[2016-№.093]-A Kaerri Merry Christmas!

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So Thanksgiving is over and now I begin decorating for Christmas! And Kaerri has definetly welcomed me back LOL! Such cool things this year in sl that it is actually making me want to decorate in my rl . It is funny how this virtual world can effect a person. I got some great decorations last night from Kaerri and I took a few photos. I just love this stuff! Oh! And if you touch the clocks they play a tune. I am blown away at the detail!

Miniature Village Complete

Lit Branch Vase White
Candle Lanthern Small
Fillagree Deer/Star Candles

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Clock

Comfort Heart
Jolly Wooden Heart
Gold Wreath
Candy Cane Wreath
Gold Wreath Snowy

Gold Light Deer
Let It Snow Clock
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Clock
Wood Deer 2
Silent Night Clock

Lit Branch Vase Red
Christmas Lantern Large
Merry Heart

Reindeer Shelves

Wooden Deer 1

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree Clock
Thank you Kaerri Rae for such wonderful decorations!
I love this stuff!
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