Please contact Alianna Logan via this form or with a notecard or online/offline IM inworld.

This form is not for requesting a new syndication on the feed.  Use the Join Feed tab instead.

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Please use your legacy name, not display name.

BloggingSL accept fashion bloggers who include styling credits in their posts and community blogs of interest to Second Life residents.  There must be a link to BloggingSL already present on the blogroll and a minimum of two posts published.  Use Join Feed to request syndication.  Syndication Types has more information on the types of syndication you can request.

BloggingSL Bloggers are those who join the DesigningSL group inworld and acquire the BloggingSL Blogger tag, have blogged for Alianna Logan when she was Blogger Manager for other companies/events, or happened to be offered Honorary BloggingSL Blogger status.

BloggingSL Bloggers are in individual campaigns that are checked at a set time every three hours.  The minutes after the hour that they are checked can be located by each blog title on the Syndicated list along with a link to their individual author pages.  The blogger is able to see all of his or her posts on one page attached to his or her author name.

A good portion of the blogs on this feed are placed into what is called grouped campaigns (BloggingSL for Women, BloggingSL for Men, and BloggingSL for Men and Women).  If your blog is syndicated in one of those campaigns it is grouped together with up to 14 other blogs and the group as a whole is pinged every two hours to produce up to 3 posts at random from the whole group. That means your content will arrive randomly on the feed, but will eventually arrive (typically within the same day as the post was made on your blog).  This was done to cut down on the amount of pings the server needs to make in trying to keep up with all of the blogs syndicated.

If a blog is in a grouped campaign, there will not be an individual author page for that blogger.  The name of the blogger will be shown on the post if BloggingSL is able to find an author name to publish from the original blog.  The author for the blog post on the feed is considered the name of the group itself and all posts will appear on the above author pages like mini feeds.  The best way to locate a post in a grouped campaign if it has arrived on the feed is to do a search for the exact title of the post (not the author name) using the search icon on the top navigation bar (not the search box on the Syndicated page).

  1. A link to BloggingSL (http://bloggingsl.net) cannot be found on your blogroll.
  2. Your blog’s content no longer fits the feed or is in some way no longer appropriate (i.e. there may now be vendor ads for your own store that were not there when you first applied for syndication or you are now posting real life content, etc).
  3. It has been three months or more since your last post if you have a Free syndication, 6 months if you have a Discounted syndication, or 12 months if you have a Premium syndication.
  4. Your blog posts somehow break the flow of the feed either by doing damage to the layout or something annoying like automatically playing music.  Blogs will be removed immediately from syndication without warning if this is found to be occurring.
  5. Your blog’s syndication may have been downgraded from BloggingSL Blogger status to a grouped campaign, in which case your posts will no longer appear on the individual author page but on a grouped campaign author page instead. This could happen if you are no longer found to be in the DesigningSL group or you are no longer being granted Honorary BloggingSL Blogger status.

If you are going to be away from your blog but you are certain it is temporary and you do not want to lose your BloggingSL syndication or you have a question about the loss of a syndication you had before, please contact Alianna Logan on the form below.

This form is not for requesting a new syndication. 

* indicates required field
Please use your legacy name, not display name.