enchanted Ink
Y U L A Inspiration Hat and petals from Gizza
Cuffs From SleevelessBlouse in Black by COCO (group gift)
Flowing Skirt by Junbug
Past Gatcha
Fortuna Hair by Tableau Vivant
Past Event

Miss Virtual World 2015 Swimsuit Competition

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Everything is coming up roses!
Red roses symbolize love, beauty, respect and passion, all tributes that Jewel hopes to posses and emulate.
Jewel is wrapped from head to foot in roses, adorned with diamonds and every step she takes is with royal intention.

Jewel is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood, so proceed with caution. Oh my!

Designers Include:

MVW 2014 Swimsuit by Tres Beau

 Romantic Dreams Nails for Slink Hands and Feet by -{ZOZ}-

 Shena Makeup in blue by Madrid Solo

 Petal Lips in Harlot by Glamorize

 Royal Heels for slink feet by NeverWish

 Salimah Jewelry by Jumo

 Rose Shoulder piece and falling petals from Couture Vortex in Red by Boudoir

Thorns and Roses feet jewelry by Glint

Yvette Hair by Tukinawaguma

She stands on the stage with the big spot light blinding her, she puts up her hand to shade the light from her eyes. She timidly starts singing…then grows more and more confident, until she breaks out in outright song. Yes, everything’s coming up roses!!!
As the finale of the song comes to a close. Her breasts heave breathlessly as the curtain closes and the lights dim…her moment in the spotlight is over.
Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Miss Virtual World 2nd Photo Challenge “My Favorite Movie Of All Time”

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Miss Virtual World 2015 Second Runway Challenge
Once upon a time there lived a young girl who loved her father very much.
My inspiration is Danielle from my all time favorite movie Ever After, A Cinderella Story.
 Not long after marrying, her father passes away leaving Danielle 
with a step mother and two step sisters. 
She is called Cinderella by her step sister for reading by the cinder and ash of the fire. 
 By chance the Prince tries to evade an arranged marriage, steals Danielle’s father’s horse, 
and meets Micheal Angelo on the highway. 
Setting off a chain of events of no return. 
Danielle goes to court to free one of the servants, meets the prince and a romance ensues. 
The only problem is that the step sister has her sights on the Prince. 
When the step mother becomes aware of what the little Cinder girl is up to, 
she is locked in the cellar and away from the ball.
Micheal Angelo saves the day and sets her free.
“A bird may love a fish Senior, but where would they live?” Danielle asks Angelo.
“Then I shall make you wings.” He replies.
So he builds her a costume from her mothers wedding dress to wear to the ball,
 to tell the Prince the truth about her social standing.
Breath, just Breath, she utters to herself as she stands at the castle walls. 
Waiting for the prince to recognize her.
When the Prince learns who she is, he turns her away, she flees in tears. 
Immediately following she is sold into slavery to an unsavory man. 
She stands up to him and demands her freedom. 
Just in time for the Prince to come to her rescue.
The reason this is my favorite movie is simple;
Although she loses her mother, then her father and is forced to be a servant to her step mother, 
she never loses her fight. She works hard to keep the land that her step mother is bound to loose. When she loses the prince she still has inner strength enough to stand on her own
 and demand her own freedom. 
She did not need anyone to rescue her, 
which made her perfect to be a princess. 
The Prince comes back after all to wed her and create a happily ever after.

Elegant Lipstick in Electric Red by Pink Acid
Lash Out Glow in Red and Silver by Madrid Solo
Glitter Body Lotion by  CottonCANDYmonsteR
Wings from Angel Beauty Princess Outfit by **Dirty Princess**
Winter Dancer Sleeves by *SoliDea FoliEs* 
Carmine Bodice and Skirt by Huntress Couture
Fran Flowers by Zibska
Estra Hair in Hazelnut by Amacci
Melancholy Chest  lace in light By DRD 
I got these at the secret affair, but here is DRD LM
La Traviata Red and White Jewelry comes with complete outfit by Chop Zuey
Hela Pearl Eyebrows by .Luminary.
Past Event
Slink elegant hands

Myths and Legends with Miss Virtual World

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The ancient Native American Indian Legend of the Raven.

In the beginning of the world, Grey Eagle was the guardian of the sun, moon, stars, fresh water and fire. Grey Eagle hated the people so much that they were hidden away. Raven transformed himself from a handsome man into a snow white bird to gain favor with Grey Eagle. When he was invited into Grey Eagle’s home, he stole the items and fled through the chimney.

Raven hung the sun, moon and stars and they lit the sky. He dropped the water and it gave the world fresh water. Then the Raven flew on, holding the fire in his beak The smoke from the fire blew back over his white feathers and made them black. When his bill began to burn he dropped the fire, that is why when you strike two rocks you get fire.

Ravens feathers never became white again after being blackened by the smoke of the fire. That is why Raven is now a black bird.

Jewel chose the Raven because of his courage to change not only himself but the world. Hey styling representing the Raven as it is blackened by the torch on the top with falling charred feathers, the wings turning to gray as the smoke touches them, and the still snow white feathers at the bottom, untouched by the flames. 

Styling by:

Creatura Headpiece by Purple Moon

Shiori Hair by Zibska


Torch by The Black Forest


Twigs Hair Base by Paperbag


Fairy Face Tattoo in silver by White~Widow

White Widow

Lash Out by Madrid Solo

Madrid solo

Duck Lips in coal by Pink Acid

Pink Acid

Melancholy Collar in Frost by RO


Royal Blush Earrings in Blush Green by Lazuri


Morrighan Dress in pearl by deviousMind


Competition Ivory Rose Bustle by Romance Couture

Competition bundle 2013

Le Noir Petals by TDS


Black Magical Wings from the Black Angel Dress by Boudoir


Sling nails in Style Set by finesmith


Nevermore Heels for Slink High feet in gold by Lassitude & ennui
Secret Affair

Miss Virtual World 2015 Prism Challenge

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When Jewel’s parents first brought her home, they thought for sure they had given birth to a fish. She took to water like a bird takes to flight. She came equipped with a larger than life personality and is known to go totally overboard, pun intended. This girl may swim with the fishes, but you will never find her belly up!

Jewel rides in on the Silver Great Wave headpiece littered with tumbling ocean shells by Alegria. The colors of the waves peak under the headpiece in adorning curls by paperbag, spilling down across her face exquisitely painted by Madrid solo.

Sparkling jewelry add refinement and beauty supplied by Jumo. The coral reef itself dances across her chest and sweeps down to her hips in a rainbow of color from Boudoir. Yellow fins, crafted by Tideborns, bring the fish inside of Jewel ablaze.

Blue and gold nails match the wave of color set to life by ZOZ.  Fascino made these sexy and alluring spiked heels that will catch the attention of any merman swimming by. The sparkles in the dress, by Prism Designs catches the sparkles in Jewel’s eyes and it radiates out in a wave of sparkles by Deeplight Designs. Bubbles by NeCo dance with the sparkles completing this aquatic look.

List of Designers:

Uli Dress in Dawn Sparkle by Prism Design
Dress for MVW event

Prism Design

Twigs Hairbase in purple by Paperbag

Event Special

Show Designs- Metropolis Full Set by Madrid Solo

Madrid Solo

Azaria Love Gold Nail polish by ZOZ


Abyssal Landwalker fins by Tideborns


Maneater Spiked Yellow Heels for slink High Feet by Fascino


Orient Bright Diamond Jewelry by Jumo

Event Special
Silver Great Wave headpiece by ALEGRIA

Coral reef Mermaid chest part and hip fin by Boudoir


Heart bubbles from Seaweed Mermaid Princess by NeCo


Celestine Lumous Star Twinkler by DEEPLIGHT designs

6th Runway Challenge with Miss Virtual World “BODYART”

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There is a magic of change in the autumn air, the wind swirls through the cherry blossom trees that wrap around Jewel’s body, carrying petals and sweet fragrance everywhere.

Beyond the rustling falling leaves is the alluring geisha, educated from youth to serve, entertain and become art itself. Sit back and relax as she entertains you.

She envelopes the very essence of artistic nature and passion, she is alluring and provocative.  It leaves you wondering if it is her that is caught up in the magic, or is it you?

Designer’s Include:

Cherry Blossom Pettles by RunoRuno

Blossom Tree Tattoo by B*FLY

Ebony Lust Eye Makeup by Glamorize

Mamidala hairsticks in Midnight Sakura by Devious Minds

Diamond Makeup by Vogue

Highland Ribbon Necklace by Junbug

Moondchild animated butterfly by Enfant Terrible

Eclair  hair in black coal by Amacci

Estelita black heels by Azoury

Roxanne chest Jewelry by Finesmith

Le Brooch Derriere Diamond by Chop Zuey

Myth-S Bangles by WTG

Slink Cherry Blossom Nails by [Ten]

Miss Virtual World….Western Japanese Couture in tribute to Anjelica Carling

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Oceans apart two cultures collide to bring the world ultimate beauty and eclectic fashion.
 Jewel steps into the rich vein of exquisite fashion boutiques that are part of Aoyama, 
a sophisticated shopping district in Japan. 
She scours through the shops looking for just the right thing. 
With shopping bags in tow, she returns home to prepare for the evenings events. 
As Jewel puts on her final touches to her outfit, she adjusts the flowers in her hair, 
straightens her collar and flattens her skirt against her hands. 
What a perfect Western Japanese tribute for the beautiful 
Designers include:

Lash out in Red By Madrid Solo

Shena in Bronze by Madrid Solo

Liceo Mask in Silver by Posesion

Rosamarie Skirt by Junbug

Gypsy Divine Wreath in Black and Gold by Zenith

Qween Rose Midnight Black Nails by Candy Nail

Pagoda Hair in Onyx by HOB Hair

Igaly Chest, pelvis, and shoulder pieces by Eshi Otawara

Empress collar by The Muses

Metal Moon Jewelry by Zuri Rayna

Latex gloves by tapi