Christmas decor ideas…

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Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Festive Furnishings @ The Arcade
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s House RARE
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Metal Deer RARE
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Fireplace
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Frames
 Kalopsia – Carol’s Christmas Garland
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Burlap Sock (x2)
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Logs Shelf
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Rug
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Planks Art – Deer
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Planks Art – Holy
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Chair – Pillow/Blanket
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Barrel 
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Dresser
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Tin Houses
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Gramophone
Kalopsia – Gabriel’s Chandelier (Reward)
(TY! Isabeau Baragula)
Kalopsia – Carol’s Christmas @ Tannenbaum
Kalopsia – Carol’s Barrel Bottom RARE
Kalopsia – Carol’s Tree Topper RARE
Kalopsia – Carol’s Pickle RARE
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bows Garland – Red
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bird – Green
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bird – Holy
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bird – Deco
Kalopsia – Carol’s Tree – Socks
Kalopsia – Carol’s Tree – Trees
Kalopsia – Carol’s Tree – Dots
Kalopsia – Carol’s Bird – Red
Kalopsia – Carol’s Star – Dark Wood
Kalopsia – Carol’s Star – Blue
Kalopsia – Carol’s Star – Light Wood
Kalopsia – Carol’s Candy Long – White
Kalopsia – Carol’s Candy Long – Blue
 Kalopsia – Carol’s Candy Round – Blue
Kalopsia – Carol’s Christmas Garland Single
(TY! Isabeau Baragula) 
..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Set @ Cosmopolitan Event
..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Desk
..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Chair
..::THOR::.. Wood Letters Holder
..::THOR::.. Old Jug With Projects
..::THOR::.. Vintage Telephone with sound
..::THOR::.. Vintage Desk  Lamp
..::THOR::.. Cup Of Coffee
..::THOR::.. Old Guest Book (operating)
..::THOR::.. Post Cards  – Wall
..::THOR::.. Licking Red Cat *GIFT*

(TY! Andraus Thor)

Sway’s [Winter Wreath] Single star @ Whimsical Event
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] @ The Arcade
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Jug
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Plate with Cookies
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Jar with Marshmallows
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Jar with Cinnamon
Sway’s [Hot Cocoa] Hot cocoa with marshmallows / rez 
(TY! Sway Dench)
02 Fancy Decor: Tree Beads RARE @ Tannenbaum (Jake Vordun)
Serenity Style – Winter Gnome with Sack -gacha- (TY! Hanstrid Inshan)
Extra decor…
 Botanical – Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree (Tannenbaum)
dust bunny . present pile (x3)
dust bunny . camellia couch
dust bunny . camellia coffee table
LISP – Mesh Blinds Wide Long – Beech
Apt B // Farm Living Rug -gacha-
Ariskea{Australia} Macrame Rug