Blog 152

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He sat in that chair and waited…

 Decor by Alexis Dee-Costello Wilson.

MINIMAL – Adventure Glasses & Necklace:MINIMAL/SwagBag

-David Heather-Royal Bowtie/Navy & Pocketwatch/Gold, Blinged Out Skull & Pearl Phone/Gray:-David Heather-The Arcade
.Facade. :: Serpentine FRESH:.Facade.

AMITOMO /  Middle Sleeve Tee / stripe:AMITOMO

[Deadwool] Pleated jeans – short – dark grey:[Deadwool]

-David Heather-Fred Sneakers/TMP/Mud:-David Heather-TMD
David Heather-Vache Bag/Burgandy:-David Heather-KUSTOM9