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Lyss & BaileeS are the perfect couple for look marvelous.

By – Virtual Fashion by Widelmina Zeminoba.. Visit Lyss & BaileeS are the perfect couple for look marvelous. for original post.

“The clothes doesn’t mean anything until someone lives in it”.
Marc Jacobs.
I want to show the new release from SCANDALIZE with a beautiful pair of shoes from Lindy (Participant brand at Designer Showcase). SCANDALIZE offer you a elegant and chic outfit, named: “LYSS”. Pretty dress that includes dress, skirt and belt. Hud color with 30 patterns mix&match. Versions for Maitreya, Slink (original and hourglass). This new release is complemented with another fabulous and exclusive design from Lindy, named: “BaileeS”- Tan. Heels mesh for Slink High Feet, elegant creation, available at Designer Showcase.
Mina show us “LYSS” & “BaileeS”: SCANDALIZE and Lindy offers you glamour in two marvelous creations. Good prince and quality. Mina use Slink Body Mesh – Psisyque. Hair by [LeLutka]-KEELEY. Necklace by [MANDALA] – KABUKI Gotama Gold. Mina uses Slink Body Mesh.

Go to SCANDALIZE and Designer Showcase: Amazing creations is waiting for you.


‘Mirror Mirror’ ft Belleza, Posetivity, Erratic, Insanya, Rebel Hope, Mina, ChicChica

By – Suzy’s Gladrags. Visit ‘Mirror Mirror’ ft Belleza, Posetivity, Erratic, Insanya, Rebel Hope, Mina, ChicChica for original post.

On The Wall…

Pose – Posetivity – Cleo 4
Hair – Mina – Lieke 02
Undies – Rebel Hope – Eye Candy @ Fameshed
Stockings – Insanya
Gloves – Erratic
Shoes – Dita – ChicChica
Mesh Head – Catwa Gwen
Mesh Body – Maitreya
Skin Appliers – Belleza

Ghostyss Alec male outfit @ Swank

By – Two Too Fashion . Visit Ghostyss Alec male outfit @ Swank for original post.

Ghostyss takes part in the fantastic current edition of Swank.
Spice is wearing “Alec”, a beautiful male outfit that includes shirt with vest and tie and black jeans… very chic !!!
You should visit Swank to not miss this interesting creation!!!

Outfit: GhostyssAlec (@ Swank)
it includes Mens Button Down Shirt, Tie & Waistcoat and Blue Jeans v3 (black)

[……about that walk mate?]

By – Pryce Perspective. Visit [……about that walk mate?] for original post.

[......about that walk mate?]


Outfit: ::K:: – S/S Jump Suit Homme Ocher @ Shiny Shabby
Shoes: .::ILLI::..  – Sean w/ HUD

Necklace: [MANDALA] – Onigiri necklace/inca Gold
Tattoo: .Inhale. – Warrior Tattoo
Wrist: [ kunst ] – Infinity cuffs @ The Liaison Collaborative

Basket: Serenity Style – Natural Way Basket@ Shiny Shabby
Dog: theosophy – Shibu Inu Hurry Up
Tree: Mitsuko Kytori – Spring Trees with Wind effect and Flower

Pose: [3M] – Chairs 5_0 (modified)

Location: NorderNey

New Outfits and Catwa Applier @ Lakshmi

By – Jenie’s SL Fashion Life. Visit New Outfits and Catwa Applier @ Lakshmi for original post.

[LAKSHMI]Maisa Short Pants @ MBA 2016 until Aug 21
.:EMO-tions.. *KEONA* Hair @ Shiny Shaby

[LAKSHMI]Emily-CATWA Applier/4Medium @ COSMOPOLITAN Until Aug 14

 BLOG {ZOZ} Soft Flowers Polish 


By – Laura18 Streeter. Visit BOSL INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK for original post.

*** FASHION NEWS ALERT ***                                                                          Contact:
                                                                                                                               Payton Heron
                                                                                                                      Director of Public Relations
                                                                                                                               BOSL & CO.


October 10, 2014 —  As previously announced, The Best of SL Magazine and BLVD Fashion House Models will present the BOSL International 2014 Fashion Week beginning tomorrow, Saturday, October 11th and run through Saturday, October 18th. The week’s theme will be “A Night at the Movies” and some of the best of Hollywood films.

Celebrating BOSL’s anniversary and the introduction of BOSL Emporia, the remodeled retail area and event venue, the launch show will feature designs from Ever An’ Angel, the 2015 Miss Virtual World candidates will be presented on Sunday, October 12th, A Hot and Steamy movie theme will be presented on Friday, October 17th and the finale show will be dedicated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness honoring the memory of the late actor and comedian, Robin Williams.  The theme will be based on the famous movie “Aladdin.” The other shows will be a mixture of the films themes.

Following the finale show, there will be a party with music provided by SL Live.

Participating designers include:

  • Artizana
  • Azul
  • Black Lace
  • BlueMoon Enterprise
  • Castiel
  • CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture
  • Desir
  • Dot-BE
  • Ever An’ Angel
  • K E L I N I
  • Luxe Paris
  • Lybra
  • Modern Couture
  • Prism
  • Romance Couture
  • Sascha’s Designs
  • Son!a
  • The White Armory
  • Tres Beau
  • UniQue* BoutiQue
  • Vero Modero
  • Vogue
  • Whimsical Imaginarium
  • Wicca’s Closet
  • Y o K a n a

Invitations with the LM to the venue will be distributed on Saturday morning, October 11th.

Started in 2008, this media giant has grown from an SL magazine that focused on the “Best Of” in all aspects of SL to include the following companies:

  • Best Of SL Magazine
  • Miss and Mister Virtual World Pageants
  • Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy
  • BLVD Agency now known as BLVD Fashion House
  • Fashion Feed
  • SL Associated Press known as BOSL Interactive
  • Best of SL Couture Boulevard & Renaissance Galleria Malls (Renaissance has been changed to Emporia) 

Each company is focused on bring the “Best Of” in it’s own category.

BLVD Fashion House is one of the longest operating agencies in SL and features some of SL’s top fashion models. Being home to very special models with a discerning eye and a high level of professionalism is our acclaim. We are able to offer fashion shows that can take advantage of the immense coverage BOSL has as media to make very effective announcements for the shows, top class models and top class show productions for SL fashion designers and creators who are looking for first class fashion shows that enhance brand image. This agency is exclusive and models are welcome by invitation only. Applications are not accepted except for castings.


Silent Hill… inspired by a movie!

By Wicca Merlin – Wicca Merlin. Visit Silent Hill… inspired by a movie! for original post.

Asteria 3

Yes, I have an addiction to mystic, dark things, especially for abandoned asylums at night. The imagination has no boundaries with those 😉

This time I got the idea, when I saw the “Spook Show Mannequins” from Remarkable Oblivion. It was a gacha at an event, and when I saw them… I did instantly know.. I need those :p

I am not a huge gacha player but those I really wanted and since they were commons, I thought I could give it a try. Guess what… certainly if I do not play for the rares once.. I get some*facepalms*

But since they were nice as well it did not bother me too much *grins*. I am sure I can use them for another post as well.

Asteria 1

As soon as I was at home, I unpacked them and put them down in a random way and just looked at them. After some time, they spoke to me and I got a basic idea about what I would love to do.

Most of you know I love antithetical scenarios and pictures. And when I looked at those Mannequins, I got the idea to combine them with some sexy and colorful lingerie 😉

I decided to go with one of the newer releases from Asteria, the “Nika” lingerie. With the choice of different colors the deep red combined with some black accepts like the straps on the legs it was kinda a mix of different color sets 😉

More and more the basic idea did grow in my head… Maybe you saw the Silent Hill movie… the idea I had when I unpacked them kinda was inspired by a scene of that movie. The one with the blind creepy nurses, which are attracted by the light and react on noises – they have no eyes, no face and kinda being anonymous. When I built my set with the new Mannequins I had this in mind the whole time :p .

Asteria 2

The necklace I pulled out from another outfit of Asteria called “Capretto”. With the sharp edges and the funky shape it just was a perfect addition for jewelry in a dark and grungy way 😉

The shoes I got from Empire. I wanted something boots like but not as solid as boots and the “Bottlebrush” heels from Empire were just what I was looking for. With a pump style for the foot part and amazing lines up till over the knee. Boots but no boots! *snickers*

The cool horns I found on Marketplace. Made by CerberusXing ([CX]) – originally for a gacha – those horns are awesome detailed and somewhat special and unique in the way they come down in the front.

Now to come back to my originally idea of the blind nurses, I needed something for my head/face to get the idea of a blind kinda anonymous look. First I remembered a hood from !!XX!!. It is quite old, and I only used the lower part, but for the idea it worked perfectly 😉 For the upper part I just put a simple blindfold.

Asteria 6

Now just a coll set was missing. I stared at the Mannequins, which I just rezzed into my white studio. I remembered the movie scene and the abandoned asylum surgery room. To make sure, I just poked you tube about the nurse scenes of both movies :p

While I watched them, I thought of a gacha set from 22769, that just should be perfect. Now the difficult part… Since I did not recall the name of that set and an inventory of nearly 200K of items… go figure…

I tried several keywords and when I typed ‘Asylum’ something from 22769 showed up – BINGO!

The whole gacha set is called “Abandoned Asylum” [*facepalms*… I should have known that much…). It contains many different items, furniture and deco parts and even a full Asylum house is part of it as the mystical prize! I rezzed out a few things and played with them until everything fell together for the whole set 🙂

I had a lot of fun doing those pictures and the whole process of finding all parts I needed for my idea, just reminded me about  why I love blogging and making pictures so much… the fun and joy of being creative and use all kind of things even if they do not belong together on the first view 😉

Asteria 5


Lingerie: Asteria – “Nika”

Shoes: Empire – “Bottlebrush”

Necklace: Asteria – “Capretto”

Blindfold: Yasum – “Blindfold”

Headpiece 1: [CX] – “Decaying Horn Dark”

Headpiece 2: !!XX!! – “Hunters Headdress” (store not existing anymore)

Tattoo: [White~Widow] – “Nerve”

Hair:: EMO-tions – “Artemisa”

Wings: 22769 – “Pygar Wings”

Mannequins: RO – “Spook Show” (Gacha, commons)

Furniture: 22769 – “Abandoned Asylum”

Model & Photographer: Wicca Merlin

The Alexa Collection @ The Instruments!

By – Chasing Catalina. Visit The Alexa Collection @ The Instruments! for original post.

So recent events celebrates Milla Crumb as the new Ghee Girl for 2016 and I couldn’t be happier. Miller is an absolute sweetheart and I’m super happy she did so well. And for this round at the Instruments, Ghee is celebrating its newest release, the Alexa Collection, featuring festive summery looks just perfect for enjoying in the fine weather and fun activities ahead. You’ve got just 4 more days before The Instruments closes for the month, so definitely wanna head over there early to check it out!

I actually won my copies for doing a great hunt through the Ghee park during Easter, where they had these beautiful eggs hidden all over, filled with goodies. It was definitely a lot of fun to go through and for being the first to dive in and snag ’em all, I was given a set, which is what you see me wearing here, and they were titled Milla, so it’s the Milla/Alexa collection!


Ghee | aqua.fiesta Milla Scarf | The Instruments | New Release
Ghee | aqua.fiesta Milla Top | The Instruments | New Release
Ghee | daffodil  Milla Pants | The Instruments | New Release
Ghee | Tropical Mix Wedges (Slink High) AQUA
Maxi Gossamer | Earrings – Honey Diva
Zaara | [Goa party] : Friendship bracelet
Analog Dog | amber – light blondes
Glam Affair | Prezioso Lipstick 10
*Mon Cheri* | “Falsies” Eyelashes
Glam Affair | Yolandi skin – Europa
IKON | Hope Eyes – Fjord

Mr. X and a duo from Jumo… *New* Fiorella and Julia

By – Perceptions Sita Writer. Visit Mr. X and a duo from Jumo… *New* Fiorella and Julia for original post.

To dance the night away… two new looks from Jumo… each has its own charm… just like Mr. X.  For example, the new  cocktail dress that is made for classic and mesh  bodies — it is called Fiorella.  This artful cocktail dress  is sweet with a  gorgeous flower pattern in a lavish bloom…like an enchanted garden — and yes, it is sexy enough to be enchanting.  Fiorella  comes in many colors and offers Fiorella Ankle  Boots with fringe that is sold separately and  is a perfect match to this outfit.

Sometimes, only a  dramatic gown fits your mood — you know what I mean… it is when you need to look, well simple and yet stunning…. And, what better than gold swirling around your body… and a lush textured gown…new by Jumo called Julia  fits the  mood… Mr. X   is looking up  places to dance as I write this blog…. oh la la….

Let’s just skip the party Mr. X and just stay here…   kisses you and  let us dance close and sweet… you know how I love your arms around me…. especially in this slinky new gown by Jumo.    And, before I get carried away with Mr. X, the coral earrings that come with this gown are drop dead and drop  coral earrings that are sensational… and a must have…

Dress One – Jumo – Fiorella Dress in Denim and Fiorella Ankle Boots in Denim
Gown – Jumo – Julia in Rose
Skin – October 4 Seasons – Catalina – Lily
Hair – Argrace – Haruka