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Miss Virtual World USA 2016’s Final Look

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They’re here! The amazing, incredible pictures done by the unbelievably talented Astralia! *swoons*

Okay, so it’s been a week since MVW ended and it was a great journey. Full of challenges and triumphs, I really learned a lot. I’ve only been in the fashion world since April. My first runway show ever was June. And now it’s six months later and I can hold my head held high and walk proudly as Miss VW USA 2016, one of the Top 13 Misses.

It’s also been a hell of a week with just tons going on and getting ready for the SL Christmas Expo 2015, where over 50 talented creators come together with Relay for Life to celebrate holiday season with exclusives, hunts, and .PENUMBRA. is hosting a fantastic winter fashion show wheeeerreeee….yes! This gorgeous outfit I’m wearing will be featured as one of the stunning creations to be sold for charity. I am so grateful to Bea Serendipity and Warm Clarity for everything they’ve done and I am so very honored to be a part of Ghee.

This was an interesting challenge because were told no gowns. Nothing gown-esque. Something new, fresh, original. The concept was to create an outfit that would be trend setting a thousand years in the future. A full millennium from now…..and all I could think of is how far we’ve come from a thousand years ago. So when Bea, Warm, and I sat down to talk, we really wanted something out there and futuristic. And while the pictures are gorgeous, what you cannot see if the clothes actually change colors as you walk…..glowing and shifting, adding an entirely new dimension to the clothes which I just found absolutely incredible!

Another amazing designer who helped me create the perfect look was Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry. She is a fantastic jeweler and I was so honored to be able to work with her to bring together the right jewelry for this. We had a lot of fun and in the end, everything came together just perfectly.

I think, looking back, I just have two requests, two small wishes that if we could wish upon a star, could come to be. At the beginning of this pageant, a big word used to describe the whole process was ‘transparent’, as in “We’ll be absolutely transparent about the whole contest”, etc. And while I cannot speak for any of the other misses, I can say that even after the whole process is over, I still have no understanding of how the scoring occurred. At a rehearsal, one of the coordinators mentioned that there is a 20 point deduction every time a Miss is late to something and that was news to me. I think my first wish would have been that the scoring could truly have had the transparency that we were promised. I understand there was a tradition of how things were done before the pageant changed hands, but considering so much else has changed about it, it would be nice to move forward and make things clear throughout the pageant so we are not guessing, but know what really is. If the scores had come out and I was truly #13, then I’d be fine with it. But I believe it would be good to know.

And this actually ties in with my second thought and request. The first challenge and a styling class, we were given feedback on how we did and what we needed to work on. After that, the coordinators stopped. We were not given the judges’ feedback nor anything from the coordinators. I believe that every experience should be a learning opportunity and it would be wonderful to receive the judges’ feedback after the challenge. That way if there is something we are doing that is glaringly incorrect, we can work on becoming a better model. Without that feedback, we will continue to make the same errors and there is no learning opportunity.

So those are my two hopes for the pageant. But regardless of what happens moving forward, I am very happy with how things went. I’m excited to move forward with projects I have in mind and I think this next year is going to be absolutely incredible.


Catalina takes the stage once more in a shimmering concoction of beauty and elegance as she brings to life a vision of what the world might celebrate a millennium in the future. With technology leaping forward, Cata envisions a future where anything is possible. She sees a world where clothes can change with a single thought, matching one’s mood and energy not just harnessed to light the world but also to create dazzling effects in the world of couture fashion.

To bring this dream to life, Catalina knew exactly where to go. Six months ago when she was just starting out, it was Bea Serendipity and Warm Clarity of Ghee who noticed a new model’s blog and they reached out to bring Catalina into the fold of the Ghee family. To get the opportunity to work with them on this creation has been incredible.

For jewelry, there was just one person Catalina could ask and that was Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry. Another amazing designer that creates extraordinary pieces, Cata has been excited to wear her jewelry throughout the entire competition. It is a true honor to be here today and Catalina is humbled by everyone’s generosity.


Ghee | Celestial Catalina | New Release
Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry | El Caracol Set
Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry | The Wild Swans Tiara
Zibska | Kiki
*Mon Cheri* | “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper (add)
Maxi Gossamer | Eyelashes – Party – Swallow Wings
Madrid Solo | Requested Designs- Fetish Fever-Lips Only
Glam Affair | Prezioso Lipstick 05
Madrid Solo | Full Face Designs- Summer Days- Eyes Only
Izzie’s | Autumn Eyeshadow teal
Izzie’s | Eyeliner
Izzie’s | Large Area Eyeshadow purple
Glam Affair | Yolandi skin – Europa
IKON | Hope Eyes – Fjord

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LuceMia – Virtual Diva & PoSEsioN

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LuceMia - Virtual Diva & PoSEsioN

Photo by LuceMia

+ Dress | Virtual DIVA – Wonder Gown Party
+ Pose | PoSEsioN Kabuki 7


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Virtual Diva

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VIRTUAL DIVA –  Amida StarWars outfit + Pose @ The Instruments

Skin – Deesses Boutique: Cynda

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Miss Virtual World Academy is Now Accepting Students

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The MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization is able to provide the full spectrum of training necessary for men and women to enter into a successful fashion modeling career. The MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization and this Academy have, for years, been educating and graduating the most recognized models in SL Fashion. MVWMA employs only the best and most experienced fashion models in SL as instructors.
IT IS OUR MISSION and purpose to give you the tools and skills necessary to pursue your dreams as a model in Second Life.
With our staff’s vast wealth of experience, we will help prepare you in what you will need to reach for the stars and attain your personal aspirations. We offer a diverse range of training, from introductory courses for those just starting out on their modeling journey to advanced classes for those wanting the most up to date information to stay current. No matter your level of experience, MVWMA has the class to assist you in keeping your skills sharp and preparing you to meet any challenge.
A R E Y O U R E A D Y ?

To find out how to take the next step, or if you have any questions, we welcome you to contact our top notch student advisors. They are ready and excited to help you get started on this amazing adventure.

Please contact Steele Sirnah for more information
Or send by email to:
[email protected]
You K N O W you want to do this.
You’re R E A D Y to begin.
Please send all MVWMA tuition payments to:
Kennedy Eddingham
See the Academy web site for rates and further information
Class 101 A – The Basics Pt 1
101B – The Basics Pt 2
102 – Shapes
103 – Strut That Runway
104 – Styling
105 – Raising the Bar
106 – Class with Reign Congrejo
Catalina Staheli – Social Media teacher

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The First Live Auditions for Miss Virtual World

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The first live audition for Miss Virtual World 2016 takes place this Saturday, July 25th at 10am SLT.

In a parade of Beauty, Style and Talent, our hopeful applicants will be showing us their best on a glittering stage at the BOSL Fashion Dome. A Must-See Spectacular Event…who will win through to be a Miss this year?

Please note:
MVW are now accepting applications for the Final Audition. Deadline to submit your entries is 1st August 2015.
Details on how to apply on the link below:

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Still can join Miss Virtual World 2016

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Dear Beautiful Ladies, a few hours left to join the Miss Virtual World Pageant, the biggest across the grid. A chance to be with the best and rule among the most beautiful. The 2016 applications would close soon. Last date to apply is August 1st, 2015.

This year MVW, 16 had a good response in regards to applicants. They are still looking for more beautiful ladies to come and compete. The applications would close at midnight on August 1st.

Do you have love to style?
Do you love modelling?
If yes, then why not try the Miss Virtual World, 2016. One thing is sure for you to gain, that is experience and a lot of fun.

To apply click here

Lets see you wear the title. 

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Final Live Audition for Miss Virtual World 2016

Previously posted at 4m my Eyes.

Mark your calendars for August 15th, 2015 to see the beautiful ladies walk the ramp competing for Miss Virtual World 2016 Title.

At 10:00 am SLT, the second and the final live audition will take place. The best and latest trends of fashion will be displayed by the models.Winners would win L$ 250,000 in cash and prizes.

Your landmark: Teleport

Beauty, Style and Talent displayed on the glittering stage of BOSL Fashion Dome.  Ladies from all over the world will be participating to grab the title of the top model.

16 Ladies have already been selected to compete for the title in the first live auditions. Click here to view the list. August 15th will decide who will be in the final competing list and our prospective Miss Virtual World 2016.

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Blueberry – Lyrical B!zare – Virtual Diva – Petit Chat

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Dress & Hat : Virtual Diva Le Rose for Swank Jewels : Lazuri Royal Blush Hair : Lelutka Fionn Jacket & top : Rebel Hope Sonoma for Fameshed…

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LuceMia – Virtual Diva & MUA MakeUp Addicted

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LuceMia - Virtual Diva & {MUA} MakeUp Addicted

Photo by LuceMia

+ Hat | Virtual Diva – Freedom Art Hat – Exclusive for Art in Hat 2015
+ Lips | {MUA} Lipstick – Let Me Shine

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Previously posted at Chasing Catalina.

This amazing picture was taken by Tempest Rosca, one of SL’s top fashion photographers and she did an extraordinary job! The challenge was really interesting and it was a ton of fun to put together.

The challenge briefing was:

The year is 2201 and we have come along way with technology.  We are now in the era of the bionic woman and man.  We can do just about anything.

At some point you were hurt and part of you is now android.  (Part Human/Android).  You are the most beautiful creature to walk the earth.  You are royalty.  You have been in the Army, you possess fighting skills, you are versatile, impressive, perfect, sensual and most of all realistic.

Your clothing must have at least 3 designers not including your accessories.. Have fun with this.  No gowns.  Make your pictures creative.  If you want to pose upside down, do it.  Let your creative juices run wild.  The object here is to be a woman of the future.  Remember,  “THE FUTURE IS NOW”..

And so with this in mind, off I went to Marketplace and all over Second Life, searching for just the right thing. I really wanted to keep a lot of what we consider ‘classic beauty’ as we’re only looking 100 years in the future, so we wouldn’t have changed that drastically. But still incorporating the android aspect with a storyline that made me smile. I hope you enjoy!


In the past hundred years, amazing innovation and creativity has led us into a world of vision, the kind that Jules Verne and Ayn Rand once dreamed about and the world called fiction. We have made that fiction a reality through opportunity, luck, and perseverance, with so much left to discover. With that in mind, the following is what inspired my picture!

The year is 2201 and Catalina’s future is one of challenge and adventure, part of an elite rescue team that goes in to help when accidents leave victims trapped in the wreckage and rubble. She does this despite being a victim herself, trapped in a bad explosion two years prior. The child she’d gone in to save was gotten out, but she’d been caught in a final explosion, her arms pinned beneath a fallen beam in a warehouse and torso mangled by the sharp debris.

Her team got her out and it was into surgery she went, coming out quite the different person with both arms replaced and a torso of wires now wrapped in black protective latex. Two years later she rejoins her team, ready to get back to the business of saving lives.



erratic | meg – leggings / white (maitreya)
r2 A/D/E | sekka jacket[XXS]silver
Hello Spacegirl | Ilia Corset (black)
[Etchaflesh] | Industria Olivia Boots
[Chariot] | Carapace Cyberarm – v1/dark//FITTED
Exile | You Send Me
Maxi Gossamer | Necklace – Kalistar Collar
[The Forge] | Face Art, Right, (Silver)
Madrid Solo | Lip Designs- Bubble Gloss Lips- Gloss Only
{Make Up Addiction} | Eyeshadow Pack – Magnetic – Smoke
*Mon Cheri* | “Falsies” Eyelashes
~Tableau Vivant~ | Viking – Hairbase
-Glam Affair- | Yolandi skin – Europa
IKON | Hope Eyes – Fjord
Custom Pose

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