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Style of the Day – 28.02.2017


Featured: Unorthodox, Speakeasy, GABRIEL, Bad Unicorn & Birch

Bento Mesh Head | CATWA HEAD Daniel @ Catwa
Dreads | Unorthodox Yani Dreads- Chocolate (New!!!)
Hairbase | Unorthodox Yani Hairbase- Chocolate OMEGA Applier (New!!!)
Eyebrows | Clef de Peau.Eyebrows v.29 Brown.Omega [CATWA] Applier @ Men Only Monthly
Tattoo | { Speakeasy } Decay Tattoo @ TMD – The Mens Dept
Mesh Body | Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body V2.04 @ Slink Avatar Enhancement
Hands | Slink AvEnhance Hands Male Gesture/Relax V2.3.2 @ Slink Avatar Enhancement
Body chane | ::GB::Body chane/ Men (Slink/Signature) Black @ Memento Mori (Old Event)
Pants + Boots | ::GB::Easy denim pants & ::GB:Nubuck leather boot @ Men Only Monthly

█████████ [Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party – Vídeo █████████

After Party | [Bad Unicorn x Birch] After Party @ TMD – The Mens Dept

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# 117 – Organizing the garage

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📸 Tableau Vivant
** Noel Hair Gents


📸 NO!Project
** Mesh Head GAEL – Group 30% off

📸 A&D Clothing
** Pants – Zealand
Versions: Classic avatars, Adam, Slink, TMP and Signature

📸 DC Jasper
** Shirt – American
Versions: Classic avatars, Slink, TMP, Adam and Signature
📸 p.o.s.e.
** underwear male #1, 2 and 3

1364 The evening started with a smile.

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No. Match/ E-Clipse

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Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_KISS

Shirt: ED. ShirtQazar All Shades – MOM

Pants: ED. Quazar Pant Blue – MOM

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1363 With age you begin to realize that excessive frankness to anything good does not.

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[[RH]] CAFE in THE PARK Gacha @The Arcade

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[[RH]] CAFE in THE PARK Gacha @Thea Arcade

1 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Cafe Building- RARE       LI 45
2 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Park Bench- RARE          LI  13
           This item has seat for 5 people. one for man, woman & couple, two for woman
           and one for man, to sit in collect animation, please swap the seat.
3 [[RH]] Cafe in The Park -Music Clock- RARE          LI 11
          Touching the object you will see the menu to play the music and rotate center parts.
          It may have time lag in clouded place please wait all music is loaded.
4 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Sign-                            LI 1
5 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Cafe Table-                   LI 1
6 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK  -Chair- (Yellow) x2         LI 2
           Chair for Cafe  9 animation for each man and woman.
           Two Chairs in the package
7 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK  -Chair- (Red)                 LI 2
           Chair for Cafe  9 animation for each man and woman.
           Two Chairs in the package
8 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Counter-                       LI 2
           Including 3 animations for shop keeper
9 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -coffee beans-               LI 1
10 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Dripping Coffee-         LI 1
           Touching the using dripper you could add steam on it
11 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Pot- (Red)                    LI 1
13 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Espresso machine-     LI 1
14 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Cups-                       LI 1
15 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Sweets Case-(Glass)  LI 2
            This item has two object so you can arrange your own display
16 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK Cake set A                   Li 1 each
             Marble cake & Frost cake
17 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK Cake set B                   LI 1 each
              Strawberry cake & cake dish
18 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK Pound cake set A          LI 1 each
             Pound cake Milk & ALMOND
19 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK Pound cake set B          LI 1 each
             Pound cake Chocolate &  Strawberry
20 [[RH]] CAFE IN THE PARK -Cafe MENU-                 LI 1
21 [[RH]]CAFE IN THE PARK -Pole- (long) x2              LI 2
22 [[RH]]CAFE IN THE PARK -Pole- (Short) x 2            LI 1
24 [[RH]]CAFE IN THE PARK -Cafe Light (Yellow)-       LI 7


(Stitched) Blackbird Goggles
*ARGRACE* ARATA – Amber (resize)
Eudora 3D Steampunk Hat Sand
[ h ] Leather Pants – Tall Boots Version – M
[ h ] Mullingar  Boots – Brown/Black – Left
[ h ] Mullingar  Boots – Brown/Black – Right
[ h ] Vest – Steampunk – Untucked Shirt – M

Le cours du vin

By – Chris Chronicles . Visit Le cours du vin for original post.

Studying wine in all its aspects. From leaves and grapes to the finished product.


A&D Clothing (@A&DClothing mainstore)

Sam Shirt
Is a long sleeved shirt for a colder evening. Comes in 18 colors (6 fat pack exclusives) with 9 color variations for the sleeves and 12 for the T-shirt. A hide option for the T-shirt. 8 button colors.

Used with A&D James Jeans and Boston boots.

All items are 100% original mesh coming in Fitted mesh as well as special versions for Singature, Adam, Slink and TMP. There is an option for advanced materials. The price is 199L per item or 1299L for a fat pack. Available at the A&D Clothing mainstore. Demos are available.

Other credits:

..::THOR::.. (mainstore)
..::TH::.. Wooden Plank Table
..::TH::.. Wooden Plank Bench
..::TH::.. Botanical Book
..::TH::.. Magnifying Glass
..::TH::.. Leaf 1
..::TH::.. Leaf 2
..::TH::.. Leaf 3
..::TH::.. Pencil
..::TH::.. Wood Slice Stool
available now for Hello Tuesday Event at Cosmopolitan

Lucas Lameth
Hors d’oeuvre, Cheese Platter
available at Mad Pea International Food Fair till March 4th

[Merak] (mainstore)
Autumn Decor – Cinnamon Candle (Purple)

220ML (@marketplace)
Ruivont Wine [Bottle Open]
Ruivont Wine [Empty Cup]
Ruivont Wine [Wine Cup]

Apple Fall (mainstore)
Juniper Hedge – Seasonal

lock&tuft (mainstore)
Hair tegan beanie
from Fifty Linden Friday, January 3. 2017

LumiPro 2017