By Broderick Cade Logan – A Gentleman’s Game. Visit Equanimity for original post.


What is it about the still of the night?
The quiet sound of the apartment breathing…
The air crisp and chill in the vacant loft.

Mostly darkness; just the city night lights and a soft glow.
No distractions here…
A visual haven from the bustle of your day.

The rain outside layering down like a blanket.
To sit, and watch, and listen, and feel, and breathe…
Quiet…  Shh…

Peace and serenity like a buzz hit you.
It’s okay…
Give in.  Relax.  Shh…

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BRODERICK is wearing:
Tattoo: UrbanStreet SoulFire Tattoo
Watch: [Deadwool] Nuvolari chronograph

{Why Not ?} Figurine Candle Stand White
Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT – The Lofty Sky Apartment (Rare) (from past event)
DRD Chesterfield Couch Single