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Water takes the shape of whatever contains it

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Thoughts of you – make my words tie into knots. My thoughts are scattered like these pages that are flying away from me. There were many things that I could have said but didn’t for the sake of being proper. But what is proper or fair about this? – I loved someone that couldn’t love me back.

My words used to be so bold and now they are just ashes, ether. I still get nervous when I talk to you. I still feel what once were butterflies, but they are different now.. the wings are bent and they flutter listlessly like dusty moths around a fading light.

It was foolish, it was everything. It was a mask, a rusted door falling off a hinge.. a broken chair in the middle of the ocean. I wore it for you though, I wore my love just under my breast. So bright I could feel the pulse of it, could feed off of it and now I’m just ready for the world of it to fade away. Washed flush under the waves, the paleness of the the broken and the brunt of it – no more.

Water takes the shape of whatever can hold it, what can carry it – but I can’t hold you here in my heart anymore. I can’t exist on fumes, on vapor. I need more. The chair breaks under the weight of it, the dress bleeds redness into the blue sea. I’m only waiting now for this feeling to fade from a roaring pain to a dull ache.

If you think this is about you it probably is.
If you think this is about you it probably is not.

Avatar: Coco Doll
Hair: Argrace
Chair: Anc @ Collabor88
Shed: Junk @ The Liaison Collaborative
Stars: Kalopsia @ Collabor88
Papers & curtains @Kalopsia

Whatever floats your boat. (Freebies and Cheapies).

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I picked this bed/boat up from Michigans Shack this weekend.  The one thing about Michigans shack items is that 99% of them come with pretty comprehensive naughty menus.  I say “naughty” when I really mean down right dirty LOL.  The menu’s cater for an awful lot of sexual preferences and kinks as standard, oddly enough the only thing this menu is missing is simple single non sexual poses so the ones you see me using are my own. In the main shop each week there are items set out and priced at only 60ld and hardly a week goes by when I don’t buy something from this weekly offer and that means this boat even with its adult menu only cost me 60lds.


Now for the freeness.


Shoes and loads of them.  Although I’m only showing you the 1 pair I actually picked up about seven and they range from flatties to high heels, SLink & Maitreya.  Pure Poison has a whole load of Free to join Group Gifts which are mainly jewelry laid out on benches but you will also notice that there are Gacha’s there inside and outside of the shop and if you wear the free Group Tag and click the all the BLUE Gachas you’re sent a FREE pair and I think because they’re Gacha wins it also means it’s pot luck with the colours.


I want Lemon Drizzle cake and I want it now! I may even call into a shop on my way home and pick up some lemons to make my own.


A lot of people may recognise the brand that this can of Lemonade is modelled on and can I just say that the Blood Orange is my absolute fav drink.  Just peeling off that foil top and the first blast of deep orange makes me feel spoiled.  The quality of the texturing is so perfect it’s making me wish I had a can of it but sadly this stuff is hard to find and all I have is a cheap bottle of sugar-free squash!  Click on the chilled lemonade and a wearable can is sent to you.

The cake and lemonade are a lovely Free to join Group Gift from Apple Fall and OMG 1 prim each!

Michigans Shack

Pure Poison

Apple Fall

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Whatever you are, be a good one.

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I have a whole lot to cover, my pretties.  I’ll get right to it. 
The Black Fashion Fair opens 4/17 and I’m super excited.  Maai and Azoury are both participating, so I’m showing their items together. 

Say Hello to Dottie!!  Maai’s Black Fashion Fair release comes with Omega, TMP and SLink appliers and can be worn several different ways.  I always show it with everything on so that you know what you’re getting.  

Azoury’s Black Fashion Fair release is the Aristocrate Jewelry Set. It includes all of the piercings and earrings.   So have fun with the embellishments.  Complete your look by visiting IDK.  Azoury’s Akiji heels await and they fit your SLink, Maitreya or Belleza feet.  3 colors are available. 

For this post, I am wearing Lena Lush from Kitties Lair!!    Enjoy ♥♥

Click to Enlarge Photo

Lingerie [Maai by Snow Wolfhunter] Dottie –  [The Black Fashion Fair]
Shoes [Azoury by Mayhem and Aniki Seetan] Akiji  [The Black Fashion Fair] 
Tattoo [Letis Tattoo by Leti Hax] Adrasteia :: 75% :: FULL15001 [100 Block] 

The Bod:
Hair  [Little Bones by Nova Faerye] Fame [Uber]
Eyes [Poetic Colors by Lano Ling Jaded Eyes – Royal – large bright
Skin [~PixyStix~ by Pixy Snook]  Leviosa – Butterscotch
Eyebrows [Poema by MatildaSoon Resident]  Hedone
Shape [Poema by MatildaSoon Resident]  Tura Satana (Face unchanged.  Body Modded) 
Body [Kitties Lair by Babette Ultsch Lena Lush Body 2.3 
Hands, Feet [SLink – Siddean Munro] Casual Hands, MID Feet
The Cosmetics:

Lipstick [Shakeup! Cosmetics by Carrie Jannick] Pin Up Lips 
Eyelashes [Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer] – Party – Swallow Wings
Eyeliner [MONS by Ekilem MelodieBlack eyeliner series-2

SLink Nail+Toe Polish [Shakeup! Cosmetics by Carrie Jannick] [Black+Leo]
The Bling:

Earrings/Piercings: Nose/Cheeks/Chin [Azoury] Aristocrate  [IDK]
Watch/Bracelets [Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel] BILLIONAIRE_Fat_ver
Rings [Pomposity by Bugsy HansomeMissy Gemstone  
Piercing [A.S.S. by Storm Torvalar] Monroe Piercing – Freebie in store   [MP Too] 

The Posemaker:

Poses [Verocity by Windie Melody] Ashley Pack Used [Pose Fair 2015]

Fads for Whatever

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How come I end up where I started?
How come I end up where I went wrong?
I won’t take my eyes off the ball again
First you reel me out and then you cut the string




Wicca’s WardrobeCouturier’s Docks

Ares Pants Horizon Jacket and Laneya Heels for slink high

Madrid SoloSkin Fair

U color it Eyeliner Designs (bold liner)

Moondance BoutiqueFashion for Life

SlinK Nails – Addiction

I’ll take whatever you’re givin’

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skin / [the Skinnery] Judy – Bare face (champagne) @Skin Fair 2015

hair / little bones. Hollywood @Uber

eyes / [Buzzeri] Aura Eyes – Drought @The Kawaii Project

lashes / Candy Mountain – Falsies / Moody

septum piercing / Amala – The Sadie Septum Ring – Onyx


teef / [PXL] OpenMouth Pro v2.0

tattoos / *Bolson / Tattoo Blogger Pack – Mr. Mockup @The Men’s Dept.

rings / ieQED momoko.ring.set. @Collabor88

mesh body / Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

heels / [BREATHE]-Candice Heels-Black

1st pose / Del May – Simple stand

2nd pose / Olive Juice– Summer Lookbook 4 (Curvy)

location . decor . 3rd pose / The Colder Water

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me in-world.

Thank you.

Oakley Foxtrot♥®

Fads for whatever

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How come I end up where I started?
How come I end up where I went wrong?
I won’t take my eyes off the ball again
First you reel me out and then you cut the string




Wicca’s WardrobeCouturier’s Docks

Ares Pants Horizon Jacket and Laneya Heels for slink high

Madrid SoloSkin Fair

U color it Eyeliner Designs (bold liner)

Moondance BoutiqueFashion for Life

SlinK Nails – Addiction

Whatever Skin – Lynn ♥

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Whatever released a new skin – ♥♥ LYNN ♥♥
i really, really love it. 

LYNN is available in 8 different skin tones, you also have different eyebrow options. 

Of course you can buy all body appliers separatly in
Happy shopping ladies ♥


#227 Whatever

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Shape: my own
Skin: -Glam Affair – Artemis – Jamaica – TheLastDays 04
Necklace: Kibitz – Stretch choker – black
Scarf: * May’s Soul* Titania scarf 
Bracelet:  RONSEM* Leather Bracelet / GG
Top: :Diamante: Apothecary – Mesh Outfit thy♥ @ CarnEvil
Pants: :Diamante: Apothecary – Mesh Outfit thy♥ @ CarnEvil
Shoes:  ::GB:: Lace up boots thy♥ @ MOM

Idk whatever

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[whatever] Emily – 004 – Freckles @ Thriftshop
RAMAxBold&Beauty: Hair :: Pearl.
[LF] Lauren Long Dress Noir @  Fashion Fair
#Queen – Business heel – rose @ Fashion Fair
[whatever] Wet Eyeliner – Normal @ Anybody
[whatever] Love Necklace @ With Love Fair
.ARISE. Chess Septum / Dark Silver
. idiot . SOLARIS Headband Mesh @ Suicide dollz

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Whatever will be, will be

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“…the future’s not ours to see. Que sera, sera.”

Always liked that song, and for some reason looking at these pics made it pop into my head. Though as I was shooting, I was listening to Closer To Fine, by the Indigo Girls, and a line from that amazing song stuck in my head and became the title of the first picture below: “The less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine.”

Apparently, I’m feeling a need to just let it all go, and accept and move on without obsessing. Easier said than done, but sometimes a worthy endeavor in and of itself!

But if you’ve got a desire to have your SL fortune told, I’m happy to do it… and with this beautiful set Sway’s did for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and the beautiful, futuristic, curve hugging ensemble ISON released at Uber (which totally feels like something Deanna Troi would wear in her off hours), I feel fully prepared to gaze into my crystal ball and see what it shows. The messy, sexy hair Tableau Vivant released for We <3 Role-Play just adds to the mystique, don’t you think?

the less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine

Then, just to add to my musically inspired post, when I looked at Cae’s recent Valentine’s release, I thought of the Kasey Musgraves’ song Follow Your Arrow, which is all about being yourself and having no fucks to give because you can never please everyone anyway. I’ve sort of always held on to that philosophy, at least to some extent. Even as child who was often the verbal punching bag of would-be bullies, I never cared much, and they knew it. Which sort of minimized the impact of their caustic words, particularly since – when provoked – I can have a viper’s tongue, and I’d give better than I got to defend myself (or others that needed it). Which again makes me think, in some ways, of an arrow… something that strikes when unleashed.

The beautiful skin I’m wearing is also at Uber, from Glam Affair. I went for one of the more fantasy inspired makeups, but there are plenty of more natural makeup options, so definitely check it out in person!

Follow your arrow

So… here I sit, with all these heavy philosophical thoughts swirling around in my mind, but hey, at least they have a great soundtrack!


Glam Affair: Ellie skin – Asia 03 Uber
Buzzeri: Lillian eyes – Amber
Tableau Vivant: Lupe – reds We <3 Role-Play
ISON: Celestial bell sleeve top, Celestial maxi skirt (both in teal) Uber
Cae: Cupid’s Arrow
Ploom: B.Y.O.B pose 2 (curvy)
Sway’s: Fortune Teller Set Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Turnip’s: Skydome w/enchanted texture hud add on

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