#260 – Expectance

By Gohan Danitz (hypesl) – The Hype Wear. Visit #260 – Expectance for original post.


What I’m wearing today?

▷ ▷ Shirt: sharp by [ZD] JAZ SLIM DRESS SHIRT leaves :: Item of MOH8 *Free* (Info*)
▷ ▷ Bow tie: [Since 1975] – Metal Bow Tie :: Item of MOH8 *Free* (Info*)

▷ ▷ Pose: ~Reel Poses – Pack 06 – 02


HQ on Flickr, check it out!

(Info*) This hunt works with a HUD, you need to get your own hud at Flair for events office and then you can choose the stores you want to go. Just click on the name of the store… It will open the map and you can teleport to the store. Pay atention on your local chat, when you choose the store you will also have a hint of where you can find the beer (inside of it you will have the hunt item FREE😀 )