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492. LOTD

By – Corpus Delicti. Visit 492. LOTD for original post.


Skin by alterego I merlou [petale] @ Saturday Sale
Shape by me
Hair by Magika – five Minutes
Head by Catwa – Aisha   
Body by Maitreya
Hands & Feet by Maitreya


Bikini by Cynful Clothing & Co – Sun Babe Swimsuite
Heels by Cynful Clothing & CoDivine Heels 


Horns, Threads, Scissors & Skull by The Ugly and the Beautiful – Threads of Fate @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Harness by Xansa – Face Harnesses @ Suicide Dollz


Meow Poses – Innocent @ Suicide  Dollz


MadPeaInca Crystal Pedestal
MadPea Inca Gem Stand
MadPea Inca Gem Bowl


IncaHowToPlay 1024 


Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior is an interactive & immersive  grid-wide point & click adventure game with prizes from top designers. 


Ancient Incan stories whisper of a hidden cave in the remote mountains of Ecuador, where a vault lay sheltered from the light of day, untouched for centuries. According to legend, the vault is filled with precious gems and unimaginable treasures that are ripe for the taking. Previous explorers have left a map that leads to the place the locals call “The Devil’s Cave” Scribbled on the back of the map are notes citing encounters with horrific creatures and deadly traps that guard the cave. Many who have tried to find the treasure returned with terrible injuries, missing limbs, and some never returned at all. However, not everyone is so unfortunate, and that is why we’re offering you the chance of a lifetime.
MadPea Cartographers have deciphered the cryptic treasure map for you. This will not be an easy task, but if you survive and unlock the ancient Incan vault, you will be generously rewarded. Ready for a Treasure Hunt of a lifetime!?
If you’re feeling adventurous, pack your bags and journey to The Devil’s Cave!

Inca Game HUD vendor

You need a HUD to play the game
Pay the vendor at the Game Start or in participating store locations 


to receive your GAME PACKAGE:

Game HUD
Exclusive Outfit and a Bow & Quiver (Prop only) from Legal Insanity
Torch (obtainable on El Guisante Loco)
MadPea Souvenir



When you first wear your HUD, you will see only the MadPea and ? icons. As you advance in the game, your HUD will start to fill up.

HUD Instructions

The HUD makes use of the “Experience Key” tool. This tool makes it so that you are required only once to give the HUD permission to do things like teleport you and attach objects to your avatar.
If the Experience Key fails, simply detach your HUD then reattach it.


Before beginning the adventure, please note the following things:

  • Enable your sounds for fullest immersion
  • Give your HUD and your game surroundings time to load, don’t rush
    • By going slow, you not only absorb the story more deeply, you are also more aware of what you need specifically as opposed to clicking randomly and bouncing into walls that haven’t rezzed yet – or even worse, get eaten by crocodiles you didn’t see.
  • Grab a torch from El Guisante Loco, it’s dark and cold in the caves
  • Think logically, the caves are loaded with traps and puzzles



It is important to note that it is possible (very likely)  to die in this game. When you die, you are sent back to the start of the caves with some progress lost. (You will keep the items you have collected – we are not THAT cruel, after all).

There are various ways to die, so keep in mind:

  • During gameplay. Pay attention to your surroundings and use logic. While exploring The Devil’s Cave, you may encounter less than friendly creatures. Sometimes you can help your friends if they are in trouble, and some creatures you can fight.. But in most cases, RUN!
  • Think logically. Don’t get burnt, don’t fall, don’t go petting crocodiles.. Oh and the cave water is most definitely not suitable for drinking or bathing!
  • Flying is not allowed. Attempting to fly will result in your death.
  • Double-click teleporting kills. We recommend you disable the function during gameplay.
  • Detaching and reattaching your HUD on the sim will also result in your untimely death!
  • We advise against using enhancer AOs or HUDs; if your speed is faster than regular SL run, you will be sent back to the beginning.


You will earn new Achievements in this game and see them on our Leaderboard.
Leveling up at MadPea earns you exclusive prizes that you can claim in our main store.

AchievementHowTo 1024.jpg


We have come up with a few things to help you on your journey to find The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior. Some of the items will give you a huge advantage in the game.
Read more about the items here.


Her Ladyship

By Grazia – Grazia’s SL. Visit Her Ladyship for original post.

Click through for full colour version
Click through for full colour version

I just had to have this bad ass pose set by Belen Ackland for Amitié, currently available at Très Chic. There is a caveat, you will need to be willing to change your shape to make these poses work, because the dogs are no mod, and while Belen was sweet enough to send me a mod set, a poser is not necessarily a builder, and to adjust the dogs and their leashes to my shape/fit was a hell of a job.
I am wearing nothing but Erratic’s amazing Diana lingerie, which is out at the birthday edition of Collabor88. Yes. I know everyone and their mom has blogged these undies already but damn… they’re hot! Maitreya exclusive… just so you know!

Hair 009 by Boon
Head Destiny by Catwa
Facial Applier Natasha by Bold & Beautiful
Body Lara by Maitreya
Lingerie Diana by Erratic (C88)
Pose Doberman 5 by Amitié


2016 SL project updates 34 (2): TPV Developer meeting

By Inara Pey – Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World. Visit 2016 SL project updates 34 (2): TPV Developer meeting for original post.

Arranmore – blog post The majority of the notes in this update are taken from the TPV Developer meeting held on Friday, August 25th. The video of that meeting is embedded at the end of this update, and references to it are indicated through the use of time stamps in the paragraphs below. My thanks […]

Free Bird

By phenellaresident – phenart. Visit Free Bird for original post.


If I leave here tomorrow
Would you still remember me
For I must be travelin’ on now
There’s too many places I got to see
Cause I’m as free as a bird now
And this bird you cannot change

FreeBird 1

Funky flared jeans with fringes from K&Q at this round of Addicted To black. The Franzle jeans come in various colours and 5 std mesh sizes, a fitmesh version and fits for Maitreya and Slink. Very retro, Go grab them, bring out your inner hippie!

Also at Addicted to Black this cute sexy top from Lushish Catz. Comes in the usual std sizes plus fits for TMP, Freya, Isis. Maitreya and Hourglass. Speaks for itself, not just cute and sexy but a ‘go with anything’ top, and we all need those!

The Necklace is by Aina of Indulge Temptation and is available at The Darkness Chamber, hurry tho because this event will be closing tomorrow (28th August). The ‘A Little Faith’ necklace comes in 3 different colour sets each with a HUD for colour change and resizing, giving you lots of options to choose from.

My skin is from one of the newest releases from 7 Deadly Skins. I’m wearing the Alycia head applier in skin tone Pineapple. This is available at The Lost and Found Event. The head applier is Omega for Laq heads. Alycia comes in 7 beautiful tones. And with the Maitreya body applier and slink hand and feet applier also in Pineapple to complete the look. As always another fabulous release.

Below for the info on where to get it all with links as usual…

Jeans – K&Q JEANS franzle Black jean for Addicted to Black round 4

Top – Lushish Catz – Black top for Addicted to Black round 4

Necklace – !IT! – A Little Faith Necklace for The Darkness Chamber (HURRY Closes 28th August)

Skin Appliers – 7 Deadly s[K]ins
Alycia Laq (Omega) Head Applier – Pineapple at Lost & Found
Maitreya Body Applier W/Cleavage – Pineapple
Slink Hands & Feet Applier – Pineapple

Hair – little bones. Tonic – The Dark

Pose – :LW: Poses – The lady in red – single female pose

My Body & Bits…
Maitreya Lara V3.5 (with hands)
Laq Mesh Head Trinity V1.5
Slink High Feet V2.1
Shape – ReadMeri Shape#1 Apples (slightly modified)

Pictures taken on location at Byrd Island

Make Me

By Astrid de Manyet – FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL. Visit Make Me for original post.

Make Me

I’m feeling lazy this morning so I stayed in for a soak. Luckily I have the perfect hunt if you don’t feel like teleporting around to different shops. Have you tried the Marketplace Hunt yet? I found this gorgeous bodysuit from Alpha Female that I had to share with you. It’s called “Make Me” and after putting it on, you certainly can’t make me take it off this morning😉

A little hunting on the marketplace and 5L is all this bodysuit will cost you. You’ll get a system layer as well as appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink mesh bodies. It’s a well made outfit in black and gold for a classic look.

Be sure to hurry, this hunt ends tomorrow, August 28th!


Astrid (Portia Swords) is wearing…

Body – Maitreya – Lara
Hands and Feet – Slink
Head – LeLutka – Simone w/ base Glam Affair skin color Asia (included) used
Eyes – IKON Hope Eyes – Wight
Hair – Exile – Dangerous
Lingerie – Alpha Female – Make Me Bodysuit (5L for the Marketplace Hunt)

Sim Location – Follow Your Bliss

Astrids Signature

✿.。.:* Look 1557 *.:。✿

By – Auryn’s Fashion Closet. Visit ✿.。.:* Look 1557 *.:。✿ for original post.

Hair: .Entwined. Daisy – Group GIFT! Entwined
❤ Dress: Entice – Talking Body Dress – Fatpack 8 colors availables promotion for limited time!! ENTICE
Necklace: MG – Necklace –  Jardin Secret De Fleurs 
Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Destiny [FATPACK]
Skin appliers: [hush] Catwa Head Applier – Alice – Chai  / [Hush] Slink Skin Applier – Chai [Hush] Skin
Body and Hand and Feets: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Thanks for support ❤
Landspace: Entwined outside shop

SLTB 1912: “FEATURING – Insanity” ~ Lace ~ @ Faddish Fashion Fair

By – Syth LyfeTouch Blog. Visit SLTB 1912: “FEATURING – Insanity” ~ Lace ~ @ Faddish Fashion Fair for original post.

 Faddish Fashion Fair
Bi-Weekly Fair
Tuesday to  Sunday 
Round: 1

Store:  Insanity
Name:  Lace
Label: Apparel
Kind:  Women’s Clothes
Type: Outfits
Style: Body Suit
Color: Pink
Layers: Yes
Applier: Omega

EVENT:  Faddish Fashion Fair


#272-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Queens.. (with Wicca Merlin).

By Tempest Rosca – || Tempest Rosca ||. Visit #272-“BELT UP, BETTY!”: Queens.. (with Wicca Merlin). for original post.

Belt Up, Betty! Queens...

“Find your inner Lioness, Find your inner Rawrrrr”

  • Passione: Leo Print & Lace Bra Set from Blacklace

Huge thank you to one of my great friends in SL, Wicca Merlin – Wic and I go ‘way’ back to the years of  the SL dinosaurs and have enjoyed a fun friendship for the longest time.   Never fails to make me laugh – and a real confidant and not to say SUPER talented- check out Wicca’s Wardrobe !!