Batsh*t Crazy!

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Batsh*t Crazy!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Sunday!  We hope you are having a lovely weekend so far?  Bray and I have had a mixed weekend filled with work, blogging and RL family occasions.  October seems to be a busy month, and its not even time for those Halloween parties yet!

Today I am wearing this fun and cute outfit by Delirium Style.  It comes in a variety of colours to choose from, and I just love the skully leggings  and the logo on the top – this outfit would be awesome for a Halloween themed party! The pretty shoes are adorable too, and they also come in a variety of colours, and match pefectly with this outfit.  You can grab these shoes exclusively at the Black Dot Project right now.

My gorgeous Bray is wearing these funky ripped style jeans from ‘not so bad’, which you can grab at The Men’s Department event right now.  This is a huge event and amazing for guys fashions and styles, we know a lot of guys who complain that there are not many places for them to buy clothes, but we highly recommend this event and should be one of those ‘must see’ places.  There is something there for every style you would  need.

That is all for today, but we hope you like this post,  and we will be back again very soon!


~Bray & Tilly~


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