No 371

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Bed : Canopy Bed Nanai (Adult) CHEZ MOI @Ultra Event
Rug : +Pepper+ :: Tachre Rug
Curtains : Joops Decor – White Lace Curtain
Armchair : Xmas Armchair CHEZ MOI 
Dogs : {anc} flottante puppy. milk
Stars : Stars Ceiling  CHEZ MOI
Lamp : Fancy Decor: Hinge Lamp (White)
Ottoman : White Pouf Nob Hill CHEZ MOI
Candles : Myrrine – Fish wall candle holder
Cake : tarte. lemon cake
Flowers : AF Calla Lilies
End Table : DRD LN sidetable

No 369

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Terrace : Serenity Style– Kami Terrace RARE @Tres Chic
Big Potted Plant 1 (left) : Bee Designs -Corn plant
Big Potted Plant 2 (left): Di’cor Maria Potted Plant
Dog : {anc} flottante puppy. milk
Folded Chair : Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Folded Chairs @Tres Chic
Wall Shelves : Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Shelf @Tres Chic
Wall Lamp : Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Wall Lamp @Tres Chic
Small Potted Plant 1 (top) : 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plant in Pot
Small Potted Plant 2 (middle) : Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Mint Pot @Tres Chic
Small Potted Plant 3 (bottom): Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Cinta Pot @Tres Chic
Wall Frames : Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Frames Wall Art @Tres Chic
Chairs : Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Chair @Tres Chic
Table : Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Table @Tres Chic
Book&Cup : Serenity Style- Kami Terrace Book and cup @Tres Chic
Big Plant 3 (right) : ::WARM::AT::Twilight Decor Plant
Hair : Opale . Elly Hair @Tres Chic
Top : RUST REPUBLIC [meep-meep] top WHITE @Tres Chic
Pants : shine by [ZD] ALLY TRACK PANTS @Tres Chic
Shoes : :::NOIR:::: Nicki Sneakers @Tres Chic

No 363

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Bookcase : ..::THOR::.. Storybook Shelf
All Books : ..::THOR::.. Books
Pillows : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Velvet Pillows
Frames : ..::THOR::.. Empty Frames
Plant : {CE} Leafy Plant ~ TC
Rug : ..::THOR::.. Rug
Chair : ..::THOR::.. Vintage Velvet Armchair
Table : ..::THOR::.. Little Clawfoot Table
Cup : ..::THOR::.. Cup of Hot Tea
Open Book : ..::THOR::.. Book of FairyTales
Curtain : Joops Decor – White Lace Curtain.
Hair : +elua+ Stella_Black 
Dress : Belle Epoque { Lauren } Red @Tres Chic
Shoes  : fame femme: Terra heels @Tres Chic
Pose : LW: She lives life @Tres Chic