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This Weekend, Visit the Massive, Mythical, Murkami-Inspired Second Life Birthday Cakes of Ms. Mikati Slade

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Click here to visit the land of Japanese 3D pixel artist Mikati Slade, who became renowned for her pink and luminous and massive birthday cakes celebrating Second Life’s yearly anniversary. Usually, the cakes are removed from the world after the…

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The Mittens Visit Wizard Whiskers

Previously posted by Sonya Marmurek at Astalianda.


“Is this the right path to the wizard?” The voice was soft and curious and only a little bit nervous.

“Yas,” another voice responded. “Lookit, a lantern guardian bun, just like Madame Miu said.”


“Please help us, o Mighty Wizard Whiskers. Flufftail has been turned into a hooman!”

“She’s now all mute, makes just weird gibberish sounds ‘n tries to walk on her hindpaws all the time.”

“She’s even started wearing other animals’ skins on herself! It’s so gruesome that we don’t know what to do!”


Wizard Whiskers did not say a word, simply nodded slowly and glowing strands of sparkles picked the hooman up to twirl her in the air until all the Mittens could see was glittering lights. Then they heard a soft thump as something considerably smaller and fluffier landed on her four white paws.


“‘n that’s how we got our sister back and learned not to play with cursed red ribbons. Not even when they have wiggly tinkly bells attached.”

lassitude & ennui – Mittens Cats*
Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Torchbud Mold V2 Set*
Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Water Underbrush V2 Set*
Cerridwen’s Cauldron – Orb of the Otherworld (FF 2016 Hunt Gift)
Cerridwen’s  Cauldron – Seelie Crystal Stand
meadowWorks – Bunny Path Light Righty
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] Cole’s Corner – Infinite Halo (Teal/Gold)*

Flufftail as Hooman:
Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll V2 Vamp
Mesh Parts: Maitreya Lara Body & Slink Hands
Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Kasumi hair at the Crossroads
Eyes: Fallen Gods Inc. – Glowing Eyes*
Tattoos: Fallen Gods Inc. – Unholy Alpha, Delta, Omega*
Ears: Aisling – Fox Cute Light
Tail: c(Two Cats) Somali Neko Tail
Top: [Azuchi] Kitana Top Brown at We Love Roleplay
Pants: lassitude & ennui – Handstitched leather leggings*
Boots: lassitude & ennui – Bernadotte boots at We Love Roleplay
Collar: lassitude & ennui – Wayfinder choker gold
Sparklies: Cole’s Corner – Moonbeam Aura, Summer Solstice, Sea Sorcery (Mana)*
Ribbons: Air – Shizuka Ribbons Red

Frooti – Reach for the Stars 2 | D.Luxx – Tootsie Roll 1 | Astalianda – Infinity 2

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Visit to *Serendipity*

Previously posted by saraheli at Sarah’s fashion adventures.

Have a look at this!



Outfit: *Serendipity*: Evelyn Jumpsuit

Eyeshadow: *Shack*: Blue 3

Eyelashes:  Mon Chéri: “Falsies” in 1

Jewelry: Glint: beads & spirals in Silver

Eyes: Amacci: 9 – Big in Emerald

Footwear: Sheba: Wendy heels



Top: *Serendipity*: Dresi

Skirt: Kaithleen’s: Basic Pencil in Coal

Eyeshadow: *Shack*: smoke

Eyelashes:  Mon Chéri: “Falsies” in 1

Jewelry: Glint: skies

Eyes: Amacci: 9 – Big in Emerald

Footwear: Sheba: Wendy heels

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Time to Visit the Shore

Previously posted by Khitt at {K}iss {K}iss.


EBP- Jersey Shore

The theme is a beach bling summer carnival. All things blingy, over the top and summer themed.

Come ride the rides, shop the stores and get your 10L gifts! The gacha boardwalk games awaits you with tons of shopping and rides! 

Sponsors include:

LX Essentials
Belle Cherie
Deluxe Body Factory
Lushish Catz
Dark of the Moon Body Shop
Day Dreamer

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Where Should Polygon’s “Monster Factory” Next Visit in SL?

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@slhamlet @griffinmcelroy YES, this, if you find some cool places to go please let us know, we are trying I swear to go — Justin McElroy (@JustinMcElroy) May 23, 2016 Justin McElroy, co-host of Polygon’s popular “Monster Factory” smartass tour…

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Vineyard Visit

Previously posted by jameesandalwood at jameesjewels.

Vinyard visit

Visiting local, small operation vineyards is a one of the best things about weekends. Around here where I love, small vineyards are all over and create some of the best tasting wines around. Touring their operations not only gives you an appreciation for the wine, but also shows you the passion each takes in their winemaking. My ensemble for today’s outing comes from the new AMARELO MANGA spring/summer collection. This is the “Kaolina Set 03”. It includes this amazing long-sleeve fitted dress with a bold rose print on a black silk background. It comes in fitted, classic and with versions for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink bodies. Also available for separate purchase are the coordinated accessories – the gorgeous handbag and studded shoes both come with huds to change the metals between gold, silver and bronze versions. The shoes are for SLINK mid feet. Finally we have the sunglasses with roses on the frames. This retro – styled glasses come with a hud to allow you to change the frame color to coordinate with all of the Karolina versions as well as change the tint of the classes themselves. Find all of this for your next outing at the AMARELO MANGA mainstore now.




Styling Notes:
Dress, Shoes, Handbag and glasses | [AMARELO MANGA] – Karolina Set 03
Jewelry |<a href=”″ target=”_blank”> Virtual Impressions – Joanna Texture Change Jewelry SetHair | enVOGUE – Olivia Light Blondes
Nails | DSignature ZOZ – Signature Reds Gold Tip for SLINK
Lipstick | JUMO Beauty – Mariah Deep Red Lipstick
Pose | Glitter Poses – Runway Pose 3-3

Shot on Location at Les Versailles Vignobles

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5 Reasons to Visit The Mens Dept

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Want this look?
Here are 5 reasons to visit the May round of The Mens Dept

1.  Skin – Clef de Peau – Colton w eyebrows  TMP Applier(NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

2.  Hair – Modulus – Brooklyn Hair (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

3.  Pose – Le Poppycock-The Cynic (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)


5.  [ kunst ] – Sentinel cuff & watch (NEW AT THE MENS DEPT)

Beard – Unorthodox – Choppa beard (NEW)

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A Quick Visit

Previously posted by at Laura’s Lair.

Peanut and I decided to stop at a friend’s house for a quick visit. Peanut was feeling a bit shy so I didn’t try to cajole her from her carrier; she watched the goings-on comfortably with bright eyes.
As usual, our talk circled back to fashion. “Who are you wearing?” we laughed.
Well, *I* am wearing charming, slightly messy pigtails by Poison Ivy for one thing! My hairstyle is called Ida and the hair pin is included. Ida is available at The Garage Fair now.
Mayfly Eyes…my friend chimed in “…as usual!” Yes, indeed. (She was wearing them too!)
My dress is by Hudson’s Clothing Co., called Boho Satin Slip. My friend exclaimed, “Oh what a perfect dress for summer, I want one too!” I helpfully gave her the Landmark. She giggled at how quickly I could whip that out of Peanut’s carrier for her, but thanked me effusively.
My friend didn’t mind me crawling all over her furniture (in an attempt to show off my new shoes). Poses are by Image Essentials, called Show Me The Shoes (1), and do include the chair. This set of poses with prop are also available at The Garage Fair – so now you have two great reasons to go!
My friend actually did notice my sandals. They are original mesh by Slipper Originals, called Elsie Sandals. Then she asked if she could borrow them, since we’re the same size. Suddenly noticing the time, I told her we had to leave! Peanut, my sandals and I escaped intact. Whew! But I did put another Landmark in my friend’s mailbox. <g>
Hair – Poison Ivy – Inworld
Ida (Includes Hair Pin)
Exclusive @ The Garage Fair until May 15th !!

Eyes – Mayfly – InWorld / Marketplace Website
Luminous – Mesh Eyes (Twilight Sea Shadow)

Dress – Hudson’s Clothing Co. – InWorld / Marketplace
Boho Satin Slip
Fits: Belleza, Maitreya and Slink, Classic Rigged Mesh and Fitmesh
Colors: Peach, Lilac, Blue, Almond or ALL in a discounted Fatpack
Click to Enlarge Ad Pic

Jewelry – Slipper Originals – InWorld Marketplace
Elsie Sandals (Slink, Maitreya or TMP)
Click to Enlarge Ad Pic
Image Essentials – Show Me The Shoes (1)
Poses with Chair Prop
Exclusive @ The Garage Fair until May 15th !!
30% off (normally 300Ls – fair price 210Ls)
Click to Enlarge Ad Pic

Jian – Posh Pups :: RARE Carrier Purse

Lighting:  LUMIPro 2016

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Come visit, The Fantasy Faire, 2016

Previously posted by Morgana Hilra at So Hawt SL.

The Fantasy Fair

Over the past couple of days, I have been visiting the Fantasy Faire in an attempt to film the sims.. however, I may have a low connection or, there could be a storm coming, which is likely since the weather folks have been teasing us for days about one but, I managed to get a few..
Originally it was only 7 sims I managed to go to and wait out til they rezzed in.. however, after processing, I decided to try one more time.. and I managed to add another sim.. so, I hope that you like this video.
Please share it with your friends, other bloggers, parents, who ever…

Sims I visited were..


tinker’s hollow,

twilight illusion,

bright haven,

The Golden Delta,

Sapphire Mirror Lake,



Click banner to visit, The Fireland Portals!

Fantasy Faire 2016

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My Visit To The Fantasy Faire 2016

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Hello Dolls!
Something a lot different for me to blog about today.
There are 14 beautiful SIMS to visit. Really you need to go visit them all. I have been over there three times in as many days just wandering around admiring  the builds.
What started me on this visiting spree was a blog post I read by over on The Anti Girly Blog by Lainey Thorne.
If it wasn’t for her reblogging  Inara Pey‘s post about this Quest I never would have gone over to investigate.
So Thank you Lainey & Inara!
Right The Quest. 
What you do is land on any  of the 14 SIMS and buy a HUD for either 250L or 350L. 
The extra 100L will get you the outfit I am wearing made by Plastik. ( There is a mens version included as well)
I started @ Fairelands Junction  as the LM was in my Quest kit & that’s where you need to be to meet the Queen and begin your adventure anyway 🙂
SO the Kit has a few HUDs you HAVE to wear in order to interact with the SIMS and People Involved int the Quest. Find the Queen, listen well to what she has to say and you’re on your way!
I am really not to sure how to explain how really AMAZING I found this Quest to be. Not only was it entertaining, It was beautiful & I had to use my brain on the puzzles. ( Google is your friend sometimes. hehe)
Check out the Website here for all the details. Also feel free to ping me in world if you want company. I would do this Quest over and over again!
Visit to Dangarnon
Visit to Otherworld

  • Shape  Enfant | Sarang | By Sopha Portal.
  • EyesAveline | Eyes – Doll- L -Hazel | By giggle Solo | Free on Market Place
  • Lashes  – .ARISE. | Eyelashes No. 1 | By Hᴇʟɢᴀ (lonlysoule).
  • Mesh BodyMaitreya | Mesh Body – Lara | By Onyx LeShelle.
  • Outfit –  Plastik | Karah | By Vae (aikea.rieko) | 350L Fantasy Faire 2016 Quest Kit.
  • Necklace –  FF 2016 Quest – Pendant ( Talk to the Bard Queen)
  • SIM Locations –  
  1.  Fairelands Junction
  2.  Dangarnon
  3.  OtherWorld 

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