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By Rehana Seljan – Beauty of Rehana. Visit VIRTUAL DIVA – Habanna for original post.

地球のみなさんこんにちは、Rehana Seljan です㋡
Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan㋡


VIRTUAL DIVA から Habanna Swimsuit が発売されました。カラーは Crow Mix と White Mix。サイズはスタンダードサイズ5サイズ同梱です。

Habanna Swimsuit is new release from VIRTUAL DIVA. This swimsuit have 2 colors, Crow Mix and White Mix. Its have 5 standard sizes included.


[Styling Note]
+ Swimsuit | VIRTUAL DIVA – Habanna Swimsuit (White) @SWANK
+ Jewelry | CHOP ZUEY – Night Mystery
+ Shoe | Baiastice – Strass Punps Leather (Powder / for Slink and more) @FaMESHed
+ Nail | La Boheme – Malthrae Color Silver (for Slink and more)
+ Hair | VIRTUAL DIVA – Bibi Hair (Blacks1) @SWANK
+ Tattoo | Carol G – Sassy Butterfly (for Slink and more) – NEW!!
+ Pose | PosESioN – Maniac


By Rehana Seljan – Beauty of Rehana. Visit VIRTUAL DIVA – Unbreak for original post.

地球のみなさんこんにちは、Rehana Seljan です㋡
Hello Earthling, I’m Rehana Seljan㋡


VIRTUAL DIVA から Unbreak が発売されました。SWANK で購入できます。カラーは Aqua、Blue、Sun、White です。

Unbreak dress is new release from VIRTUAL DIVA in SWANK. This dress have Aqua, Blue, Sun and White colors.


[Styling Note]
+ Dress | VIRTUAL DIVA – Unbreak (Aqua) @SWANK
+ Jewel | CHOP ZUEY – Amore Campari
+ Shoe | Hucci – Vassa Pump (for Slink and more)
+ Nail | La Boheme – Malthrae French Gold (for Slink and more)
+ Hair | booN – Lab.042 hair (Black Pack) @HairOLogy (until 30th Aug)
+ Bang | booN – Mae.003 hair @HairOLogy (until 30th Aug)
+ Pose | PosESioN – Gitana

LuceMia – Virtual Diva

By LuceMia – A Flash of Light. Visit LuceMia – Virtual Diva for original post.

LuceMia - Virtual Diva

LuceMia - Virtual Diva

Virtual Diva – Unbreak Sun
+ Jewelry Set | Virtual Diva – Unbreak Sunshine
Exclusive desing for Swank Event August Round!
+ Poses | *VD* Elite Pose

+ Head | [AK] Mesh Head Julia Vers. 1.1

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MachinimUWA VIII: Sevio’s “Virtual Flow’

11 days to go till the deadline for entries for both art and film, and we are graced by a remarkable film by Sevio which shows us the strength of the human spirit, and how through virtual ability we pursue the impossible!

This film is now part of MachinimUWA VIII: Pursue Impossible, the 8th UWA Short Animated Film Challenge. UWA’s L$ 560,000++ Pursue Impossible Art & Film challenges are so themed in honour of UWA adopting Pursue Impossible as their clarion call in real life. CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS IN 31ST OCTOBER 2015.

You may interpret the theme ‘Pursue Impossible’ as you see fit, however the average viewer would need to be able to appreciate how you fit this theme (alternatively, please indicate in the notes that accompany your film how it fits). Your machinima must be made specifically for this challenge, and this should be indicated in the opening credits ‘For The University of Western Australia’s MachinimUWA VIII: Pursue Impossible’ (or end credits if it works better creatively). You do not have to film on the UWA sims, however this of course will be appreciated, and there is a Special UWA Prize which will be made available to a film which starts at the same point as the UWA Pursue Impossible Video, at Winthrop Clock Tower.

ALSO, public viewing for PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE: The 6th UWA Grand 3D Art Challenge is now open (closing date for entries is the same as the Machinima – 31st October)

Do visit the UWA Challenge Gallery HERE to view the submissions so far.

List of Submitted Machinima for MachinimUWA VIII: Pursue Impossible
(In Reverse Klingon Alphabetical Order)

Sarah Whitney (Stonington, Connecticut, USA) – Pursue Impossible
Jackson Redstar (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) – Reach
Tutsy Navarathna (Frenchman in Pondicherry, India) – Death of Death?
Sevio (Barcelona, Spain) – Virtual Flow
Billy Carter (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) / (Elite Littlebird – SL) – Pursue Impossible
Suzie Anderton (Bournemouth, England) – Pursue Impossible
Chich Aeon  (Corvallis, Oregon, USA) – Bookends
Natascha Randt (Gelsenkirchen, Germany) & Karina Hoisan (San Isidro del General, Costa Rica) – Chasing a Butterfly
Sunset Quinnel (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – Pursue Impossible for Who
Isabelle Cheren (London, England) – Pursue Impossible
Secret Rage (Sallas, Texas, USA) – The Gift
Chic Aeon (Corvallis, Oregon, USA)  – Folding Time
Chantal Harvey (Maastricht, Netherlands) – Robi – oh my head
Fuzzy Deezul (Chicago, Illinois, USA)- The Escape
Panda (La Corneuve, France) – Ghost Race
Fuchsia Nightfire (Dorset, England) & Gweeb (Canada) – Surfing on Ceres
Sophia Yates (Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA) – IF
Joseph Nussbaum (Durham, North Carolina) & Boris Twist  (Portland, Oregon) – Quest

Previously posted by at The University of Western Australia (UWA) in Second Life. Visit for original post.