A Tale of Two Lovers (Short Story – Not a blog post)

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So, my best friend/sister Avery came to me the other day and told me to take some dark pics together. Somehow we came up with an idea…here’s the outcome:

Kadence had no choice, it was either kill her true love or watch her be happy with someone else. She takes the gun, aims it at Callie’s head and without a second thought pulls the trigger.  As she stands there, staring at her beautiful true love, seeing her now lifeless body…

Realization hits her and she falls to the ground, her face in her hands, her heart torn to pieces, memories racing through her mind, the early morning snuggles, the breakfast in bed, late night movie dates, now all of that was gone, there was no fixing things, no winning her back now.

Drowned in her own tears she mumbles to herself, “She’s gone for good, and I now have to live without her…something I never would have wanted to do”