Meet my best friend.She’s been in a lot of my older photos, but...
27 April 2017 | 6:59 pm

Meet my best friend.

She’s been in a lot of my older photos, but it’s been a while. And since I decided I want to be chatty in my blog posts, I’ll gab about Briony. We’re best friends inside and outside of secondlife, and we met at Mischief Managed. When I roleplayed there, my character dated her and Upton Zero, our other best friend.

She’s my darling dodo, my Qtip Veela, and deep derp doop. We binge watch movies together, dance around in our knickers, and lately have been just talking through gifs on whatsapp, which has been hilarious.  I wanted to do another blog post, and like I’d said in my last post, i’d realized I kept on skipping on the blogotex items, since they’re extra work to grab. While digging through the groups, I saw fiasco had this really cool old monitor set, so i snagged that, as well as the picnic table outside the window from chimia. it’s way cuter up close, my photo didn’t do it justice, but i thought it made my outside window have nice ambiance. 

the whole set up in general was pretty fun. stuff from little llama, random matter, peaches n cream, all fit really well into the scene, while using that hive skybox from the last luxebox round.

I was going to do a blogothon today of photos to catch up from my break, but honestly, I’m pretty tired, and I think trueblood is calling our names. Bri’s been watching it with me, and we’re on season 3 now. Don’t spoil it for me!

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Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Lelutka  Head Chloe
Ikon Charm Green Eyes
Glam Affair skin in lelutka chloe hud
Izzie’s Natural Matte Lipstick
Fetch x Veechi Eyelashes Rare @ The epiphany
Fetch x Veechi Natural Foiled Eyeshadow @ The epiphany
Izzie’s Freckles@ PowderPack
tsg body body oil low
Opale Ashlee Hair

LAZYBONES - Lace Up Shirt Dress - Black - Maitreya
fri. - Cozy.Socks Coal

Little Llama - CATS!2 - Lamp (copy)
:CP: Wander Rugs
Peaches ‘N Cream - CESP - Boyish Posters
hive // tabby’s terrace skybox [luxe box exclusive]
LeP - Pizza Slice
<:*BoOgErS*:> Action Beebles Verldemert
* SORGO - External Disk
.random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Journals
.random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Otaku Sign [Pink]
.random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Shelf v2 - RARE
.random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai - Manga Stack
Fiasco - Old Office Computer Tower
Fiasco - Old Office Mail
Fiasco - Old Office Games Gift
Fiasco - Old Office Filing Cabinet
Fiasco - Old Office Desk
Fiasco - Old Office Chair Mat
Fiasco - Old Office Mic
Fiasco - Old Office Monitor
Fiasco - Old Office Drink
Fiasco - Old Office Lotion and Tissues
Fiasco - Old Office Keyboard and Mouse

chimia Gingham Picnic table pg

On Bri:
Erratic/Cameron Jersey Briefs - Underwear
Blueberry Hazel Tucked in Tops - Aqua
Fri. Lazy Socks
RO Meowjesty Headband
®M Hair No. 13'13
Maitreya Lara Body
Pink Fuel Crystal Doll v2 skin

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