Hi Everyone!
25 March 2017 | 8:37 am

It has been a long time, but I am trying to redo my blog and hopefully get back into things!
The blog format is under construction, and previous posts may not look right with the new layout.
Hoping to bring lots of fashion and thinking about doing some shapes for bento heads!

The blog was formaly named toxic cupcakey. However I feel "Lost In My Inventory" is a better fit, because I feel like I am usually lost in there picking out my outfits!!!

The font color isn't to great right now, I am having a hard time editing this format. It will change though!

I have had a few computers sine I was last blogging, and lost all of my previous post formats, templates and images. Everything I used to create my blog posts. So I am starting from scratch.

Thanks For Visiting!
Hope to see you all soon <3

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