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Using Virtual Green Screens to Make Great Virtual Images

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I love that so many virtual fashion photographers use a virtual green screen backdrop to create an even more virtual (but paradoxically realistic) composite image. Here’s one by Daeberethwen Arbenlow with little post-processing (besides the green screen layering). “Just combined…

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MMO Pioneer Raph Koster: Virtual Reality Developers Must Learn from Virtual World History Or Repeat Its Mistakes

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Here’s a great recent talk from MMO pioneer Raph Koster who gives a breezy history of virtual worlds, outlines their massive influence on tech culture and the mainstream*, then closes with an ominous warning to the new generation of virtual…

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Beautiful…Featuring .PENUMBRA. SPRING/SUMMER 2016 FASHION WEEK with Virtual Diva Couture

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Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.
I have knows people who are stunningly beautiful to look at
who were the most ugly people inside.
It made them ugly to look at.

I know people who are not beautiful by the worlds standards
who were the most beautiful people inside.
They made the world glow with its possibilities.

No matter what it is that you think you look like,
I urge you to be beautiful from the inside out.

Make sunshine wherever you go!

Golden Shower Big Rare headpiece by *LODE*

Jutti wreath in yellow by Persefona

Blue hair by Soonsiki

Beauty and the Beast fur cape B.C.C

Petal Gown by Virtual Diva Couture at

Maneater spiked yellow heels by Fascino


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Confirming Real Life Now Cyberpunk Novel, Hacker Steals Virtual Currency to Aid Fight Against Apocalyptic Terrorists

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Actual news, not @GreatDismal novel: Robin Hood hacker donates $ 11K of stolen Bitcoin to help fight ISIS — Wagner James Au (@slhamlet) May 19, 2016 Seriously, says Newsweek: A Kurdish region of Syria that borders territory held by the…

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No, Linden Lab’s Board Isn’t “Ashamed” of SL’s Virtual Porn

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And SLer named Cathartes Aura posted a comment on last’s post on Project Sansar which makes some good points, but also argues that Linden Lab is financing Sansar because Linden Lab’s board is “ashamed” of Second Life and its many…

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Got a Live Event to Promote Happening in SL, High Fidelity, OpenSim, or Random Virtual World? Tweet Details at Me!

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SLers, got a cool event you wanna promote? Tweet the main details + time/day/SLurl/blog/YouTube/etc. link at me & I’ll RT! — Wagner James Au (@slhamlet) May 17, 2016 Nice note from a fellow named Fred to come back to after…

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Petal Gown Penumbra 

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Versus magazine – Virtual Tribute to Esther Noriega

Previously posted by Tania Tebaldi at VERSUS SL.

This already online the new issue of Versus SL Magazine, Virtual Tribute to Esther Noriega, internationally famous Spanish designer, Kungles, trends, Spencer Museum and much more, do not miss it!

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VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE @ SWANK and Penumbra FW 2016 / Ooh-la-licious @ Penumbra FW 2016

Previously posted by at Jenie’s SL Fashion Life.

VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE – Bella Gown @SWANK until May 31
Ooh-la-licious/Katalina/Peaches/Catwa Sarah Applier @ PenumbraFW Until May 22
 VIRTUAL DIVA COUTURE Petal Gown @ PenumbraFW Until May 22
Ooh-la-licious/Celestia/Vanilla/Catwa @ PenumbraFW Until May 22

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JumoFashion – Virtual Diva – Modern Couture

Previously posted by Loli at Le blog des escapades de Lolita.

Dress : Virtual Diva Bella for Swank Hair : Catwa Princess Headpiece : Modern Couture Rami for The Instrument Pose Infiniti Blown…

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