All I want for Christmas is.. reindeer poop?

By Reggie – reggieresident. Visit All I want for Christmas is.. reindeer poop? for original post.

I am definitely on the naughty list this year!!!Les sucreries de Fairyat least made it incredibly cute so I do not mind it as much!!
Today I have several adorable items fromLes sucreries de Fairy.Some are not available just yet, you will have to wait a few days! And some have already been released at events! So let us get started on the goodies!
On the right side of the image we have the * Petit pingouin * Pink Decoration for theFrozen Fair  .Starting on Dec 2nd.
Behind me we have * Merry Christmas * Red Decoration from theLost and FoundNovember Round
Next to me on the little sled..this little guy is so cute. AND he lights up.. super adorable!! He is the * My Brown Lil Deer * on Sled on Hands. He is coming to theWinter Trends Fair.
The rest of the items in the image include
* Reindeer Poop * Decoration crates * Reindeer Poop * Reindeer mask
* Reindeer Poop * Poop bag to cuddle
* Reindeer Poop * Headband
* Reindeer Poop *  Mouthtag
All from theSanaraeNovember Round You have untilDecember 18thto grab these ever so cute goodies!
My outfit is theCrazy KittySanta’s cute Rudolph
My hair isWasabi PillsXenia
My body is theSlink Hourglass