[MB] Noodle Shop @CCB / tomoto, kimonoM black @CCB

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Noodle Shop

tomoto, kimonoM black (L)bottom@CCB
tomoto, kimonoM black (L)han-eri
tomoto, kimonoM black (L)top

make up
01 violetta. -catwa male applier kitsune make2@CCB (gacha)

[MB] Noodle Shop @CCB
[MB] Daikoku Beer Poster

[MB] Ramen Shop -Building-

[MB] Ramen Shop -Chinese pot-

[MB] Ramen shop -Choumiryou- (Spice)

[MB] Ramen Shop -Cooking Table-

[MB] Ramen Shop -Cooking Tools-

[MB] Ramen Shop -Counter- (touch)

[MB] Ramen Shop -Frunitures- information (ENG)

[MB] Ramen Shop -Frying pan-

[MB] Ramen Shop -Gas table with Chinese pan-

[MB] Ramen Shop -Gas table with Pot- (boiling)

[MB] Ramen Shop -Gyouza-

[MB] Ramen Shop -Hashi-

[MB] Ramen Shop -MIso Ramen-

[MB] Ramen Shop -Noodle bowl- (empty)

[MB] Ramen Shop -Oshinagaki- (menu)

[MB] Ramen Shop -Pot- (enpty)

[MB] Ramen Shop -Ramen Cooking set-

[MB] Ramen Shop -Shouyu Ramen-

[MB] Ramen Shop -Sio Ramen-

[MB] Ramen Shop -table-

[MB] Ramen Shop Summer Poster

This is rather old style noodle shop.
    Yes it is old but very traditional, many Japanese has memory of these “Grandma’s Noodle shop”
100% Original MESH
Original animation
This package include 4 furnitures, Raman server counter, Stool for counter, table and Chair.
 See the information below and eat Ramen with it !!
[MB] Ramen Shop -Counter- (touch) LI 2
          You can serve Ramen and Gyoza by touching the counter
          3 kind ramen “shoyu” “miso” “shio” is available for 4 person and Gyoza for center two
          It also has Clear button to clean up them.
[MB] Ramen Shop -Stool-  LI 1
        This is the stool fit to the Ramen server counter
          5 animation for woman and 5 for man, including “eat ramen” animation for man and woman.
 [MB] Ramen Shop -table-  LI 1
        Simple table without script
 [MB] Ramen Shop -Chair-  LI1
          Chair for the table
          5 animation for woman and 5 for man, including “eat ramen” animation for man and woman.
          Using this chair you could eat ramen on table

And then every morning I open the closet of emotions and always choose the same dress. Your skin

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Hair: Y-U: MARCO Y-U: YUTH Mainstore
Head: CATWA HEAD Jackson @ Catwa Clip
Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG Vitiligo tattoo @ THIS IS WRONG Mainstore

Rubia por un día

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En SL siempre voy de pelirroja o de morena. Pero hoy voy de rubia con este pelo, regalo de grupo de Love, que estoy segura de que os va a encantar.

Bad feelingsEl conjunto que llevo es de The Annex. Tenéis varias opciones disponibles para la camiseta y la falda.
blonde for a day

Mesh head: Catwa Catya
Skin: Lara Hurley Laura
Eyelashes: POEMA danzon
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn! The Darks
Hair: LoveDisclosure (group gift)
Outfit: The Annex Mia (Tres Chic)

Poses: POEMA serious

.K-Otic. Clarity [TWE12VE!]

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[VALE KOER] Crophoodie Pink w.HUD @ COLLABOR88
Blueberry ~ Cake – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink – White
.K-Otic. Clarity Toe Sneakers w.HUD @ TWE12VE!
Delirium Style  ~ Tara – Catwa Bento Shape
[Pink Fuel] Liya <Vanilla> – Liya CATWA Head Applier
[Pink Fuel] <Vanilla> – Omega Body Applier (Regular)
[White~Widow] Loving – Pink
{D.A} Nebula Two-Tones Candy
[taketomi] Jessica – Nurie @ COLLABOR88
^;^CaTwA^;^ Catya Bento Head

Belleza– Venus *Freya*
Vista Animation-F-Vista Bento Prohands FEM-V.2

⊁∔ ȽickinǤ yoƲr ƀȽooȡ ∔⊀

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poses- ROQUAI’s
hair-[NANI] Sweet.Peach (Hair Gacha) @Whimsical  ((NEW))
headphones-[The Forge] Phonics Headphones ((NEW))
eyepatch-[The Forge] Desolate Wasteland
pet head- *Drot* Resting Sphinx @Whimsical  ((NEW))
short-Moon Elixir – Vampy Corset Bodysuit
leg bag–DRD- Legpouch – Fully loaded RARE
tail–Dimensional-Mechanical Tail 3

Wrapped in a Warm Glow

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Embrace Your Inner Orange
Hello Fabulouses! Feeling quite lucky after our last two finds in Brii Underground’s 1L Surf Girl Hunt, Ripley and I returned once more to see what else we could uncover. Thanks to the pupster’s talented nose, we came away with yet another complete outfit. Big grin!

Orange is the Happiest Color

Inside the clam shell, I discovered the bright, cheerful Lina outfit.  With a handkerchief-style, sleeveless crop top and shorts in the same vibrant pattern, this jaunty outfit is sure to leave you with lighthearted spirits and a bounce in your step.  Coordinating sandals for slink flat feet in a matching orange tone complete the look.  I love the batik print and found this ensemble perfect for a day of fun in the sun.  One added plus is that the appliers for the top and shorts are separate, which allows for the possibility of mixing and matching to create additional combinations.

Orange is the Happiest Color

What’s Included:

  • Fitmesh shorts and top appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink
  • Fitmesh top and shorts for classic avatars in XS – XL
  • Mesh top and shorts for classic avatars in XS – XL
  • Alpha Layers for classic avatars
  • Sandals for flat feet in a perfectly coordinating shade

Still Plenty of Time

The Surf Girl Hunt at Brii Underground runs through February 28th, so you still have have plenty of time to scoop up some complete outfits for yourself for only 1L each.  All the prizes Ripley and I ferreted out in this hunt were fabulous, and the shells were really not that difficult to locate.  I highly encourage you to head on over to Brii Underground and do some sleuthing yourself.   You won’t be disappointed!  Until my next post, happy shopping hunting!

~Kat (and Ripley)

Kat is Wearing…

Mesh Body:  Maitreya Lara

Mesh Head:  Catwa Annie

Head Applier:  Glam Affair Moirah

Eyes:  IKON Spectral Eyes in Scoria

Eyeliner: Teapi Eyeliner for Catwa mesh head (35L on the Marketplace)

Hair:  Magika Amuse Me

Necklace:  FuLo Jonquil Drop Necklace

Bracelet:  EarthStones Tarnished Gypsy Bangles in Silver/Flame

Outfit:  Brii Underground Lina Spring Beach Style Complete Outfit (1L Surf Girl Hunt Prize – hunt runs through February 28th)

Mesh Hands and Feet:  Slink

Poses: (reclining) Bounce This Poses

(standing) an lar Poses

Sim:  private location

Even the Most Noble Maidens Know How to Wield a Sword

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Genre’s got a brand new Viking round. Come and get your battle goodies!

Head: CATWA HEAD – Catya.

Body/Hands: Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara.

Hair\//. VoluptasVirtualis by Aisling – Kiara 2 – White & Blonde (NEW! @ Whimsical). AISLING MADE HAIR AGAIN AND IT’S THE BEST, although this time you have to play a gacha for it. Unrigged mesh, beautifully modelled and easy to reposition and resize, plus hairbases for Catwa, Omega, and Standard SL avatar heads. 

SkinLumae : Catwa – Ruby – T1 Milk / Gunnr (NEW! @ Genre). For Catwa heads only, but comes with every other applier you could ever dream of. 

Brows: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* – CATWA Head – “BROWS TINTABLE" No.6.

Eyes: .ARISE. – Fona Eyes / Lightblue.

Choker: +XAnSA+ – Celtica – Knotted Collar – Solids (NEW! @ Genre). Comes with an amazing hud for metals and leather colors, plus the ability to hide certain parts, in case you want a pretty choker and not a kinky collar. 

Gown/Harness: .Enfant Terrible. – Decimas Gown – White (NEW! @ We <3 Roleplay). This gown is amazing. The end. For Maitreya Lara and Slink Hourglass. 

Pose/Sword/Shield: *Eternal Dream* – Shieldmaiden 07 (NEW! @ Genre).

TreesThe Little Branch – Downy Birch – {Seasons} (NEW! @ Genre). Comes complete with mesh land and grass to make lovely landscapes. I have to admit, I’ve never used TLB’s stuff before, but it’s awesome. I am a terrible landscaper even after seven years in SL, but this made it so easy to put together something that looked GREAT and if that wasn’t enough, was also super easy to photograph. 

1349 The darkest hour in your life before the most beautiful dawn.

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Giving up, giving in! (Super Bargains “N” Freebies).

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This is an update on that super stunning dress from my last post.  I logged in late last night just to check this event out and it looked like every bloddy else had the same idea because the landing place was packed and so LAG HELL! So I just did a quick cam around, snagged the ivory dress, a few of the gifts and even bought 2 other 30lds before I gave up and logged off for the night.

It was a lot quieter this morning so I naturally went click crazy BUT not just for the freebies but I actually ended up buying an awful lot of the 30Ld offers as well as trying my hand a few of the gachas.  A really nice mix of clothing, jewelry, home/garden decor, something for everyone.


This is the FREE dress from Belle Epoque, you only get the one size but it looks like it’s a classic 1 size fits all.


Just another picture of the amazing Junbug 30Ld dress.  I had to edit the picture in my last post as it was so dull but I love the way the window light on this sim hits those folds.  The skirt of the dress is classic ball gown in style but the bodice is a tight modern high neck look.  I’m pretty sure there is a demo for you to try but 30Lds is so cheap! and at that price, there is also a wall of colour choices from scarlet to this ivory.

This event is because these 30Ld and 50% weekly offers have now been a regular thing in SL for 7 years!  This is a lovely set out event and big enough to be packed with temptation but not so big you get overwhelmed.   Actually, I have a confession, I became overwhelmed lol, I ended up not only with all the freebies but as I said I treated myself to a lot of the 30Lds items and now I have so much to unpack it’s basically too much and I don’t want to accidentally bin something I wanted to keep or to pass on so I’m going to leave it all till I have some quiet time to work on it.

30lds, 7 Year Anniversary Event

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