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Miss Virtual World 2016 – Third Runway Challenge

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Hey guys! Today I went to the Miss Virtual World 2016 event. The contestants were doing their third runway challenge – Fast & Furious. I don’t go out to fashion events nearly enough, but I knew I had to go to this one! Come on – it’s Fast & Furious!


“You like living on the edge? You love illegal street racing and heists. Maybe you’re a jewelry thief or maybe you like a good fight. The candidates will be showing you their fashionable outfit while living on the edge. Their inspiration was taken from some parts of the movie “The Fast and Furious”.” – Issy Flatley, host (left side)

I loved the stage, especially with all of the cars underneath the platform. We were informed that Surplus Motors provided the cars, and that Hethwen Collinwood built the stage. Over on the right is the DJ, Thorn Andel. Now that I think of it, I should had taken a picture of the audience – the audience area had three levels of seating, but I didn’t realize it until after I sat down. There were only a small group of people on the second and third levels, but the main level was pretty much full.

According to Issy, the judges at this event were:
* Eleseren Brianna – Reigning Miss Virtual World
* Wicca Merlin – Owner & Designer of Wicca’s Wardrobe, Professional Runway & Print Model, Blogger, Stylist and Photographer.
* Skip Staheli – Adult Industry Best Erotic Photographer of the Year 2015
* Eva Kelini –  K E L I N I  •  Haute Couture Owner,  M I S S  V ? 2 0 1 4  First Runner Up
* Hethwen Collinwood – Mr Virtual World – USA 2015 and  Heth Haute Couture – Owner
* Tyra Eiren – Fantasy Angels Owner and Professional Model
* Prisilla S. Avro – Professional Model and Blogger, Co-Founder & Manager of VISIONAIRE & HASHTAG by VISIONAIRE and  Miss Virtual Puerto Rico 2015 (Top 10).



Dress: Maleficent Couture Gown by Virtual Diva Couture
Boots: Regency Boots by BAX
Gloves: Sinners Hands Pack by Aii The Ugly & Beautiful

#754 Miss Virtual World Picture Challenge

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Dear Readers,

For our picture challenge of last week we were asked to style “Sports Illustrated” meets “Sex and the City”.

I asked Astralia to shoot my picture and this is the end result.

I’ve chosen to bring Carry Bradshaw to a NY Giants Stadium since the season has begun again. Today she is dressed stylish and ready for a good game. Since Carry is always frantically cheering along and can work up a sweat by just sitting on that bench, I’ve dressed her in a bikini type top so she can easily take her jacket of. With her stylish handbag she shows the crowd she is a diva football fanatic. Overall, Carry is feeling like a girly girl today because Mr Big has showered her with gifts that she can’t wait to open when she gets back home.


Bikini/Bra: Eyelure | Glitter Sports Bra
Jacket: Gabriel | Mesh Leather Jacket Pink
Skirt: Ghee | Wisteria Flounce Skirt
Cap: Flat Cap | Cotton Strawberry (Adjusted the color myself to blue-ish)
Shoes & Socks: Reign | Dolly Plats
Necklace: Kunglers | Ivatan Quartz
Bracelet R: Ryca | Multi Beads
Bracelet & Watch L: Mandala | Billionaire Fashionista
Handbag: Azoury | Baroudeur Blue
Ring: Zuri Jewelry | Spellbound Double Aussie Ring
Hair: Elikatira | Ravens
Eyeshadow: Slackgirl | Lea 01
Lips: Deesses | Lorelay Wildberry Wet

LuceMia – Virtual Diva & .:EMO-tions:. & AZOURY

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.EMO-tions. GISELLE Virtual Diva - Maleficent Couture Gown + AZOURY - Serenissima Shoe Black
AZOURY - Serenissima Shoe Black
Photo by LuceMia
+ Dress | Virtual Diva – Maleficent Couture Gown
+ Hair | .:EMO-tions.. *Giselle*

+ Shoes | AZOURY – Serenissima Shoe Black

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LuceMia – Virtual Diva

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Virtual Diva - Flor  Gown InstrumentsEVENT
Photo by LuceMia
+ Dress | Virtual Diva – Flor Gown
Exclusive for The Instruments Event
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Flor Gown by Virtual Diva
September 18 to October 7

28/09/2015- Wicca’s Wardrobe – Virtual Diva – Lazuri – Glitter

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Jewels : Lazuri Cocoa Island Fall Edition Hair : enVOGUE Renesmee Headwear : Astralia Undergrowth Wreath for Tres Chic Dress,…

Trending with Virtual Diva

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It is better to keep your mouth closed and
let people think you are a fool
than to open it and remove all doubt.
Mark Twain

Here is a quick post to show you a couple of the latest new releases from Virtual Diva as well as my entries so far into the Miss Virtual Diva contest.  First up is the beautiful Dejavu gown in black. It is partially mesh and comes with the flexi flowers and the wings. I am wearing it in black but it comes in 3 other colors and each are available now in the main store.

virtual diva dejavu gown black romance_001
The next fun little outfit is called the Mirrors gown and it comes in several different colors as well.
The dress is part mesh, and part flexi which the top does not have appliers so it will not work with the mesh body.
virtual diva mirrors gown_001The next two looks are my looks I did for the Miss Virtual Diva contest. For the entry, I am wearing the Dolly Lace mesh gown with the Virtual Diva Addy hair.
Miss Virtual Diva 2015 Entry-Averil
And for the semi final round, we had the art challenge so we were encouraged to use her clothing and look like art.
I was inspired by the beautiful colors in the Frida gown and built my look around that as an homage to summer!
miss virtual diva live audition look_001All of these items can be found in the Virtual Diva main store now!

Miss Virtual World Ball Today

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Our current Miss Virtual World 2015 Eleseren Brianna hosted a fabulous ball today for the Misses!  It was held at the beautiful Rose Theatre Ballroom and was hugely successful with over 88 avatars attending.  Needless to say that is way too many avatars to enable much movement or picture taking.  They arranged for a photographer to snap our photos at the event and they will be featured in the BOSL magazine soon.  I managed to sneak a shot on the the stairs after our group picture.

Also the Miss AZUL 2015 contest is holding a public vote on the candidates. You have seen all of my -AZUL- challenges posted in here and if you have time and want to vote on the finalists you may do so through Tuesday September 22. It is an online voting system and the link is

MVW Ball

Styling Details:

Top: -AZUL- Alba Aqua

Skirt: *SoliDea FoliEs* Natzuka

Hair: Tukinowaguma Shinobun

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1

MVW Official: Official Crown Miss Virtual World United Kingdom 2016; HHC – The Stars of MVW 2016 Brooch

Makeup: *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash;[mock]

Glitter Pop eShadow [Synjari Silvaria];

[mock] Rochelle Lip Gloss Tuscany Lip 1[Synjari Bonus]

Jewelry: Chop Zuey Arpeggio Slv/D earrings,LW Falling Snow Bracelets, Sweetheart Engagement Ring

Shoes: [Gos] Audrey T-Strap – Abyss

Skin: -Belleza- Yasmin SK 7 Br, SK Blush, SK Gloss 3

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Unleash Your Mad, Bad, Virtual Artist: Gen-Neutral, Body-Mod Expo, Men Only Monthly

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I was pleased to hear about the release of Slink’s new male mesh body, but I’m not wearing it in this photo. Why? Aeros fans are getting their first Aeros appliers for the TMP male mesh body, and I couldn’t wait to show you.  It has the fine detail and beautiful texturing that characterizes the brand. It’s also a great time for men who like to paint the virtual town red–literally. I remember when (imagine me shaking a cane) SL art supplies were crude, clunky things. No longer. They’re lovely these days and putting together this virtual studio was so fun. Many of these pieces are from the excellent Gen-Neutral event, some are past gacha, and some have been released at my favorite stores in small collections. Art supplies are popular with SL designers, but you can collect pieces around almost any theme over time. Without trying, I have a lot of aviation toys and a pretty decent amount of surfing, sports, and alcohol themed items. If your roleplay calls for a hard-drinking athlete with a surprisingly  artistic side, I might be your man!


Mesh Head, Body, Hands, Feet: TMP – Male Deluxe
Horns: Diamante – Demonology Horns@Body Mod Expo
Hair: No Match – No.Past B@Men Only Monthly starting on September 20th
TMP Mesh Head and Body Appliers: Aeros Avatars
Tattoo: Aitui – The Fish & the Lotus@Body Mod Expo
Necklace: Geek – Devil Trap Necklace Bronze@Body Mod Expo
Bracelet: Izzie’s Pride Bracelet Big@Gen-Neutral
Top: BOYS TO THE BONE – s/he tank – flowers@Gen-Neutral
Pants: David Heather – Garbadine Pants

Sneakers: Vale Koer – High Cardinals TMP M@kustom9
Pose: oOo Studios – Stool One@Gen-Neutral

Skybox, Artists Double Canvas Rack, Artists Floor Tarp (stained), Artists Jumbo Covered Canvas: Vive Nine – Vive Atelier (past gacha)

Apple Fall@Gen-Neutral
Old Stained Table, Old Stained Bench, Still Life Observation’ w/ Dust Sheet, Liberty Sketchbook, Red Teacloth, Hand Painted Scandinavian Bowls

Supply shelf: Hideki – Artist Tool Shelf (past gacha)

junk. abstract canvas. floor.
junk. abstract canvas. wall.
junk. drew chaise. denim.

Pilot – Leaning Picture Pallet
PILOT – Pendant Light (Copper, Teal)
Pilot – Scrolls

Canvases on floor: Trompe Loeil – Paxton Canvases (There are several canvases included in this picture by Trompe, some are part of the Apple Fall rack, the blue abstracts are by junk.)


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